The Adventures of Robyn

The Adventures of RobynThe Adventures of RobynThe Adventures of Robyn


The Adventures of Robyn - Now Available!

Heroine Movies exclusive video!Β  Robyn has received orders to investigate a recent disturbance at a mysterious hideout… rumored to be the location of her arch-nemesis, The Jokester, who has set a deadly trap for our heroine!

The Adventures of Robyn stars Brit and Steve Noir.Β  This 18-minute video features lots of action, belly punches, a low blow, AOH bondage, humiliation, a crowbar beatdown, and more!

The Adventures of RobynThe Adventures of RobynThe Adventures of Robyn

The Adventures of RobynThe Adventures of RobynThe Adventures of Robyn

The Adventures of RobynThe Adventures of RobynThe Adventures of Robyn

The Adventures of RobynThe Adventures of RobynThe Adventures of Robyn

The Adventures of RobynThe Adventures of RobynThe Adventures of Robyn


  1. Jerkstore

    Just fantastic. There hasn’t been a better peril movie made this year by an American producer.

  2. With all due respect I could not disagree more. Its not even close to the best and this video is average at best in my opinion. It does have some good elements, the costume is good, the actress is attractive (at least for the Robyn character) and Noir does a great acting job. The production values are solid too.

    BUT, this movie misses. For starters, the heroine has one line the ENTIRE MOVIE. I feel like this really takes away from the film. Her reactions and whimpers are ok, but c’mon you need some dialogue as well if you want the fight/action scenes to have any real impact. The action was also very repetitive.

    Without spoiling too much, the demon/robot villain has virtually no role in the movie, and the ending was really disappointing. It was a short movie (18min) and honestly if you watch the trailer you’ll see just about all you need to see,

    I hate to sound too harsh but I was expecting much more. I am interested to see other people’s reactions, maybe its just me?

  3. I have to say based on the trailer and pictures, this is quite… different… from the Z-Girl movies. I am not sure I like the new direction – certainly could be just me, but the character seems less established and fetish elements all seem short and “light”. of course that’s just the trailer… someone please post a review…

  4. I think those who love the costume aspect of heroine peril will enjoy how Brit looks in that tight spandex outfit. Brit’s fighting and reactions (in her first-ever gig right?) were at the level of Z-girl1. The AOH peril scene was pretty good with Steve Noir as the villain.

    Overall, I think this is a good start in the costumed heroine peril genre but hope HM gets Brit or the next model to show cleavage and/or belly, and hope new peril scenes bring back the intensity of HM’s first 2 movies (whip, electro).

  5. Indeed she looked great in that costume! It hug her lower regions quite well and Harry’s camera gave us a good view. I really liked the set as well, very cool backgrounds there were utilized.

    Solid movie and definitely worth checking out!

  6. I just finished watching the video last night, and I wanted to say that I loved every minute of it. I thought Steve Noir as Joker was fantastic, and I really enjoyed Britt’s first time performance as Robyn. I do agree that Robyn should’ve talked more, but I feel that this will be the first of many collaborations between HM and Britt. I for one am excited for future installments. Great work guys and gal!!!

  7. Masmune

    I really enjoyed this video. Steve Noir was great as Jokester and Brit was fantastic. She did a particularly nice job responding to the action. For example, after she receives the “low blow,” she makes a nice, subtle little sexy squeeze of her legs. Plus, she really looks the part. The camera work is great and the action is well choreographed. HM really does a nice job with the small details (dare I say nuance?), which in my experience is not very common in this genre.

    My criticisms are relatively minor. As darklord mentioned above, Brit only has one line, which I think is taking the stoicism a bit far. I also would have enjoyed a few more peril scenes. That said, one thing I really like about this videos is that the scenes are relatively short, so the action is varied and it flows very well.

    So, if you like extended scenes of violence or graphic sexual content, this video might not be for you. But, if you like a well-acted, well-shot, entertaining peril film, I highly recommend The Adventures of Robyn.

  8. I still think that a bare midriff is more appealing and portrays way more vulnerability. Particularily when hands are tied above the head.
    With a full body costume it is not as exciting

  9. Thanks for your comments, everyone, as always. I have a shoot coming up in a couple of weeks (different actress and character) and will do my best to integrate many of your suggestions and ideas. However, Robyn 2 has already been shot, so that one will be pretty similar in style to Robyn 1. :)

    One thing people seem to be in agreement onβ€”Brit’s performance. This was her first acting gig, and she did a great job. I’m not sure that everyone is aware that she is the same “Britt” who has left comments on this site before. (She lost a “t” somewhere along the way to becoming an actress…)

    @ximi – This is a bit of a departure from the Z-Girl videos. I thought I would try something new this time out. But I plan to make more Z-Girl style films in the future, so don’t worry!

  10. I really liked this video. The actress really fits the part and she really did a good job. Like others has mentioned, I would have liked to hear a few more lines from her but it didn’t hurt the video either. The costume also looked good and fit her well. In the future, I would like to see more scenes of her knocked out. Still, I was very satisfied from what I saw..

    Great job HM!

  11. Wow that is cool as hell that Brit is Britt :)
    Keep it up Britt and can’t wait for your next movie.

  12. Hey guys,

    Thanks for all the positive feedback. I really had fun acting in this movie and I would like to continue doing more with HM. He and Steve were really awesome to work with and gave me a lot of direction and advice. I am sure that after the Robyn series is over we can work on a different costume that suits some of your other tastes. Thanks for watching and stay tuned for more.


  13. deathcake

    @Brit – Classic Lara Croft? Pleasssssssssssse!

    HM, I’m def getting this! Model is super hot!

  14. Redmountain

    Really enjoyed the vid but just a few things for the future:

    1 – She really needs some green boots, ankle or knee high, the tennis shoes just look plain silly.
    2 – The costume is AWESOME, but needs a utility belt to complete it along with the boots
    3 – More dialogue from the heroine.

    Other than that I really enjoyed it and can’t wait to see future installments with Robyn!!

  15. @ deathcake

    I would love, love, love to do tomb raider. We should lobby HM.

