“Episode 2.7: Dark Future” from Heroine Legends

"Episode 2.7: Dark Future" from Heroine LegendsWell, I’m at an impasse here. I am a reviewer who has no idea how to explain everything that happens in the latest Heroine Legends release, Dark Future. Among other things, this episode deals with time travel, a boatload of new characters, and references to alternate dimensions.

Bottom line, I think I’m going to have to ask Logan for some help here. A lot happens story wise and not everything clicked with me because I’m not all that bright. And I’ve made the mistake before of attempting to deduce things, and it has always turned out badly, so I won’t risk that again. This episode constantly cuts around to different scenes, so I think the best way forward is to cover them one at a time.

"Episode 2.7: Dark Future" from Heroine Legends"Episode 2.7: Dark Future" from Heroine Legends"Episode 2.7: Dark Future" from Heroine Legends

Scene 1 – A confused Mystic, played by Hannah Flattery, is walking around a park with nothing but a towel on. On a side note, I recently wrote that Hannah is so attractive, her looks may bring about world peace, and I stick to that theory. She is confronted by a new character, Ziah (super-hot red-head), who is a hunter. Ziah tries to convince Mystic to come with her and promises to provide answers about who she is. Mystic doesn’t trust Ziah, so she punches her in the face. They have a fight that is relatively even until Evil Allura shows up out of nowhere. Allura attacks Ziah and lands a couple of knees to the stomach. Allura then offers Ziah the chance to leave but she refuses. Allura then calls on Decibel (super-hot mind-controlled minion) to finish the job.

"Episode 2.7: Dark Future" from Heroine Legends"Episode 2.7: Dark Future" from Heroine Legends"Episode 2.7: Dark Future" from Heroine Legends

Decibel and Ziah have a relatively even martial arts battle that includes several stomach punches. Ziah tries to get Decibel to realize she is being controlled but its all for not as Decibel simply disappears.

Meanwhile, Mystic changes into her costume and fights Allura. This fight is punch heavy, has some choke holds, a vicious low blow from Allura to Mystic and features more grunting than your typical women’s tennis match. Things end in a standstill, and Allura teleports away. Before this fight, a lot of background was given on both Allura and Mystic. I think I got most of it, but again my fear of misleading anyone or writing false information prevents me from being specific. Logan, if you wouldn’t mind jumping in here for a full explanation it would be appreciated.

"Episode 2.7: Dark Future" from Heroine Legends"Episode 2.7: Dark Future" from Heroine Legends"Episode 2.7: Dark Future" from Heroine Legends

Scene 2 – Do you remember a few episodes ago, Allura was mystically transported to the past? Its there we find her, magically pinned against a wall, unable to break loose. Enter another hunter named Moxley who is a perfect ten on the creep meter and he gets a little handsy with Allura and demasks here. The unwanted touching continues so Allura sings at Moxley. Yes, you read that right. Apparently, Allura can direct energies into someone by using her voice.

"Episode 2.7: Dark Future" from Heroine Legends"Episode 2.7: Dark Future" from Heroine Legends"Episode 2.7: Dark Future" from Heroine Legends

Under fear of Allura quite literally destroying his manhood with her singing, Moxley releases Allura. Then out of nowhere Dark Vega shows up and offers to pay Moxley to contain Allura, which he is more than happy to do. Allura is throat lifted, rammed into the wall, and hit with several stomach punches but she eventually takes control and knocks him to the ground. Moxley comes back and lands a low blow on Allura and knocks her out with a knee to the face.

"Episode 2.7: Dark Future" from Heroine Legends"Episode 2.7: Dark Future" from Heroine Legends"Episode 2.7: Dark Future" from Heroine Legends

Moxley holds Allura and Dark Vega wakes her up with a kiss. Somehow, the past version of Dark Vega knows that she dies in the future. How? I have no idea. Logan, help please. Actually, I take this as good news as there is now a chance Dark Vega won’t stay dead and I for one would be all for that as she has become on of my favorite characters.

