Complete Destruction of Sayuri and New Customs from Ring Divas

New Customs from RingDivas - April 2012Fans of wrestling destruction take note: RingDivas has just released three new custom videos for April, featuring the complete destruction of Sayuri, Destiny and Isabelle (played by Wonderful Girl herself, Hannah Perez). This batch of videos should delight fans of one-sided beatdowns. 

Complete Destruction of Empress Sayuri Vol.1 – Available here

New Customs from RingDivas - April 2012New Customs from RingDivas - April 2012New Customs from RingDivas - April 2012

New Customs from RingDivas - April 2012New Customs from RingDivas - April 2012New Customs from RingDivas - April 2012

Description: If you are a fan of Empress Sayuri you have been waiting for this day for a very, very long time. FINALLY!!! Empress Sayuri joins the ranks of many of RingDivas® Superstars as we debut for the FIRST TIME EVER!!! The COMPLETELY AND UTTER DESTRUCTION of “The Empress” Sayuri!!! We have never meant this anymore then today when we say if you are a fan of Empress Sayuri THIS TITLE IS A MUST HAVE!!! Don’t miss out and watch as “Sensational” Sam Sexton COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY DESTROY EMPRESS SAYURI THEN BOUNDS AND HUMILIATES HER!!! [AVAILABLE HERE]

Complete Destruction of Destiny Vol.2 – Available here

New Customs from RingDivas - April 2012New Customs from RingDivas - April 2012New Customs from RingDivas - April 2012

New Customs from RingDivas - April 2012New Customs from RingDivas - April 2012New Customs from RingDivas - April 2012

Description: Destiny Dumon may be on her way out due to retirement but that isn’t stopping Apocalypse members World Champion Cali Danger, Madison Sex-Kitten and “Sensational” Sam Sexton from humiliating her even more on her way out! Watch as the Apocalypse (Cali Danger, Madison Sex-Kitten and Sam Sexton) COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY DESTROY DESTINY DUMON!!!  [AVAILABLE HERE]

Complete Destruction of Isabelle Vol.1 – Available here

New Customs from RingDivas - April 2012New Customs from RingDivas - April 2012New Customs from RingDivas - April 2012

New Customs from RingDivas - April 2012New Customs from RingDivas - April 2012New Customs from RingDivas - April 2012

Description: Isabelle Fluentes (Hannah Perez) made an appearance earlier in the year and was unsuccessful in her bid to make the main roster but she has returned to give it another shot! Unfortunately for her there is a monster standing in front of her and she is very, very angry! Watch as the Japanese Fighting Monster Ultimate Gojirah COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY DESTROYS ISABELLE FLUENTES!!!  [AVAILABLE HERE]
  1. Maar13

    I just got the first two to be honest, but both are great.

    Seriously These girls looks great on HD and the two including the whole top of the company is awesome.

  2. Hope someone puts sayuri on the TROD again soon. It’s been too long. Maar?

  3. Maar13

    LOL…Yes….a little more than 4 years ago.

    Actually her last meeting with the TROD was on her second movie “Sayuri Blood Chronicles 2″ published on March of 2008.

    She actually was one of the first participants of the TROD match at Capital Punishment 2007 along with Alexa Lockhart.

    Even though she was part of it, she was never really attached to it so she has never being attached to it in a wrestling match or a custom. Glad she is back for it!

  4. Jacob

    As much as I love Destiny and Sayuri dropping $40 for videos that aren’t even twenty minutes long just seems seriously overpriced

  5. Maar13

    Well, these are customs, since they go to a more specific liking the cost more than normal, not to say not to say anything against what you said jacob because some people feel the same way.

    In my experience, they are worth it but in the end is up to you.

    Now this price is for customs, if you want just matches the range for their PPD matches is from 10 to 15 bucks and last PPD main event Included Sayuri, Destiny, Cali, Sam and Madison (outside) all in the same match.

  6. Steve

    I understand charging the person who requested the custom more to make it in the first place, but it doesn’t make any sense to charge everyone else more simply because the vids are a custom. I’m guessing the majority of their customers don’t see a real difference between their PPD matches and these custom matches.

  7. Darklord

    $40? What a joke. Videos look good but at that price give me a break. Hell with these guys haha

    Hannah Perez is hot. Loved her in the wonderful girl vid. More Hannah Perez! (just not at that insane price)

  8. Maar13

    Well for each his or her own, but like I have said, the prices for customs has always being like that.

    From what I have seen from different companies ad the quality of their videos, 40 for a custom is not really that much, and well is different from regular matches because it is the kind of situation you most likely won’t see with these girls, at least not with the main girls anyway in there monthly PPDs.

  9. overpriced

    Agree with most here, RD customs at $40 are not on par with the 2012 marketplace.
    You can get the same type of ‘custom’ video download for a lot less.

    There is nothing remarkable about these clips that can qualify the high price.

  10. Maar13

    So I guess you have got one already to make that judgment?

    Like I said, I see your point guys, but to really for some people they are worth the money and to say that there are customs for a lot less with the same content or production values is a little over the top.

    And like I said, I really don’t see the big deal about it, the prices have been the same since they started to offer them online like 6 years ago, the only increase was to main events and you can save that if you get the whole PPD.

  11. janvb

    would love to see proud “empress” sayuri to be turned into the ultimate loser, and suffer the humiliations fitting for losers, the torture rack, the leash, the dog walk… she makes the hottest loser, would love to see her face when she is introduced as “former empress”, or when one of her former preys takes her robe from her, forcing her to appear in a jobber outfit…

  12. I made the mistake of paying $40 for one of the customs. Never again. They are very tame and contain a lot of filler with little or no action.

