Adventure of Amazoness (Last Part) from Zen Pictures

Zen Pictures’ Adventure of Amazoness (Last Part) is unique in its casting of some of the sexiest starlets in the company’s history, and in its costumes, which are among the skimpiest I’ve seen in the Zen catalog.  The film itself is pretty good too, featuring great performances, good fight scenes, and a long AOH torture session involving the extremely cute Saki Yamaguchi.  I recommend it even if you haven’t seen the prequel, Adventure of Amazoness (First Part).

We begin with a recap of the previous episode, which seems to have involved a documentary camera crew exploring a jungle and encountering, of all things, Sayoko Ohashi wearing what appears to be a metal bikini, walking about the jungle.  I’m not sure if the crew set out to find such a thing, but I myself would be pretty surprised to encounter something like this in the middle of the jungle.  Ohashi talks to Yamaguchi for a while, and eventually they encounter the main villainess of the series, played by Serina Ogawa, who is totally gorgeous and even gives our heroines a run for their money in the sexiness department.  So we’re met with the rare situation where no less than three gorgeous, scantily clad women play the main roles in this film.  Which is a great way to start things off.

Adventure of Amazones (Last Part) from Zen PicturesAdventure of Amazones (Last Part) from Zen PicturesAdventure of Amazones (Last Part) from Zen Pictures

The villainess completely dominates Yamaguchi in this fight, kicking her to the ground, pulling her hair, and slowly beating her down (she really seems to be enjoying this).  Meanwhile, Ohashi (absolutely stunning), fights a mysterious woman in a purple cape, and then a cross between a knight and a robot.  Ohashi defeats all of her opponents, setting the stage for this episode (yes, that was all the recap of episode one).

This episode begins with Ohashi taking on a small group of masked henchmen in a typically good Zen Pictures fight scene.  Ohashi sells all of the moves convincingly, and looks totally hot in her golden bikini (at times like this, I just want to take a moment to thank the Japanese for perfecting this genre with Zen Pictures).  In the meantime, Yamaguchi confronts the documentary director, who is apparently a bad guy attempting to kidnap a child that bears some importance to the film’s plot.  (I’m doing my best to follow the action having not seen the first episode and having no knowledge of the Japanese language).

Adventure of Amazones (Last Part) from Zen PicturesAdventure of Amazones (Last Part) from Zen PicturesAdventure of Amazones (Last Part) from Zen Pictures

Yamaguchi fights a small group of masked men and scares them away.  She chases them down an alley and corners them.  They all seem genuinely afraid of her, and they should be because she destroys them one at a time.  Again, Yamaguchi is just absolutely gorgeous, confidently taking out the bad guys piece by piece.  Just as she’s about to finish off the last guy, the villainess arrives, which is a bad sign for our sexy heroine.

The two beauties have a fairly long conversation.  Ogawa, as the antagonist, here looks really good, and I believe she’s played the heroine role in some other Zen films (I’ll try to figure out which ones), but she gives off a very sinister vibe, which contrasts with Yamaguchi’s youth and innocence.  Based on this scene, I get the feeling that the villainess is actually a corrupt member of the same Amozones group that the heroines belong to, which would explain why Yamaguchi simply stands there while Ogawa walks around her and slowly caresses her.

Adventure of Amazones (Last Part) from Zen PicturesAdventure of Amazones (Last Part) from Zen PicturesAdventure of Amazones (Last Part) from Zen Pictures

A fight soon breaks out between them.  It’s pretty even at first, with both ladies getting in a few punches and kicks.  Ogawa clearly seems to have the hots for our heroine, as she touches Yamaguchi’s body inappropriately (in the context of a fight) at every opportunity.  Just when Saki Yamagichi is about to deliver the final blow, she’s hit from behind by a tranquilizer dart, rendering her, well, tranquil.  The bad guys arrive and carry Yamaguchi back to the bad guys’ evil lair (which happens to be a space station).

Adventure of Amazones (Last Part) from Zen PicturesAdventure of Amazones (Last Part) from Zen PicturesAdventure of Amazones (Last Part) from Zen Pictures

The next sequence is a long torture scene in which Ogawa both tortures Yamaguchi with hits and punches and gently caresses her body, admiring her in a way that suggests some definite lesbian undertones.  Yamaguchi writhes through it all quite sexily, portraying the role of the innocent determined heroine.  The villainess grabs a metal club and hits Yamaguchi in the back and stomach, taking her time in between each blow.  This is a great scene, in my opinion, for AOH fans.  Heroines simply don’t get sexier than Saki Yamaguchi, and Ogawa is outstanding at portraying both her lust and her hatred for the heroine.

