Bloodlines from Steel Cinema (Preview)

Bloodlines from Steel CinemaSteel Cinema has just released Bloodlines, starring Ashley Rose and featuring a villain character who bears a striking resemblance to a certain popular metal-based superhero (and Carly, who always makes a great villainess). Check out the trailer, stills and story description below! 

Story description

Synestra has helped her sister (Calista) escape from the Zone of Phantoms and now she seeks revenge on her jailer, Superior Girl. Her cousin Superia is already tracking Synestra so she becomes the bait and test subject for Tony’s new power suit. Superia gives Tony a good run but he eventually wears her down and stands over the fallen heroine. Superia is nearly turned into dust but manages to blast his power suit with heat vision and accidently sends him to another realm. Calista confronts Superia who is caught off guard by her magic and then hand cuffs laced with green space fragments.

Superia becomes Calista’s personal toy and endures space rock laced cattails and other forms of physical attacks until Superior Girl arrives. She is confronted by a very angry and more powerful Tony Stock. Superior Girl and Tony battle it out but Tony is just to strong for Superior Girl who finds herself on the losing end of a humiliating beat down.

Bloodlines from Steel CinemaBloodlines from Steel CinemaBloodlines from Steel Cinema

Bloodlines from Steel CinemaBloodlines from Steel CinemaBloodlines from Steel Cinema

Bloodlines from Steel CinemaBloodlines from Steel CinemaBloodlines from Steel Cinema

Bloodlines from Steel CinemaBloodlines from Steel CinemaBloodlines from Steel Cinema

Bloodlines from Steel CinemaBloodlines from Steel CinemaBloodlines from Steel Cinema

Bloodlines from Steel CinemaBloodlines from Steel CinemaBloodlines from Steel Cinema

  1. decendingskulls

    Just in time for the holidays comes this (unwanted) touching tale emphasizing the importance of (rescuing) family and (villainous) friendship. Cheers!

  2. PavementHero

    Looks good, another great video with the regular Powergirl and Supergirl costumes, I think we can all agree ashley looks great in that spandex powergirl outfit! I don’t know if anyone else is thinking the same but when are we gonna see ripped costumes and superheroines stripped again like the proper Rye used to do?

  3. ranger87


    I’ve actually spoken to Rye about that. The current Supergirl and Powergirl outfits he is using run between $200-$400. He ripped costumes in the past because they were already worn out and he had new or better ones on the way. I don’t think he’ll be ripping these ones. From what we’ve talked about, costume ripping will only be done under 2 scenarios:

    1)The costume is on it’s last legs and is about to be replaced, or
    2)An individual pays for a new costume for the sole purpose of it being destroyed in a video.

    I know because I’m writing a script where I plan on buying a costume that will be torn and shredded in a future custom.

  4. Pavementhero: Sounds promising! Can never go wrong with a tear up. Will there be whippings? :)

  5. I love the SG costume and Ashley looks great in it. The previous PG and SG release looked very PG heavy, so I passed on that one. From the description and preview video, this one looks like it is again PG heavy. How much of the video will be of the SG fight scene and how long will the SG portion of the video be? Although the bit I see with SG looks great (the whole things looks great, but I’m much more of a SG fan), if it only makes up a small portion of the video, I might have to pass on this one too. I guess for me the purchase depends on whether the SG character gets enough screen time.

    That costume looks so good, I’m looking forward to an all SG or SG heavy release soon.

  6. the bahar says...

    I bought this video and I really liked that Iron Man arm gauntlet the villain was wearing. There’s some really interesting spanking scenes with the costume wedged and it shows off Ashley’s big ol’ butt nicely.

  7. Another really enjoyable movie with Ashley Rose. Her body just looks great in the Power Girl costume! (it looks great in anything, but she just fills out the PG costume in particular so, so well). Good, basic storyline and I liked the use of the Iron Man gear. I especially love seeing Superia and Carly’s characters mix it up, and this was their best exchange yet. The spanking scene was just amazing! Damn does Ashley’s jiggly bottom look hot getting spanked, along with her always sexy wedgies in the PG costume. Breathtaking shot of her wedgie/butt when she was down on her knees being whipped. I would have liked to see a few more gratuitous butt shots, but that’s my only complaint. As usual, Ashley sold the punishment really well, and I enjoyed her cocky attitude before being broken. Overall, great work by Rye and the talent and I look forward to the next movie.