  16. This is a fine film, congratulations to all involved and Brit just made my top 3 heroine list. Looking forward to your next one already.

  17. I second the motion of Brit playing a Tomb Raider like character, and I would love to see her get beat in a two on one situation, with one of her attackers holding her hands behind her back, and the other one punishing her belly. But that’s me.

  18. yes it would be good to see Robyn in a pair of micro denim cut offs with a bare belly. She could get captured by the bad guys who would chain her up and punish her stomach and belly and really work her abs over

  19. I would love to hear more ideas about what you guys would like to see from the next Brit/HM collaboration. Tomb Raider sounds good to me!

  20. Warren Griffin

    This is a general question, not specifically related to this product review, but there doesn’t appear to be a general discussion board here, so I’ll just ask it:

    What exactly is meant by “peril” in this genre?

    @Masmune said: “I also would have enjoyed a few more peril scenes.” There often are similar comments in other reviews. I think I must be coming to this genre from a different angle than most, and I’m not sure I really get what exactly is considered “peril” vs “non-peril” in these videos. I’d like to know for my own interest’s sake, but also because I do sometimes script videos, and I hope at some point to move forward with actually directing/shooting my own products. It would be useful to better understand what this whole “peril” thing is really all about.

    Can anyone explain?


  21. deathcake

    HM, if you do do Tomb raider, please go for the leotard/swimsuit original outfit. I’ve been waiting for that for since forever, with the super disappointing hollywood tomb raider movies… πŸ˜€

  22. Warren,
    Your question is surprisingly hard to answer. The problem is the word “peril” has been adopted by people with a diverse set of interests/fetishes and so it means different things to different people. Masmune may have meant that he wanted to see the heroine subjected to a greater variety of perils.

    There are a few forums dedicated to “Ryona” that have discussions on the topic. Check that out, it will probably help answer your question.

  23. I love it, i am big fan of belly punching. And theres a lot here, also the actors were really good. Looking foward for the sequel

  24. Two questions. What’s a ryona and I thought Lara Croft always wore a tanktop and shorts?

  25. i’ll admit, its pretty cool that Britt is a fan turned actress, that adds to the video.

    Would be interesting to know what kind of peril exactly appeals to Britt as a “fan” of superheroine films, b/c presumabley if she played the role of her “peril fantasies” the enthusiasm would show in even greater detail.

    I guess my point is, the other actresses probably like this stuff to some degree but are generally in it for the money (and who can blame them), but to have an actress be a true fan of this on her own behalf would probably add to the level of enjoyment for both her and the consumers

  26. Decendingskulls

    The term ‘ryona’ originates from Japanese language and refers specifically to video game heroines being subjected to injury. Ryona usually takes the form of images or videos, and are viewed for sexual gratification by those with an interest in the fetish.

    The term has been adopted by the greater fan community at large to now also refer to non-video game characters, such as those from cartoons, movies, and most recently, male characters. However this is not true ryona.

  27. deathcake

    Nope. Lara Croft’s outfit in tomb raider 1 to 5? was always a leotard (i’m sure it was a swimsuit) and shorts. You can see the flesh of the hips mostly, plus it was confirmed by a Core employee. Anyways, a one piece is always more sexy, surely? πŸ˜‰

  28. Masmune

    @Warren What I meant by my comment is that the video is relatively short with a long introduction that introduces the Jokester and his monster. So, I would have liked a few more middle scenes in which Robyn is in peril. By peril, I mean under threat of some kind. So, for example, it could have been a swinging axe that is slowly lowered while Robyn squirms tied down on a table (in the spirit of the Adam West series) or perhaps a scene where Robyn is trapped in a room that slowly fills with gas. So, basically, I am being greedy and wanting more :-). I don’t know if that matches other people’s definitions, but to me peril is literally that: when the heroine confronts danger in some fashion.

    @HM and @Brit what about a Mary Marvel-type heroine?

  29. @ deathcake
    I’ll take your word for it sir or lady. I never played the games enough to argue with her exact look, but I will say that it is indeed sexy. Maybe or heroine could be held as another evildoer cuts the bodysuit covering her stomach off, to get a better way to assault her vulnerable stomach?

  30. @ Deathcake
    I have to admit, I am not familiar with Lara Croft’s video game costume, but I’m willing to wear whatever.

    @ Darklord
    I have talked about some of my fetishes on some of the other boards. Definitely the being tied up aoh was one of my favorite things. I also would have enjoyed some more hair pulling. But for the most part, my favorite parts are feeling completely helpless and weak. It’s pretty awesome to act out my fantasies.

    @ Aldous
    Thanks for the amazing compliment!! :-)

    @ Lazxmw
    I’m totally on board with that scenario. πŸ˜›

    @ Masmune
    I dig Mary Marvel. Lara Croft sounds better to me, but I could and would still enjoy a Mary Marvel style character. I love the costume. I actually prefer a Zatanna costume (if anyone knows who that is).

  31. @ Britt
    You have no idea how much you just got my attention by name dropping Zatanna. Her and Black Canary have the sexiest costumes in comic books. IMO. I knew I liked you for a reason. ;-D
    I would absolutely love seeing you in either of those outfits, and I hope that you and HM can get together and make them happen.

  32. Yes!! Zatanna!! disappointed that her comic series got cancelled =/

    On topic, Zatanna in a peril would top Lara Croft in my book. Magician girl with fishnets; has that even been done in a heroine peril movie? The more reason to do so =D

  33. Warren Griffin

    On topic, I will say that the trailer looked great, and I’m glad to know Brit is Britt! Great to have a fan in front of the camera. Also glad to hear some comments about belly punching in this thread, as I lean that way. But I much prefer to see the belly that’s getting hit, so I will look forward to a future production in which Brit perhaps will don a midriff-baring costume.

    Back off-topic, I wanted to say thanks for the responses to my question.