"Episode 2.7: Dark Future" from Heroine Legends"Episode 2.7: Dark Future" from Heroine Legends"Episode 2.7: Dark Future" from Heroine Legends

Allura breaks free from Moxley’s grasp, knocks him out, and fights Dark Vega. This is a fight that Allura wins which surprised me as I thought Dark Vega was much more powerful than Allura. This is another martial arts heavy fight with both girls delivering stomach punches and ends when Allura lands a powerful low blow. However, Moxley is able to grab Allura from behind and hold her long enough for DV to power up her fist and deliver a devastating low blow that leaves Allura down and unconscious.

"Episode 2.7: Dark Future" from Heroine Legends"Episode 2.7: Dark Future" from Heroine Legends"Episode 2.7: Dark Future" from Heroine Legends

Scene 3 – A new character, Sapphire (super hot HL version of Psylocke) finds herself face to face with Valentine. This is another fight that surprised me as Valentine struggles mightily and he has been shown to be one of the, if not the most powerful character in the series so far. He eventually does come out victorious with a hard punch that knocks Sapphinre out. He then carries her away over his shoulder.

And that’s it. Again, if Logan can jump on the comments section and explain the deeper story moments in full, I would appreciate it. I just don’t want to give any misinformation.

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  1. Mike A

    I generally liked this one but I too was a tad confused. Like how is Evil Allura going after Mystic in this one after getting knocked out and likely captured at the end of Path to Darkness? I believe a simplification of the general plot would go a long way toward streamlining things. It seems its a tad over complicated.

    But the ko’s were well played here. I especially liked the end sequence with Sapphire.

  2. Hey guys,

    Don’t read too far into the plot line– it’s actually a lot easier and simpler than you’re thinking. In 2.4: ‘Exchange’, Evil Allura was sent into the past and replaced (in the present day) with the Heroine version of Allura. So the Evil version is in the past, the Heroine is now brought from the past into her future (present day).

    In this episode (set all in present day), Evil Allura has made her way back to current times (it is intentionally unexplained how she did this– in the episode, Ziah is confused). The Heroine version of Allura is ALSO in present day. So now there are 2 versions of Allura running around in current times.

    Dark Vega IS very strong. Sapphire is also very strong, and Allura is ridiculously strong.

    Also, ‘Path to Darkness’ happens on a different timeline than the Season episodes. Just as ‘The Demon Within’ happens before Season 2 begins.

    Mystic ends up in this dimension as a result of the ending of ‘The Demon Within’– like an alternate version of Vega from 10 universes away. Imagine an “Earth” in a far away galaxy.

    Let me know if I missed anything! 😉


  3. Mike A

    Ah i see now lol it is all clear.

    In other news: will there be photos of todays shoot coming tonight?

  4. Mike A

    Yikes. This movie looks mint. Tomorrow is the day I’ve anxiously awaited though: the filming of the Lady Wonder chloroform scene. Can’t wait!

  5. Steve S

    the frequent photo updates are a great marketing tool, now i cant wait for this!!

  6. @Mike A: I agree. :)

    @ShadowFax: I agree with this too! :)

    @Steve S: Honestly, I’m just really proud of this film so I like to show the progress– glad it’s not just me that’s excited for it!


  7. Maar13

    Liked the film mostly for two reasons and one that Logan actually says that just confirm a hutch I had not that long ago.

    The KOs are really cool but what makes it great is to find out that my favorite Heroine/villain is Super Freaking Strong! I mean, Even at some point she was able to put Dark Vega in Jeopardy and just from the looks of it tying this with what we saw in PTD and TDW and 2.4, Allura could be one if not the most powerful of the girls there, that for me is awesome….Now like we have commented before, Valentine is THE EVIL ONE of this Universe or at least that is what it seems, would love to see an Allura Vs Valentine fight….A real shown down.

