Episode 24 from The Battle for Earth

Episode 24 from The Battle for EarthThe Battle for Earth returns with the 24th episode in its long-running storyline with an apparent attempt to clarify things for the fans. Is Episode 24 an effective re-introduction to the series for fans who may have become somewhat confused by the complex storyline?

Seemingly taking a cue from several fans who seemed confused by the current creative direction, the producers at The Battle for Earth have made a course correction. Over four and a half minutes of opening exposition in the company’s latest release end with, “And now, the battle for earth resumes.”  This is music to the ears of many fans who have been waiting for a return to their original mission statement: five heroines, five villains.

Episode 24 from The Battle for EarthEpisode 24 from The Battle for EarthEpisode 24 from The Battle for Earth

As happy as I am about the return of the original storyline, this episode did seemingly cause some continuity issues. How? Well, Episode 24, titled Good vs. Evil, features the characters of Superianna, Spawn and Kaid. The last time we saw Superianna, she was taken prisoner by Lor’cal. She is back and there is really no explanation about what happened to her and how she returned. The last time we saw Kaid and Spawn they each were involved in separate fights with Nightgirl. Both fights ended when she set off massive explosions a few feet from each of them. However, Kaid and Spawn are both present and seemingly just fine, with no real explanation as to what happened. Continuity errors, or do the producers have something up their sleeve? Perhaps future episodes will enlighten us.

Episode 24 from The Battle for EarthEpisode 24 from The Battle for EarthEpisode 24 from The Battle for Earth

Regardless, Episode 24 is all about Superianna attempting to create an alliance of heroines to stand against Spawn’s army of super villains. For his part, Spawn’s plan is to do whatever he can to ensure this alliance never happens. When the episode opens, Superianna is trying to contact both Avalon and Nightgirl but is unsuccessful. Somehow, Kaid tracks down Superianna at her hideout and the fight begins. However, Kaid has two trump cards. The first is a familiar green meteor rock, and the second is a device that permanently steals powers. Kaid manages to absorb Superianna’s powers into himself and the beat-down ensues.

Episode 24 from The Battle for EarthEpisode 24 from The Battle for EarthEpisode 24 from The Battle for Earth

Outside of a reverse bear hug and a throat lift or two, there isn’t much of the usual peril involved in the fight. Kaid actually spends most of his time blasting Superianna with heat vision and pushing her around the room with his super breath. Kaid dominates Superianna for the entire sequence until she is able to use his own device against him and steal her powers back. She manages to put Kaid down and the episode ends with Spawn threatening to set off a bomb if Superianna does not come to his lair.

Episode 24 from The Battle for EarthEpisode 24 from The Battle for EarthEpisode 24 from The Battle for Earth

I think it’s fair to say that this is a solid episode and nothing more. It serves its purpose well in that it reboots the storyline and simplifies a plot that had become a bit confusing. I think it could serve as a good jumping-on point for new or returning fans. I don’t think hardcore peril fanatics will find enough content here to satisfy them, however.

Episode 24 from The Battle for EarthEpisode 24 from The Battle for EarthEpisode 24 from The Battle for Earth

This episode also featured a new actress playing the role of Superianna. She did a fine job, and I thought she did as well as, if not better than, the 87 other actresses who have played the character. I do think it’s time to give the character a little break, however. She has appeared in a whopping 10 of the 24 episodes. Instead, I hope they continue expanding on Nightgirl, a character that most fans seem to like. I also look forward to the return of Avalon, who was a huge fan favorite when he starred in the first two episodes of the series

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13 comments on Episode 24 from The Battle for Earth

  • Feb. 28, 2012 at 3:13 am

    Who is this actress

  • Jul. 17, 2011 at 7:44 pm

    Best of luck to Raven Alexis healing up from whatever afflicts her! Get better soon!

  • Jul. 16, 2011 at 8:52 pm

    I enjoyed this episode and this actress as Superianna.