  8. PavementHero


    Thanks for replying to my comment with some relevant info. The points you spoke about were one’s I was previously un-aware about so thanks for informing me of that. Point No.1 was “The costume is on it’s last legs and is about to be replaced”
    Come to think of it the Powergirl costume has been used quite a lot and is starting to gain some age but it isn’t on it’s last legs as we can all clearly see!!

    He did destroy the catsuit in “The Black Phoenix” without using it before which could be an acception your points, except of course if it was a custom.

    If Rye still has the purple catsuit from “Agent Akira” ( ) then maybe that could be a costume to consider using for destruction in a future video?

    P.S. ranger87 I’m looking forward to your custom, any spoilers you can give us?!

  9. Thanks guys! It was really fun making this custom and im glad you are enjoying it.

    Ya I am happy to destroy costumes but I need them to wear down more before we kill these. The powergirl outfit will be the first to go once its ready. If someone wants to send me costumes to destroy I would obliterate for ya 😉 That pink outfit was wrecked in that shoot and I think it was thrown away but Ill check with SHG-Media.

    There is a decently long whip scene with Cattails from several angles.


  10. I think that the actress who plays Synestra is very sexy. I’d love to see her wearing a “Mary Marvel” type costume and having super powers.

  11. ranger87


    I’m still writing…I haven’t had a lot of time to do that lately. But essentially, it’s a Venom vs Spiderwoman vid, using the black suited SpiderWoman who wore the same symbol as Venom.

  12. @ranger87 – know that feeling, buried under assignments for the last month and a half :/

    Venom vs Spiderwoman, interesting! Gonna see any black gooey symbiote in play? ;:]

  13. Wid-
    Yes this one has more PG however the fight between Tony and SG is quite good and very sexy. The second release of this custom features nearly 100% Superior Girl while Superia is traped in a phantom zone prison!

    Hope that helps.

    Im sure I could do your Venom movie next month 😉

    Carly is working on a new costume for herself. Hopefully we will have something soon.


  14. ranger87


    It’s all about time, man. I need to focus and get some writing in tomorrow. Then we’ll contemplae scheduling.

  15. sugarcoater

    Would LOVE to see a Spiderwoman video using the black and white costume! Definitely keep that idea going!

  16. No disrespect to anyone who work hard to put these productions together, but at what point does appearances by Ashley Rose start to become straight up repetitive. Like you guys have used her countless times recently. No disrespect again, she’s gorgeous and all but I feel like you guys should begin using different actresses already. I understand it’s incredibly hard to find women who would be ok with being involved with situations such as what we see in these movies but what I’m basically asking is, are you guys even looking for new actresses??

  17. Hey there Joe,
    I appreciate the feedback and no offense is taken what so ever. It sounds like you missed out on some conversations regarding our new Punished Heroines actress we recruited a while back 😉

    We were actively looking for months and Carly found a new actress that we shot with yesterday. I posted some of her personal photos a while back but now I have screen caps of her first movie that I am happy to share. You can email me for a copy of them if you like or you can head over to the HW’s forum as I already posted them there.

    Also just to be clear, Ashley Rose is here to stay and will continue to make movies with us regardless of how many new actresses we recruit :)


  18. Rye,

    I’m definitely purchasing the second part– nearly all SG– that you mentioned. That is my favorite version of the costume and Ashley looks great in it. You have me intrigued about the first part as well. The preview pictures showing the fight between SG and Tony look good and the video preview, ending with SG confronting Tony, has me longing to see what happens next.

    Because the I love that costume, because SG gets into a fight that you say is “quite good and very sexy” (and you never disappoint), I’m sure I’ll probably check this one out before seeing the second part.