    And while I know this is just a dream, this is kind of what I picture that fight ending: Allura is tired, beaten up. Valentine laughs, prepare a punch like he did with Sapphire and connects, which take Allura down.

    Valentine seems like he is going to add Allura to his collection when all of the sudden Allura turns her head towards him and shows a little smirk there, Valentine is confused and then Allura unleash Hell over him with punches, kicks and uses her power, Valentine ends up beaten so badly that for the first time, he runs away and Allura stands strong with a smile on her face.

    That would be really cool.


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    • Character Pages have been updated.
    • 2.7: ‘Dark Future’ is available to the general public now on our site.
    • HL Elite options such as the relocated (to the HL Elite page) Action Elements page has/have been updated.
    • Our Full Catalog is available now – one page with every release including it’s trailer and the option to buy– should be easier to scan through and see what we have!! – see it here:



  9. Hey guys,

    It was just brought to my attention that one of the HL ELITE Discount codes expired sooner than it was supposed to– the issue has been corrected for 2.7: ‘Dark Future’!! Thanks!!


  10. Got to agree with Steve S regarding the photo updates each day, great idea. With the latest batch is that a mind control collar I see on Lady Wonder ?

  11. @Logan : Cool :) Really looking forward to this film, and this fight between Allura and Lady Wonder in particular, a clash of the titans you might say. Love the photo of Allura standing over the prone Lady Wonder.

  12. mantower

    Well, the pics for the group custom are just mindblowingly good. Allura’s new costume is just incredible, she looks phenomenal! Can’t wait, and I mean I really really REALLY can’t wait!!

  13. Mike A

    WOW. Just….wow. This will be something special.

  14. James

    the screencaps look fantastic and i have to say i love the new wonder woman style. Really looking forward to this movie. Any chance for a list with the action elements included on the website for this particular movie? :)

  15. Maar13

    @James: There is a partial list om their website. Fans Corner->HL Elite and get into the Members section. If you don’t know the password suscribe to their mailing list and you will get it.

  16. Hi Logan,

    I love what you are doing with Cayla’s group custom. What’s the timing and plan for Kristin’s group custom? Will it be a double feature and if so what other female will be added to it?

  17. @Maar13: Thank you, sir!

    @SCSF: Our decision to add Lady Wonder to Cayla’s custom really allowed us to expand on 2 characters and add to the length of the movie and quality of the overall production– it also did NOT in any way detract from Cayla’s story. We would like to do this with Kristin’s Group Custom which will begin shortly after we film one Personal Custom that’s already in queue. We aren’t yet sure which character, but I am thinking about throwing up the options for Nightshadow, Aurora, Mirage, Mystic, & Sapphire– with Sapphire being the one I’m favoring the most along with Nightshadow (even though Nightshadow’s character is awesome and should have her own Group Custom). I’d like to hear everyone’s thoughts on this though. :)


  18. mantower

    Mystic any time for me, anything that contains her is pretty much a straight buy for me and if I can dictate what happens to her I will be in for a lot of money :)

  19. @Logan, My vote is for Sapphire, but they all sound great. I would like an Evil Celestia story arc, so I hope the bonus actress is a heroine. Sounds like all the scenes from the custom, plus extra Kristin scenes. That is a big win. For me, more Kristin is like more cowbells – always a good thing!

  20. James

    Thanks Maar13, of course Im long time VIP member but i didnt see it there before. :)

  21. Mike A

    Hey Logan, any chance you can update the action elements for Episode 8 this week before the VIP early release goes out?

  22. Maar13

    You are welcome.

    And my vote would be for either Mystic or the new Aurora, Truth be told I want to see the new Aurora debut since we will see Tempest on TTD.

  23. @SCSF: lol love it– more cowbell! A cameo from Christopher Walken would be epic.