    As the comments section suggests, everyone has a large laundry list of what they would like to see in an episode, myself included.

    I’ll save you my laundry list and just restate that I enjoyed this one.

  • Jul. 16, 2011 at 6:48 am

    Why don’t you rip any of your costumes in your new vid’s, the episode in which superianna’s costume was torn to pieces was excellent, possibly the best you’ve ever made.

    Thanks for reading
    Your friendly neighbourhood – Spiderman

  • Jul. 15, 2011 at 3:24 pm

    Hey guys,

    First off – Raven actually didn’t play Superiorgirl, so I’m not quite sure what you’re referring to but no biggie:) And yeah – for the record – Shadow Girl is no more – mostly with respect to Raven – she’s uh… pretty sick and please wish her well. .

    Hey guys,

    Well, first off – you’re absolutely correct – this was a sort of reboot episode – one to try and put the pieces back together and return to the original concept. For what it’s worth @sidekick – you listed off a few continuity errors:) As far as Spawn’s fate after Night Girl’s explosion, slow mo the very last part of the explosion, and you’ll see he pops a shield over himself and his precious experiment. His lair and everything else appears destroyed, but surely he can rebuild elsewhere – a fresh start with renewed vengeance and direction.

    The writers give an explanation for Superianna’s return in the first 4 minutes of Ep 24, in that when Superianna confronts Lor’cal, the end result appeared to be her “sucked” into outer space, but as much as he was able to toy with her, he couldn’t control her or keep her. The reason is simple and mentioned repeatedly. Pretty important piece of the greater story. He only has control over “dark” energy. Therefore, her good energy is outside his realm. He can alter or toy with her, but not control her. She returns to earth from her confrontation with Lor’cal and while it’s not shown, it’s basically assumed, as logic would dictate such. The confrontations in the last few episodes have tried to establish the building level of evil, so Superianna returning to earth after multiple confrontations with different villains and immediately contacting the other 4, solidifies the growing need for a 5 way alliance of superheroines.

    Kaid is now rogue. While it’s explained in the beginning, it could be assumed he’s working with Spawn again. He of course is not. His confrontation with Night Girl was indeed a massive explosion, capable of killing most “villains”, especially second level villains. His survival indicates he’s “far more powerful than even he realizes”. He may not be invincible, but the serum within his body continues to work in mysterious ways. His path is also a key part of the story line to pay attention to. He’ll go a bit of a different direction and pose a much different and dangerous threat to that of Spawn and Lor’cal. To be honest, we kinda thought the tag line he’s used a few times “Oh Fuck” just before losing was amusing to a few of us, so while it may show his character as weak or slightly comical in his constant position of being on the losing side of the battle, he is not to be ignored nor counted out. Watch him close.

    All right – all the continuity issues hopefully resolved for the story line buffs, moving on to a brief response to you guys – especially Bert. Man, I speak for all of us here: We couldn’t have said it better. Really, you’re absolutely correct in that it is difficult to get the amount of peril in while still creating a solid and confident front from the superheroine, incorporate a solid story line, and do all this while still satisfying the guys that are looking for their favorite fetish elements. I mean hey, it’s obviously the biggest challenge. It’s really not the “fan’s” fault. It’s more a matter of honestly what ends up selling and the bottom dollar.

    In recent meetings, not only have we all wanted to definitely return to the original story line, make improvements on the costumes, but while we’ve entertained all sorts of different options in direction, it’s our opinion at this point that TBFE is going to stay the course of just what you said – The Avalon template.

