New Concept and Request (from Actress Cayla) from Heroine Legends

New Concept at Request (from Actress Cayla) from Heroine LegendsHere’s an interesting new concept from Heroine Legends involving actress requests, fan input, a Kickstarter campaign, and a “Community Custom Videos” concept. Get the details straight from a Heroine Legends actress—in this case Cayla, the actress who plays Allura.

Message from Heroine Legends

Our actresses over here at “Heroine Legends” have been getting extremely involved with the entire superhero/superheroine universe and the requests of our fans… so much so that they have begun revealing their own requests. They range anywhere from situations to locations to weapons to wardrobe, etc– to the point where they are practically internal custom requests!

We have found that a lot of the requests we have been getting from our fans actually align with the ones our actresses have been requesting! This couples along with an idea we had a few months back of creating what we would call “Community Custom Videos”– basically, instead of one person fronting the production costs for a custom film, a group of people contribute to a similar idea and the cost per person is much lower! Then they, of course, get their copy and some goodies with it– the fans who contribute more, whilst being completely fair, get more incentives from it!

This concept isn’t really new– it’s what the Kickstarter program is all about. Crowd-funding for a similar goal or desire… so we decided to adopt it because it’s a win-win for our FANS and for our ACTRESSES!!! Our actresses WANT to film more and they want to try out new ideas– many have asked to become more involved, so here is the 1st request we will put up for you – from Cayla (the actress who plays Allura) – and her request for you!

Once we reach the funding goal for her project, we will film it and begin campaigning for a 2nd actress! This is where the Superheroine community has the opportunity to be really involved and get the benefits of a custom order for a lot less than the actual production costs for a normal custom.

The best part is that this allows supplemental funding for the project so we can make it the length we want to make it and focus on the things you guys want whether it’s camera angles, situations, costumes… anything!!– and the contributors will have the option to help us mold the film as a whole!!

We look forward to seeing the success of this project type within the “Heroine Legends” universe– take a look at the video to hear Cayla’s (Allura’s) request and visit our site ( for more info and to be a part of this awesome, actress-inspired and requested idea!!

  1. Maar13

    I like the concept a lot and specially hear the actresses have an input, I know that everyone has a role but in these type of projects I think every thing works better when everyone gets involved in the team.

    Really hope this is success.

  2. ANdrew C.

    Excellent initiative, guys. Congratulations! I’m so “in love” for this adorable Actress! Gosh, what a lovely personality! I didn’t know her yet. So, let me take a good look on the character at the site, and think carefully about those aspects and I’ll be back!

  3. @Jerkstore: I just messaged my editor who is completing “The Demon Within”– yesterday he had told me he was about 99% complete with it so I’m expecting a delivery today or tomorrow. After that, it will be about a day or two for me to put my final touches on it before release!! We’re almost there!!!

    @Maar13: I totally agree– and I’m super stoked that my actresses are the ones requesting this! They came to me, Cayla first, with this idea, so I told them to go to you. So I set up the camera and let her talk to you :) If you guys want what she wants, then we can raise the custom cost as a group so it’s cheaper and more can be done– that means more videos with exactly what you guys want and more fan input with actress interaction– I really like the idea a lot and that’s why I went along with it– I’m all about trying new things and creating films for the fans!! :)


  4. @ANdrew C.: Cayla is awesome to work with and the other thing I like about them talking to you is that you get a chance to see who they are outside of their character– Cayla has filmed quite a few films with us (only 1 has been released unfortunately) and we liked her so much as a villain that we also made her a Heroine!! You will see more and more of her and she is down to make awesome films for her fans!!


  5. Andrew C.

    Ok, I’m back. Well, Iooking to the Allura’s current costume, I would change two things:

    The boot – could be some one like a “flat” boot. It’ s more comfortable for the actress. Besides that, It’s more easy to get balance for fighting moves. Off couse, the ultimate opinion would be from the actress about this aspect.

    The mask – Honestly, I’m not the one for the “masks”. Even more in a beautiful actress like Miss Cayla. But, I understand that , probably, I’m almost alone about that. Anyway, If you guys prefere continue with the mask, I would sugest someone more “simple”. This current mask is beautiful, but It is too “carnival” for me. I’m talking about the gray/white one and the pure white one.

    Allow me to sugest a “transparent pantyhose” or “white transparent”(I believe that’s the right expression in english) for the actress’ legs. Don’t get me wrong, she’s has the great ones, with all respect for Miss Cayla. But i’m a fan of pantyhoses. I think that’s essential for a comic book character, from a “sureal” world.

