“Cruel Intentions” from The Battle for Earth

"Cruel Intentions" from The Battle for Earth"Cruel Intentions" from The Battle for Earth"Cruel Intentions" from The Battle for EarthHere comes the second episode in the “alternate realities” storyline from The Battle for Earth.  Like the previous episode, this one features lots of alternate scenarios and “what if” situations, giving us a glimpse at lots of different possibilities for the Superiorgirl character.  The episode presents everything from the the dark and serious opening episode, “Spawn-enstine,” to the more lighthearted “Girl’s Night In.”  So if you enjoyed the previous episode, you should like this one too.

"Cruel Intentions" from The Battle for Earth"Cruel Intentions" from The Battle for Earth"Cruel Intentions" from The Battle for Earth

Rather than summarize each mini-episode, I’ll give you the story summaries directly from Rye, the director of the Battle for Earth series:

(Spawn-enstine) Spawn has almost finished creating Nuclearman and Superiorgirl shows up to stop him! Just as he is about to bring life to his creature, he finds himself at the bottom of Superiorgirl’s boot! Superiorgirl laughs at Spawn’s threats but a large figure looms behind the young cocky Superheroine!

(Eye of the beast) Even the best of friends can lie to each other! Superiorgirl donates her DNA, but instead of being used to cure disease, it creates a super powered murderer! Superiorgirl finds Spawn dead at his studio and his own creation responsible!

(Against all Odds) Superiorgirl finds herself out numbered and out matched against both Radiance and Fusion! There is nothing she can do but become their personal super punching bag!

(The gift that keeps on giving) Wanting to play with their new toy, Fusion and Radiance drag Superiorgirl out to the desert with a giant chunk of Meteor rock chained to her prone body. Superiorgirl is played with, humiliated, and shown the meaning of pain at the hands of Fusion and Radiance!

(Together forever) In this reality we find Radiance and Superiorgirl as a mega team of girl power.. What they don’t know is Fusion is waiting for them with a green surprise!

(Once bad, you never go back) With no space fragments available, and Radiance joining forces with Superiorgirl, Spawn equips Fusion with powers of the mind! After trapping Superiorgirl in a force field, Radiance takes a beating and succumbs to Fusion’s power. She is then commanded to destroy Superiorgirl!

(The luckiest man alive) A spunky Linda Leedin is on her way home and noticed by 2 thugs, Spawn and Lester. She makes quick work of them but Lor’cal’s apprentice decides this is unfair and gives an unaware Spawn a green present!

(Girl’s night in) Linda and Carissa are relaxing at home, but not for long.. Carissa hears a noise and is carried unconscious back to the living room after leaving to investigate! Linda helps Carissa to her feet and they stand against Fusion!

"Cruel Intentions" from The Battle for Earth"Cruel Intentions" from The Battle for Earth"Cruel Intentions" from The Battle for Earth

While I’m sure everyone will have their own preferences, I really like how several episodes involved Superiorgirl being overpowered by two or more villains, and I especially enjoyed the “kryptonite necklace” sequence.  I’m amazed that no one (as far as I know) has attempted to replicate this famous situation from Superman: The Movie until now.  (Someone correct me if I’m wrong there…)

"Cruel Intentions" from The Battle for Earth"Cruel Intentions" from The Battle for Earth"Cruel Intentions" from The Battle for Earth

Aside from that, I think the acting is good in this video, and I like the model who plays Superiorgirl (the same actress from the previous episode).  I’m really enjoying this “alternate realities” series for the variety of situations it presents.  What do you think?

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  1. gundam20012005

    I just bought this episode and loved it. My favorite scenarios were the ones with SuperiorGirl and Radiance as allies taken out by The Kryptonite Chain and Mind Control. I’m a big fan of kryptonite scenes and the K-Chain was possibly my all time favorite.

    HM I actually think that the Kryptonite Chain scene from the Superman movie was used once in another vid i just thought of. Superheroine World’s “Starla: A Parody”, with Emily Addison as Supergirl, had a scene at the end where Luthor straps a Luminite chain to SGirl and puts her in a tub of Luminite to weaken her and knock her out. It was a very well done scene, but the peril in this vid was much better i think.

    Im curious to see if the Alternate Reality stories will continue past this episode (spoiler though, the very end might indicate otherwise, in fact it was this revelation that was my one nit pick of the entire episode. I was really looking forward to the last scenario only to be interrupted by what i hope is a cleverly placed To Be Continued, but I digress). Another win for Rye and TBFE.

  2. Thanks, gundam. I haven’t seen that video from Superheroine World, but I’m not surprised that the “kryptonite necklace” concept has been used before. I’m really liking the “alternate realities” series, and I hope it continues too. :)

  3. Rye and everyone else,
    I think I’m not alone here, and would love to hear others thoughts on this but the parts of the super heroine films, clips, and movies that are great (to me) are when the smaller, cute, and sexy super heroine can dominate a larger, visibly more muscular bad guy/villan. As a example I would use Superiorgirl vs. Nuclearman – Superiorgirl is half the size of Nuclearman – That is great. I just want to see her to be able to easily dominate him like 80% of the time not the other way around. Other than that, continue the great work, and thanks again to Rye and TBFE!!!