Avalon – The Director’s Cut from Rye

Avalon - The Director's Cut from RyeRye has just released the “Directors Cut” of Avalon. If you never saw the original, should you buy now? If you purchased the original, is the new version worth your time and money? We hope to answer both of those questions with the following review. 

First, let’s start with a full-blown review that may help any newbies decide if this film is for them.

Sometime in the past, the superheroine Avalon gravely injured Elise, the wife of the villain, Dr. Creighton Spawn. Spawn wants revenge and part of his plan is to reveal Avalon’s secret identity to the world.

Avalon - The Director's Cut from RyeAvalon - The Director's Cut from RyeAvalon - The Director's Cut from Rye

This version of the film actually builds a lot more quickly than the first cut. It also introduces plot points that are still a major part of The Battle For Earth storyline, namely Spawn’s serum. For the uninitiated, Spawn’s serum has empowered many of the villains that have appeared in TBFE episodes. The serum endows users with super human strength and with repeated use, various other powers.

Avalon - The Director's Cut from RyeAvalon - The Director's Cut from RyeAvalon - The Director's Cut from Rye

Avalon defeats a henchman, but not before he places a tracker that allows Spawn to deduce Avalon’s secret identity. Spawn sends his cybernetically enhanced wife Elise a.k.a. Syren, and later on, two henchmen to Avalon’s home, and they deliver a pretty good beating to the heroine. Elements in these two fights that people may find enjoyable include: a bearhug, a low blow, a backbreaker and several stomach punches. In spite of the beating, Avalon prevails in both fights, but is captured by Spawn himself.

Avalon - The Director's Cut from RyeAvalon - The Director's Cut from RyeAvalon - The Director's Cut from Rye

Avalon awakens, chained up in a dungeon. She is unable to break her bonds and Spawn informs Avalon that he has taken away her powers. Instead of killing her, he lets her go back out into the world without her special abilities to protect her. She receives a horrible beating from two ordinary criminals and returns home to look for answers.

Avalon - The Director's Cut from RyeAvalon - The Director's Cut from RyeAvalon - The Director's Cut from Rye

Through meditation, she flashes back and learns that her powers were not actually taken, they were just being suppressed. With her powers back and at full strength, she speeds off to Spawn’s lair where she is confronted by Elise for a second time.

Avalon - The Director's Cut from RyeAvalon - The Director's Cut from RyeAvalon - The Director's Cut from Rye

Avalon goes on the offensive against Elise, but her efforts are entirely ineffective. Elise has been upgraded by Spawn, and she basically ignores Avalon’s best punches and energy-based attacks. Avalon takes yet another beating in a scene that includes a reverse bearhug, stomach punches, Avalon’s costume getting damaged, and Elise lifting Avalon off the ground by both her hair and her costume. Backed in a corner and with Elise about to deliver the finishing blow, Avalon finds a way to defeat the cyborg. Enraged, Spawn rushes Avalon and we are left with a cliffhanger that still exists today because we have not seen the character of Avalon since.

Avalon - The Director's Cut from RyeAvalon - The Director's Cut from RyeAvalon - The Director's Cut from Rye

Avalon is a very good superheroine film. It has an almost perfect action/story/peril mix that not many other producers have been able to duplicate. I felt this was the first effort by an American producer that had a real “wow “ factor. In my mind it had three big things going for it.

1. A producer and director that really knew what their audience wanted.

2. A storyline that felt bigger than just about all superheroine movies that came before it.

3. A ridiculously good looking lead actress who just so happens to be one of the best female martial artists in the world.

Bottom line, if you are a new to this genre, Avalon is a really good jumping on point.

Now, what if you have seen Avalon? Is it worth paying for again? In my mind, yes. Technically speaking, it’s just a better film. A lot of the filler has been cut, and the action scenes come very quickly. The special effects have been vastly upgraded. The music and sound effects are all superior to the original version. The fight scenes are longer, better fleshed out, and contain various camera angles that weren’t in the original. And there’s more peril.  Just all around a better film.