    I would use a leotard which cover the actress’ belly. Again, nothing against her belly, but could be a more “serious” uniform and less “sensual” uniform for my taste. With a very athletic actress like Miss Cayla(I love her shoulders), i would like to vote for a swimmer back leotard, like the “speedo ones”. It would explore more her backs and legs. Anyway, the current one It’s ok to me.

    About the fight scenes, I vote for some squeeze torture, with a bearhugs and body scissors. Some like an interrogation with bearhugs as penalties for the wrong answers from the heroine. It’s powerful and not too violent.

    I also miss heroines with knee blows hability. I like elbows blows too!

    Miss Cayla has a “WONDERFUL VOICE”. You guys could explore that on dialogues scenes. And please, give us some good “SUPER CLOSE UP” shots on her lovely face! Gosh, she’s beautiful!

    The most important thing to me is that the heroine must win at the end!!!!

    Guys from Heroine Legends, thanks for the opportunity. You’ve won my heart with Miss Cayla!

  6. Andrew C.

    Ops, I forgot something I believe It is important: She must be the “SuperHeroine”! Aways! With a lovely face like that, I think that’s the best for her!

    And yes, Logan, you’re right about to show us who is the actress from behind the scenes! You’re a very perceptive guy! Thanks again, even if you won’t pick up any ideas from me. Thanks, man!

  7. @Andrew C.: Thanks for all the feedback!! All suggestions from those who contribute to the production of this video will be taken into consideration and implemented on some level!!

    For anyone interested in contributing, here is her page:

    There are 6 options to contribute to her custom on the right side of the page– also, she just released a quick update for those of you who are following along!! Check it out!! Thanks!!


  8. Andrew C.

    Ops, another idea…
    Ops, another idea:
    You guys don’t need a large scenic crew for a good movie. Allow me to a sugest a crew with two or three professionals, including the heroine. The Next Global Crisis’s professional had proved to us that is possible to make a good movie with just two characters. The movie “Paranormal Activity” too. Sometimes, It’s not necessary spend too much of money to make a good movie.

    Thanks again!

  9. @Andrew C.: You’re absolutely right! And with our productions, we are actually the same– we usually have about 3-5 crew members total. However, when it comes to actresses, especially working Hollywood actresses, you have to have the extra girls to choose from when filming because they don’t always have available schedules– many of them are out filming other projects as well, so while we have narrowed down the amount of Heroines drastically– we only have Vega, Thorne, Celestia (name to change), Halo, Allura, Nightshadow, & Mystic. All of the others have been removed, discontinued, or killed off in the series. In fact, Aurora dies in Episode 2.6. We will introduce a few new girls, but we will continue to keep the core group small so you guys can really follow them more!!


  10. On a quick, unrelated note, I posted up a few more screenshots for “Path to Darkness” since some of you guys were asking– they are screen captures from raw footage, so the coloring isn’t consistent across them because the film is still in post-production. Anyway, you can check them out here (these are from only the 1st part):


  11. visitor88

    I liked the video. Cayla is very sweet and polite, can’t wait for “Path to Darkness”. I know there’s already been discussion for HM projects to include marks/blood for whipping scenes, but since that’s likely to be in a future video, I think HM should (budget allowed, of course) get more creative with their torture scenes, like doing a scene similar to the electro torture sequence in “Barb Wire” with the mind-reading device and bikini that also double as electro-shock devices for the female prisoner. A buddy of mine also thought that for a future video, for whatever HM project this may work best for, use a sequence similar to “The Princess Bride” with The Machine that sucks away years of life from the person hooked up to it via suction cups and bifurcated hoses. I know that those scenes would be costly, but maybe if HM gave their own unique take on scenes like that it’d be different than just using belly punches or whipping scenes. Again, these are just suggestions. Thanks for reading and keep up the good work.

  12. Andrew C.

    Anyway, we all could buy “The Path Of Darkness” to help “Heroine Legends” to make the next Cayla’s movie.

  13. SlawDiesel

    I’m gonna need that AOH scene but heavy on belly punching. Sold.

  14. @Andrew C.: Took a look at your suggestions. We REALLY want you guys to buy, watch, and LOVE “Path to Darkness”, but that won’t fund the new project– it will just help us recoup the costs of filming that one and hopefully allow us to start on the next one in that series. The new project needs to be funded on its own… The 1st level of funding is $75/person and that gives you all parts of the film, the wallpaper, and your ideas considered for this specific film. $100 includes all of that plus a behind-the-scenes of the making of this project. You can see the perks for each contribution amount and also help Allura fund her project here:

    @SlawDiesel: If that’s what you want in this film, just choose any contribution amount and we will make that happen!!

