The Battle for Earth’s “Episode 15 – Timing is Everything”

"Episode 15 - Timing is Everything" from The Battle for EarthThe Battle for Earth has released their latest video, “Timing is Everything.” This film introduces a new heroine, features the return of two villains, and marks the first release from TBFE that Rye had zero involvement in.  Rye is undoubtedly one of the biggest names in this genre, and it will be interesting to see how this absence effects the overall quality of TBFE videos. Will they get worse?  Will they improve?  Let’s go to the review and find out.

"Episode 15 - Timing is Everything" from The Battle for Earth"Episode 15 - Timing is Everything" from The Battle for Earth"Episode 15 - Timing is Everything" from The Battle for Earth

We are introduced to Creighton Spawn’s father, Dr. Nuclay. The good doctor has been spending his time working towards two goals. The first is healing the grievous injuries that his son sustained in an earlier episode. The second is the creation of a new female super being that would be ten times more powerful than Nuclearman. We are then introduced to a new heroine named Divinity. Divinity has the power of foresight which allows her to see ten seconds into the future, which aids her in combat.

"Episode 15 - Timing is Everything" from The Battle for Earth"Episode 15 - Timing is Everything" from The Battle for Earth"Episode 15 - Timing is Everything" from The Battle for Earth

Back at Nuclay’s lair, things are becoming complex between Spawn and his father. Dr. Nuclay (who apparently has no inner monologue) wonders out loud if his son’s obsession with getting revenge on Avalon is hurting their chances at conquering the world. Dr. Nuclay is then contacted by the disembodied voice of Lor’Cal who promises Nuclay incredible power in exchange for his obedience.

"Episode 15 - Timing is Everything" from The Battle for Earth"Episode 15 - Timing is Everything" from The Battle for Earth"Episode 15 - Timing is Everything" from The Battle for Earth

Meanwhile, Divinity is attacked at her home by a thug.  Divinity subdues him and decides to follow a signal that will supposedly lead her to missing Superior Girl, who was captured in an earlier episode.  However, the signal is a fake and leads her directly to Dr. Nuclay’s laboratory, where she has to fight the same opponent whose power level has been increased after receiving an injection. The film ends on a cliff hanger, so I don’t wish to spoil the fun for everyone.

"Episode 15 - Timing is Everything" from The Battle for Earth"Episode 15 - Timing is Everything" from The Battle for Earth"Episode 15 - Timing is Everything" from The Battle for Earth

So, how does the newest TBFE episode stack up to it’s predecessors?  Personally, I think very well.  Was it perfect? No.  Divinity’s costume could have been better. The dialogue was a little clunky at times and some of the attempts at humor fell a little flat.  However, I like the new actress who plays Divinity, I thought the fight scenes were well done, and I enjoy watching the actor who plays Spawn. He always does a good job, and rarely gets any recognition for his efforts.  The thing that I liked the most was the return to the main TBFE storyline.  Many of the characters from episodes past were mentioned and I was especially encouraged by the multiple references to Avalon.  I don’t know if that means they are bringing the character back, but I have my fingers crossed.  I still think the two episodes featuring Avalon were some of the best work the genre has ever seen.  I don’t know if the new creative team intends to interact with the fans like Rye did, but hopefully they will and at some point let us know what is coming up next.

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  1. I’d like to point out that this review was written by the new co-writer of Heroine Movies, “Sidekick.” He’s a really nice guy and a talented writer, and his presence is going to allow Heroine Movies to cover a greater number of videos, as well as providing a new perspective on the genre. So I hope you’ll join me in welcoming Sidekick (chances are that you may have seen him in the comments from time to time under a different name, but his identity will remain a secret…).

  2. Err so there is zero heroine peril in this one?

  3. Dman613

    Other than using the word ‘signal’ instead of ‘phone call’ I’d say the review matches youtube pretty well. And I’m not gonna fault that minor discrepancy since it may very well have been done on purpose since its more to the point.

  4. Jerkstore

    Not much peril at all in the film. She gets beat down a bit in the fights, but nothing hardcore.

  5. Hey guys – just jumping in – suppose a lot of you know Rye, so I might as well introduce myself. My name is Allen, and from the getgo on this project, I’ve been half the team. Yes, this is the first episode after logistically relocating The Battle For Earth to LA, that myself and a newly acquired team have produced.

    First off, looking forward to any and all dialogue all the way across all the boards, just as Rye used to communicate as well. You’ll never offend my self or anyone I work with, as we appreciate good and honest feedback. We’re looking to improve this project from where it stands now, and that only happens with communication. I’ll try and be straight forward with advertising each film as well. As Jerkstore mentioned, yeah, there’s a bit less peril in this one as opposed to some of our other productions. Let’s just say there was a lot that had to be removed on the cutting room floor to make a good enough production!:) Not necessary to get into details! I do agree though for what it’s worth.

