“Wonder Dame vs. The Wolf” from Superheroine World

"Wonder Dame vs. The Wolf" from Superheroine World[Adults only] Check out the trailer, synopsis, and tons of pics from the new Superheroine World video, Wonder Dame vs. The Wolf, featuring Christie Stevens, Jessica Ryan, Paris Kennedy and the always-dastardly Wolf Hudson!

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Superheroine World Issue 28: “Wonder Dame vs. The Wolf!”

Starring Christie Stevens, Wolf Hudson, Jessica Ryan, and Paris Kennedy!

Christie is a reporter whose editor in chief, Jessica, is very pleased with all the exclusive interviews she’s been getting with the famous superheroine, Wonder Dame. Little does Jessica know that Christie IS Wonder Dame herself! And so when the evil villain known as The Wolf kidnaps Jessica, thinking she has the inside scoop on Wonder Dame, Christie transforms and rushes to her rescue!

The Wolf pumps Jessica for information–figuratively and literally–smacking her around and ravishing her, and finally using his special mind control powers on her. He is then joined by Scarlet Gunns, and the two of them gang up on the helpless Jessica and humiliate her sexually!

Finally Wonder Dame locates The Wolf’s hideout, and the battle is on! Wonder Dame seems to be winning the day, even after suffering a beatdown at the hands of the Wolf, when a cinder block crashed over her back turns the tide! Soon Wonder Dame is totally helpless, ravished, stripped, and subject to The Wolf’s mind control!

Now totally under The Wolf’s powers, both Wonder Dame and Jessica are forced to perform humiliating acts–expose their bodies, masturbate, allow themselves to be spanked…The Wolf even makes them get down on all fours and bark like dogs! Some fondling and nipple torture and then it’s time to remove Wonder Dame’s mask and expose her true identity!! Can Wonder Dame possibly live this humiliation down?!

30 minutes, MP4 format, only $24.95!

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I really liked the block over the back, and Scarlet Gunn’s heels forcing Christie down while The Wolf fucks her. Great moment.

I would really enjoy a sequel to this featuring only Scarlet Gunn and Christie or Angela though, with Scarlet really punishing one of the two with Block after Block smashed over their back until the super heroine can’t get up anymore.

I don’t totally get Scarlet Gunn or where she comes from though – I think it would be cool to have a couple of episodes with a villain like her who appears on the scene just like a superheroine would, but as a twist she helps defeat the good girl instead.

I also enjoy that this episode has an old school film noir feeling to it.


I think he said something like early october in previous post about XCRumle

Super Jim
Super Jim

Hey Alex, what’s the name of the instrumental used for the trailer?


Looks great. I will certainly purchase it.


is there a timetable for XCR alex, when can we expect te episode or maybe some previews?


Wow! I bought this video last night, and I already am anxious to see part two! This video was just awesome, due to how different it is from other heroine vids. The whole 1940’s vibe was just fun to watch, and I loved Wolf’s and Paris’ accents that sound like they came from a James Cagney movie.
Everyone was exceptional in this, but my eyes were drawn to Jessica Ryan. I would love to see her as a heroine in one of your movies soon. I’m now really excited for the XCW Rumble, and I also hope we see Ashely get attacked in the locker room soon, maybe even get jumped by the evil ref as well.
You and your crew always put out top notch stuff, and I am always looking forward to what you have in store for your loyal audience next!


Haha, I love the idea of a newsreporter-superheroine being forced to reveal her identity to her employer after they’ve both been roughed up and violated. That extra indignity is hot as fuck.



Fantastic to hear. I’m looking forward to some more intense superheroine stories from you guys, as in terms of quality, you are absolutely one of the best in the superheroine genre.

Mike J
Mike J

I must have every SHW video and I don’t think I’d classify any as dark lol. There may be a different ratio of physical beating peril to sexual peril but dark they are not. Even in Black Falcon I seem to recall the villain doing his best Michael Jackson move before changing outfits or screaming like a schoolgirl when sprayed in the face lol.

That’s one of the reason I buy SHW vids, for the variety it adds to my collection. Fun videos as opposed to serious beatdown videos.

I liked this one. Christie is awesome, I’ve liked all the videos she’s been in so far. The cinder block scene was well done and sold well on all accounts.

Alex if you do make a physical beatdown heavy video, please let it be Christie or Kylie on the receiving end. I would say Paris but I have her last Punished Heroines video.

Also any more power guardian, mega power guardian, Lightning Star videos coming. While speaking of that, as much as I love Nicole Oring as a dominating villain I wouldn’t be opposed to her getting her comeuppance, or taking a heroine role in a video 🙂


I LOOOOVE the black hose and high heels they wear in this vid! Can you make a heroine that wears this full-time??

Alex Bettinger

@Chris: We all do!

@Ranger87: I hear ya, fear not, I’ll be producing some darker, more fight-heavy and violence-heavy movies in the coming months. It just seemed that everyone else was busy making these violent, fight-heavy videos, so I thought we’d keep things light and more sexual for a while as a contrast (a tactic which seems to have paid off in terms of sales). Plus, the heat here really has been annoying and makes shooting long fight scene very unpleasant, so I’m waiting for the weather to settle down. But now that it’s starting to cool down again, you can expect some long back and forth fights from me–and the X Club Rumble too!



I’m a long time follower of your stuff, especially on the superheroine side. But I gotta say, I miss the darker tones…stuff along the lines of the Black Falcon vids, or Empire Girl. I know wrestling videos are your primary product now, but I personally hope we get more videos reminiscent of the videos from that era.


I want to make Christie Stevens my wifey.

Yes No