    We are looking forward to funding the actress-requested videos– they are going to be a lot of fun and there’s a lot of involvement from the community with these!


  15. Maar13

    I agree ont low heel boots, it is easier for fight scenes and all in general from what I have heard of.

    About the mask, her Big mask from previous films kicks ass, but with out mask it will be nice too.

    About the leather outfit, if not half Black and half white maybe Dark Red will do, ala Dare Devil movie, with Finger less gloves perhaps.

  16. @Maar13: We will take all of that into consideration :)

    Right now, we only have a few supporters of this custom which is odd to me. I honestly thought this would be funded much quicker with the amount of emails I receive for custom videos. So many people want them and have a lower budget– and in this case, the actress is asking the contributors for exactly what they want to see with their contributions– so the ones who fund the custom order get to choose the costume, moves, villains, torture types, scenarios, etc– and they get the full package for the fraction of the price an actual custom costs! If I was a fan, I would have jumped all over this– especially since there’s a chance that the film will be 2-3 parts– I’d probably be buying it anyway, so it’s like pre-ordering a film and being able to guarantee that there’s something I definitely want to see in it!!! Anyway, we will see how this does over the next week– Cayla really wants to wear leather if you couldn’t tell from the video and the update… If this works well, we will have one for Halo, Thorne, Celestia, Vega, & Mystic too!!! –but not until we see the first one is a success…. anyway, that’s all I really wanted to say– let me know your thoughts, guys and gals!!


  17. @Logan – I really like the idea, but like when I’d spoke initially to other places like NGC who have offered a similar thing in the past (although not as openly as you have – love that the actress is so involved…and looks so interested); there’s always a fear (and I’m speaking personally) that you’re paying for something that either a) was already going to be included anyway or b) doesn’t get included (as was my fear with NGC, if it didn’t fit with the ‘story’)). I must admit, the latter doesn’t feel like it would be the case with what you are offering, but the former definitely still applies. Is there maybe anyway of seeing what is already being included, from both original story as well as contribution point of view?

  18. @Mark: I see the validity in your points and completely understand. To be honest, these videos are for the actresses– none of them are concepts that were going to happen anyway. I have no story to follow, no costume design made, nothing to show to you or anyone because this is going to be sold as any custom is, but they will be sold as stand-alone videos in a new section. I don’t care if, with these, that they fit our storyline… we will mold the individual stories to fit the actress and her character so we don’t lose the essence of individuality between each character, but, as with Thorne in “Return of the Black Queen”, the character and story had nothing to do with the rest of the “Heroine Legends” universe… so after they are funded and created, we will create that film and release it separately from our main storyline. I’d rather create films you guys want to see than to force myself to adhere to a storyline that may not be as interesting when the fans are contributing a little more than the cost of a normal film to see something specific created– the creativity is going to come out when I melt all of your suggestions/ideas together to film it… and with these, the actresses are asking for your ideas to create them– the funds will go to exactly what Cayla mentioned– to pay for the materials and costumer so the new costume can be made, the editor for this new film, the locations, and the additional crew so we can provide the Behind-the-Scenes film for those who contribute to those “perk packs”… we kept the cost as low as possible so we know we can pay for what we need to pay for up front and be able to recoup any costs afterwards selling to those who didn’t contribute to the filmmaking process….

    Does that all make sense? lol


  19. visitor88

    @Logan – I use Facebook more, mainly because I find it harder to fully explain myself with the character limit Twitter has. I hope you guys liked my suggestions for future HM videos. Thanks for reading and can’t wait for “Path to Darkness”. Have a great weekend.

  20. @visitor88: Interesting… we are creating a Twitter handle because there are more users worldwide, but I was wondering how many are our fans… we have both, but Twitter is easier to post to for us. Anyway, I think you meant HL movies, because HM has his own movies as well– but “Path to Darkness” is about 4-6 weeks away– we have many other films coming out soon as well as the option to create Allura’s new custom film, if you guys want it made!!


  21. visitor88

    @Logan – Thanks for the reply. Yep, meant to type HL movies, sorry for the confusion. Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with next. :)

  22. visitor88

    And yes, since you said you had the option Logan, I’d love to see the custom film made. 😀

  23. I think the problem is a fundamental one, and one that this board highlights on a daily basis. You can’t please all the people all of the time. Especially with a fanbase whose tastes are as diverse as the Superheroine communiity.

