“Comic Strips” Releases New Video – “Frost Queen”

"Comic Strips" Releases New Video - "Frost Queen"The relatively new superheroine site Comic Strips (comicbookstrips.com) has released its third video, Frost Queen.  This site is fairly new, and I haven’t seen any of their videos, but I thought this might interest those of you looking for something new.  Here are a few images from the video and a trailer:

"Comic Strips" Releases New Video - "Frost Queen""Comic Strips" Releases New Video - "Frost Queen""Comic Strips" Releases New Video - "Frost Queen"

"Comic Strips" Releases New Video - "Frost Queen""Comic Strips" Releases New Video - "Frost Queen""Comic Strips" Releases New Video - "Frost Queen"Check out the trailer here.

Visit ComicBookStrips.com for more info



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I wanted to stick up for this producer because I found their videos quite good and I’d love to see regular reviews of their material here on Heroine Movies. I’ve purchased several of their videos and am pleased with all of them

“Frost Queen” was a good endeavor regarding an ongoing light plot. Although the producer advertises and features pole dancing/stripping, this is not the main feature of the video. In short, it appears that superheroines are working at a strip club hoping to nab a villain who has been “collecting” superheroines. Frost Queen is the next victim. She dances for roughly six minutes and then is unceremoniously attacked in her dressing room by the villain who has the means of rendering his prey powerless. Emma doesn’t stand a chance. She’s bound, beaten, stripped and eventually left unconscious in the villain’s bedroom. The villain keeps her mask as a trophy.

I enjoyed this video because it featured my favorite fetishes, bondage and knock-outs. The actress portraying Emma Frost is voluptuous and engaging although a bit lacking in selling herself early in the video as a superheroine. She does well as a bound victim, however. The whole video is shot from POV, but not all this producer’s videos are done this way. Some have scoffed at this filming technique, but I think it works here because the villain is supposed to be mysterious and unknown.


I ordered this one for a few reasons – I’m a big Emma Frost fan and curiosity. It is hard to give it a review based on being a heroine move, because it is and it isn’t, it’s basically a superhero jerk off video, so if you look at it as that then it was pretty good. Girl was very hot with really nice breasts, my only complaints about her is that she begged a little too much for my liking and she wore a mask. I also wish there was more sexual content in it. I didn’t understand the full story, but it seemed like it was an ongoing thing. I thought it was hot and definitely gave me a little fix on my Emma Frost fantasy, so I am glad I decided to download it. Also the Phoenix bit at the end was cool.




From the looks of it, it’s strippers in superheroine costumes. No storylines or anything.