    I’m not looking to change up the direction or do any 180’s on anybody. I’ve tried to bring the storyline back around, and continue that for what it’s worth. After Episode 16 is released, I hope you’ll notice an marked improvement in the costumes as well. I know there’s been some discussion over that and I agree it could be better!

    Like I said, just wanted to make myself known, and thanks sidekick – good to have you on the board. I know H could use some relief:) – probably slammed!

    Hope everyone has a great weekend and I’m just looking forward to after being behind the scenes for so long on these projects, to being in a position to really communicate with everyone!

    Take care,


  6. Fabio

    Is there going to be another episode with this heroine? I definitely liked her but would prefer to see her in a lot more peril just like every 2nd episode of each heroine in TBFE. I havent purchased this one but judging from the trailer, review, and comments it seems like there isnt much peril. Hope to see a future episode that involves low blows torture and her losing her skirt!

  7. Hey Fabio,

    Well, I was going to hire her back, but I’ve unfortunately decided against it as for the exact reasons you just said – she wasn’t too comfortable with losing the skirt and I was pushing to get away with the amount of peril I could produce. For what it’s worth, the episode isn’t devoid peril, just not as much as we usually have put in in the past. No, there won’t be a sequel to this one. I’m going to recast the character. Sometimes, you work with a new actress and it goes perfect, and other times, no matter how much you prep her, it just doesn’t work out quite the way you want it to – would have loved to gotten a lot more out of her. Oh well:) Totally agree Fabio:)


  8. I just reread my last post and for what it’s worth, I’m not trying throw the episode under the bus. lmao. Even with the lesser amount of peril, there was some pretty wicked fight scenes and a lot of character and story development. She definitely doesn’t win so to speak. If anyone’s keeping track of the overall storyline or if you want see some pretty decent moves, I’d pick it up. One of the guys on our team has an extensive background in martial arts. He coaches the girls every episode now. It helps a ton. Makes the editor’s job a heck of a lot easier:)

    All right – back to work:)

    Night all


  9. RyanD

    There should be a timeline or a wiki on the page for the folks who are looking to catch up with the storyline. Unfortunately, I passed on all the previous episodes and have no idea what’s going on.

    I am a huge story and peril fan so I love what your team has to offer, but one of the main reasons I passed on all 15 episodes was because of the costumes. I am sorry but they all look really cheap compared to what I know can be created out there. Your costumes just look like they have been thrown together from different articles of clothing. Your best one by far was the Superior Girl one but it still looked like a crude patchwork.

    Hopefully you do not take offense to any of this. I am just trying to offer constructive criticism. I would love to see higher quality costumes like the ones produced from Next Global Crisis and Those costumes look to be made from scratch. If I could have my way, i would have a variety of different skintight costumes such as tight fitting catsuits and French cut leotards that show off more of the heroines legs, bikini area, and arse.

    I am looking forward though to what TBFE has to offer in the near future. Your relocation to LA has me excited at the new resources that you have at your disposal and it will surely improve TBFE as a whole.



  10. Ryand – yup – yet again – seems to be the general consensus – think I said it on another board – we’ll take care of it starting in ep 17 – already had 16 on the cutting room floor. Sounds like costumes will be the major change. Nice to have LA at our disposal as not only do we obviously have purchases online at our disposal, hollywood ave and it’s surrounding area has a serious arsenal of costumes and made to order one off creations. I’m looking forward to it as well – Nothing like that in Vegas or Seattle – lmao!


  11. Kevlar

    hey allen and welcome!
    I`ve not bought this episode because it looked a bit lacking in peril and the costume isnt great, but im glad to hear there are plans to change this in future episodes.
    I do hope you keep the variety from previous episodes though with AOH scenes, long fight scenes and especially the low blows which few other websites maintain through their series.

  12. I was disappointed with this video. It’s not terrible and has several good qualities, but they are outweighed by the negatives. The heroine is quite attractive and fills out her costume well. The fight choreography is pretty good and the performances were good enough. Unfortunately, the costume isn’t very good. Also, it seemed like over half the video was just exposition. I’m all for maintaining storylines, but the exposition has to be worked in better so the video doesn’t drag so much. For me, the biggest problem was the heroine’s vocalizations. The just wasn’t anything sexy or believable about her reactions during the fight sequences, which kills the fantasy for me. I read the comments about this actress not being used again, and I think it’s the right call. I hate to say it because I like her look, but I don’t think she’s well suited to this type of work. Better luck next time!

  13. Hey Bert, – yup – think that’s the right call as well – just not the right fit – but on the plus side – I’m launching another on Friday with a preview tomrrow. I’ll be posting up about it tomorrow – tell me if we’re getting closer!

    Have a great one!


  14. Shame the actress was reluctant and will be replaced. Cute as hell so will be a loss.