    @ Bert
    Yes, I imagine there can’t be just one meaning, and yet it has seemed to me reading reviews on this board that there is at least some theme to the usage that was not obvious to me at first (and maybe still isn’t). It sometimes has seemed “peril” was used as the anticipation phase of the video, where danger is lurking or even visible, but the heroine isn’t actually being hurt yet. For instance, would it still be called “peril” after some trap has already sprung and the heroine is subdued and overmatched is now just being subjected to a one-sided beatdown? Or is the peril the looming danger that comes before the beatdown? Not sure. If a beatdown itself qualifies as “peril” then I guess all fem-fight videos are peril videos, but somehow I was getting the sense that was not the case, and peril has more to do with atmosphere and dangerous circumstances than the actual beating. I dunno, maybe way off. Thanks for the Ryona lead, I’ll search on that.

    @ Masmune
    I think your definition fits with what I thought I was picking up in bits and pieces on this board. The phase when the axe is swinging slowly while heroine squirms but before she’s actually chopped, or the gas slowly rising but before she’s fully poised/suffocated by it. I suppose a real “peril” fan wouldn’t like a video consisting solely of the beatdown phase or other painful phase of the action, and skipping the phase of slow building onset of danger before the heroine is actually hurt at all?

  34. Speaking personally, for me it’s always been about a build up to a capture/bondage/peril scenario with a heroine who’s strong and defiant. It’s the build up and story/character element that does it which is why I’ve no time for the standard commercial bondage video (give me a costume over nudity any day!). It doesn’t hurt when there’s some implication of a history between the heroine and the villain. Plus it places the whole affair squarely in the realms of fantasy, as once a film becomes too real I am turned completely off.

  35. Gorleser

    Just purchased and watched this film– Britt is a complete natural at selling peril, and Steve Noir continues to demonstrate his outstanding acting skills. I was really pleased with this film, and will likely continue to look out for future releases.

    Since lazxmw dropped Black Canary’s name, that would be my suggestion for a future HM/Brit collaboration.

  36. This conversation is becoming quite interesting, though a bit off-topic from the Robyn video. I wonder if HM has considered including a forum section on this site so that people can discuss topics like these without feeling they are hijacking a thread?

  37. Wow, lots to respond to here…

    First of all, to everyone who enjoyed the video, thank you very much, and I’m really glad that you liked it.

    RE: Peril – I agree with everyone’s comments on “peril.” I think it’s practically impossible to come up with one, fixed definition of peril in the context of this genre of videos. I have always interpreted it to mean anything that involves the heroine being on the losing end of things. Whether she’s beaten, tricked, trapped, hypnotized, humiliated, or anything else, I’ve always considered that to be “peril.” However, the idea of the heroine simply being in “danger” makes sense as well, especially since “danger” is essentially the definition of the word “peril.” So I guess it’s just really difficult to define in a meaningful way. (I agree that “ryona” is a better word for what I would personally consider to be peril.)

    RE: Brit and future videos/characters – I like all of the suggestions so far. Tomb Raider, Zatanna, Black Canary… all good choices. In terms of the Lara costume, deathcake definitely prefers the original costume, but since lots of guys seem to want an exposed midriff (especially for belly punching purposes), I feel like it would make more sense to go with the updated, more modern version (something like this). Any thoughts?

    Finally, what do you guys think about a Heroine Movies forum or message board (instead of comments)? I’ve always hesitated to do that, but I do like the idea of allowing people to start their own topics. What do you guys think?

    Thanks again for all of your comments, suggestions and ideas!

  38. @HM
    I love the idea of a message board, this way we can have separate message threads, and not dominate a topic on here.
    As it goes for the Lara Croft look, I can go either old school or modern since both can be torn off. πŸ˜‰

  39. Warren Griffin

    @ HM
    Yes, please make a message board or forum for more general discussion! :)

    And thanks for stating your take on “peril”–interesting how broad it is. I guess I’m back to just accepting that it really does mean something different to everyone. πŸ˜‰

    As for future Brit characters/costumes, I’d certainly vote “thumbs up” for the modern version of the Lara costume you linked to!

    @ Aldous
    I agree with everything you said. Story is really important to me. There has to be some real drama surrounding the “action” (beatdown or ravishing or whatever), with the characters being developed enough that I can feel or relate to their emotions and motivations, on both the heroine and villain sides. Naked (no pun intended) action without any emotional context generally falls flat to me. And a hint of history between the adversaries can generate a lot of mileage in this regard–some grudge from past battles or traps, or over something done to a comrade, or for previously sending the villain to jail or whatever. You can immediately start to feel the nature and depth of the animosity between the heroine and villain, which makes whatever happens next much more impactful, IMO. But to me personally, the story time is just about setting up this emotional meaning to the combat, not so much about a prolonged phase of looming danger for the heroine, as I was starting to think some meant by “peril” in these videos. But the story time could easily accomplish both things, if done with that in mind.

  40. @ Warren
    I couldn’t agree with you more. I’ve always tho!ught that a story always help make peril videos more enjoyable. I need to be involved with the heroine to enjoy watching her be dominated. I also tune out when the action becomes real.

  41. deathcake

    Why not go for the classic version, and tear up the leotard so it exposes the mid riff? Everyones happy! πŸ˜€ (plus the updated outfit looks like a UPS delivery person)

  42. Damn you Deathcake! I was about to suggest the same thing! Curse you and your quick typing!!!
    Seriously though, I’m glad deviant minds think alike.

  43. deathcake

    πŸ˜‰ Tbh, I’ve waited ages for someone to do a Lara Croft thing.

  44. Call me a dreamer but I’ve always wished someone would tackle Red Sonja. Probably just me on that one!

  45. @Deathcake
    You mock me sir or madam?! I shall not tolerate this outrage!
    Actually I’m glad somebody said it, and I hope it becomes a reality.
    @Warren Aldous
    I would love to see a Red Sonya movie done, but I think the chain mail bikini would be difficult to pull off

  46. Decendingskulls

    Run an image search for red sonja cosplay. It can be done and done well.