    @Mike A: Already done. 😉

    @Maar13: I’m excited to get the new Aurora into the action as well… we have 2 days of filming left for Cayla’s Group Custom so we are going to put together the campaign for the additional Heroines and Villainesses today and see what everyone wants. Then, we shall go from there!!


  24. Mike A

    Ah nice nice. One more question: any chance of getting some behind the scenes footage from Fridays shoot? Maybe for HL Elite? Would love to see you going over the chloroform scene with the actress who plays Lady Wonder and maybe some footage of it. Probably wishful thinking, but a guy can dream :)

  25. @Mike A: We didn’t have an opportunity to get too much BtS for this film– I definitely had all hands helping out on this one. We do have some, but unfortunately not for the chloro scene. We do have a few stills though. The Behind-the-Scenes material will be available exclusively to HL Elite Members. All BtS will convert to the HL Elite page soon.

    On a different note, our next release – 2.8: ‘The Chase is Over’ ended up running a total of 35 minutes, 58 seconds. This 36 minute film will be $45.99 – HL Elite will get their normal 10% discount and those who purchase within the HL Elite Early Release Time Frame, will get it for $39.99. This film is packed with Action Elements which I updated on the site already along with new screen captures earlier today.

    Going forward, we will do our best to keep the film run times a little lower so the costs are also a little lower. HL Elite still ends up just above $1/minute – that’s my resolve for the cost argument. I’ve done my best to keep the films at a good rate while being able to recoup our costs to film the next one.

    The mini-series, now tentatively titled ‘Cast of Shadows’ will all occur in one place and the storyline is still being ironed out. We will be including forced ingestion, gassings, many Heroine vs Heroine fights, and a story arc where a panel of Immortal Spirits called ‘Protectors of the Aura’ test each of our characters to see their true worth.

    Expect 2.8: ‘The Chase is Over’ to be released to HL Elite Members on Tuesday!!


  26. Maar13

    Can’t wait for 2.8, glad to hear is coming soon.

    And I will keep them for when i’s time but I have a lot of questions about 2.9.

  27. Maar13

    @Logan: I know that with what you have now is more than enough but are there more kos that you are going to film on the next two days of the custom or would i be mostly fights?

    I am just curious, I am just excited how the film is going anyway.

  28. @Maar13: The final 2 days of filming are Evil Allura vs Nightshadow & Allura vs Arlanna (a character from Allura’s past). In the 1st fight, there are no KOs. They fight up to the point in which we already filmed, where Allura mind-controls Nightshadow. In the 2nd fight, it’s not really a KO– it’s a death 😉


  29. Maar13

    Wow….you know what? from the intensity I am really looking forward to those which I guess will be the turning point of the Allura character? The point of no return. Really excited about that.

  30. Kevlar

    @ Logan, this was a fantastic episode. The story line was a little confusing, but the girls were stunning. There were a good amount low blows spaced throughout the episode and some of the reactions were perfect, especially by “good” Allura!
    Hope to see Dark Vega and good Allura fighting more often, with both girls on the receiving end of some low blows!

  31. Mike A

    So Logan, is it totally confirmed that all June we will see the releases for Transition to Darkness? And is Lady Wonder in all three parts? If so, I assume the chloro scene happens in Part 3?

  32. Maar13

    That one looks great. Is it going to be like a tv series? will you focus on all of them as a team? of course with focus sometimes in one particular element or would it be more like individual missions?

  33. Maar13

    @Logan: I remember you said there was a gas ko with Allura. Are those the pictures where she is fighting Cerberus and then lying on the floor? If not and if you haven’t, could you please post some footage of it?


  34. @Maar13: The ‘Psygents’ project is going to be launched as a brand– around Fall, we are going to put up a Kickstarter campaign to see if anyone has interest in it (there will be TONS of details about it by then) – and we want to take this project BIG!! (Movies, TV, Video Games, Merchandise, etc) – As for the Group Custom, there is a gassing for Allura, but that will be filmed on Wednesday 😉



    Since we decided to add Lady Wonder into Cayla’s Group Custom and expand on the options in SO many ways in addition to all the contributor input, the film took off and became something really great!! We have one more Group Custom to film with Kristin and we want it to be even BIGGER and BETTER!!! We have some actresses who are new-comers, taking over roles, and a few returning to their roles!!