  19. PavementHero

    @Carly / Rye

    Can’t wait to see the Powergirl costume get destroyed in a new episode, I can just imagine the ratings going off the charts! It’s not that I don’t like the costume, the costume is great (But that new Supergirl costume is just awsome, best I’ve seen) but it’s just passing it’s “great” era so to speak. Just make sure that when you do destroy it that Ashley is wearing it, you just can’t fault her!

    P.S. How was that Pink catsuit destroyed? It wasn’t ripped in any way during Agent Akira was it?

  20. Rye,

    Just wondering – I remember you mentioning a Black Canary style costume for Ashley. Is that still going to happen? Just thought that was an amazing idea.

  21. Carlyfan

    CANNOT WAIT to see Carly in a new costume! Ashley is great but Carly is the best out there!! I love all her productions would love to see her back as Nova Girl too asap while we wait for a new costume…If I wasn’t so broke I’d keep her busy with customs as often as Ashley! Damn this recession.

    Ha ha!

  22. Stagger Lee

    Man, I’m really disappointed that we get another Rye movie starring Ashley as both lead heroines… As much as I want to, I just can’t buy this one. Way too repetitious. I don’t mind Ashley, but I wish she wouldn’t be cast as both heroines… That’s weak. I really look forward to the next movie not starring Ashley – not to dog her, just need some more variety.

  23. @Steve, @Stagger Lee,

    The point you guys seem to have missed was that this was a custom and to that end Ashley would have either been requested or not objected to.

  24. The same criticism was levelled at DT in another thread for continually pitting Diana against Christina. The point is people fund and pay for these shoots. If you want to see something different, then fund it.

  25. Lake-
    You pretty much took the words out of my mouth 😉 This was indeed a custom order and Ashley was requested to play both roles. She did a great job and sold the peril better than ever before. The fights, whipping, bearhugs, everything was a top notch performance from Ms Rose, not to mention our new robotic villain contraption was just badass. It was made by the same person who built my Ro’gash villain so its top notch with meticulous attention to detail and even has functional lighting :)

    Now those waiting on a movie with a new actress won’t need to wait to long as its already filmed. I am guessing 2 weeks as I still need to release part 2 of Bloodlines before I do anything else. As already stated above you can see some preview pics at and now over at the SHIB forum to. I am also happy to email them if you prefer 😉


  26. Rye,

    A bit side question: any idea when we can expect the next Ashley movie beyond PG level?

  27. George Pérez

    I’ve been lurking through this site for some time, but have never taken the time to chime in. As a veteran comic book artist who has had his fair share of experience with superheroines (both drawn and live) I just want to say how much I appreciate all the wonderful work Rye and all the lovely ladies put into these videos. While I have not been able to purchase many of them due to certain distractions in regular life, the promos and trailers really show a great amount of imagination and kinky fun. I don’t know how many comics pros you hear from regarding these videos, but I just wanted to just say, “Well done!” You help make me proud to be a comic book artist.
    Take care,
    George Pérez (artist on a lot of comics)_

  28. ranger87

    Wow…if that’s the real George Perez posting, that’s pretty badass. I think it’s cool if some real comic book talent out there gets into our dirty little neck of the woods, and isn’t totally creeped out by it.

    That’s all I have to say…I never thought I could be starstruck over the computer…

  29. George Pérez

    Just came back to assure everyone I am that George Pérez, and not only am I not creeped out by these videos, I’ve written and directed several of my own for Double Trouble Productions for the last few years, although I have not been able to produce another one in well over a year. Thankfully, with Rye (whom I would love to meet one day) and Alex Bettinger and Paris Kennedy (both of whom I consider friends) and all the good folks at the various superheroine companies, this little fetish is well served even without me. Kudos!

  30. Hi George,

    Gotta echo @ranger’s comments – great to see you here.

    Loved your films with DT, will there be anymore soon?! Would be my question :)

    As a relative amateur by comparison I totally appreciate the work you put into the great DT films.

    Do they actually bring you on set to help them make the vids? I’ve always wondered how they make such awesome quality stuff – though I’m sure you’re more than capable of writing a great script that they work off too 😉


  31. Holy shit Batman! George Perez is here!
    I can’t thank you enough for the kind words… This really made my day! A friend of mine put it best, it’s not everyday that the very first person to send Supergirl to meet her ultimate doom stops in to say hi! I’ve been a huge fan since I was a child and it would be beyond awesome to meet up one day!

