Free Short Film from Cult Retro + New Superheroine News

Here’s a double whammy from Cult Retro—a free short film called Damsel in the Dark: A Cautionary Tale (starring Cat LoCicero), and some information about an upcoming superheroine project starring Ms. LoCicero as The All New Scarlet Scorpion!

Damsel in the Dark: A Cautionary Tale starring Cat LoCicero


New Superheroine Film from Cult Retro

Free Short Film from Cult Retro + New Superheroine Film Announcement

Free Short Film from Cult Retro + New Superheroine Film Announcement

News from Cult Retro

Cat will soon be appearing in a new superheroine action series as The All New Scarlet Scorpion. We’ve already filmed her origin story and we expect to film the remaining scenes over the next few weeks.

The Scarlet Scorpion is another 70′s era Bill Black Paragon Publications creation in which MALE scientist Richard Trent acquires an alien suit that gives him astonishing powers (sort of like The Greatest American Hero, but without the ridiculous haircut).

What happens when the alien suit falls into the hands of a shy and meek young woman? Find out this fall when Cat LoCicero stars as our next superheroine sensation… the All New Scarlet Scorpion!

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Can I ask what is going to come out next from you guys? The finale of Stormy season 3, Scarlet Scorpion, Angel Avengers, or something else?


point taken! Lol very nicely done!


Great ending. 🙂

Jobber Lover
Jobber Lover

Okay, I didn’t see that coming.
Nicely done.