Announcements from Heroine Legends

Announcements from Heroine LegendsIt’s been a while since we’ve heard from Heroine Legends (due to a couple of setbacks discussed previously here). But the company is still here, and has a couple of pieces of information to share, including a new three-day sale starting now! See the details below.

Which side will you choose?
Which side will you choose?


• The release of The Demon Within has been delayed due to a set-back with the editor, but a new editor has been hired, and the movie is now back on track.

The Academy Feature Pack is on sale for $49.99 now through this weekend for the holiday.

• Heroine Legends is also offering 20% off all items with code HLTHANKS20 (use during checkout).

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  1. @Jerkstore: We aren’t committing to a firm release date until we have the final copy in our hands. The last release date had been set, the editor had the footage for a month, then the day before launch, we got the hard drives back with no final cut of any of the projects he was supposed to be editing. Once we receive the 1st episode of this saga, we will put up a date which will be shortly after the announcement. Sorry we can’t commit– we don’t want to disappoint if anything happens again (though I have no worries with this editor). If it helps, we are PLANNING for a launch AROUND December 1st. (but that’s not official.)


  2. Hey guys,

    I’ll throw this up to look at over the weekend. We are getting into Season 2, another full film, and more Agent Files next week for filming. Whole I’m writing the stories and planning out the choreography, I want to get some input/feedback about different situations you guys want to see or want to see more of. Just reply to this post and discuss amongst the community here and I’ll visit by and check it out so I can consider different things while preparing for the next few shoots!

    A few sneak peak hints:

    • Thanks to a custom order, Thorne is going to get destroyed. She will gain a new costume, costume color scheme, new powers, and a new personality as a result– with the same actress! We’re excited for this change!
    • For those of you who asked, Aurora is coming back! We cast a new girl who fits the role very well!!
    • There will be a lot more of Allura including a story of her start as a Heroine in the Agency up to how she became evil. Subsequent stories will include her as a Heroine and as a Villainess.
    • Vega has more storylines!
    • Finally, the Hunters are being introduced, led by Kaid and his understudy, Fusion. The first few Hunters may seem familiar, then you will see new characters emerge.
    • There is a new threat in the super-villain world– another female villainess who is extremely powerful and does her own dirty work!
    • Lady Wonder is being introduced in 2012!!
    • Sapphire, Mystic, and another female threat will also be added!!

    I’d love to hear your input and feedback!!! Thanks for following our series!!


  3. And what about Venus? Is her storyline going to be left unsettled?

  4. @Maar13: At this point, the actress who plays Venus is not available to continue with “Heroine Legends”. Rather than trying to replace her, we have decided to simply put her story on hold indefinitely. If we decide to continue with her, we will pick up her story where we left off in “Ground Zero”. We have quite a few new Heroines that will be extremely entertaining for you guys! We’re excited to continue the stories!!


  5. Sorry about your editor Logan – I hope the setback hasn’t been too painful for you. The delay just makes me all the more excited to see it:)

  6. @Logan: Cool, really looking forward to what you guys have in store for the fans.

  7. Well at least could u post a trailer..? pls.. this movie will be awosome

  8. @Mo: The setback has actually had a really big effect on our filming schedule– as you can imagine, and as other producers have stated on these boards, we don’t make that much off of these films. So when we are caused delays for any reason, it messes up our cash flow that we put into the next projects. We are still pushing forward, but we are definitely feeling the strain from the delays. :-/

    @Maar13: I do my best not to disappoint!!

    @elnovo: Unfortunately, the trailer usually comes after the final product is completed (for us anyway), so until I get the project back, I won’t be able to post up a trailer for it– but it’s coming soon!!


  9. Logan says “as you can imagine, and as other producers have stated on these boards, we don’t make that much off of these films.”

    I am not sure I can fathom that this is an issue with most producers. There has to be some that are making plenty of profit at this. I am not talking getting rich obviously but making a very comfortable living no doubt.