  47. Googled Red Sonja cosplay – your right! Please, someone make this happen!

  48. Masmune

    @Warren I’m with you. I like a good story and dialogue to give the peril better context, meaning, and tension. I like action scenes a lot too, but a good story and characters makes the action more enjoyable and powerful. I will say, in my opinion, most (present company definitely excepted) producers seem to ignore or shortchange these aspects, so I think that your productions would definitely have an audience.

    @Bert Sorry, I didn’t mention it earlier, but yes, you were exactly right in interpreting my comments.

    @Brit I’m glad you liked my suggestion. Frankly, I will be pleased with any role you choose to play.

    @HM If you feel like doing forums, I’m all for it. However, if you’d rather not take on the extra work, there’s already and We could always move our discussion there.

  49. I personally don’t think I could do Black Canary. Mostly because she is a blonde and I would look horrible as a blonde. I think, a wig would be just silly and I look best with my natural hair color. So I think we should stick with brunettes. I have too dark a complexion to be blonde. I don’t know much about Red Sonja, but I am game for anything.

    I don’t mind showing more skin at all and for some of these characters, its a must. I loved the Robyn costume, right down to my converse, which suited me and my character both. But i also enjoy wearing revealing and sexy things.

    In regards to a story line, i can agree it is nice to have a plot and some character growth. But lets be honest, i am not watching these movies so i can be enlightened. It turns me on. I am doing the films BC they turn me on. I want a well-made video that shows a strong female being outmatched, outwitted, and overpowered. End of story. I am easy to please. And i looooove being that girl.

    And HM, i would like you to have the aforementioned forum. This is the only website i go to and i don’t want to be excluded from the conversation.

    ( i am technologically retarded, so its amazing that i even get on this website.)


  50. @ Brit,
    I agree with you, but I do enjoy a storyline ,for it gives a reason for the abuse the heroine is getting, and sets up the peril, yet I’m not ever looking for great clever plot twists. I do disagree about you not being Black Canary though. I personally just figured we would keep your hair the same as it is now, and just rename the character and keep the look. On a flirty note, you are a foul temptress. ;-}

  51. Masmune

    @Brit You summarized the appeal perfectly. I’m glad you enjoy being that girl because we enjoy seeing you as that girl.

  52. Kompressionshorts

    @ Brit I would love to see you wearing the tomb raider costume and getting a spanking in those spandex like shorts, are you into that as well?

  53. SlawDiesel

    For those into Tomb Raider stuff, there is a really cheesy production along those lines called Relic Raider. It used to be free to view samples, but now it’s a members area type thing. Not super great quality, but Tomb Raider-esque.

    Would love to see Brit continue on with HM. Always great stuff.

    HM, a suggestion for the forum may be to have your actors/actresses available to connect with the readers/customers. In just hearing from the actress Brit on these comments, it’s fun to interact with her and make suggestions and hear what she has to say.

  54. Gorleser

    Again, I agree with lazxmw– Black Canary with a different hair style would remain awesome. However, all the other suggestions (Lara Croft, Red Sonya) and I’m sure whatever else HM is dreaming up would be juuuust fine I’m sure, even if we didn’t get to see his vision of Black Canary.

  55. deathcake

    Regarding the relic raider site. Me personally, I don’t see the attractive of picture only stuff. Another thing is the portaryal of a character is ruined when they completely change the outfit. I’ve seen alot of the “I have a gun strapped to my leg and i’m wearing shorts, so i’m Lara Croft” type sites.

    It’s not Lara Croft and I can’t associate with it. I know everyones different and that’s cool, but I haven’t seen any decent Lara Croft peril videos, nothing like is done by HM and Rye.

  56. Warren Griffin

    @ lazxmw
    Exactly, “I need to be involved with the heroine to enjoy watching her be dominated.” That’s a great way to say it. I gotta care about the poor lass, ya know, or it’s not nearly as much fun. πŸ˜‰

    @ Masmune
    I’ve wondered about the various ways producers handle the amount of plot development to include. I’m sure some skip it because they just don’t think it matters as much as I do, but other times I’m guessing it’s about “bang for the buck” in terms of the productions costs. I think about those doing custom videos, who quote a given amount of money for a given length product, and then the person commissioning the script has to decide how much precious time they want to devote to plot development at the expense of more action. I’ve been in that boat myself. Sometimes, I find myself cheating a bit, because I write out some pretty involved backstory and plot development, but then when it actually comes to saying where I want the video to pick up, I ask for the middle to end part of my story where more of the action happens. It doesn’t do other viewers much good, but at least for me, I already have all the plot and character development worked out in my own mind, so I can do with taking less time to show it on screen. I’ve wondered sometimes how it would go over to actually include a full text story for the viewer to go as deeply into plot and character development as desired, but then have the live-action video itself not try to tell the whole story but just focus more narrowly on the action-heavy section. Maybe this would be a bridge between producers who don’t want to take a lot of screen time setting up plot (for whatever their reasons) and viewers who still want to know more about who the characters are and what underlies their history and motivations. I guess some producers do implement a version of this idea by actually putting short text screens into the video itself to provide some of the story elements that aren’t necessarily going to be shown in full in the live-action.

    @ Brit
    I hear ya, it’s not really high or “enlightening” art that I’m looking for either. Even just a brief nod to some reasonable backstory can be so much better to me than nothing at all. I’m not so hard to please as perhaps I sound. πŸ˜‰ At any rate, very glad to hear you are game for showing more skin if it fits the character and the costume is right. There have been some good ideas tossed out for how to accomplish a bare midriff in virtually any costume made of rippable material! :)

    @ lazxmw said: “I also tune out when the action becomes real.”
    Someone else also said something above about liking things less if the action becomes too “real” (maybe you said this in two different places, or maybe it was someone else, I’m not finding it again just now). I wonder what is meant by this. Are you saying there are some peril videos where the action does not look fake enough for your taste? It seems like the more common criticism is the other way around. But I might be able to relate, depending on what you actually mean.