    And so, yes, your $75 could give you a scene featuring a backbreaker or a low-blow or hose or girl power or peril or whatever. But the rest of the video could subsequently be full of everyone else’s ideas that you aren’t into, which ultimately means you’ve paid $75 (minimum) for a video (or even three), of which maybe you’ll enjoy just two minutes of.

    The general point of customs (and their higher pricing) is that you’re getting exactly what YOU want. But if you’re getting what everyone else wants too, then that’s not really a custom.

  24. @Sym: How is that any different than ordering 2 videos at $34.99 each and having NO say in what the video is about? Most low blow fans purchase videos that contain one single low blow… in this case, you have a say in what the video is and, in the case of a low blow, it is delivered with the exact reaction you want as the contributor. Same with those who ask for a certain type of costume– you get exactly what you’re looking for.

    If you guys have a different way to go about this type of concept, I’m open to suggestions since this IS a community option– and even though your tastes may differ on certain things, many of you share the same types of interests which I’ve noticed from this board and many others…


  25. Maar13

    @Logan: I use twitter mostly to get updates.

    1hy don’t you put a counter of how much left you need after each contribution? I think that way peoe can see if they can give a little more and we all can set a goal in our minds? I mean if you have gotten 200 by example that means we have 2300 to go and we can set ourselves up to that.

  26. @Maar13: We are currently sitting at $175… I was going to throw one up, but I was looking for software that showed a bar graph or some sort of visual with it… if I can’t find it by tonight, I’ll just do it manually– either that or I’ll put it up on IndieGoGo instead… even though they take almost 10% plus Paypal’s like 5%… I’ll have something for you really soon!


  27. Hey guys,

    I’ll take the funds that were already contributed and dump them into this campaign, but I can do the customs this way:

    Take a look at the perks, make sure you guys like the concept, and feel free to jump in!! We put a 30-day cap on funding time and hopefully we will be completely funded by then to be able to film!!

    We added the option for those who want a little more for a ten minute included video of Allura stretching– we’ve gotten a lot of email requests for that… Also, we tailored them to fit those who want to contribute more so they get more from it!

    If you want it to be more YOUR custom, you can contribute more– once we hit funding, we will film!!

    Anyway, I set it up on Indiegogo so payments can be processed the same way and you guys will see the progress and can follow along with all updates– I’ll link this campaign to our “Heroine Legends” website so you can follow along with the progress and contribute either way!! We will be incorporating what you guys want here– with torture, one person could contribute and ask for water, another could contribute and ask for whipping– then the length of the film extends because we would then be including BOTH!! With the costume, we can always have various garments she is wearing IN ADDITION to the leather costume we settle on!!

    Here is the link:

    Let me know your thoughts!!!


  28. Tough she wants a leather costume when the white one she has now looks beyond sexy on her. I hope her stomach takes a serious pounding, that costume just makes it look so sexy. It would be cool if the villain(s) makes her stomach their number 1 target during a fight and torture since she is exposing it with that costume. Or maybe its her weak spot? I always prefer when the bad guys intentionally hit the heroine in the same area for a reason, it gives it a purpose, not just because the director of the film tells him to because he wants to please a lot of fetish fans, do I make any sense? Hope I do. I want the fetish related moves/blows to be part of the actual story/dialogue.

    Anyways I love leather catsuits so if thats what she wants to wear then Im all for it. So basically what the new news means is that I can ask for a move I want to see done to the heroine by pitching in some money? Sounds like a good idea. Genius actually. Hopefully we are still not talking about too much money though.

  29. @Fabio: Take a look at the IndieGoGo site link:

    Those are the amounts for contributions– The lowest amount is $75, but we would include those moves in the film and you wouldn’t pay anything additional when it releases.

    If it’s a matter of people wanting to pitch in a few extra dollars for a few moves, we can explore that option as well– but then the film wouldn’t be included when it releases… We have to make sure we are covering the costs– that’s why this platform has worked so well for many people– and the cause is for you guys. People have been asking for a Heroine to wear a leather costume– now we have one that really wants to! Anyway, think about it and if you like the concept, try it out and contribute at the link above and we will be closer to making the film!!


  30. Maar13

    Sorry since I didn’t know how it worked I used the link to put another contribution part on it…Now that I have seen the Paypal button on the Indiegogo website, I will see if I can put something more on the 30 days deadline.