  10. @Mitch: I can imagine you’re right. Some producers are making a very comfortable living at this. I guess it all depends on how much money you have to throw into each production. I can only speak for myself on this — my costs are very high in comparison to the return on these films. I usually make enough to make the next episode and pay a few bills. I don’t get to drive a Mercedes or anything cool like that from this. 😉


  11. Logan says “my costs are very high in comparison to the return on these films.”

    Well maybe your costs need to be lowered then? I’m not sure what it costs to make these things but are your costs abnormally high compared to others for some reason?

  12. @Mitch: If I could lower my costs anymore, trust me, I would! I live and film in Hollywood– the word “film” out here means everyone jacks up the cost at least 4 times for everything including equipment and locations. It sucks, but it’s part of the industry. I also run a SAG-franchised company which means I cannot choose what to pay my actors– it’s controlled by the union. I touched on this on a different thread, but the bottom line is that I could film movies like these for thousands less if I were in any other location. But I’m not. When I say “my costs are high” etc etc, this is not an excuse or a pity call– it’s simply reality and the explanation for why the delay in our last launch is so detrimental to the continuation of the series. The other restriction for us is that a lot of the viewers that visit this site and others like it are fetish fans– a line that we tread, but are not willing to go beyond a certain point with. We understand this effects our sales, but we are a mainstream company in the end doing our best to please our fans. Costs will be what they are and we will continue to make these films for our viewers for as long as we can! :)


  13. @Mitch – I’m yet to purchase a heroine legends movie but just from the trailers it’s clear that that they invest in multiple high quality actors/acressses, multiple high quality costumes and plenty of FX. I’m sure it ain’t cheap to keep production values so high;)

  14. Logan I might be going out on a limb but do you know for sure that your costs are in fact so much higher than other producers? I mean is this a fact because you have insider knowledge from talking with other producers or are we assuming they are based on you being in Hollywood? I’m not trying to bust your chops, but I have seen a lot of really well done films in the past couple years that didn’t look cheap to make.

    (Mo) their trailers are generally what is keeping me from buying their videos to be honest.

  15. @Mo: Thank you, I appreciate that you notice the effort we put in!

    @Mitch: I’ve worked with 3 other producers that sell videos in this genre. I was an actor/director/fight choreographer for another production I’m sure you know for a year before launching my own series. In no way did I mention or mean to infer that other producers’ films are cheap. There’s a difference between a film being cheap and a film being less costly to make. If our trailers are what is keeping you from purchasing, then we might not have the material you are looking for– and that’s okay. We are not a fetish company. We’re a mainstream film production house– we simply enjoy making SuperHeroine films… There’s no intention of arguing here and like I said, cost is cost– it varies depending on the types of films you make, the types of actors and actresses you use, and how much is done in-house versus hired out. The statement was simply that are costs are higher than they would be if our location was different– it was not meant to be a comparison to other producers. At the end of the day, we make films for our fans. Our costs are our responsibilities and really, the fans care about the film– whether it be the girl, the costume, the situations, or the story– that’s what matters. :)


  16. Logan,

    I love Celestia. I think she would make an excellent villainess. Goes to the darkside or under a spell. Thinking black eye mask, gloves, stiletto boots, halter top and bikini bottom or booty shorts all in latex or leather. Her weapon could be a whip she uses against the heroines. Eventually she is captured and hogtied with her rope. What do you think?

  17. @HM FAN: Hi HM FAN!! Celestia is awesome, I totally agree– and your idea works perfectly with a few ideas I had for her… We are really getting into the whole “Heroines are Villainesses” theme, so it makes perfect sense! Right now, Thorne has a “Hunter” twin and she’s the Black Queen, Allura will be revealed as a Heroine as well as the Villainess she already is, Nightshadow runs her own route, Aurora is being brought back (if you’ve followed before, she has a Good and Evil Aura fighting inside her which makes her good and evil), we are introducing a character named Sapphire who has a polar opposite, you will see Vega shortly with her evil version Dark Vega, and Celestia has the potential to be both– love the idea… She’s getting a new costume soon as well too so I’ll see what I can do to incorporate that into a future filming!! Thanks for the input!!