  57. @ Warren Griffin
    I said I get turned completely off when it becomes too real, for a couple of reasons:
    1. I have absolutely no interest in hurting anyone, or seeing anyone genuinely in pain for my amusement. None at all.
    2. I don’t want to see a woman “broken”. I actually like women.
    3. I am turned on by the sight of what is clearly a fictitious heroine bound and abused in what is clearly a fantasy scenario. The stronger and more defiant she is the better. This probably comes from seeing the Sandahl Bergman version of “She” when I was a kid but who knows? But it’s the fantasy aspect I like, the costumes and the scenario and part of me knowing that when the director called cut everyone probably had a laugh. Speaking of “She”, if anyone were to feel like including a whipping scene across a nice set of abs….

  58. @ Warren
    Everything Aldous said goes for me too, only in addition, I have no interest to see anything actually inserted into the heroine. Then it stops being erotica, & I want the guy to stop filming and help the poor girl. That’s just how I’m wired, which is ironic since I put a rape scene in just about everything I write.
    I would love to see the whipping scene from She recreated. The movie that put me on the heroine in peril path is Barbarian Queen.

  59. Gorleser

    Continuing off-topic, my “heroine” movies were All the Marbles and Kansas City Bomber. Never saw either She or Barbarian Queen– will have to check them out.

  60. @Gorleser – All The Marbles – what an outstanding flick that is! I just checked Amazon and it’s actually out on DVD now. I’d been waiting for years and years and had pretty much given up. Just ordered one.

  61. foolkiller

    the thing is I am pretty sure that modern age black canary is a brunette who wears a blonde wig, at least as of green arrow: the longbow hunters. so that’s not even an issue. great movie

  62. Warren Griffin

    @Aldous & @lazxmw
    I actually can relate about not liking things “too real.” I think that’s partly why I dig the superheroine side of the peril genre in the first place–the costumes, sets, campy dialog and out-of-this-world storylines all conspire to (usually) keep things feeling quite fantastical, and that’s the way I like it. It’s a funny schizophrenia, though, cuz as long as my brain can still accept that what I’m watching is fully in the realm of fantasy, then within that context, I actually want the action to look pretty credible. For instance, I don’t like completely silly, awkwardly fake punches that don’t look like they could hurt a ball of cotton candy. I want to know the overall context is safely in the fantasy zone, but as long as that’s the case, I want very convincing punches, both thrown and received with good acting skills and athleticism, and frankly (at least when it comes to body punches) with some honest-to-goodness contact being made. Total air punches that obviously stop an inch or more away from the victim’s belly are the worst! But I also don’t like punches that slow down to a snail’s pace two feet away from their target and eventually land with barely a feather’s lightness–it just looks so distractingly silly when the victim reacts with a big jolt or a moaning expression of anguish when the punch so obviously had ZERO power behind it. So I guess TOO fake can kill the fantasy for me in the other direction as well. I like to see skilled fight-actors who can throw fake punches that don’t necessarily look fake, and actresses tough enough to take a little contact (though obviously nothing remotely injurious) for the sake of helping to sell the action. But when all is said and done, I can totally relate to liking the idea that everyone on set is actually having fun and probably laughing it up between scenes. I often enjoy the unedited versions of videos as much or more than the edited ones for this very reason–I love seeing the bloopers and the hilarity of the cast members mixed right in there with the final versions of the action scenes, because it just reinforces how the whole thing (though violent-looking) is just “good clean fun,” as they say. πŸ˜‰

  63. some kind of ninja

    @Warren Griffin and related

    So what defines “too real” for you? Jill Lauren stuff?

  64. @Some kind of ninja
    I can’t speak for the others, but I like Jill Lauren’s stuff I just wish she went back to putting stories into her videos as opposed to let’s just kick this chicks ass. Normally stuff like hers counts, but I still enjoy her movies. Too real for me is Zen movies with actual insertion and girls puking after getting belly punched.

  65. Warren Griffin

    @some kind of ninja
    It’s true, body fluids pretty much kill the mood for me (blood, puke, pee). Whatever realism/grittiness these things might add is of no interest to me. With Jill, you pick a harder call, as she doesn’t generally stray into body fluids, but nevertheless she is very purposely going for something she promotes as “real” punching, and indeed her products do have a somewhat different look than the more completely fantasy stuff put out by, say, DT, where no one is trying to give or absorb remotely full-force punches. And I agree with lazxmw that the lack of well-developed storylines in Jill’s more recent work also diminishes the fantasy gloss a bit. Jill is on the edge for me, personally, I suppose. As a punching fan, I certainly like having a producer who is truly into it and churning out material. But it’s odd–I almost have to trick my own mind and pretend I’m watching something that is more fantasy-based than it really is when I’m watching Jill’s work, to fully enjoy it. I don’t actually want to see “real” punches, so I try to ignore the telltale signs that Jill is truly wailing on her victim, or getting truly wailed on herself, and I just see it as if it were all very skillfully faked punching but without any truly painful impacts happening. Perhaps that will make no sense outside my own mind, but that’s my answer.

    In addition, it might go without saying that I don’t go in for competitive fights, just scripted fantasy ones. Of course, I know many people are exactly the opposite and just yawn at fantasy scripts and only find real competition intriguing. But that’s one reason I like the superheroine genre, because it’s almost never done in a “competitive” style. So right off the bat, I at least know I’m on the right planet for my tastes, when I see the combatants in fantasy costumes.

  66. crazyball666

    I quite like this. Probably their best one yet. I hope they make a sequel to this.

    I think for something different, we should have the heroine being gagged, stripped and tied to the chair or board

  67. Marcelo Knight

    Hi Birt, OK
    I saw that movie and I confess that I was in love with you (rss), was very beautiful as you Robyn.Meu dream is one day is to make a fan film Batman & Robin, and have you by my side with that costume would be Robyn a wonderful (of course I like Batman .. eh, eh, eh).
    Anyway, congrats on the film, so proceed with this action carsima magnificent and captivating, I loved you, you’re beautiful, wait anxiously for their new adventures as Robyn.
    Birt hits you, love your new fan
    Marcelo Knight-Brazil

  68. Marcelo-

    Thank you so much for your wonderful comments. I am so glad that you enjoyed the video. I am currently pestering HM for more Robyn so we can destroy my costume. It seems people want to know what my midriff looks like. I really want the movie to be made soon so lets badger HM.