  31. @Maar13: It’s perfectly fine– I transferred the funds over– we appreciate the support and Cayla says thank you as well! We will continue to promote this custom video– if we don’t reach $2500, we will create a standard episode and add whatever input we can include from those contributed– the best situation is to hit the $2,500 goal because Indiegogo will take less in fees and we can also make the film longer and more involved! Thanks again!!

    And also thank you to everyone who has emailed us in support of this new concept for creating fan-desired films! It’s one extra way for us to be able to create films that cater to the desires of our fans with specifics!!


  32. Andrew C.


    Allow me to say something. In this case, I’m inclined to buy a major price just because of the actress. I already said over and over how much I’m in love for her. US$ 75.00 It’s not much, at least, but I’m thinking If that’s necessary to make a good film. How can you pleased all the tastes about the “costume”, for example? Mr @Sym brings some questions for me. Will you really change it in each scene? I agree that you can make a movie with all tastes for fight scenes, adding a scene for each costumer, for example, but about the costume… Anyway, I believe there are some questions, besides the high price. I’m really not worried about the quality of your work. I still insist that’s possible to make this movie with less money. Is It necessary to make a movie with all those “power efects”? You might have a lower cost if you develope a character without super powers, but with excepcional fight habilities, like “BatGirl” or “Black Widow”. Your costs with edition probably would be lower. With a lovely actress like Miss Cayla, I really think that more people could be interested in your movie for a lower price. After all, you had a great idea, but It brings out some doubts. In fact, if i have US$ 2,500.00 I probably will ask you for make my own movie. I’d like to get in touch with you about that in the future. For now, I’d like to keep helping you with ideas for “Allura”. I understood that Miss Cayla said “Leather outfit”. She doesn’t say ir she prefer unitard leather outfit or leotard leather outfit. So, I’m here with another idea for a black uniform:

    PS: I’m sorry for my “poor” english.

  33. @Maar13: Give me about 15 minutes and I’ll have the trailer posted up!! I love this film and the best part is that parts 2&3 are even better!!! :)


  34. Maar13

    Great to read that and I can’t wait to see it, all of it!!! :)

  35. Looks awesome. Talia seems really great, it’s cool u have her appearing in so much upcoming stuff. I really like the new cross the line opening too. Can’t wait for the release.

  36. @Maar13: It IS really cool lol :) And like I said, you need to see the 1st one to get the full story, but I can’t wait to get back parts 2 & 3 as well– they have even more action! :)

    @j: Talia is a great actress to work with and she nailed all of what makes a Supergirl-type character! I appreciate the notice on the new logo opener– I just finished that to change it up since we haven’t had anything new in a while… I can’t wait to release it to you guys– I just have to make some minor tweaks to it first– then of course render, export, convert, upload, and billing system load followed by website update, VIP blast, and forum splash! :) I’ll work on it as quickly as I can!


  37. It’s so good to hear that she is good to work with, haha it makes me emotionally sad when I find a favourite and they get ditched because they are pains in the ass….I guess we don’t see that side and it can’t be easy for you guys working with someone like that, so the fact you have found someone awesome who is awesome to work with Is awesome….I love the word awesome. Cant wait to see the full movie. Yeah I saw the opener and though, thats different and really cool (to use a different word). Ill be happy when I see the email or post saying its up, I don’t know how you do it, do you ever sleep, are you like red bulls number one customer?

  38. @j: Do I sleep? Hardly lol Between writing scripts, following up with editors, directing, producing, casting, training my actresses, teaching fight choreography, location scouting, final edits, website updates, communicating on the boards, holding and attending production meetings, conducting business meetings, concepting, and then doing this process all over multiple times with multiple types of projects, sleep definitely ends up being last on the list. I stay away from the Red Bulls and whatnot– so it’s all naturally-learned ability to operate on little-to-no sleep 😉 And no worries about the comment– actually it IS unfortunate when you work with an actress and her personality/attitude conflicts with the other on set causing you to need to retire her character or replace her. It’s tedious and I prefer not to do it: a) because I like to work with the same people over and over and b) because the fans need someone to consistently follow. I have a custom order to finalize and deliver today then I will work on getting “The Demon Within” launched for you guys!! (plus I have a few actors and actresses coming over for training in about a half hour)

