Cali Logan in Hawk Heroine’s “The Mephisto Effect”

The Mephisto Effect is a good, straightforward heroine movie from Hawk Heroines.  Starring the cute and sexy Cali Logan, the movie features the humor we’ve come to expect from the makers of the Slayer Paris series, and a couple of extended beat-down scenes that should please fans of heroine peril films.

The Mephisto Effect begins with something I don’t think I’ve ever seen in a heroine film before: a superheroine with a massive hangover.  Cali Logan wakes up on her couch to the sound of a ringing telephone.  She half-consciously reaches over and knocks down several empty beer cans.  This is actually pretty funny (although the record-scratching effect is a bit of a cliche).  Anyway, this is how we’re introduced to our superheroine, Powerhawk.

While trying to wake up, Powerhawk suddenly has flashbacks of her previous adventure with her mentor, Demonhawk.  During this extended flashback (which comprises almost the first half of the video), we’re introduced to the main villain, Mephisto, and his strange weapon that shoots out a beam of energy that incapacitates Demonhawk.  When Cali Logan’s Powerhawk tries to run to help out her partner, Mephisto shoots out a beam of energy that creates a Star Trek-like force field, restraining Powerhawk behind an invisible wall.  Powerhawk is helpless, and can only watch as Mephisto beats down her mentor.

This results in some hilarious line readings from Cali Logan.  I don’t know if she’s simply not a very good actress or if she intentionally chose an incredibly campy acting style, but either way, it’s very funny to hear her say, “Get her hands off of her, you bastard!”  I really loved Cali Logan’s delivery of these lines.

The makers of the Hawk Heroines and Slayer Paris films have an obsession with breasts and breast fondling.  Now, there’s nothing wrong with that.  Breasts are terrific.  But each movie seems to feature an extended scene of breast fondling that serves as the centerpiece of the heroine’s torture.  So if that’s your thing, you should be very, very happy with this film, as this flashback features three full minutes of Demonhawk having her breasts fondled by the bad guy.  To me, this is too much of a good thing, but who am I to say?

The flashback ends, and Powerhawk receives a phone call saying she’s needed to stop a bank robbery (or something).  This leads to a nice scene of Cali Logan changing into her superheroine outfit, full frontal nudity and all.  (Although I do wonder why she takes so long to change outfits if there’s a bank robbery in progress).

Mephisto shows up in Powerhawk’s living room, and the two engage in battle.  This fight scene lasts for the remainder of the film’s running time.  Initially, Powerhawk manhandles the villain, punching and kicking him easily.  But Mephisto whips out his strange weapon and shoots an energy beam at Powerhawk.  I assume this is the titular “Mephisto Effect.”  How does it work?  Well, Mephisto explains it quite well: “With this (weapon)… I can stimulate your pain and pleasure receptors beyond your wildest imagination!”

Having stimulated Cali Logan’s pain and pleasure receptors beyond her wildest imagination, Mephisto begins the beating and torturing of Powerhawk, which lasts a really long time and features a little bit of everything.  Face punching, slapping, belly punching, kicking, choking, fondling, spanking, hair pulling, foot massaging (?), verbal taunting, etc.

Finally, Mephisto shoves Cali Logan (I mean Powerhawk) against the wall, for another extended session of… breast fondling.  This goes on for a while, and if you enjoy it, you’ll get your money’s worth here.  The movie ends with the promise of a sexual encounter between Powerhawk and Mephisto, with the villain leading out heroine to “a more comfortable location.”  We don’t see this encounter… this isn’t Dominated Heroines, after all.

I enjoyed “The Mephisto Effect” for its acting, particularly Cali Logan, although the actor playing the main villain is actually very good too.  The scenes featuring Natalie Minx as Demonhawk are brief, and the main focus on the film is on the beat down of Cali Logan’s Powerhawk, and those scenes are pretty good.  With these films, you never seem to get exactly what you want, and there are a few changes I would personally make.  I think some scenes are too long, for example, but there are enough good qualities about “The Mephisto Effect” to justify the purchase price.  I give it a B+.

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I finally got around to buying/watching this movie and I loved it. I’ve always thought it would be a hot concept to have one heroine powerless to help her comrade in peril and forced to watch her defeat, so this was a treat for me.

I thought the scene with Natalie Minx (Demon Hawk) was just incredibly hot. The position of the villain (in this case Mephisto) holding the heroine upright on her knees while he reaches under in between her legs and molests her is a brilliant and underused move. It makes her very vulnerable and has the added benefit of giving us an unobstructed view of the whole show. And it was a very passionate show indeed and both actors really go all out. The fact that Power Hawk had to sit behind the force-field and watch made it even better.

The 2nd half which was Cali Power Hawk vs Mephisto was also great – that part was more classic Hawk Heroines action, but this is not a bad thing. I wish Mephisto got to molest Cali’s crotch as well, but I think from having seen enough Cali-related productions that this is probably a boundary that doesn’t get crossed, and that’s fine it is what it is and it’s still great.

I seem to remember somewhere in one of the videos that the heroines are weakened by the breast fondling. It’s not often mentioned but it seems to be implied because the heroines always get weaker after a breast-fondling session. If this is true, it would help to “explain” why the breast-fondling sessions are always long and drawn out. My suggestion is to explain it verbally in the movies, either by the villain taunting the fact, or by the heroine verbalizing her awareness of it, saying she is being weakened / losing her power, etc. This turns it from just humiliation to additionally suspenseful torture/de-powerment. De-powerment apparently is not a word.

Cali looked amazing as usual. I’m usually bummed when boots are removed but when it’s Cali I don’t even mind because she looks hot both ways! Not all heroines look good barefoot, so kudos to Cali for bringing the sexy.

As for her line delivery, it didn’t really bother me. It is NOT bad acting, I’ve seen plenty of that. This is something else, more like overacting of just intentionally campy acting. It might even be in the direction, because I notice this across the board in many of the HH/SHW movies, everyone from most of the other heroines to the villains as well and it lends a nice comic-book feel to the show.

Finally, I thought the villain Mephisto was AWESOME. His costume and overall character is very dark and sinister, but also kind of campy and flamboyantly attired. The actor put tons of energy and sinister passion into his performance. His dominating presence and tall stature made him a very effectively imposing villain. The combination of his evil expression and mask made for a very unique appearance and if I were a heroine I would not want to see him teleporting into my apartment.

PS, if you’re really observant (which of course I am), you’ll catch a brief and blurry glimpse of someone you are not supposed to see. I’ll give you a hint, it’s in the 2nd half of the movie.


I think this is a pretty good video, and it needs a sequel. Maybe Cali Logan can be the villain, Dark Powerhawk, controlled by the evil Mephisto, and she could capture another hawk for her master. Just an idea…


This video was actually a custom that I ordered from Alex Bettinger’s website. I was extremely satisfied with end product and I highly recommend if you have the money to order one from them. You will not be disappointed. They are very customer friendly and will do their best to accommodate your requests.

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