    Thanks for your kind words,

    Also, back to the forum, i get grossed out by body fluids too. I don’t date guys that like want to hit me or anything but it’s all part of a fantasy i am into. Don’t mind being choked and what not.

    Also, sorry for my absence. That whole college thing keeps me busy.

    I love being spanked!

    Brit or “Birt” (I kind of like being called birt.)

  69. Warren Griffin

    @Birt As far as wanting to know what your midriff looks like, I don’t claim to know who those people are, but if, just hypothetically, say, I were one of them, how could I most effectively bug HM to make that costume-destroying vid happen??? πŸ˜‰

  70. @warren

    I would say that we should post about it. But it doesn’t seem like enough. I think we should email him or hijack a thread. I was going to try guerilla warfare tactics but he never answers his phone and he lives very deep underground and only surfaces once every 16 moon cycles. Either way, be sure to tell him what you want to see in the next vid.

    I shall keep up on my end. Power to the people!


  71. lazxmw

    @Brit or Birt
    I for one give a might strong YES PLEASE! to a new Robyn vid that features the costume being destroyed, and the midriff exposing part would be a nice touch. It would make a good sequel to the last vid since we last saw you in the clutches of the harlequin of hate The Joker.

  72. @Everyone – Thanks for all the comments! Truth be told, I’ve been trying to put together a couple of custom Robyn videos (which would star Britt/Brit/Birt, of course), but those don’t seem to be going anywhere, so I may just have to make my own Robyn video. I’m all up for ideas.

    So far, there’s a strong possibility that the video will feature a Scarecrow-type villain (which could be male or female) and costume ripping/destroying. If anyone has any requests beyond that, I’m all ears!

    @Birt – How dare you. Please don’t be insensitive about my family’s moon-worshiping traditions, which dictate that I emerge only during certain periods in the lunar cycle. Also, I don’t often answer the phone when I’m asleep, but I’m making an extra effort to be available for phone calls today. Just for you!

    @lazxmw – Sounds good. Costume ripping it is!

    @Sidekick – You’re fired.

    @Everyone again – Please do tell me what you want to see in the next Brit/Robyn video!

  73. lazxmw

    I’m glad you have left your cave, and I hope the next lunar cycle offers you much rest. Now what I would love to see in the next Robyn vid is more of the same treatment Robyn got last vid, with some whipping thrown in, maybe yor version of the Scarecrow can both enduce fear, but also feeds off it, like a drug, or gets an orgasmic feeling from it. During the vid, Robyn is slowly stripped of her costumes, and each time a piece is torn off, a new form of torture is used, and Robyn gets less and less cocky, when she gets completely stripped, she begs Scarecrow to stop.

  74. @all
    I spoke to the great and powerful HM by telephone. He was about to take his daily nap but he lowered himself to answer my call. We are currently trying to set a date for filming. Keep sending us your ideas so we know what you guys want. I am really looking forward to making this video. It promises to be even better than the last.

    I love your ideas. We just need HM to leave his cave to make it!


  75. Aldous

    I’m with @lazxmw!! No one does a whipping scene like good ‘ol HM. I won’t be complaining if Robyn’s converse get traded up for a nice pair of boots either but that’s just me! Either way, be good to see Brit back in action!

  76. @aldous

    Not my converse. Don’t make me give them up. They are sooo spunky and I love them. I thought they really gave personality to Robyn. “sigh”. Can’t I just finish this series out with this costume and we can start over a new series with a slightly different costume that includes boots?

    Please. πŸ˜€

    (I look forward to some whipping!)

  77. lazxmw

    1. Flattery will get you everywhere, so keep at it!
    2. I say leave the converse since they look good, and a Female Robin (Carrie Kelly in Dark Knight Returns) wore them.
    I would love to also see some two on one beatings, and some ravishing Robyn by the Scarecrow or a male henchmen, all brought out by the fear toxin. I would personally use the fear nightmares as an excuse to do some wacky stuff, stretch your boundaries so to speak.
    BTW, Brit, you have some of the sexiest legs I’ve ever seen.

  78. @lazxmw

    I think you might be brilliant or a mind reader. We are definitely looking at all options with scarecrow. And I especially love all the hallucination stuff myself. Gives me many, many opportunities to try new things.

    I humbly thank you for agreeing on my converse. They are my favorite thing about the costume next to my adorable little mask.

    And thank you very much. I am a runner and a soccer player and i try to stay in shape for your viewing pleasure.


  79. lazxmw

    @ Brit
    I’ve always said we were kindred spirits, each of us with similar ideas on what’s fun and all. I also think maybe in the fear nightmares you could wear different costumes, just to change it up, and give us a taste of possible future looks.

  80. @Brit – Ahem, you are a football player! American Rugby can go stuff its head down the loo! How the hell is a game played with the hands called football?!?!

    lol, rant over. Anyway – loving the sound of the hallucigen stuff. Good opportunity to use some cool effects – would love to see something stylised along the lines of the Arkham games – though would probably involve a fair amount of greenscreen.

    I would love to see boots – the costume’s showing Robin’s butch side pretty well already, and I truely despise Converse! If I had a mortal enemy, Converse would be it!

    Though if they must stay, then so be it.


    Other than that, just keep Robin kick ass! Nice to see Robin striking out on her own a little. Perhaps we’re on the way to a female Nightwing? πŸ˜€ – Now THAT would be cool!

  81. Aldous

    @Brit Fine! Keep your converse, if ye must. They are much easier to play “football” In (that’s right! I went there!). But if the fear toxin brings on a boot hallucination I shan’t complain :)
    Whatever happens, really looking forward to seeing you and HM back in action!

  82. Warren Griffin

    Power to the people, indeed! Calling out our esteemed troglodyte moderator in this thread seems to be working! A brilliant plan!

    I like the ideas thus far for a Scarecrow-type adversary. As long as we’re tossing in our personal votes, mine would be for a female take on the Scarecrow, which would make it more interesting, less derivative. Genders flip for both the hero and the villain, as Robin goes to Robyn and Scarecrow goes to … er … Scarecrowette (I’m sure HM could concoct a more inspired name for such a villainess).