    To make this film HUGE, we are putting up the promised additional campaign for funding for additional characters, scenes, peril, etc– we have quite a bit listed for options (most options can be chosen for any of the characters). If you have an idea and it’s not listed, email me through our site and we can discuss whether or not we can fit it into the storyline and what contribution it would fall under!!!

    We love the input and we are looking forward to this next film as much as we did with Cayla’s Group Custom which is already going to be EPIC!!

    View and contribute HERE:



  36. Naruto

    @Logan, is the a bearhug and/or backbreaker in 2.8?

  37. @Naruto: There is most definitely a full nelson bear hug in 2.8: ‘The Chase is Over’. If you are an HL ELITE Member, head over to the HL ELITE page on our site, log in with the old VIP Program password, and check out the Action Elements page which features a full list of the peril and action bits included in this film! :)


  38. Naruto

    @Logan. Having trouble getting in. What was the old password. I never knew of a password

  39. Maar13

    @Logan: Thanks, look forward to pictures of Wednesday but I am really looking forward for the fights pics too, that is going to be awesome.

    As far as the new options for the Kristin’s custom, I think is great, will try to get something during the weekend to secure a slot there to.

  40. Well guys, that is a motion picture wrap on Day 9 of Cayla’s Group Custom: ‘Transition to Darkness’. We will be sending this film to post shortly.

    As a concern of others, we may hold off on filming Kristin’s Group Custom for another 30 days or so. We would like to fund it similarly to Cayla’s because, as you can see, the outcome is A LOT better! The film is more intricate, we took a lot more time with it, and we had the chance to include Lady Wonder in the film.

    With Kristin’s Group Custom, we have added options to the Campaign for other Heroines to be added to her storyline and elements of peril you can choose– we will extend that campaign out a little further for you guys!! This past film was so amazing that it just makes us want to make the next even bigger and better!!!

    To see screen captures from our last day of filming today, check them out here:


    And a big thanks for all the feedback from 2.8: ‘The Chase is Over’ which was really 2 and a half films in one release! 2.9: ‘Navigating the Darkness’ will be the next release– I got the cut back and just have to spend some hours on my own editing/finishing touches on it. I will have a trailer up for it soon!! **SPOLIER** You wanted to see someone take down Valentine– this upcoming film will be your chance!!



  41. Maar13

    lol…yes something was mentioned in 2.8, can’t wait to see it. The good thing about your heros and villains is that theynare pretty much even, Some are stronger or more powerful than others but some have weaknesses the others don’t.

  42. Paul

    Well my hat goes off to you for Cayla’s group custom Logan, that film(s) looks like it is going to be epic. Can’t wait to see the finished product :).

  43. SCSF

    Hi Logan, just so I understand how the extension of Kristin’s custom works, she will be in the extra scenes, but the scenes will include new elements and new heroines or villainesses? Or are you adding an unrelated set of scenes which do not include Kristin. Hope my understanding that we are waiting so you can add more scenes with Kristin is correct.

  44. SCSF

    The new scenes with Cayla look amazing. Hoping you are doing the same with Kristin! And that Cayla will lend her those thigh-high, shiny black boots to wear with her wet look bikini… 😉

  45. @SCSF: the additional funding is to include more Heroines and a broader, more epic story line. These additional options are not for Kristin though just as the Lady Wonder options were only to add that character to the film to make it bigger and better. Based on the new selected options, we will be able to determine who else will be a party of this story in addition to Celestia. :-)


  46. Amazing episode! Great reactions to low blows from Allura and Dark Vega.
    Please more (f/f) low blow with them!