Amy Johnston in “Zombie Killers” (Complete Film)

Amy Johnston in "Zombie Killers" (Complete Film)We rarely, if ever, have political, philosophical or theological debates around here, but I think my next question may start our first: Does the existence of Amy Johnston prove there’s a higher power, or is she hard evidence in support of the theory of evolution? 

I ask because having someone be at the same time ridiculously good looking and also one of the best martial artists walking the planet is surely a sign that we are evolving as a species. On the other hand, someone blessed with so much talent hints that a higher being took a lot of interest in her creation. I know it’s one or the other; I’m just not sure which.

Did I go to far there? Maybe. It’s just my way of making the point that Amy Johnston is awesome. For those of you who don’t know the name, go to YouTube and do a search. You can thank me later. I would especially pay attention to the short film work she has done with another awesome talent named Anna Ranoso. These two work exceedingly well together, and of the dozens of martial artists that I have become a fan of, both male and female, these two are my absolute favorites.


Accompanying Amy in this film are two other beautiful and talented actresses: Eve Mauro and Aoni Ma. I wish I could tell you more about them, but this is the only film I have seen them in. Nonetheless, they are superb here, and I look forward to seeing more from them.

The film is only a little over four minutes long, and it’s free, so just take my advice and watch it. In short, three beautiful girls take down a zombie, and then Eric Roberts shows up. Yes, the Eric Roberts you are thinking of. There is a lot of blood and gore involved in the fight scene so just be wary if that kind of thing turns you off. It’s really a well done short and all involved deserve credit for what I thought was an amazing final product.

I do have one critique. For about half the film, Amy kind of serves as the comic relief as she comforts the zombie’s mother. Understand, she does it very well, and she has become as good an actress as she is a martial artist. But when you have Amy Johnston as part of your cast, you don’t sideline her. You unleash her. This is a message for all producers that cast her in the future. When you have a world-class martial artist at your disposal, use her talents as much as possible.

And there you have it. HM always likes to serve up something different for his readers, and it’s just a bonus that it’s free. Also note that there should be more Amy coming soon as a trailer for her Clandestine series is on its way. I expect it to be great because the editing process is seemingly taking as much time as James Cameron spent on Avatar. Good things come to those who wait I suppose.

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@Chris – Sorry, I don’t have any inside info on this company, but I’ll bet they’d love to hear from you via the Contact page at their web site (or on their Facebook page), especially regarding donations:!contact/c21nl


@Chris – As I say, this is looking like the precursor to a larger feature length film.

Would be paid for as part of the production budget – although sometimes teasers like this can come from a separate pot entirely.


Zombie Killers looks so cool! Cant wait to see it!!!!!!!!!!!!! #zk


Hey HM, do you have any idea how they are paying for these movies? I feel like we get so much free Amy content. I wouldn’t mind donating to help keep it going considering how often I pay $20+ for videos I regret purchasing. Amy’s are always great and I’d love to help it continue.

L.M. Tracy

Amy is such a hottie! 😉


I’d love to see Amy in a great superheroine peril fight that is on par with the kind of stage fighting she is normally capable of. Rather than current fights in this genre where the heroine is absolutely dominating with their snail speed punches one minute, and then gets bear hugged once or something and then gets beaten up and subjected to peril the rest of the movie. Imagine a great Amy fight where she is fighting on even grounds with an opponent in a high caliber fight and then slowly the opponent gains the upper hand while Amy continues to stand her ground and attempts a few comebacks, but eventually is defeated and the worst happens to her.


@JadeOwl: “If the peril producers had gotten a hold of a top notch martial artist guy to play the villain, I think the outcome would’ve been quite different. ”

The key word is IF…Amy Johnston’s abilities aren’t in question. I think Jerry is simply lamenting the fact that no SHiP producer has pitted her against that level of a fighter,and that it seems unlikely they will.


@Jerry I think I have to differ a bit. Because Amy is actually so good at stage-fighting she can not only kick copious amounts of ass convincingly, she can also sell getting her ass kicked really well… so long as the actor delivering the ass-kicking is up to the task stage-fighting-wise. Here are a few examples: If the peril producers had gotten a hold of a top notch martial artist guy to play villain, I think the outcome would’ve been quite different.

@swampy170 I couldn’t agree more.


But that shows a complete misunderstanding for how stage fighting works!

Amy’s skills make creating a convincing stage fight a ton easier – being such an experienced martial artist is cool, but what makes it good for film-making is the control she has over her body. Control makes up a large part of martial arts anyway.

Don’t see any reason she couldn’t unleash her full potential at all.

The thing that’s a shame about this mini-movie is she doesn’t actually do anything! She stands there chatting and swings a sledge hammer – not utilising her skills at all!

Still, judging by the cast this is a pre-cursor to a bigger movie – hopefully we’ll see her do more in that! 🙂


Amy is absolutely amazing. But yeah, producers from the heroine peril-verse never utilize her skills to her max. They can’t “unleash” her because if they did she would beat the living crap out of their male villains. So they have to dumb down her fight scenes like Rye had to do in “Avalon”. We’ll never see her true potential in a heroine peril work.


I couldn’t agree more.

Amy is indeed the embodiment of perfection. Flawless form and function combined around an awesome personality. 🙂


Nice little movie and yes, this girl is just amazing.

Saw her in Avalon for the first time, later found multiple films and clips from her on the Net and boy she is out of this world,

Any time I can watch something with her is worth it.


It was a nice little movie… But I would think that professional zombie killers would have known that stabbing and punching in the torso was really kind of a waste of time. one shot to the head, or a nice decapitation would have ended the whole thing really quick. of course that would have also ended the movie kinda quick too. Still enjoyable though.

Yes No