    @Andrew C.: Love the initiative to be involved!! I do want to remind everyone that on these Community Custom projects, I won’t be considering anyone’s input directly for them unless they contribute. Essentially, these are custom orders and those who are paying a little more to have this custom made get all the input and say into everything. I received an email with another comment that, because of the amount of external links, I can only assume is waiting to be approved through moderation– I’ll comment on it now (it will make more sense to everyone once that post is approved and up). When it comes down to costume, there will be varying ideas– but that’s the beauty of it! Taking multiple opinions and melting it into one. If the opinions are COMPLETELY different, who says I can’t have 2 costumes? As for the cost aspect, I don’t want to get into this topic, but I will say this: This video won’t be made unless it’s funded. It’s Cayla’s idea– each actress has their own desire to do a custom and after Cayla, we will bring on the next– but ONLY if the 1st one works out. The $2,500 mark? I chose that because it pays for part of the costume to be made, a location, the editor, and my actress to work– if this were a true custom and I wasn’t incorporating it into our storyline (which I’m not), then I would have said $20,000– because that is a realistic number for us to create this project. Are our costs higher? Yes. We work under SAG ruling– paying our actors is a set cost to us– both male and female– and not governed by us. As for your comment about VFX (Visual Effects), that cost doesn’t sway our budget too much– not enough that not having them would make things cheaper. I have a set contract with my editors which includes post-production from hand-off to delivery and that includes video editing, audio syncing, SFX, VFX, music composition, audio work, color grading and correction, mixing, etc. Having a character like Black Widow would actually cost us more because of wire work and the amount of time spent on set regardless of needing wire work– just having those movements down to make her ‘superhuman’. Can you make these films for less money? Sure. If I wasn’t a Hollywood-based SAG-signatory production company. If I did everything non-union, paid what I wanted, paid A LOT less for locations outside of LA, and edited everything myself– but then I’d be spending more time editing than filming and that’s not my goal. We filmed over 70 episodes of “Heroine Legends” in the last 10 months– and I will continue to push forward with that while constantly increasing our production value. Why? Because though we are a smaller company now, I plan on being a much larger company before 2014 and if our fans would like to see it, I’d like to take “Heroine Legends” and other projects similar to it to the big screen– a project and company who started in this genre from the ground up with fan involvement. Anyway, back to the initial comment: the costume. Again, suggestions will only be considered from those who contribute and weighted on the amount they pay for. That’s what’s fair. 😉


  39. @Logan – do you have an e – mail address I can contact you directly on?

    Many thanks!

  40. elnovo

    wow that trailer.. awsome laser effects…!!! shut up and take my money now…!!!!..
    Nice to see a clasic superman scene with vega pulling open her shirt … i hope to see more like this

  41. Mike A

    I saw an OTS scene in the Path of Darkness trailer. Is she ko’d there? And if so, how?

  42. @elnovo: I’m working my best to get this to you!! We will continue to do more like this with stories and peril buildup :)

    @Mike A: in “Path to Darkness”, Allura is Chloro’d and Halo is choked out. Then Vega is also KO’d by Hyperyite overload 😉


  43. Mike A

    i apologize, i meant the demon within lol what causes the ots carry in the trailer?

  44. @Mike A: well alright then lol Vega’s friend Charlene is choked out and carried off and Vega is chloro’d but not carried off…


  45. Maar13

    That all sounds great! Is Vega KOed more than once in TDW? If so, how? Same question about Allura in TPOD.

    Can’t wait to get them all!


  46. Maar13

    @Logan: About my last question, if it reveals too much of the plot you don’t need to answer it, I have enough info as it is :)

  47. @Maar13: This film actually sets up for “Path to Darkness” even though this film concentrates on Vega, and that one on Allura. She is only KO’d in the 1st part– once. In the 2nd, she is weak, and in the 3rd, it’s about her rage beginning. For “PtD”, 3 different Heroines and one Villainess are KO’d via a choke, a chloro, and 2 via Hyperyite overload… After these stories are told, we’ll have even MORE torture in each one– we have to set up the story (we didn’t forget the action though) 😉


  48. Maar13


    And Logan, I know this is not the forum for this but I was browsing your other website and I have to say I loved the Short for “Payday”, it was really cool.

  49. @Maar13: Thanks! We filmed that quite a while ago, but I had the chance to actually fight a little bit in it– we are working on getting our Heroines to that level of fight choreography and better! :)


  50. @Maar13: By the way, if you have some extra time, check out “Last Man Standing”– it’s 27 minutes, but I like it and it features Michael who plays Fusion in “Heroine Legends” and Kristina who plays “Thorne”. You may recognize Tom from “The Academy” and James from “Episode 1.7″. 😉


  51. Maar13


    Absolutely! Will check it out as soon as I get home tonight.


