Christina Carter in “Wonder Woman, The Bunker”

Christina Carter in Wonder Woman, The Bunker[Adults only] Here’s a couple of images for a new video starring Christina Carter as Wonder Woman, though this particular costume looks quite different from the norm. Apparently, this is Wonder Woman’s special diving suit, which she’ll need to visit an evil underwater bunker.

Christina Carter in Wonder Woman, The BunkerChristina Carter in Wonder Woman, The BunkerChristina Carter in Wonder Woman, The Bunker

Wonder Woman, The Bunker

Wonder Woman, Christina Carter is lured to an underwater bunker. She is wearing her special diving suit for the mission. Upon entering the bunker Wonder Woman is confronted by a familiar voice, “The Baroness” who has once again set out to destroy her super heroine nemesis.

The trap is a super sonic wave device that delivers both eminence pleasure or pain to the recipient. The Baroness uses her device to toy with Wonder Woman ultimately bringing her to her knees and the brink of defeat. This clip was produced as a custom video and contains no nudity, it does feature the classic nylon diving suit, self groping, masturbation and pleasure and pain submission.

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Christina Carter

I’m with you on the look of the diving suit… I do feel like a giant red white and blue sperm…lol. However, some guys love this diving suit…therefore I must do it every once and a while for them. And believe it or not, some guys don’t want the nudity… I know, I know…I don’t get it either.
There will be many great SH vids coming out soon…in fact, I will have a new release this weekend.


I hope we someday see Christina Carter Superheroine videos with “Squirting” like with “Deauxma” & “iona Grace” & “Felony” (because they are Squirters) and also Strap-on Gangbangs.


I’ve all ways suspected that the reason they had the blue diving suit in the original series, was that they were afraid that Lyda Carter would have popped out of her suit if she tried to swim in it. 😀


I personally never understood why this stupid diving suit has such a fan following. I like Wonder Woman because she wears a small revealing outfit. I like Christina Carter because she looks great almost popping out of that small revealing outfit.

This wet suit has her completely covered up. Erasing all hope of a nipslip in an otherwise nudless film. In short, I’ve seen muslim women in burkas showing more skin. So I don’t know who likes this but please stop.


FYI, that diving suit looks like a pretty faithful rendition of the original diving suit from the Wonder Woman tv show with Lynda Carter.


I’m still waiting for that new one that Christina was talking about.

Surprise to say, that I don’t think that I’m into this Christina Carter Wonder Woman video.

I guess with no F/F and/or nudity I couldn’t be interest. Nah, I think what it actually is, is that is doesn’t look like a real peril like the other Sci-Fi Christina Carter videos, or something like that.

But this is a custom, so I guess it makes sense that it doesn’t have the substance that I like in Christina Carter Superheroine videos.

But I would like to see that suit get used in an F/F Wonder Woman video someday again, like outside of