Meanwhile, the producers suddenly remembered that Sayoko Ohashi is supposed to be in the film, so we see her talking business with some mysterious bad guys in an evil lair.  Presumably, this has to do with Ohashi wanting to retrieve her friend Yamaguchi from their evil clutches.  She fights the villainess (who must be taking a break from torturing Yamaguchi) and defeats her pretty easily.  Unfortunately, the bad guys bring out a hostage.  Unwilling to let any harm come to the hostage, Ohashi surrenders and reluctantly allows Ogawa to beat and torture her with punches, kicks and stomps.  By now we know how much the evil villainess enjoys this sort of thing.

Adventure of Amazones (Last Part) from Zen PicturesAdventure of Amazones (Last Part) from Zen PicturesAdventure of Amazones (Last Part) from Zen Pictures

Ohashi is taken to a large room and tied to a wooden chair.  A really ugly mutant bastes her with some kind of gooey liquid, causing her to cry out in pain.  I’m not a huge fan of goo-related torture, which seems prominent in a lot of Zen films, but if you’re into that sort of thing, I would imagine this is a great scene.  Next, she’s tied AOH and basted some more with the goo.  Although I don’t care for goo torture, Ohashi looks stunning in this scene.

Adventure of Amazones (Last Part) from Zen PicturesAdventure of Amazones (Last Part) from Zen PicturesAdventure of Amazones (Last Part) from Zen Pictures

The villainess returns to Yamaguchi, who is still tied up and looks exhausted from hours of torture. Ogawa continues to make sexual advances towards our heroine, who looks on with disgust.  Yamaguchi manages to get free, resulting in a sword fight with a demonic looking beast who is assisted by the knight-robot from earlier.  This is a very good fight scene, and Yamaguchi is really sexy during the action.  Ohashi manages to break free to join the fight, and the two heroines manage to defeat the demon creature (who really didn’t play a role at all in the film until the end).  The bad guys are gone, and the heroines live happily ever after in the jungle wearing golden metal bikinis.

Adventure of Amazones (Last Part) from Zen PicturesAdventure of Amazones (Last Part) from Zen PicturesAdventure of Amazones (Last Part) from Zen Pictures

I loved this film from Zen Pictures.  Ohashi is gorgeous, Ogawa is sexy and gives a great performance, but more than that, the real find here is Saki Yamaguchi.  To my knowledge, the only Zen films she appeared in were the Amazones series.  I don’t know why that’s the case, but I would imagine that perhaps other producers recognized her talent and offered her more money to appear in other films, or she realized her potential and went on to success in mainstream Japanese films.  Aside from that, I can’t imagine why she wouldn’t have been asked back to participate in subsequent films because she’s one of the sexiest heroines in the history of heroine films, Japanese or otherwise.  I hope to see her again soon in another Zen Pictures production, particularly one of this caliber.

The fight scenes are great, the torture scene with Yamaguchi is outstanding, the acting is top notch, the production values are as high as you’ll see in this genre, and just about everything in Adventure of Amazones (Last Part) works extremely well (with the possible exception of a pointless closing sequence involving a child from earlier in the plot).  This would be an excellent introduction to Zen Pictures for the uninitiated, or just a great heroine movie in general for fans of the genre.

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5 years 4 months ago

I Loved the fem on fem fighting im looking for more fem on fem fighting in this company looks like alot of fem on male not enough fem on fem long scenes 😀 any other videos with longer female fight scenes in it simuliar to this one?

5 years 5 months ago

Pete Tombs addresses some of this in his excellent book “Mondo Macabro”…highly recommended for an overview of non US/European genre films. I’d also recommend the 90’s magazine “Asian Cult Cinema” if you can find any back issues….offers a very comprehensive history of topics like female action stars and the many, many Power Rangers variations that were immensely popular there in the 60’s and 70’s. I agree , though, it’s a good topic…how a country with almost no violent crime, and a shrinking birth rate can produce such widly sexualized and violent popular entertainment… While I greatly enjoy Zen’s work…it always… Read more »

5 years 5 months ago

I believe the heavy is played by Serena Ogawa (sp?)…whose exotic good looks are also on display in the Zen wrestling movies Tiger Lady and Panther Lady.
You make some very good points about the higher production values in Zen/Giga productions compared to American productions, but I think the market for this stuff in Japan is just much bigger…by my count, Giga has six stores around metropolitan Tokyo…no American company is even close to that level of mainstream sucess.

5 years 5 months ago

sorry… not related to this vid… but would you mind reviewing one of dawnstar’s recent videos with ava engelbretsen as wondrous woman? i’m not a huuuge fan of the site (i’ve got three of their vids… extremely hot models but not necessarily great superheroines), but there’s something really fetching about this ava lady.

5 years 5 months ago

I agree bro, this is one of the most solid Zen flicks in my book. Hot actresses, hot outfits, hot AOH torture scenes, and good action. Use this template SHG and Ringdivas!!

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