3 New Superheroine Videos from DT Wrestling

by HM

DT Wrestling App Zapped 3 175x98 3 New Superheroine Videos from DT Wrestling[Adults only] Three new superheroine videos from DT Wrestling are now available—in particular, Randy Moore as Supergirl getting disrobed and then tormented by Francesca Le should interest viewers, while Cali Logan, Diana Knight, Erika Jordan, and others are also featured.

App Zapped – Available here

Francesca Le is an evil villain in this video and today she is planning on attacking the beautiful Super Woman, played by Randy Moore. Randy’s perfect hourglass figure and flowing blonde hair makes her the perfect good guy, while Francesca’s smoky exotic look makes her a glorious bad guy. Francesca uses her technology to take Super Woman’s super powers away, leaving her helpless to her attacker’s violent assault. Randy’s outfit is removed to humiliate the once proud super hero. A bloody Randy is strung up with a rope as the evil Francesca pulls out a bull-whip and begins flogging the writhing, topless body of Super Woman. This Super Heroine domination match is naughty, fun, and sexy and should be at the top of your Christmas list.

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dot 3 New Superheroine Videos from DT Wrestling

Facing the Darkness – Available here

Cali Logan is a soul eating bad guy in this video, and today she is trying to eat the souls of the super heroines, Erika Jordan and Hollywood. Cali’s powerful belt gives her enough energy to take on both Erika and Hollywood. One at a time Cali intends to defeat the squeaky clean heroes that stand in from of her. Once Cali devours the souls of her opponents she uses their faces as her very first throne. Watching the evil Cali grind her tight tushie into the faces of her unconscious victims is a very erotic sight. So get ready to watch some gorgeous young ladies fight for their souls while wearing some very tight fitting leotards.

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dot 3 New Superheroine Videos from DT Wrestling

The Feast of All Souls – Available here

Kianna Dior and Akira Lane are super heroes looking for refuge from an evil soul eating vixen played by Dianna Knight. As they search for safety they are confronted by the dubious Dianna Knight. The three warriors are transported to the DT ring where they will fight for the future of more souls than just their own. Akira is Kianna’s protector so she gets in the ring first. Akira puts a hurting on Dianna. However, Dianna begins to cackle and quickly turns the tables on Akira. Dianna had been playing possum the whole time and is now ready to show her true power and crush these two super heroines. Dianna’s cruelty is unmatched, She happily slurps up the souls of her fallen foes and laughs as she does so.

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dot 3 New Superheroine Videos from DT Wrestling
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1 dkm December 17, 2013 at 2:27 pm

fuck yes Akira Lane

2 Nemesis 9 December 18, 2013 at 7:44 am

I love Supergirl being defeated and I love Randy Moore, especially AS Supergirl. But I won’t be buying this. Why? Because the producer just doesn’t “get it”. The web has literally hundreds of thousands of porn videos of naked or half-naked women wrestling. There are relatively few superheroine domination videos. So if you’re going to produce one, try to get your head into the space or get someone who understands it.

The whole point of a superheroine is that she’s different and differentiates herself by wearing a sexy outfit which identifies her. It’s hard enough to make a convincing superheroine video that doesn’t just look like a model wearing Supergirl costume. But once that costume comes OFF, it’s just another naked wrestling video – doh!

So if you want to make naked wrestling videos, go ahead. But if you want to make superheroine videos, keep the costumes on! If you HAVE to strip the heroine (and some superheroine fans like that of course) at least do it right at the end after she’s been fighting and completely defeated AS A SUPERHEROINE.

Once the costume is off, the illusion that she’s a superheroine is destroyed.

3 mantower December 18, 2013 at 2:09 pm

Anybody else having trouble completing a purchase from DT? I have had an issue for a while where whenever I get to the screen for entering your address, when i click next I get an error code instead of the payment details page. Anybody else find this problem?

4 Lake December 19, 2013 at 4:56 am

Would have been tempted by the Supergirl movie except I do so hate those ‘all in one’ Supergirl outfits.

5 Solid Battery December 20, 2013 at 3:04 pm

I agree with Nemesis 9. Audiences identify the super heroines by their super power and their costumes. Once they are not wearing their costumes, audiences will lose the feelings. Then those videos are no difference with wrestling video with adult content. Taking off costumes would be nice if it happens at the end or as the end. This video could have been a great super heroine wrestling video. But taking costume too early makes it a normal porn wrestling instead of a super heroine wrestling. However, after this video, I will keep looking at DT wrestling if they could do super heroine themed video in the future.

6 Eagle December 21, 2013 at 12:45 pm

/agree – wrestling in the skirt/costume is more sexy than out of it

7 MAV January 20, 2014 at 10:38 am

I was pretty pleased with the Randy Moore AOH torture scene. I wish DT posted preview caps of their clips regularly on their site

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