Superheroine Secret Shame’s “Broken – Mind Body and Soul”

Superheroine Secret Shame - BROKEN[Adults only] Superheroine Secret Shame is back with a new release starring Candle Boxxx as the Purple Panther and Kenna Valentina as the Seductress. Lots of sexual peril ensues when the two characters encounter one another, and a demasking is involved as well.

Superheroine Secret Shame - BROKENSuperheroine Secret Shame - BROKENSuperheroine Secret Shame - BROKEN

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Broken – Mind Body and Soul

Purple Panther is a viscous vigilante. she catches a few goons as they attempt to escape the scene of a robbery, She beats them senseless and gets the name of their boss and location of her hide out. Purple Panther is pleased to have a lead on the infamous Seductress and looks forward to giving the slutty hussy the beating she deserves before handing her over to do hard time

Boldly walking into the Seductress’s unguarded lair Purple Panther is very smug and considers her opponent to be no threat at all, After all they’re both woman and she just doesn’t swing that way

Seductress is very calm and begins slowly swaying her hips and rolling her stomach, the movement is mezmerizing and Purple Panther becomes confused. Seductress moves in for a kiss but the superheroine’s superior sense of smell catches the chemical whiff coming from the villainess’s veil and pushes her away

The Seductress seems to almost pity her enemy “you should have done it my way, now he is coming”

Purple Panther is nonplussed until a brutal looking man in body armor and a mask comes in. He reeks of violence and Purple Panther tries to remain steady as he approaches her. He says his name is Kane, but that her name doesn’t matter, she will have no name when he is done


Kane demolishes the superheroine, and although she rallies briefly she is totally crushed by the far more powerful villain. Seductress looks on, at times with pity, at times with a look of almost boredom as if she has seen it all before and knows how it will end

When Purple Panther comes around she is chained up and the Seductress is tending to her wounds. Sedcutress explains that she is Kane’s prisoner as well and only wants to help. Purple Panther doesn’t believe her and She resists the villainess’s tender touch and refuses to let her powers of sexual healing, even though her battered body is in agony

Kane Returns and covers Panther’s mouth while she struggles wildly before everything gets dark. She awakens to blinding pain, as Kane’s hand cracks like thunder against her ass

He beats her ass mercilessly and tears her tights leaving her milky white ass totally totally unprotected. Over and over he asks “WHAT’S YOUR NAME?” and every time she gives and answer he punishes her ass and tells her ‘YOU HAVE NO NAME” Purple Panther refuses to break and Kane grabs her by her head and neck, squeezing until she goes limp

Once more She is chained up and wakes up weak and dehydrated, she begs for water and Seductress is their with a cup of ice cold water. This time the heroin is too weak to be defiant and only weakly protests as Seductress forces a kiss on her

Almost immediately the pain lessens and some strength returns to Purple Panther and she pulls her head away once more becoming defiant. Kane returns again and it goes black and only a scream is heard as Kane does his worst

When next Purple Panther is under the Seductress’s care, her costume is more off then on and she is curled up barely holding herself together, she is totally broken and asks Seductress for help

Tenderly Seductress undresses Purple Panther and uses a special oil, massaging her all over and slowly moving closer until their bodies touch

Seductress is totally caught int the moment and now the two woman are grinding the wand together and the room fills with the sound of their climaxes

At last Panther is totally spent and falls back, Seductress moves close and SLOWLY REMOVES THE HEROINE’S MASK

“you don’t need that Purple Panther mask any more” she says

The one time vigilante looks up at her confused “Who? Purple Panther?”

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Thank you, so much.


Kaizar- Those models are on the west coast and unlikely to be making a trip to the west coast, you would want to contact producers that you have seen them shoot for. Also there is squirting in this video, a lot actually as the heroine squirts multiple times, including all over the Seductress.

also here


I would also like to see “Samantha Kelly” as the heroine getting dominated by someone like “Faye Reagan” as well.


This looks awesome I can’t wait to buy it. I very much appreciated the M/F video. There are plenty of F/F videos these days and I don’t there’s any danger of M/F taking over the buisness. I too would love to see Smantha Kelly in a video but I would rather see her as the herione who, despite her pwoerful build, eventually gets demolished/KOed/carried by a slightly stronger male villian.


Also, will we ever see any Squirting in any F/F video?


I wish the superheroine would be beat up by a woman like the guy did to her.

If you could show F/F fight like that F/M fight in this one, then that would be cool.

Like the F/F fight scene at the beginning, but it seems that it might be short maybe.

Well, I’m still gonna get this, because it’s still hot.

Thanks for creating another hot F/F video.

Please make more hotter F/F fight scenes next time.

Could we maybe see some muscular female like “Samantha Kelly” next time?


Definitely be sure to click on the thumbnails to see more screen shots. We’re really proud of how this one came out, especially since it was shot on a time crunch