    If there’s money in the budget for extra costumes, I also like the idea from lazxmw of the mind-bending effects of some psychoactive toxin allowing for a few different costumes to be used as reality is twisted in Robyn’s mind.

    Now, about that midriff … it would be nice if the villain(ess) paid some attention to it, once exposed, beyond just a target for some of the abuse. In my world, midriffs are rife with eroticism, and it’s nice (but rare) when superheroine films depict a bad guy/bad gal who also has this sensibility, and actually bothers to target the belly for some of the ravishing action as well (belly kissing/licking/petting, navel tonguing/probing), which serves to excite the heroine in perhaps a new and unexpected way for her (this could even be linked to a psychotropic drug effect unleashed by this particular villain, to twist some of Robyn’s usual erogenous weak points to locations she’s unprepared for, making her vulnerable to new means of overwhelming arousal that take her totally by surprise and against which she cannot resist, and which the Scarecrow deliciously exploits). This wouldn’t have to be a major theme of the video, by any means, but if the Scarecrow spent even one minute somewhere along the way including Robyn’s exposed midriff in some of the ravaging action, and Robyn were to be visibly shocked and humiliated by the intensity of her own arousal at the Scarecrow’s touch upon her bare belly, it would only heighten the overall intrigue of the twisted world into which the Scarecrow has dragged the heroine. And it would make subsequent punishment directed by the Scarecrow at Robyn’s midsection (punches, knees, stomps to the gut) all the more cruel and demented, as pleasure and pain are forcibly mixed together at the newly sensitized site of Robyn’s core.

    Anyway, just my personal wish list. I’m sure you’ll have no shortage of ideas tossed out here that you’ll have to sift through and choose between when scripting the final video. Anything you do will, no doubt, be great!


  83. @lazmxw

    Different costumes is an interesting idea. I love costumes. We shall see.


    I agree with you whole heartedly. American football is silly and they do not use their feet. Not to mention they stop and start the game every few minutes which is also annoying. But yes, to the rest of the world, i play on 2 football teams that help me stay in shape.

    Have you sought therapy for your issues with converse? They sound deep and disturbing.

    Anyways, i would personally love to see a female Nightwing. I think there are many male characters that would make excellent movies with female leads being swapped in.


    A boot hallucination might be the answer. I dig it. And mea culpa. I play football.

    @warren griffen

    I myself find it more interesting when my villains are men. It works for my fantasies. but I wouldn’t be opposed to a female villain. But I would prefer it to be a henchwoman or something and not the main villain. Chicks are great and pretty but it’s hard for me to take a female villain seriously because I know that I could take a chick and come out victorious. Its just not as believable for me.

    The belly ideas are interesting and I would be fine with all of them. There is one slight issue, I am extremely ticklish around my belly button. And I cant imagine, nor has there ever been an instance when I didn’t laugh hysterically while my belly button was being licked. However, maybe I can work on this in time for the movie. We shall see. My midriff is at your command. Well really at HM’s because he tells me what to do but it’s kind of the same.


    I hope you are writing these things down and figuring out how much we can work into the movie. I am super excited now. Hurry and lets nail down that date. And I will send you that picture today so we can move forward on costumes.


  84. lazxmw

    @ Brit
    Also don’t forget spankings. Always fun, and it could happen to you in the Robyn costume or in the nightmare as a school girl. Just an idea

  85. I am indeed writing all of this down, Brit-ster. Keep the suggestions coming, everyone; I’m going to try to work all of this into the video if possible.

    So far, I’ve got:

    β€’ Costume ripping/destruction
    β€’ Scarecrow as the villain (male or female)
    β€’ Whipping
    β€’ Gasses, hallucinations
    β€’ Robyn is defiant at first but gets worn down by the torture, abuse, etc., until she begs Scarecrow to stop! (Wow…)
    β€’ 2-on-1 beatdown
    β€’ Ravishing of Robyn…?
    β€’ Multiple costumes…?*
    β€’ Lots of midriff-related abuse and quasi-sexual midriff-related activity
    β€’ Spanking

    *Note: The multiple costumes idea is great (and it would certainly make my costume designer happy), but I’m not sure that it will be feasible for this video. I think we’ll just stick with the original Robyn costume and destroy it thoroughly and then introduce a new costume in the next video.

    Let me know if I’ve missed anything, and keep the ideas coming!

  86. Warren Griffin

    @HM Good notes! Thanks for listening!

    @Birt Thank you also for listening! I’m glad to hear you would be amenable, in principle, to the belly ideas that have been mentioned so far. Hm, with your ticklishness, though, I foresee a lot of hilarious outtakes. :) Hopefully, you could concentrate and hold it together for at least one good shot of belly ravishing.

    You and HM can decide on the genders of the villain(s). A male Scarecrow lead and a henchwoman sidekick could work ok, and of course it’s good to do what you personally like doing best. And I’m sure the audience is at best 50/50 on this, if not weighted more heavily on the side of preferring M/F action, as you do. (I know, endless debates on this issue–not trying to start another one.) That said, I wonder if this particular villain’s very nature actually makes this an excellent opportunity for you to branch out in the F/F direction, if you’re ever going to. The Scarecrow’s “powers,” if you will, have nothing to do with strength or speed or martial arts prowess. It’s a totally different style of confrontation, in which the villain renders the heroine’s formidable abilities in all the aforementioned areas moot by first assaulting the mind, before ever going after the heroine’s body. In fact, whether male or female, the person cast in the role of Scarecrow shouldn’t look all that physically imposing. It’s better if they don’t. Robyn really ought to have one look at this adversary and be instantly convinced beyond any doubt that she can easily take them, regardless of their gender. And it’s that initial arrogance/confidence that will start so high, and then be so methodically stripped away by the villain(ess) as the Scarecrow totally sidesteps Robyn’s formidable fighting skills by twisting reality in such a way that Robyn either doesn’t fight at all, or fights completely ineffectively relative to what’s really happening around her in the real world, such that the Scarecrow has no need of superior or even frankly decent physical abilities to wind up utterly destroying the heroine in the end. So, in this case, interestingly, the exact attitude you just described about how confident you would feel taking on a female opponent would play perfectly in a face-off between Robyn and a female Scarecrow-like enemy. Robyn *should* look this villainess up and down and think this is almost going to be too easy even to be worth her time, since she could so obviously kick this girl’s ass any day. Of course, it will turn out not to be so easy as Robyn imagines, but if this hyper-confidence really is what Robyn ought to be thinking when she looks at the villain anyway, why not go ahead and make it a female Scarecrow and let your look of smug disdain for your underpowered adversary be genuine. This will only heighten the intrigue of Robyn’s downfall when the mind games begin, and it turns out that it’s not so easy to kick someone’s ass (man or woman) when they own your thoughts.

