Episode 16 from The Battle for Earth

Episode 16 from The Battle for EarthThe Battle For Earth has just released their sixteenth episode entitled Triple Cross. For this particular review, I am going to stay away from detailing certain story points. As the title alludes to, a big part of this episode revolves around fragile alliances that are formed, so any attempt to do an in-depth review would probably spoil the plot for people who are invested in the continuing storyline of The Battle For Earth. Instead, I will touch on certain details to get everyone up to speed and then concentrate on what particular fetishes are serviced in this episode.

Episode 16 from The Battle for EarthEpisode 16 from The Battle for EarthEpisode 16 from The Battle for Earth

A young woman named Alissa accidentally discovers she has superhuman powers. Believing she can be a powerful ally, Spawns father Dr. Nuclay orders his henchman Kaid to simply research Alissa and find out what he can about the nature of her abilities. Against orders, Kaid decides to take matters into his own hands and make contact with Alissa. From that point on the action picks up and the thrust of the storyline is set in motion. With that being the case, I’ll refrain from revealing any more of the plot.

Episode 16 from The Battle for EarthEpisode 16 from The Battle for EarthEpisode 16 from The Battle for Earth

Episode 16 is not all that different in tone and quality from Episode 15. However, this episode does cater a bit more to the fetish crowd. Some of the fetishes that appear in this film are multiple bearhugs, a throat lift, an attractive girl bound with AOH, a fireman’s carry, and a cradle carry. Please keep in mind that the scenes involving these situations are relatively short and may or may not satisfy those looking for hard-core peril. Another point of controversy from the last episode was the costume design. Although the actress who plays Alissa looks great, I suspect many of you won’t be too thrilled with the outfit’s simplicity. You’ll just have to judge that for yourself.

Episode 16 from The Battle for EarthEpisode 16 from The Battle for EarthEpisode 16 from The Battle for Earth

Another aspect of this film worth mentioning is the fight choreography. Allen, the new primary contact at TBFE, has mentioned that they have a full-time fight choreographer on staff now, and it shows. I thought the first fight in this film was incredibly well done and stacks up against the best fights in the Training Room videos released by Next Global Crisis. Really good stuff.

Episode 16 from The Battle for EarthEpisode 16 from The Battle for EarthEpisode 16 from The Battle for Earth

So, there you go. If you’re looking for a decent story and creative fight choreography, this video would probably appeal to you. For those of you looking for heavy peril, I don’t think that there is enough here to completely satisfy you. Allen has promised a return to a more peril oriented style starting with Episode 17, so we have that to look forward to.  Please let us know what you think below!

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Hey guys, love your work. My wife and I are attending a costume party in about a month, and lucky me, she wants to go as a superheroine. 😉 Can you guy please tell me where I can find leotards and such? Because you guys always have the sexiest leotards.

Joe 🙂


Hey guys,

Yup, as promised – we’ll be getting back to a bit more peril and more focus on costume in 17. That being said – I was actually pretty pumped about the fight scenes in this one – I kinda thought they turned out pretty cool. Yeah, the costume is simpler than future ones will be, as requested, but the elements of peril are stronger in 16 than in 15. We’re honing in actresses that are comfortable and 17 should prove this.

That being said, for those of you keeping up on the storyline, there is a considerable amount of plot development, a fair amount of peril, and some cool moves that my fight choreographer came up with. I don’t think I’ve actually scene anything quite like it to be honest:) Cool stuff. Check it out. Oh, and make sure to watch the trailer from the website. I had to tone down the youtube trailer as I didn’t want to get flagged and shut down – treading the line close there!

And yeah – 12 minutes in and she’s in costume – about half and half.

Hope you enjoy it and Hi Sidekick – good to have you reviewing!



Hi Sidekick,

Thanks for the info. I appreciate it.


I’m glad there is good fight choregraphy! It really helps sell the thing for me 🙂 Nothing worse than watching a fight where one or all of the people involved clearly look uncomfortable. Still yet to see a heroine really give the bad guy a good whopping, a good back and forward fight, but the bad guy eventually winning and really kicking some ass, and looking like he has been through the wars.



The run time of the episode is about twenty four minutes long. Her first appearance in costume is right around the twelve minute mark.


Thanks for the review and the great site.

I’m just curious. How much of the video does she spend in costume?
The trailer makes it seem like she’s mostly in regular clothes.