  13. gabriel

    agree with lake. i purshased 2 times these customs and i deeply regreted

    there is no action in this company. the girls are hot but when the heels punish the jobbers they start to sleep

  14. Darklord

    I think most frustrating to me is the reason you give. If all your vids were $40 (regular and custom) bc you felt they were worth that then fine. I still wouldn’t like it but could respect that. After all it’s your site charge what you want.

    But your reason is senseless. So what it’s a custom? The customer paid a premium for good reason, he got to script a vid EXACTLY to how he wanted it. Why should others be charged a huge premium for someone else’s fantasy?

    Your other videos are normally priced, and yet presumably the production cost for a custom and a regular vid are the same. And in a custom you’re getting a big upfront payment so by charging more thats just greedy and rubs customers the wrong way.

    Look at damiens vids. He did customs for people with the lovely Ashley Rhodes and kept the price to about $1 per minute which is industry standard.

    But hey it’s your site you can charge what you want. But at least give a good reason. The one you provide makes no sense.

  15. SoapRanger

    I agree, $40 is too much. I’ve bought a few myself and regret to say I will never buy one again. Do you want to lose customers and a lot of bucks just to make an extra few when it costs you nothing extra for production? $40 for 18 minutes, with 5 minutes of the stupid introduction and useless crap is a little ridiculous, I’m sorry. I love Sayuri and seeing her in peril but clearly you just cost yourself more than one customer. If that is how prices have always been well maybe you’d turn a higher profit if you tried something new instead of stubbornly arguing with customers and rationalizing. Come on…

  16. Fan421

    I agree with the above posters: Why are someone else’s customs costing everyone else $40? They have already paid a decent sum for their video – why charge everyone else a high price? If these were $20, I would consider it, but $40 is driving a lot of customers away – just look at the few posts here.

    DTwrestling charges $25 for their videos and I feel like that extra $5 makes the videos not worth it. No more than a dollar per minute should be general rule.

  17. With respects to everyone’s opinion, I am not sure why we are discussing their pricing rule here, unless maybe HM owns RingDivas? Otherwise we can’t change anything here, best idea is simply not buying these stuff, I certainly don’t.

  18. @Ximi – I wish I owned RingDivas, but I don’t. And I certainly have nothing to do with their pricing decisions. For anyone upset about pricing or anything else, I would recommend contacting RingDivas, as they usually seem pretty open to feedback. To be honest, I don’t know if management over there ever reads this blog (or the comments), so contacting them directly might be a more effective way to voice your opinion. Here’s the RingDivas contact page:

  19. Maar13


    Well, truth be told I am just a fan, is not my site at all.

    For me is fine, because I have seen worse, I really don’t know what is the standard for minute of action is as you mention.

    Seems to me that a lot of people feel the same way so you can do what HM said, contact them and let them know about it.

  20. Maar13

    @SoapRanger: You know what? you have a point, while I am “arguing” with you, which was not my real intention at all, I am not helping them at all with the whole thing.

    Truth be told, I think if it were my site, it would have been very unprofessional of me to start an argument about my prices in a public forum, and in the end it seemed like it did more harm than good to a site I am a big fan of, so on that note, I apologize to everyone about the whole issue, it was not my intention at all.

  21. Chris

    Ring Divas has hot girls, good production, and nothing more. Its too bad they keep selling their vids at $40, because otherwise I might actually buy some as I think Cali Logan is one of the hottest actresses in the genre.

  22. bowler484

    I’ll agree $40 is way too high. You can get similar quality videos from and DT for about 1/2 the price.

  23. Fabio

    Damn Hannah Perez looks amazing. and she seems to be really into the action which makes me want to buy but like everyones said, its just too expensive. Ive bought two customs from ringdivas, one I was happy with, Destiny Dumon’s ultimate lowblows, I liked what i saw so I wasnt upste about spending 40$. But then when my stupid computer harddrive corrupted I lost all my vids. All producers I reached out to helped me out and allowed me to re download their movies after pulling up my account… except ringdivas. The first thing I saw was in big red letters IF YOU ARE ASKING ABOUT LOST DOWNLOADS PLEASE READ HERE. Then it went on to tell me dont even bother to ask for download links for they will not send me any. That really let me down especially since I paid so much for it and was actually a pretty big fan ringdivas. If We’re gonna pay so much for their videos at least they could provide us with links to our lost downloads right?

  24. Fabio

    Seems like everyone was chiming in with their thoughts so I decided to throw mine in.

    BTW @HM You worked with Hannah Perez once, Are you two working again any time soon? Id love to see her in more superheroine vids.

  25. @Fabio – I definitely plan to work with Hannah again! Hopefully a little later this year. She’s awesome, and I don’t see why she’s not utilized more (by RingDivas and everyone else).

  26. fabio

    Great news. I dont know why shes not utilized more either for heroine vids. Based on those pics above it looks like she’s really giving it her all to make a worthy and exciting video.

  27. The $40 price is way too much, customs or not. I have a gal friend that makes custom vids and her main charge is to the guy that makes the request and who she makes the vid for. After she has sent it to the requester, she makes it available on her site for $20 or less, depending on length.

  28. Maar13

    @Fabio and HM.

    Just a note about Hanna Perez, I don’t know how is she doing (hope she is fine) but I have seen here in other video sites like Sleeperkid’s or Velvet Fantasies (I think) and more recently on Nikel Dakota’s site.

  29. SoapRanger


    Sorry, I had no idea you were not a representative of the site. I’m a fan too but surely you’d like to pay less as a fan too.

  30. Maar13

    Yes, you have a point there, can’t really argue with that logic.

    My only point was I don’t consider it a unfair price.

    And I defended it way too much and it was counter productive, but it is just because I really love that site, so I am very biased to it and it showed :)