Presents “Knight Woman” Presents "Knight Woman"I just learned about a brand new web site called Comic Strips which has recently released Knight Woman, the company’s first video.  I haven’t seen the video yet, but I thought I would post the trailer and see what you guys think about it.  There’s also a $5 off discount code you can enter when making your purchase (see below). Presents "Knight Woman" Presents "Knight Woman" Presents "Knight Woman" Presents "Knight Woman" Presents "Knight Woman" Presents "Knight Woman"

Visit for more info

(and enter the $5 discount code: 5727Q051)



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Comic Strips

We are VERY new, self admittedly. Before working with, I personally knew very little about this genre. We had an enormous amount of fun working on the three videos with our other site, so we wanted to take the resources we had and develop our own little side project. If you have any comments or suggestions on how to improve as we continue to grow, we would love to hear from the community. On a side note, we will be releasing a free video in a few weeks for people who want to see what we are all about, I will make sure to keep HM posted when it becomes available.


I’m all for new people entering the superheroine game, but this looks lackluster at best.