Dark Embrace from UltraHeroix

Dark Embrace from UltraHeroixHM: Here’s a review of the new UltraHeroix video, Dark Embrace. Sidekick’s review is below, but I wanted to point out that the video contains ideas generated by YOU, the fans, here at Heroine Movies, so I think this video might be interesting to check it out to see how those ideas were implemented. (Plus, it looks like a fun video anyway.)

Sidekick: Lady Ultra flies to confront Dominitcia and we learn that the villainess is the leader of C.L.A.S.H, which stands for Criminal Legions Against Super Heroines. We also learn that Dominitcia is in charge of several villains that have appeared previously in the series. The first thing that caught my eye in this film was Lady Ultra. Boy, does she fill out her costume well. I imagine she always has, but I really took notice in this particular episode. She looks absolutely fantastic. Dominitcia looks terrific as well.

Dark Embrace from UltraHeroixDark Embrace from UltraHeroixDark Embrace from UltraHeroix

Lady Ultra searches for Dominitcia but gets hit out of nowhere by an energy blast. Lady Ultra is knocked unconscious, and the audience is treated to almost two full minutes of the camera scanning over her body. This two minutes includes several up-skirt shots. Lady Ultra eventually recovers, breaks free of her bonds, and is confronted face-to-face by Dominitcia.

It’s at this point where the producers at Ultraheroix went down a completely different path than anything they have shot previously. Almost all of their fights have been back and forth battles between heroine and villain. Not this time. Dominitcia completely dominates the action. She has a myriad of powers at her disposal and is superior to Lady Ultra in every way. When Lady Ultra does fight back, her attacks have almost no effect on her opponent.

Dark Embrace from UltraHeroixDark Embrace from UltraHeroixDark Embrace from UltraHeroix

Dominitcia knocks Lady Ultra out several times when she is interrupted by The Mauler, a henchman that appeared in a previous episode. Dominitcia orders her henchman to watch over Lady Ultra as she inspects the “equipment” that her minions have been working on. The Mauler must not be a very good listener because instead of watching over Lady Ultra, he picks her up in a bear hug, snaps her over his knee, and strangles her.

Dominitcia returns and is less than happy with her minion. She doesn’t want Lady Ultra dead, she wants her turned evil. Apparently the equipment that she was checking on is for that very purpose. Lady Ultra is able to escape in the confusion but is easily tracked down. Both Dominitcia and The Mauler beat on the heroine some more and tie her up. The “equipment” is a mask that brings out a persons dark side and places Lady Ultra firmly under Dominitcias control. At episodes end we get our first look at Dark Ultra. New name, new hairdo, and an entirely new direction for Ultraheroix as a company.

Dark Embrace from UltraHeroixDark Embrace from UltraHeroixDark Embrace from UltraHeroix

I thought this film was a quantum leap forward in storytelling for Ultraheroix. I enjoyed the company’s previous videos, but they lacked an overreaching plot. Now, they have introduced an incredibly powerful villain, revealed that an entire evil organization exists, and turned the world’s greatest heroine evil. Really intriguing stuff.

I thought the only drawback in this video was the less than stellar fight choreography, which surprised me. The choreography in the other videos they produced was generally fairly solid. In this film, however, there are several punches that obviously miss, and there really doesn’t seem to be much force behind the ones that actually look like they connect. This didn’t do anything to ruin my enjoyment of the film. I really liked it. I just think this is an area that they can improve upon.

One more thing, because I don’t want to forget the fetish crowd. In this video you get bearhugs, backbreakers, a throat lift, up-skirt shots, and plenty of strangulation scenes. One in particular that some of you may enjoy features the villain strangling the heroine with her own cape.

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Shameless plug here, but for more vids with black heroines try:

I purchased and loved this video btw… always a big fan of lady/dark ultra

Da Jinx

Yes there is one near the end of the video. Although you don’t get a view of Lady Ultra’s face, she does try to resist but is futile.



YES! I totally agree with you. There’s very few videos out there involving a black superheroine in peril. There’s actually four that I know of (Inferno from Dominated Heroines, one with a black superheroine in bondage that I’m not sure what company put out, League Of Amazing Women did one, and there’s one with Monica Foster as a Storm knock-off getting fucked silly.)

That is, beyond the video series we’re talking about here.

It’s very disappointing. Jada Fire, for example, would make for an awesome superheroine-in-peril, but it just hasn’t happened.


unmasking scene?

Da Jinx

Thanks for the great review sidekick and thanks to everyone for their support and great feedback. i am very grateful to the fans here for providing great ideas that we were able to put everything together into this story.

We will try to put the videos out more regularly but part of the challenge is working with everyone’s schedule and trying to come up with new creative stories. It’s still a lot of fun and that’s reason enough to do more.
Thanks again everyone!


@ Sidekick

thanks for that mate.


I wish UltraHeroix would put out more videos. They are like the ONLY site that has black superheroines gettin KOed.


Sorrry Perilforpussycats, I should have been more specific. Its actually Dark Ultra that lifts The Mauler.


Great review as usual HM, but could you kindly tell me who performs the throat lift ? the Mauler or the Villainess?.

Yes No