    If you get a free moment shoot me an email and I will hook you up with my latest creation 😉


  32. Mime Control remains a George Perez classic for me and one of my all time favourites. Gorgeous outfits, 2 of my favourite DT girls playing the lead parts (JC Marie and Tylene Buck, both of whom I’ve used in customs), and the perfect beatdowns including sound effects. If only there were more movies made along these lines. That said, Rye has come the closest to it IMHO.

  33. Rye, sorry to hijack your thread, but wanted to say thank you to George. Did a custom with DT some time ago-Christina Carter/Tylene Buck in which I was told that you helped tighten up my script/outline. I am grateful for it, and I assume others that watched it were also.

  34. George Pérez

    While I will most definitely be contacting Rye personally via e-mail, I just wanted to thank everyone for the kind words, especially regarding my DT Sisterhood of Superheroines videos. They were indeed a lot of fun to produce and I regret not having the time and finances right now to fly to California to produce more.

    I first started simply writing the scripts and letting the good folks at DT work from there. As my scripts started getting more ambitious and more girls wanted to get involved, I was asked to start directing them when I first visited DT on a trip to LA — I live in Florida. My first directing job was on A MIDSUMMER’S NIGHTMARE with Katrina Hennings and Shelly Berg.

    The producers were very impressed with how natural I was at directing (I provide my own storyboards before a shoot) and eventually asked me to direct every SoS video, unless it was impossible for me to be in the West Coast due to illness or last-minute schedule conflict.

    I went on to designing and commissioning costumes (even appearing in a few of the videos myself) and eventually, starting with WITH THIS RING I THEE BLAST (with Jewell Marceau and Frankie Zappitelli) I went on to write, direct, edit, score and provide special effects and titles for the remainder of the series– everything but actually man the cameras and lights. Since most of the videos were not on a release schedule (and the fact that I do have a day job!) I was allowed as much time as I needed to work post-production, a luxury not usually given to most production companies, which explains how DT could afford to do such FX-heavy videos.

    My last one, A BAD HABIT OF MIME required different characters wielding fire, wind (one character emerged out of a cyclone), electricity and various mystic effects– all without benefit of green screen, meaning I had to do mask out characters and props frame by frame.

    I’m happy that the videos were so popular for DT (The producers are like family to me so I earn nothing from the vids themselves, just the joy of working with lovely ladies (who have all become friends of mine) and flexing new creative muscles) Due to my success with the SoS videos I’m sometimes asked to help out by directing superheroine videos commissioned by others. I’m proud of the fact that, most of the time, the customer can tell the difference.

    I’ve even been asked to direct videos for other companies and I’m hoping that I may be able to find the time to do that one day. Until then, I’m happy to leave such matters to the more than capable hands of the producers, directors and performers I’ve seen here and all over the net.

    Whew– long winded writer let loose,
    Back to the drawing board!

  35. Hi George!

    I for one can attest to the great job you did with one of my DT commissions, Goldie vs Diana. I really appreciated all the effort you put in shot direction, sound effects, and overall flow.

    You are one of my faves in the comic world ever since Wonder Woman and I loved your stuff at DT. One of my favorites was actually Wait Until Darkraven. Raven was such a bad ass villain and I loved her destrutcive nature.

    I sure hope you work on some videos again with them, or Rye and Alex!

  36. Warren Griffin

    If I may join the hijacked train, I’m also really psyched to know that THE George Pérez is among us here! Like … WOW!! And it’s very cool to hear some backstory on your amazing work with DT over the years, George. I’m intrigued to hear your involvement with DT has stretched beyond the now-classic (and awesome) SoS videos, and that you also direct some videos commissioned by others. How does that work? Does DT decide to bring you in, or does the customer request your involvement? I’ve had some commissions with DT as well, and you can bet I’d have welcomed your hand anywhere in the mix to take things up a notch (more likely, many notches), but I had no idea you did consulting/directing on other people’s scripts. This is probably over the line to ask (so feel free to say so), but would you ever be willing to take a look at a script before it even goes to DT to see if it’s something you might want to be involved in, or even just might have suggestions for ways to improve it before I submit it? I know your time has got to be ridiculously precious, but upon hearing that you do sometimes get involved in other people’s commissions for DT, I just had to ask.