    Just sayin’ … πŸ˜‰

  87. lazxmw

    @ HM and Brit
    I do hope that if a ravishing scene is included, that it doesn’t become a hypnotized thing, or she starts to like it thing. That would just be a waste of time, IMO.

  88. @ aldous & lazxmw

    I couldn’t agree more. At no part should Robyn enjoy the ravishing. It destroys all authenticity for me.

    @warren griffin

    I agree that this could be a good opportunity to have a female villain because it would mostly be psychological and not physical. It still wouldn’t get my juices flowing but I think I will leave it up to HM. I trust him and he usually tries to deliver to you guys. Not going to lie, the biggest reason I film these is because being the heroine in peril really excited me. But I just feel it would be more exciting and closer to my own personal fetishes to have male villains. But to each their own and I just want to make a movie that you guys will enjoy.


  89. Stagger Lee


    I really enjoy your enthusiasm and real love for the genre. It makes your video that much more enjoyable to watch, knowing that this is something you are truly into. I’m really looking forward to seeing more videos with you in the future!

  90. lazxmw

    @ HM & Brit
    I was thinking if you make the Scarecrow villain a lady, maybe you could make her a cross between Scarecrow and Poison Ivy, call her Thorn, Death Blossom, or something.Just because I don’t think the Scarecrow look can work for a female, IMO. If you go the lady as a main villain route, I definitely think Robyn should be ravished by a male henchman as Thorn(or whatever) watches, cackling maniacally as Robyn struggles against the assault, pleading for mercy from her merciless attacker. Maybe have the attack happen in the “FearWorld” and have Robyn get attacked by The Joker?

  91. some kind of ninja

    @Warren Griffin

    Just wanna say, that you pretty much spoke my mind about what I’d like to see in the next video. i.e. MOAR MIDRIFFS! AND MIDRIFF RAVISHING HELL YEAH!….ahem, sorry.

  92. Warren Griffin

    @some kind of ninja
    Great minds, buddy! Great minds! πŸ˜‰

    As far as the gender of the villain, I hear ya. I think everyone would agree that it’s fun to think you are actually having fun doing this. :) So do what works for you. The video will have just as many fans either way, just somewhat different fans (but also some overlapping ones). I had nothing to lose in making the case for my personal preference, but having heard your replies, I’m convinced some of the charm could be lost if the setup of the video is obviously just not for you. Your level of full participation in the fantasy of the viewer (cuz it’s your fantasy too) is a very cool thing about you stepping in front of the camera. No need to mess with that. So by all means, do your thing, and have fun! Let the viewers line up where they may. You can be sure that line will be plenty long for you and a male villain doing the things on HM’s list of notes so far! :)

  93. @stagger lee

    Thanks. I also appreciate the enthusiasm of all you guys as well as your warm reception of me into this world. Its great to feel appreciated and to know that I am helping to give you guys a product you can enjoy. I am grateful that I appeal to your fancies. I just feel lucky that I can live out some of my fantasies without being groaned at or ridiculed.


    Wow. Ping! You are an idea machine. HM and I discussed some of the things you wrote about and I think you will be very pleased. I am starting to get really intoxicated by all these ideas and possibilities. If only we didnt have to wait so long to shoot it. “sigh”

    @some kind of ninja

    Never again shall I perform without bearing my midriff. It seems to have been an egregious error. I blame HM. He picked the costume and I didnt see it until it was time to put it on. Although, I do love that costume so much that I sometimes where it in public. And I did chase an ice cream man down while wearing it so I could get a coconut popsicle. But more bellies. Got it.


    Thanks for your support. You are very right, if we stepped too far outside of my zone I might have a harder time selling different reactions. But I trust HM and I really love the responses with bare belly punches, whippings, and spankings. I am incredibly excited and am thinking about camping outside of hm’s house until we get this thing made. You have no idea how much this excites me.


  94. lazxmw

    @ Brit and HM
    Actually I was thinking the villainess could be named Raven, and maybe look Gothesque, and still be able to use her powers to induce fear, for she feeds off terror, so you would still keep the Sacrecrow aspect of the character, just sex it up a bit more. Maybe Raven is trying to have Robyn give into her fears so that Raven can consume her body and soul? OR if you go with the name Thorn, the costume could have more of an S&M feel to it, like leather, whips, handcuffs, etc….
    Just spitballing ideas.

  95. lazxmw

    Any progress on if and when this new Robyn movie will be shot? Have you ended your lunar sleep cycle yet?

  96. ZoomDoctor


    Hi you are awesome as Robyn. Are you starring in any other videos ? If so I’d like to know which ones. Let us all know when you make your next one, please!

  97. I dont like to be the bad guy here but i prefer the first one. This one it wasnt executed that well…i dont know but it seems that it was made by other director. Its a good effort though. The second half was pretty good. The actresses were good but it seems that it was a lot of improvisation in it. I see a couple of laugh too ha. But when it works it works well. The scene with whip was very good, good edit there. I would like to have a more extensive vocabulary to express a better critic. But its worth the purchase. Brit looks great and more comfortable as robyn. I am pretty sure that if there will be another video it will be a lot better and the director will do a great job.