Avalon - The Director's Cut from RyeAvalon - The Director's Cut from RyeAvalon - The Director's Cut from Rye

Most importantly, you get more of Amy Johnston, the actress who plays Avalon. She is beautiful, but most of the girls in these movies are. It’s just that she is better suited to play the role of a superheroine than any of the other girls I have ever seen. She is just physically capable of doing things other girls aren’t able to do. Hopefully, Rye or The Battle for Earth can cast her again. She is a huge fan favorite.

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Michael Birch
Michael Birch

I enjoyed the Director’s Cut of Avalon and I would like to know if any more of The Battle For Earth episodes will be released as a Director’s Cut. Any reply to this would be appreciated.


Michael Birch


Actually, I changed my mind and ended up purchasing.
I have to say it is not bad. The ‘making of…” portion was also quite entertaining.


I purchased the original Avalon. To be fair, the acress was great and costume is great. However, I didn’t like the tougue in cheek joke one liners that made it silly. It is like sex. You don’t try to be funny and a wise guy during sex !! Also, the peril scenes were too far and few. Something like 95% filler boring story and 5% peril. Just barely one notch higher than the TV series Wonder Woman…. Perhaps I have too high standard from watching all the Japanese versions, but I am not convinced of buying this ‘director’s cut;…

Glad you enjoyed it and thanks. Steelcinema.com is reserved for my lighter material so extreme versions will remain on nicheclips.com for now 😉


Rye: I just bought your Avalon directors cut, very good!!!
Do you plan on releasing more extreme versions of your films on Steele website?
I would love to buy the extreme version of Superheroine nightmare 2!!!
A loyal Customer, Squidd


I would be open to shooting with anyone as long as it was a professional shoot. I’ve turned down offers in the past because things seem sketchy at best. I know Rye would get a kick out of seeing me on another site for sure lol. The most recent movie I played a heroine in was Return of the Jeckle as Nova. Previous to that I have been Dark Damsel a bunch of times.

I can be reached at carlyqwin@gmail.com if anyone wants to contact me in private.



In what movie did you worked on? Which character did you played? I’d like to know, after all! Do you have any exclusivity with Rye? I’d like to send you some ideas! Thanks.




Sounds awesome!

Look forward to seeing how it looks when it’s done :]


Technically I placed the order 😛

But its going to be a Shiny Black Leotard with a See through bat symbol, black/yellow cape, belt, gloves, and of course boots. They are also going to make me some tights and I will try them on and let Rye decide if he wants to use them or not.

Dark J-
Glad you enjoyed it! I think everyone should know that I have placed an order for a custom Dark Damsel costume for Carly.

I hope you like Avalon 🙂 I would recommend the Parolee, Supergasm, or Shadow Strangler if your into low blows.


Hey Rye, love your stuff, just purchased this one and downloading now!
I know you have made a hell of a lot of videos (most of which feature low blows), but i was wondering if you (or anyone else) could point out some which have particularly good low blows or are particularly low blow heavy.

Dark J
Dark J

I haven’t seen the original Avalon, but I enjoyed this one a lot. Amy was great as the heroine. I loved how physical she was. As always in Rye’s movies, I enjoyed the internal monologue and Avalon’s cockiness and humor really worked for me. Raven was a terrific villain and looked fantastic in that bodysuit. Really sorry to hear that she’s fighting for her life. The Avalon costume gets an A+ from me. I love the high-cut one-piece and the short cape was perfect (could still see her butt). I’m a big fan of bearhugs and Rye never disappoints there. Finally, the bonus feature was a great addition and a lot of fun to watch. Interesting to see the process and there were some very sexy moments. I’d like to see this type of feature more often.

I’m also excited to see that Rye has a new site. I tend to enjoy the lighter side of the genre so it’s good for me.

And finally, a big YES from me to Carly playing Batgirl!

Thanks a lot Harry! I was really happy with how it turned out. Much closer to what I had originally wanted.

And I of course agree with everyone and Carly needs to be Batgirl!

Jose –
To echo what Carly said, you should be quite happy with our new designer 🙂 From what I have seen they can pretty much make anything I would ever need.

Andrew –
Thanks for the suggestion

Gabriel –
I have scheduled a shoot in December with a female villain but there will also be male villains at the shoot as well.