    I also keep thinking it would be great one day to direct something(s) myself. I can’t say what, if any, natural aptitude I’d have for that, as I’ve never had the opportunity to find out. But even with extremely responsive producers like DT, there’s always something in the final product that I wind up wishing I’d been there to better explain about the script in person, or something going astray in the delivery that I wish I’d been there to catch and redirect. I wonder if Mark and Gina would ever let me on set. Well, I’ve actually been to the DT studio before, but just not when anything was shooting. lol

    Anyway, keep on keepin’ on!!

  37. George Pérez

    Just to explain: I have a bit of a cold, which explains my extra time at my computer keyboard of late. I didn’t mean to hijack this thread since all comments, attention and praise should be directed at the lovely Rye and her associates.

    However, just to answer Warren’s queries, it was only through happenstance that I’ve helped out on non-SoS videos, I just happened to be visiting Los Angeles (where I usually stay at Gina’s home) during those times and would then be asked to help out on any superheroine-themed videos that may have had scheduled during my stay. While my DT friends have, on occasion asked for my input on scripts via e-mail (especially if the customer wants to use any of my SoS characters or costumes), my busy schedule doesn’t allow me to do much more than provide general advice.

    Now, let’s get this thread back on the proper track,
    Don’t the girls in this video look incredibly HOT!? (The Iron Man-inspired villain is also a great touch!)


  38. Warren Griffin


    Sorry about the cold, but thanks a lot for answering my questions. I understand. Sounds like what I have to do is time my DT submissions to coincide with your L.A. travels! lol Just kidding.

    Thanks again for dropping by! Get well!

    Thus ends my contribution to the hijackery. Yes, the girls in this video DO look incredibly HOT!! :)

  39. @GPz – I’m sure HM doesn’t mind too much 😉 … Indeed, amazing. I’ve now seen it, and I have to say badass is a very apt description in terms of the main villain, love it! Also, I loved Ashley in this as normal.

    I’ve been doing some similar consulting for some of the less experienced C4S producers, I have to say there’s some half decent talent.

    Admittedly I’ve nudged them in the right direction playing the role of executive producer, but they’ve improved so much since I started working with them almost a year ago.

    Happy to put my hard-learnt media talents to good use :)

    @Rye – I was wondering what happened to the bondage extravaganza with the props coming to life, is that still in the pipeline?


  40. Of course I don’t mind at all! It’s an honor to have the legendary George Pérez here at Heroine Movies, and I hope this is the first of many visits. :)

  41. Swampy-
    That is still in the works, just gotta find the right model for it which may be soon 😉

  42. Grendel69

    I went to Kuberts School in NJ in the late 80s and my nickname from classmates was “George Perez” for the amount of details I put in the backgrounds of my drawings.

    Cool to see GP here.

  43. Hello RYE I just wanted to say great job, on your great videos! I love you vieos with that sexy ASHLEY ROSE how tall is she? I hope you make a video showing her sexy feet,and toes! I have a (foot fetish) .Thanks joel!

  44. scott harless

    Hi I m big fan of the Superheroine beatdown or win plus the nuaghty stuff they do to them. Where can i buy or order these videos? Thanks Scott

  45. bucksuffer

    i have purchased bloodlines 2 but not bloodlines 1. sounds funny.
    reason being i really really like girl on girl (f/f) action. its pretty rare online for superheroines especially!!

    and from the reviews, it seems that bloodlines 2 has more f/f actions.
    im thinking of getting bloodlines 1 too!
    however, could anyone please tell me are there alot of f/f actions on bloodlines 1 too?
    like 70% of the whole film would be perfect!

    OR Punished Heroines’ “SuperNightmare 2″ be a better choice for f/f actions.

    sorry if i asked too much! would appreciate comments!