  52. Hey guys,

    Another topic while I wait for these files to render out:

    What other existing Superheroines would you like to see us create a “Heroine Legends” version of? (for example, you asked for Supergirl and we created Vega– when I started this series, people were asking for Elektra so I created Thorne)

    I’m interested to hear your thoughts on this as we push forward with the series and custom opportunities!!


  53. Maar13

    Wonder woman, but the warrior version. I do,kt know if you have seen pics of her lately but would be like the DC Universe online or Injustice. Will provide pics later.

    The weaknesses would be pretty human but the strenght and fightoing ability would be supernatural.

    There are a lot of Marvel heroines I can think about, will try to elaborate in a few mins when I can reach my home pc.

  54. Maar13

    Rogue from X men and From Birds of Prey: The Huntress but more like the TV series character (Birds of prey TV series)

  55. elnovo

    Wonder woman, power girl and not a bad idea a female version of “the greatest american hero tv show”

  56. Thanks for all the suggestions, guys! I wasn’t too far off– I was just seeing if there was some random character out there I missed…

    TDW update: I just finished all of the touch-ups I needed to do with the film and it’s now exporting for the next 30 minutes. Then, I need to convert it (20 minutes), upload it (3-4 hours), put it in the billing system (10 minutes), and update the site / send out VIP emails (20 minutes)… THEN I’ll post up on here and let you guys know it’s available!! Soooooo, yeah– home stretch– almost there!!


  57. Also, “The Demon Within” [1] is 27 min, 44 sec– for those who asked me :)

    I can’t wait for “TDW” [2] & [3]!!!!!


  58. While we wait:

    I know a lot of you guys follow other producers for various reason, which is great! What I’d like to know is: who else do you follow and why? I’d like to be able to learn from other producers as well as my fans because, well, I won’t know unless I ask! 😉

    (You can even mention us if you enjoy following “Heroine Legends”!)


  59. Maar13


    I follow Next Global Crisis a lot, the story line is cool and while is not always the same, the elements they have really cool. They manage to get good actresses, very hot of course, have peril but usually get the upper hand in the end which is very important to me and the storyline makes sense in my eyes.

    I used to follow The Battle For Earth a lot for the same reasons, I recognized you from there and really liked the way you portrayed your characters over there.

    I follow Ring Divas, which is cool for another topic, the wrestling and storylines are cool, plus the models are really hot, especially Destiny Dumon.

    And slowly but surely you guys because your production values are great, the acting is cool, the fighting at least from the camera view is always cool, your actresses are hot and well, I like a lot that you interact so much with the fans, that is always cool in my eyes.

  60. Maar13

    @Logan: By the way, I just watched Last Man Standing and Hell it was intense! Really liked it.

    You could feel the desperation from the guy at the beginning, and the end absolutely kicked ass! Really nice job.

  61. @Maar13: Thanks for all the feedback– I haven’t followed NGC very closely– I’ve seen few episodes– they seem a bit more comic-book based than us… we tend to venture over into a fantasy world of our own a lot– probably because I like so many different genres and tastes that it sort of carries over… anyway, we’re glad you enjoyed “Last Man Standing”– we are about to submit that to a film festival– really excited for that!!

    Sooooooooo TDW is taking A LOT longer than it should have– and I FINALLY figured out why. After a software/OS update on my Mac, it reverted a setting to ‘put hard drives to sleep’ after a while– which sucks because it stops everything I’m doing unless I manually boot them back up. Anyway, I changed that setting back and now we have about 14 minutes left on the export. A few hours for the upload then launch– I won’t be going to sleep until we are launched so it’s GOING TO HAPPEN!!!!!!!! lol


  62. Hey guys,

    TDW is almost up!!

    We here at “Heroine Legends” are VERY optimistic about the “Community Customs” concept– it’s a win-win for everyone involved! We are so confident with this concept that another one of my actresses has gotten in line for her custom!

    Kristin, who plays Celestia (soon to be renamed), has submitted 3 photos of her in a Gold Leotard– an idea for a new costume to get you guys thinking more about what HER custom will be like! Cayla is still awaiting the complete funding for hers and the sooner that happens, the sooner we will jump into Kristin’s campaign!!!

    Here are the photos of Kristin in the Gold Leotard– a basis for a possible new costume concept? Take a look and let me hear your thoughts!!!


  63. Maar13

    Looks pretty cool, I think maybe you will need a few more accessories to make it look like a super hero custom or maybe just the black boots and a nice belt.

    Is she going to wear a mask still? Maybe that would work.

