“Dark Betrayal” from UltraHeroix

Dark Betrayal from UltraHeroixDark Betrayal is the latest release from UltraHeroix, a company that I have always had a great affinity for. They don’t have the resources to include all the fancy bells and whistles that better funded producers are, but I never cease to be entertained by the videos they turn out.

This particular episode is all about combat with a lot of fetish material thrown in. The opening shot is the beautiful Crimson Cat tied up to a chair. She escapes and is quickly intercepted by Lady Ultra. Actually, Lady Ultra is know known as Dark Ultra after being mentally reconditioned in a previous episode.

Dark Betrayal from UltraHeroixDark Betrayal from UltraHeroixDark Betrayal from UltraHeroix

The physically superior Dark Ultra throws Crimson Cat around the room, eventually knocking her out. Crimson Cat gets some backup as Ghost Talon teleports in. However, as they try to exit, Dark Ultra shows up again.

Dark Betrayal from UltraHeroixDark Betrayal from UltraHeroixDark Betrayal from UltraHeroix

The rest of the film is a two-on-one battle and is almost entirely dominated by Dark Ultra. There are plenty of stomach punches, knockouts, a double throat-lift and some bondage. The heroines do their best to make a stand, but they are badly outmatched. Near the end of the episode, Dark Ultra stands victorious and there’s a pretty cool story moment that I don’t want to spoil, but the heroines execute a ruse that may give them a chance to fight back in a future episode.

Dark Betrayal from UltraHeroixDark Betrayal from UltraHeroixDark Betrayal from UltraHeroix

Once again, I just always like what UltraHeroix produces, and this films was no exception. The girls in this video are stunning. Two are African American and one is Asian American, and they are all enjoyable to watch. As always, UltraHeroix is at the forefront of diversity casting.

Dark Betrayal from UltraHeroixDark Betrayal from UltraHeroixDark Betrayal from UltraHeroix

Probably the only real weakness of the film is the fight choreography. It doesn’t measure up to the tight and intricately designed fight scenes produced by some of the big boys, but in the end it didn’t reduce my enjoyment of the film.

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Da Jinx

Hi Magnus,
Thanks for your feedback. We put the size of the files along with the length on the download page. This is the current format we are using. In the past we have tried to put in higher def files but I got more complaints in that the files were too big or wasn’t compatible with customer’s computers so we decided to Make the file as accessible to as many customers as possible while keeping the best picture possible in a size and format for most if not all our viewers will be able to see.

We will be trying a higher def format in the next video so we will see how it works base on fan response. So far, your concern is the only one I received based on the current setup but I will always try to improve where we can.

Magnus Sleeper
Magnus Sleeper

I had previously purchased Swift Outrage. I enjoyed it with one major exception–the video itself was low res and highly compressed, being a mere 80 MB .mov file!!! That is so sub-par for vids nowadays. Is this latest release any different?

It seems a shame that so much effort and care obviously went into filming it (Swift Outrage), which is kinda ruined by releasing in a format that might have passed muster 10 years ago.

Like I said, I would be happy to highly recommend and make another purchase…if the video format is more in line with today’s standards.


I dont have quicktime so cant view the trailer. Also alot of the trailers dont have dialogue.

Da Jinx

Thanks for the great review sidekick! I hope everyone else enjoys it too. I also want to give special praise to the actress that took over the lady ultra/dark ultra role. She did an awesome job and totally embraced the role. The original actress moved on focus on her modeling career and we wish her the best.

We are planning a great finale for the Dark Ultra saga and on a side note we just finished filming 2/3 of an oncoming Swiftgirl story that will knock your socks off, more details on that coming soon.