“1984 – Director’s Cut” from Rye

1984 - Director's Cut from RyeUPDATE – Now available here! Hot off the success of Skyfire, Rye has announced a “Director’s Cut” of his previous bigger-budgeted superheroine film, 1984. Details are below, and fans of 1984 should keep an eye on this project, which is now available.

1984 - Director's Cut from Rye1984 - Director's Cut from Rye1984 - Director's Cut from Rye

1984 - Director's Cut from Rye1984 - Director's Cut from Rye1984 - Director's Cut from Rye

1984 - Director's Cut from Rye1984 - Director's Cut from Rye1984 - Director's Cut from Rye

1984 - Director's Cut from Rye1984 - Director's Cut from Rye1984 - Director's Cut from Rye

1984 – Director’s Cut

Whats new? Whats different? Whats the Deal?

– New angles! Just about everything we filmed (including every battle) had alternate angles.
– Deleted Scenes (Bianca vs Superior Girl!)
– Exteneded Scenes (The big fights all had extra footage that didn’t make the cutting room floor including the dreaded Shadow Demon)
– Behind the scenes (This includes a – making of – and a very extended look at the krystanite pool scene)
– Blooper reel

Coming Mid September!

  1. G-reaper2001

    I will definately be buying this as soon as it is available. If for nothing else but the chance to finally see Carly as Bianca taking on Superiorgirl in a fight!

  2. sugarcoater

    That last pic of Superiorgirl in the shower is just too hot! Definitely on my purchase ASAP list.
    And definitely need more Superiorgirl movies. Please tell me one is in the works with that same model!


  3. I know the director previously spoke about an alternate version in which she does not survive. Will the alternate ending be included with this video?

  4. Having already bought the original, not sure about spending the same amount of money again just for the additional features, but am intrigued by the Bianca SuperiorGirl fight that was omitted from he first one. How long is it and does SG take a beating?

  5. I agree with sugarcoater..I hope you use to same actress that played SG in other Superiorgirl films as well. She’s the best looking Superiorgirl I’ve seen.

  6. Any chance of an Audio Commentary? (Yeah, I want to know everything there is about the film)

    All these features sound great!

  7. Thanks guys,
    This version is quite violence heavy as Superior Girl has a much tougher time with all her foes.

    The Bianca fight is mostly dominated by Bianca for those interested. Its mostly a slug fest with a few knock downs afrer Bianca mind controls SG into thinking her powers are gone.

    That is the plan currently. Just gotta figure out when to do it.

    Im not exactly sure how long that part is just yet but ill update later when I do.

    Yes πŸ˜‰

    This will come as 3 files all in one download. Mostly because if I made it one file it would be close to 5 Gigs which is just retarded and will choke a lot of older computers.

    As always, let me know if you have any other questions…

  8. -Rye

    1) I have three questions. Most of the fights/battles will be extended..does that mean that the pool scene will be extended as well?

    2) Will there be a trailer to the Director’s Cut version?

    3) When you film the finale of the story with SuperiorGirl, Skyfire and WW all together and after it’s release. Will there be more films with Superiorgirl?

  9. Jimbo-
    1. Yes (There will be a “making of” look at the entire filming of the pool scene in addition to an extended cut.

    2. Yes
    3. Most likely

  10. Sugarcoater

    Just curious but is there an ETA for the director’s cut? My hope is that mid-September be sometime around the 12th πŸ˜‰

  11. We are really close SC… I got sick which delayed things a bit but we are indeed very close :)

    “Might” have a trailer today!

    Had no idea that existed and thats very odd! The actress who played Selena offered that outfit up and I thought it looked great.

  12. Sugarcoater

    Sorry to hear about the health issue; hope you’re feeling better. Thanks for the update–great to hear about the trailer for the cut.

  13. Sugarcoater

    Hope you’re feeling 100% Rye. If not, my apologies for asking: I was just wondering if the video will be available this week (or the trailer).

  14. Sugarcoater

    Thanks for the link. Can’t wait to buy it–love the “shower scene” btw. Get better soon buddy; hope it’s nothing too serious.

  15. Can’t say much more than has already been said about these. Great movie all around. I’ll keep buying for as long as they keep coming.

  16. Great peril scenes, Rye! Love the creativity with the story and plot twists even as a ‘parody’ of the original 1984 film… Great work!!!


  17. Hey, Rye. I was wondering …When will the Director’s Cut of SuperiorGirl 1984 be released for purchase?

  18. sugarcoater2001

    First off, I hope everything is okay Rye. We’re missing your presence here! Best wishes for your good health.

    I was just watching Superman 3 and had an idea for a Supergirl video (ideally starring the 1984 model). How about having her exposed to that kryptonite/tobacco rock and making her go bad? It could just be a 15 minute portion of the overall movie, but she could wear a sexier outfit (latex outfit, no mini-skirt, low-cut top), act promiscuous, perhaps even allow for a little fondling…
    Upon overcoming the effect, she could have a brief period of shame, then take on the villain(s) who subjected her to the kryptonite and abused her. This could be incorporated into a larger scheme–perhaps in which another superheroine has to subdue her and save her from herself.