  18. I’ve purchased a lot of Heroine Legends output and have yet to be disappointed. The money is very clearly up there on the screen. Good luck with the release of The Demon Within Logan – cant wait

  19. @Aldous: Hi Aldous! Thank you for being a fan of our series– we love hearing the feedback from the viewers who have actually purchased from us– your opinion weighs the most to me because your opinions, suggestions, and comments are based on your actual experience with our product! :) TDW is coming very soon– I am SOOOO excited myself to see the final cut and get it out to you guys!! New camera, new editor, new effects, new concepts, new character/actress– it all only ups the value for you guys for sure!!


  20. Logan,

    Glad you liked it! I see one heroine facing Evil Celestia. The heroine grabs Celestia’s hands as Celestia reaches for her whip. Just then another heroine sneaks up behind Celestia and knocks her out while Celestia is fighting the heroine who still has her hands trapped. The heroines then tie Celestia up in her own whip.

    Let me know what you think!

    Thanks for listening to your fans so much.

  21. Hi logan

    Allura as heroine was sensational, the clothing is very good for sure will purchase when it is released. What is the date for the launch of Path to Darkness?


  22. Allura looks stunning and she has become my favourite character, can’t wait to see more of her, I hope she isn’t always in peril though, would love to see her lay the beatdown on an opponent (be it heroine or villain).

  23. @Paul: Glad to hear it! You’ll LOVE “Path to Darkness”!!

    @Maar13: Thank you– I relayed the message to the actress and she said thank you… and smiled. 😉

    @Everyone: Take a look at these 3 episode pages– we finished filming these episodes and they are headed to post-production now!! I’ve posted 3 screenshots of each episode on the pages– take a look!!:

    Episode 2.1: ‘Impending Death’ (Thorne gets destroyed):

    Episode 2.2: ‘Nightmare’ (Vega is haunted by a demon):

    ‘Path to Darkness’ (Allura becomes a villain):



  24. All these new episodes that were filmed me look very good, especially the Vega and Allura

  25. Holy smoke – loving the look of the ‘Impending Death’ episode!!! Looks like Thorne takes a real beating! In fact, so much so, I notice some costume destruction (which in my eyes is about the only way you could make the insanely gorgeous Kristina Hess look even hotter)! Can’t wait for this one!!!

  26. @Mark: You’re absolutely right! Thorne has won most, if not all, of her fights in the past. This time, she literally gets one single hit in the entire episode. The rest is just a VERY brutal beatdown which leads up to a twist– which I won’t spoil 😉 It’s the perfect way (we thought) to introduce “The Hunters” and show you our improvements as we move on to Season 2! (In Episode 2.3: ‘Smackdown’, Nightshadow receives a brutal beatdown, but it’s a wrestling film for the last 75% of the film. She does have a martial arts fight against a male Hunter before being demolished by Amoeba.)


  27. @Logan – sounds truly awesome!!! The only thing that could top Thorne getting totally trashed is Thorne getting totally trashed using wrestling holds and moves like you mentioned with Nightshadow in episode 2.3 – now that would be a dream come true!!!!

    Any idea when season 2 kicks off?

  28. @Mark: There is a wrestling-style video with Thorne coming in the 2nd Season– right now, she is slated to be the Black Queen in the video, but we will keep the videos coming and she will eventually have one in her new Thorne costume– which I’m excited for you guys to see!!

    @Jerkstore: “The Demon Within” is almost finished, so the launch is coming very soon!!


  29. @Logan – sold and sold then!!! Loving the fact that one wrestling episode will see Kristina as the Black Queen, as she looks all types of hot in that outfit (and here’s to hoping it’s a brutal beat – down too)! Can’t wait to see the new Thorne outfit as well, but I just can’t see how it could be an improvement on the original!!!

  30. @Logan,

    So I gotta ask, for the three upcoming films you’ve mentioned involving severe beatdowns (all look awesome by the way), does the heroine die at the end of any of them?

  31. @Mark: The new costume has some resemblances to the old, but the new color is RED which signifies her change into accepting the power of The Source– her demeanor will change and she will be more powerful!

    @DKM: (spoiler) There is a death– Thorne dies in Episode 2.1: ‘Impending Death’– hence the title. 😉


  32. @Bob: Absolutely not!! It means much more Kristina Hess!! lol She will be playing the role of the New Thorne, the Black Queen, and a Hunter – 3 different characters!