“Batgirl vs. Pantyho Part 2” from Knights of Gotham

Batgirl vs. Pantyho Part 2 from Knights of Gotham[Adults only] Evangeline von Winter and Hannah Perez return in Batgirl vs. Pantyho Part 2, available now at Knights of Gotham. Not exactly a huge budget film, but should be fun for fans of Ms. von Winter and Hannah Perez. Check out images, story description and a trailer below.

Batgirl vs. Pantyho Part 2 from Knights of Gotham


The conclusion of our peril episode has batgirl strapped to a explosion device strapped to a hitachi waiting for her orgasm to bring on the end of her life. She manages to escape and heads over to face Pantyho only to find Pantyboy has taken over and thin gs look bad for the batgirl and her Nemesis. Will batgirl be able to escape the gas leaking into the building? and does Pantyho has one last trick up her stockings?

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