  64. @Maar13: It will definitely NOT look like that for a final– she just sent the photos to show a different type of costume and color she could be in– it’s just the foundation. Since these customs don’t have to follow our storyline, it makes it a lot cooler– they are “Alternate Reality” films– characters that can be anything! :)


  65. Maar13

    I know, but gold looks good on her, I know you will tweak it.

    And that is really cool, the characters can be anything, just like alternate reality, I know it is different but kind of the Alternate universe at DC comics.

  66. Sorry guys, looks like I was off on the timing today… it’s another 4 hours for uploading so I will launch “The Demon Within” tomorrow– but at least I know it’s launching TOMORROW!!! :)

    I will also be creating a new “Ground Zero” trailer for the whole package of 3 films in one ASAP– a better one that better shows what is in the episode! :)

    Anyway, til tomorrow….

    We are working on the website too and are willing to take suggestions if you think we can improve in any way… we just cleaned up this page and updated all of our characters’ photos: – we will work on individual pages soon!!


  67. Darklord

    I’ve never purchased your videos so take my opinion with a grain of salt.

    One reason I have never purchased bc altho the models, costumes and production values appear top notch, for that kind of money I need more peril than just fighting. Most of the action appears to be fighting, which looks great, but for me I also want some “sexual” peril. I’m not talking about actual sex, but groping, bondage, torture, etc.

    I also think the heroines legend world is a lil overwhelming for lack of a better word. From the reviews it would seem you’d benefit from stream lining the story. I like a story but I also want to be able to haphazardly buy one out of every five videos and still know what’s going on. Perhaps each episode does stand on it’s own but i haven’t been given that impression.

    Vega Thorne and others are so unbelievably hot that I’m tempted to jump in. But like I said for me I like a little more “hard core” type of peril. It’s also why I don’t tend to buy many NGC vids. It’s just a karate fight.

  68. @Darklord: This is where each producer and his/her actors need to know where the line between a normal acting gig and a fetish gig is. With our production, and from my understanding also NGC, our intention is to stay mainstream and PG-13– with that comes the boundaries of ‘what would you see on TV and in the movies’ and ‘what goes beyond that’. Sometimes those lines are very grey and we don’t mind being in the grey area. We will continue to produce Superheroine films– perhaps you will see something you will like in the near future as we push forward with more and more films!!


  69. Just finished downloading it in time to watch it before I have to run off but wanted to quickly take time to comment. Really enjoyed it, last fight was my favorite. I Looove Vega, she is Awesome…..obviously very attractive, loved her acting and fighting.
    Full points to Logan for finding Talia.
    I enjoyed the fight choreography, I thought that bend back dodge Vega did in the final fight looked really really cool.
    Special effects and story were great.
    Im in a rush and suck at writing in general so will shut up and leave it to the pros on this site.
    All thats left now is to start bugging Logan about part 2 haha.

  70. Andrew C.

    @Logan, I have 4 requests to Cayla’s movie. They are very easy! What If I take the $ 75.00 contribution? Can I get all four ? Yes, I want to contribute! I’m Just checking my options.Thank you again!

  71. @j: So glad you liked it! This was a concept I came up with immediately after thinking about having a Supergirl concept :) By the way, the discussion on this video will continue here:

    @Andrew C.: Feel free to email me the 4 ideas to – the people who contribute more have more say in the custom so I can’t necessarily guarantee all 4, however we can talk about them!!! Group Customs are all about similarities and compromises, all while attempting to create a great video!!!!


  72. Andrew C.

    Come on, guys! Don’t give up!!!! We’re almost there!!!!!!

  73. @Maar13 & @Andrew C.: Yep!! We’re so close to getting this funded! Just need a little boost to push it forward and get it all together so we can put out this custom!!!!!!


  74. Hey Logan – several of your upcoming episodes look very appealing to me. Can you tell us when they will be available?

  75. @Bert: We are actually filming the whole season right now, a few Agent Files films, and a few customs from the Community Customs idea– this is going to put us through March with releases. I don’t have a set schedule of releases right now– the only thing I know for certain is that Season 2, Episode 2: ‘Nightmare’ launches next in a few days which features Vega. We will try and post the releases in order of next release on our website on the right column as best we can! :)


  76. So, what about this video??? It’s gonna happen or not? I’m in!

  77. @John: We finally reached the threshold to be able to film it– now it’s a matter of length… our target goal gives us the length and quality of costumes and props we want to make it as awesome as possible– at this point, we can film something from what we have so YES, it’s happening!!!


  78. visitor88

    I see that the indiegogo site has hit the $2,500 goal. Congratulations. Have fun making the new film.