Anarchy Films’ “X-GIRL”

Here’s an exciting new project from Steve Noir and a new company called Anarchy Films. X-GIRL appears to be the latest entry in the bigger-budget realm of independent superheroine films, and it has just been made available for purchase by SHG-Media. Check it out!

Visit SHG-Media for more info

  1. G-Reaper2001

    this video looks hot! I was just curious tho, I noticed from the trailers that i’ve seen of this and other SHG movies that the “forced orgasm” always seems to be from some sort of energy burst shooting into the Heroine’s groin, even comming from some type of vibrator in this movie. Is that because if they actually touched her with the vibrator, then it would push the movie over the line of what they can show? or is it that the actresses would not be willing to have physical contact?

  2. Fabio

    Was about to buy this but apparently they only accept a check or money order now? wtf?? I am not going to mail them a fucking check. That’s stupid.

  3. Fabio

    Is there another site where I could by this from?

  4. deathcake

    If you goto SHG-media, you can buy it through them, using credit card.

  5. @Fabio

    Hi Fabio, I went ahead and emailed you regarding your above mentioned issue with making the purchase. Thanks!


  6. rangerian

    Purchased it, in the hope that the low blows flow. Sexy model, great outfit. Not a fan of video fx. More for the real (fantasy) beat downs with low blows. YAY.

    Just like Agent 45

  7. dev

    i have the same problem as fabio is my only option to mail a check?