Double Trouble Wrestling’s “Masked Massacre”

Occasionally, the genres of women’s fantasy wrestling and superheroines overlap, resulting in heroine films with wrestling, and wrestling films with superheroines.  DT Wrestling’s “Masked Massacre” falls under the latter category, as the wrestling company pits superheroine Alexis Angel against the evil villain Kristi.

As a fantasy wrestling match, “Masked Massacre” may appeal to certain fans, but as a heroine movie, it’s terrible.

The movie begins with the quite attractive and sexy Alexis Angel wearing some kind of strange contraption on her back.  It’s like a cross between a parachute harness and dentist’s chair.  I have no idea what this is supposed to mean, but I think the producers (for whatever reason) decided to introduce elements of “torture porn” into this movie.  This contraption is almost like something out of the Saw films.  (And there’s a lot of other Saw-like stuff later in the video.)  Since I hate the Saw films, we’re off to a bad start here.  Nevertheless, that’s how the movie opens.

Alexis has this…thing… on her, with her hands tied behind her, and the villain, played by Kristi, walks up and starts punching Alexis in the stomach.  Alexis’ reactions aren’t very good.  In addition to that, she’s already shrieking and crying, saying, “No… please let me go!”  So our “superheroine” might as well be an innocent mother of three, kidnapped from her suburban bedroom and thrown into a wrestling ring, forced to wear a ridiculous dentists’s chair and punched repeatedly.

None of this works for me.  And there’s still 20 minutes left to go.  This punching and kicking continues, with poor reactions from out lead “heroine,” until eventually, the film enters truly bizarre territory.  Alexis is pushed up against the ropes, and the masked villainess grabs a power drill.  She proceeds to drill Alexis’ eyeball.  Fake blood pours down her face, but, for some reason, there’s no damage to the heroine’s eye.  (We’re told in the description that this is because Alexis has “ultra-strong skin,” so there you have it.)

If the heroine has “ultra-strong skin,” why do punches and kicks seem to cause extreme pain?  Why does Alexis scream and cry when her eye is being drilled if her skin is ultra-strong?  And why is there blood if the super skin prevents damage to the eyeball?

I guess we’re not supposed to wonder about any of that.  Unfortunately, the movie has basically nothing else to offer.  The villain chases the heroine around, focusing on the drilled eyeball (which isn’t supposed to hurt the heroine due to her ultra-strong skin, but seems to hurt a lot anyway).  The villain licks the heroine’s eye, grabs the heroine’s eye, tortures the heroine’s eye with a pair of pliers, etc.  She also uses various instruments to torture the heroine’s belly, feet, etc., but it’s all done in a really fake manner with annoying screaming from the heroine.  It doesn’t work at all for me.

Finally, the masked villain removes the stupid contraption from Alexis, so we can at least have a nice look at the heroine’s beautiful body.  This is the film’s only saving grace.  But if you want to see attractive women, you can look at countless web sites, or even the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.  This is supposed to be a heroine movie, so it doesn’t deserve a lot of credit for showing us a bikini-clad attractive woman.

In any event, there are more stomach punches (poorly executed with poor reactions) and more fake torture porn for fans of the Hostel and Saw movies.  The villain hammers the feet of the heroine, etc., etc., etc…  The movie ends with our bloodied heroine laying in the corner, apparently dead.

I didn’t like any of this at all.  My dislike is based on the movie’s identification as a “superheroine adventure.”  Now I know that a movie from “Double Trouble Wrestling” is going to focus on wrestling and not necessarily feature the kind of adventure and action we might expect from Zen Pictures or even Relic Raider.  But calling it a “superheroine adventure” is misleading.  The main character, Alexis, has none of the qualities a person would expect from a superheroine.  This could just as easily be called an “innocent victim adventure,” and there would be no difference.

We never see any kind of “super” activities or characteristics from our lead heroine.  The movie fades in to show up our heroine tied to a weird-looking torture device.  This violates a law of heroine films, which is that we need to see how powerful the heroine is at the beginning.  If we don’t see this, the torture scenes mean nothing to us (unless we’re interested in watching torture for the sake of torture, which is fine for some people but defeats the purpose of “heroine movies.”)  So without any idea of the heroine’s power or strength, there’s virtually no way a heroine movie fan can be interested in anything that happens after this first scene.

The “heroine” displays no heroic qualities at any point in this movie.  She’s simply a helpless victim the entire time.

Having said all of this, the movie might appeal to certain fans.  Here are the qualifications you would have to meet to enjoy this movie: You like women’s wrestling videos; you like extreme wrestling, blood, etc.; you’ve always wanted to see a wrestling video that contains elements of the Saw movies—drills, blood, torture, weird devices; you don’t mind total dominance of an apparently innocent and powerless victim; you don’t mind very bad acting.  If you meet that criteria, you might enjoy this.

If you’re looking for a heroine movie, stay away.  I give “Masked Massacre” a D-.

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