“Abdomonde” from Damien Wagner

ABDOMONDE 1 is a custom written by BACOBAKE, with Barbara Wayne (from Jade Hunt series) and Maria. It’s available now at Heroine Movies.


What is Abdomonde? A girl working for the French Intelligence is investigated on strange online activities…

She enters a flat in Paris, that looks abandoned… but someone’s here. There is a girl, wearing a Venetian mask.

Both girls know each other, from a previous investigation.

After drugging her, the strange masked girl from Abdomonde, very sensual and very violent, will show her captive what this is all about…

Adbomonde 1 is the ULTIMATE belly punching fetish movie I’ve ever made.

Both actresses are awesome in it. Barbara Wayne looks incredible in this part, and Maria is perfect in her character that is really into belly punches… and takes intense pleasure beating her captive.

Belly punches lovers: don’t miss it.

This movie is my first custom job. I’ve shot another one, and I’m currently working on a 3rd one.

If you are interested to know more about this, please contact me! damienwagner88@gmail.com

Also, you can help me with my productions and become a PATRON on patreon.com ; a lot of awesome pictures and bonus clips are waiting for you!


Purchase this video at Heroine Movies


I'm a french director and producer. I produce "girl in peril" type of movies, like the adventures of Claire Stone, the explorer; and Jade Hunt, the parisian journalist. Please find out more here: wagner.over-blog.com!

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…purchased the video…simply SENSATIONAL!!!! Girls are beautiful and very very erotic!!!! GREAT!!!!!!!


Just purchased this video. I like it very much indeed! Being a BIG time belly punching fan myself, and have commissioned several customs through several producers, Steve noir, Logan Cross at the old Super heroine sites, Alex David at SH-media. This producer did a most excellent job on this. However, there’s only a couple of things I really would have like to see. !) Very close up scenes, should have done this! Slow motion effects, should have added this as well. The actress receiving all those punches should really grunted out loud from the blows, like OOOOFF !! Maybe the producer should consider having doing some of these things! LOL

Some Kind of Ninja
Some Kind of Ninja

I agree about the lack of super-closeup scenes. However, I’m not too big of a fan of slow-motion effects. I happen to like the relatively quiet grunts in this video, but I don’t mind the presence of loud grunts.


A couple of face punches as well. The first one drawing some blood (tastefully handled) was sensational.


…i hope soon available!!!!


This film features punches to the heroine’s belly. Actually the video is almost all belly punching. The heroine receives an almost relentless barrage of punches while she is in three different positions, including ‘spread eagled’ on a bed, standing with hands shackled behind her back and in AOH restraint. The acting is exceptional, especially Barbara’s reaction of pain to each hit. The villain is playful in a cruel sense. In my view, what makes this a very impressive film is the creation of a highly charged and very erotic environment. The ‘exploration’ of the heroine’s body between some of the punches with sexual arousal from both actors leads to a build up of sexual tension. The dialogue and story line are really ‘cool’ and the film features two very attractive women.


Great!!!!! This is my prefering kind of belly punching!!!! When available?


BTW, being an avid Patreon supporter of Damien, I received mine this morning.


Trailer video not found?

Sorry about that — should be working now.


Just saw the trailer. Sexual tension with big dose of erotica from belly punching

Yes No