To answer some questions that keep coming up, I am not sure if I will do another Directors Cut of a TBFE movie that I was involved in because there aren’t a ton of extra scenes like there were in Avalon. The only other one I am considering is Nuclearman however I would rather just redo that movie to be honest. There were a lot of things I didn’t get to do and a lot of things that didn’t come out the way I wanted. So only time will tell…

Just got around to watching the Director’s Cut, and I just wanted to say how impressed I am with this version of Avalon. It’s faster paced, with more action, more peril (lots of low blows and stomach punches, for starters), and it’s generally just a better movie with more of the stuff everyone wants to see. Also, the “Making of” video, with commentary from Rye, is awesome! Very entertaining and interesting. Nice job, Rye!

(And I think Carly would make an excellent Batgirl…)


im a huge fan of your job, congratulations.

can i give you a sugestion?

you could use female villains in your movies. i love the whole lesbian thing, you know



Allow me to suggest you a new beatiful and talent actress. Not just for you but for all directors here. her name is KATELYN BROOKE. She has great action movies with Amy Johnston and i believe if you make a good propose for a good movie she would accept.

these are a few links about her




Hey Carly, I don’t think I said before – great to see you posting here! :]

Good news about the Wonder Girl script – totally looking forward to it!

I do love the shiny purple style costume, although – admittedly it’s not from my favourite batgirl character, but it’s easilly the best readilly avaliable high-quality Batgirl costume.

As for you wearing it, I think that’d totally work! Your face is perfect to fit with the cowl/mask. Also I’ve always thought you made a great dark damsel, back in the day – would be great to see you in a Batgirl costume once again! 😉



Sounds great! I’d be more than happy to play the bad guy 🙂


@Jose, I think you will be happy to know that the new costume designer only has high cut pieces in their collection. To answer your question about http://www.steelcinema.com Yes. I am actually doing the initial casting calls and Rye is making the final decision but there are already several actresses interested in working with us. I know that Rye is almost done with his Wonder Girl script which might be the next movie released but Im not 100% sure.

On a side note Rye keeps asking me to get a shiny purple batgirl style costume for myself lol. He seems to think it would be fun to shoot me in a costume like that but im not sure fans would care for it. I don’t exactly know what his plans are but I think it would be an R rated style movie with fighting, traps, bondage, and light sexual peril.

Thoughts? (If this doesn’t sound like a good idea I will not be offended 😉 To the contrary because it will help me decide if I should waste time preparing for the role or not.


Will http://www.steelecinema.com gives us the chance to see a bigger selection of new faces playing superheroines? I am a fan of the adult stuff, but I also love this type of content when it comes to peril. I remember you stated awhile back ago that it isn’t very hard to find talent when it comes to the less racy stuff. I would really love to see some new babes playing superheroines. It is also great to hear that you guys have found a new costume designer. Very interested to see what they are capable of making in your future videos.

The Director’s Cut looks pretty cool. Based off the trailer, it looks like this version has more sexier camera shots compared to the original. I am a big fan of cheesecake money shots.


Bought it again, fell in love for it all over again.

@Rye: Really great job, it was worth it again and I am really glad I got it again, hopefully one day we can get the end of it all.

Yes there are multiple 😉 In fact I think I used a total of 5.


Is there more than one low blow in this video? Im hoping they took more than one take for the low blow and added the rest of the outtakes on to this version haha.

Im not sure about a new adult site… I might end up keeping those movies on my clip stores and Shg-media.

I haven’t seen that thing in a long long time. It was flagged and removed from youtube about a dozen times and we just gave up reposting it. Is there a question I can answer?



Can someone post a link to the original Avalon trailer, if it is still available somewhere?


sounds awesome re the new website, Rye. Any chance of a new site for the “harder” stuff?

Thanks for the review and kind words Sidekick! I put a lot of heart and soul into the directors cut and its refreshing to read this.

I would just like to add that aside from the 45min directors cut you also get a 28min “making of avalon” for free. There is a ton of behind the scenes footage with Amy and some pretty funny outtakes 🙂

http://www.steelcinema.com is my new portal for the lighter side of my work. You can expect to see a new Superheroine universe created in the spirit of what I did in Avalon Directors cut, but even bigger.

Carly just found a new costume designer that is simply AMAZING. From what I have seen so far their work is a huge but above anything else I have used. Even my new supes costume.

Yes No