  19. Yes I’m also very keen to know when this comes out! Is there an ETA on when this will be released?

  20. I actually wouldn’t expect anything soon for the directors cut. Rye is actually scheduled for filming I believe all this week for the second part of Skyfire. Just to let you know.

  21. sugarcoater

    Thanks for the heads up M. Glad to hear the filming for Skyfire 2 is underway.

  22. Sorry for the delays guys! I’m still not well and I REALLY underestimated how much needed to be added to the directors cut and Im going as fast as I can. Adding in extra scenes and extending scenes for an existing movie is a big pain in the asssssss to say the least.

    Hang in there πŸ˜‰

  23. sugarcoater

    Hope all is well with things. If you can Rye, would you be able to give an ETA for this video? Apologies for asking, as I know you’re both busy and working through some health matters. Wishing you the best in the meantime buddy.


  24. TifaHaruno

    It’s been almost a Month Rye I hate to sound impatient but do you have any news for us, anything at all?

  25. I can’t wait either. Saved up some money just for this director’s cut release!

  26. TifaHaruno

    Is it really coming out today Rye? I’ve been on and off shg media all day.

  27. It’s rendering right now so it will be late tonight it appears. The “Making of” portion is about 90mins alone…

  28. ranger87

    That’s a little late for us central time folk. I’ll have to pick it up tomorrow.

  29. ranger87

    Scratch that. I might actually be up for this thing to go live. Ever been really sick, and your exhausted and tired, but you can’t sleep? Yeah, that’s totally me right now.

  30. ranger87

    If anybody besides me is still awake, IT’S UP! Go get it! Download it overnight if you can, because it looks like it’s going to be a lot of data.

  31. @Rye

    This director’s cut and the whole movie has a few more scenes or more and the making-of?


  32. Valugi-
    The movie has an additional 13mins of footage, of which most is fight/peril scenes. The biggest addition to the footage is Superior Girl vs Bianca. Most of the new camera angles are during fight scenes as well as the extended footage.

    The “Making Of” file gives you a glimpse into my madness…
    There was so much that we recorded that I only included a sample of what we did because the file was already clocking in at 97mins. I tried to include shots from key scenes through out parts 1 and 2.

    The only thing I wasn’t able to do was make a commentary for the entire “making of” portion due to my illness.

  33. @Rye

    So to say that the film has more complete and these additional scenes?

    because I felt weird for being cheaper than the package of two films,

    I wish you to improve the health

  34. g-reaper2001

    Hey Rye, the directors cut was great! I really loved the new camera angles, and of course having the fight seen with Carley added was very cool! I really liked the making of footage also. It was interesting to see what goes into producing your movies. It was also nice to get an insight into your main actress’s personality. She really seemed to be into getting the Superior-Girl character right. And of corse the extra footage of her in costume wasn’t bad either πŸ˜‰ and the shower scene? Nice!

  35. Mr Unknown

    Very disapointed!! I have paid this one, yesterday, I have paid this one, I have not the links for download it!! Problems?? I hope I could to download it.

  36. Hello Mr. Unknown.

    Did you try contacting SHG-Media? Nope. Well, I guess your lucky I happened to check here. If you did not receive a link after paying, please contact us using the contact link on our web site. Always, VERY happy to help out anyone who has issues and I am very disappointed you did not contact us as we could have helped you much faster. That said, Please check your junk mail folder and SPAM folder for the email response… You may find it in there. If not, feel free to contact us using the contact link on our site. Thank you.

  37. Mr Unknown

    hi SHG-Media.com,
    just for say, the problem is resolved.

    Excuse me, I didn’t clicked on “pay now”.


  38. ranger87

    For those who HAVEN’T purchased this yet, I thought I would do a brief review. I won’t go into full length, because I believe a posted a review when 1984 first came out. But let me say that “1984: The Director’s Cut” should really be called “1984: The Upskirt Cut”. And I mean that in a good way (as if there’s a bad way, lol). Seriously. I feel like there is a LOT more shots of Superiorgirl’s wonderful behind. And other than that, we get some extended fight scenes, and a brand new one as well, with Superiorgirl vs Bianca!

    With some added angles during fight scenes, and the brand new one, THIS is the version of 1984 that you should own. And those additions are all well and good. But the true gem of this purchase is the “making of” featurette.

    For the first time, we get a look at Rye’s filming process. On top of that, it’s honestly just a joy to see more of Cassidy (apparently the name of the Superiorgirl actress, according the behind the scenes video). And she’s in the Superiorgirl outfit during the WHOLE BTS video. It’s beautiful. She is the quintissential Supergirl/Superiorgirl in my opinion. She’s insanely gorgeous, but seems approachable. And that’s not just acting. We get to see a good amount of various actors’ personalities in the behind the scenes video, and Cassidy just seems like a joy to work with, and somebody who, if I met on the streets as a stranger, would probably be somebody who I’d want to be friends with.

