Superheroine in Grave Danger Vol.45 SUPERLADY Alisa

[Adults only] Giga has released a new video which is sure to please Supergirl fans who crave all manner of peril. Chika Arimura (star of previous Giga Supergirl-based adventures like Superlady II and others), acts out various peril scenarios, including a beat-down in a wet, slimy mud-pit.

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  1. For some reason she doesn’t look as good as she did a year ago.

  2. Mud is fine if you are a Commando member in a combat mission for ambush attack. But for superheroine, I don’t get it….
    I will pass this one…

  3. The mud is a reference to Superman Returns, when Superman gets beaten and muddied after being weakened on an island made of kryptonite. Before that moment, he was a majestic figure impervious to harm and the filth that plagues mortal men. To see such a godlike being covered in filth illustrates how far they have fallen into degradation and humiliation, which this video is trying to emulate in Super Lady.

  4. Descartes

    This film is fantastic. The peril, the taunting, the humiliation of the heroine — it’s all terrific. Highly recommended. Especially the cutaways to her plucky schoolgirl friend being forced to watch her shaming.

    Also, I found the mud beatdown really hot for some reason.

  5. Mud beatdown is a homage to the original Supergirl movie.
    Supergirl gets trapped in the Phantom Zone and falls helpless in a slime pit. In a matter of seconds she goes from a proud confidant heroine to a soiled crying mess. I wish there were more movies like this, it’s just my thing.