    On top of that, we get some great BTS footage of Carly (Bianca), as well as the actors who play Selina, The General. We get to see Steve Noir behind the scenes doing camera work, as well as the production of the first scene he was in for the actual film.

    To be honest, I thought I would just be interested in the “making of” from a production standpoint, seeing how things work. But I couldn’t stop watching. Everybody involved seemed funny and a true joy to work with, maintaining a positive yet (semi)professional atmosphere!

    As posted in my original review of 1984, I am still pining for Cassidy to be in a Punished Heroines vid. But that will never happen. However, getting to see more of her in this Director’s Cut and Behind The Scenes footage is a close second!

    If you enjoyed 1984, and like me, just want to see more of Cassidy, as well as the other awesome people who worked on this, I HIGHLY suggest buying this!

  39. Agreed. I love this version so much. I noticed that a few seconds of the film were actually removed, though I can see why. I think the rendering went smoother this time around as well.

    Enjoyed all the extra footage, so thank you for that.

    Thank you for the Behind The Scenes feature, I asked for the commentary, but I understand what happened with the illness Rye, but thank you for the attempt.

    @Ranger87. Was Steve Noir the trucker, who ended up being revealed as a behind the scenes guy?

  40. ranger87


    Yes, that was Steve Noir. I recognize him from another film of Rye’s back when he was on Punished Heroines, The Black Phoenix. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it.

  41. @Rye

    which begs the question Rye..is there a chance we ever see Cassidy again in this role? Seems like you have to find a way to bring her back for a sequel. Fingers crossed.

  42. sugarcoater

    Have to agree. We need more of that Superiorgirl! She was amazing. No chance I could miss out on another version of 1984. Perhaps a Superman II theme similar to the new Swift movie? Don’t know if going with a similar theme as another peril movie, but if it’s all a parody of another movie, seems like it would be cool.

  43. “The upskirt cut.” I think you just sold me on this one. 1984 was probably my favorite of these films to begin with, so if there’s enough new stuff, I think I’ll bite. Supergirl and those 80s, 90s comicbook upskirts and peril scenes are my entire reason for being here.

  44. Sheep_Pooncher

    I got high speed and I’ve never bought anything like this over the internet. I know it may vary but how long will it take to download approx? and how can I purchase this? I have no credit card.

  45. G-reaper2001

    The files are kinda big, but if you have high speed Internet it shouldn’t be too bad. As far as paying, maybe you could pick up a pre-paid credit card from Walmart or Target, or maybe a Visa gift card may work. Hopefully you will be able to work something out.

  46. @sheep,
    HI… I would suggest using the pay by check option on the site and mail in a money order… The prepaid credit cards don’t always get accepted.

  47. @Rye

    Rye, thank you, thank you for the making of!!!

    You did an excelent job with that movie, I would like to see more movies like this one, there is a story, not really about the sex, Rye you are a god!

    For the next clips/movies with Supergirl, do it like Rye!

  48. I don’t know the name of that girl, but for me, she is the best Supergirl ever, she fit very well in the costume, no one like her! I want see more with her!

    @Rye, can we know the name of that Supergirl?

  49. To whom it may concern:

    Rye or SHG-Media
    I’m having problems downloading the Director’s Cut of SuperiorGirl 1984 . I’ve been trying to download these films since Saturday . I don’t have internet at home due to the superstorm Sandy and don’t think I’m going to get it back anytime soon and I’ve gone everywhere to try to download my purchase from my friend’s house to the public library and yet the files are too big and the computers/my laptop can’t handle the download. The funny thing is, is that the places have high speed internet but yet, the downloads are not going fast or not going at all. I really want this film badly, I paid good money for it and I only have until Saturday to try to download it and yet I can’t and may not be able too until the NYC is cleaned up and it may not be this week or this month. I don’t want to lose money on a film I can’t download due to mother nature. Is it possible if you can send me the Superiorgirl 1984 Director’s Cut films Part One, Two and making of …on a CD or DVD?

  50. Jimbo-
    The short answer is yes…
    Can you please contact SHG-Media though? They have a contact link at the top of their page.

  51. Zamboniman

    Superior girl 1984 A parody, is aptly named. It mimicks all the faults of it’s main stream counterpart without the redeaming quality of humor or nudity. I knew going into this, there would be no sex. But I’m not sure why. This is a movie that clearly needed it. Particularly in the first act. Somehow being treated to a pointless montage of Superior Girl wandering around the town reminds me that this could be sex instead. By the time the spirit demon fight scene takes place I want him to kill her just to end my suffering.

    Thankfully things pick up in Part two. While still far from perfect, it’s a much more coheriant story than the second half. In all honesty If you only watch the second half. You won’t miss anything. If there were any critical plot points in the first half they were lost on me due to excessive bordem.

    Everything from the Macguffin, to the heroine, to the reminder how useless the boyfriend is are all covered in the second half. Plus we are treated to a climax of kryptonite in a lap pool. This scene is by far the strongest part of the movie and is why everyone will buy it. Just do your wallet a favor. Buy the second half alone.