    It’s difficult to satisfy all customers in one movie – it requires length, time, money, and an actress that can honestly pull it off. Any producer will tell you the last is the toughest. Amy was special and yeah, we’re looking to get her back – she’s a pretty crucial part of the story line. In this market, there have been more than a few companies that have tried to hit the middle market and often, there’s just not enough peril, or not enough fighting, or not enough story, or the costumes aren’t good enough, or the girl is wrong…. we all get the idea. In a market where we’re attempting to do almost the impossible which is create a product that has appeal to more than just one niche, you’ve got to hit everything spot on every time you create a movie. Very few if any have been able to pull it off perfectly. Heck, that’s why we started TBFE as we thought there might be a space for us. We believe there still is but there’s obviously tons of room for improvement. Often, companies will realize that one thing or two things sell very well, and they’ll lean all their movies in one direction. We’re looking to not fall in to that trap, even if it actually is ultimately a less profitable move.

    So maybe that lets you into our heads a bit! Yeah – we’re just going to try and hit the story line, incorporate solid writing, get the best actresses we can, keep the fight scenes interesting, diversify the locations, improve the costumes – got some custom ones coming, obviously include the very necessary fetish elements that sell a movie such as this, and do it all while staying within a certain budget, and staying most importantly within the guidelines of Visa, the FDIC, youtube… etc…

    We hope this episode did a reboot, and hope the above explains a bit of where we hope to take this project – we’re looking to obviously introduce the final two superheroines to round out the 5, and we’re creating a platform for the ultimate confrontation – 5 on 5. Then it’s on to another story or reboot so to speak! Also, look as we may spin off one of the characters into a sub plot different than the storyline of TBFE. We’ve also discussed doing a clips4sale store with a one sided lean towards peril. Basically, TBFE would hit everything, the clips4sale store would be very peril heavy, and the spin off series would take an identity with some peril, but focusing more on everything else – all of course with the same quality. It’s an interesting idea and I believe they’re going to put it into play. Ultimately, TBFE will as Bert put so well, follow the Avalon template!

    Thanks as always guys – hope the weekend treats you right! And by the way – we’ve been having a great time with some of the custom scripts coming our way lately:) Good stuff and thanks!

  • Jul. 15, 2011 at 1:52 pm


    Your post could not have been better. I feel exactly the same way. The first two episodes featuring Avalon should be a blueprint for TBFE producers. They should stick to that formula as much as possible.

  • Jul. 15, 2011 at 10:24 am

    I also really like Raven in the shadow Girl outfit, It’s a shame she’ll be out of action with illness for the forseeable future – though I’d like to see her back as shadow girl when she gets better!

    I can’t agree Raven was the best as superior girl, for me it’s a mash up between Linda Saree and Paris Kennedy – though I think Paris sold the part slightly better.

  • Jul. 15, 2011 at 10:02 am

    Yeah the superior girl featured here (no offense to the woman!) doesn’t look the part. She looks wayy to fake. Too much make up. Looks like she wouldn’t want to break a nail and doesn’t look like she could pull off any real fight moves. For that reason, I won’t be buying :( The shadow girl character actress, i liked though. Outfit needs to be a bit higher cut for my tastes.

  • Jul. 15, 2011 at 9:56 am

    The best superior girl/superianna/anyone wearing the supergirl costume was Raven Alexis IMO. They should drop the shadow girl character and have her be superior girl again.

  • Jul. 15, 2011 at 9:10 am

    I’d like to compare episodes one and two with Avalon (Amy Johnston, I think) to some of the more current offerings from BFE. To a large extent, the actress sets the tone for the production. Amy was a trained martial artist and stunt-woman, and was believable in the heroine role. She could move well, sold the fight choreography really well and held her own in the acting department. As an athlete, she was very fit in addition to being quite beautiful, and that added to the video. Real effort went into telling a comprehensible story, so the battle scenes had some weight to them – we were invested in the outcome. The fights were fights, not purely one-sided beatdowns from start to finish. The heroine began with faith in her abilities and an expectation of victory, found herself challenged to the limit and had to dig very deeply for the strength to carry on. This is all good story-telling and as a result, those two videos were excellent.

    Many of the more recent efforts have abandoned the principles mentioned above, and the videos suffer in comparison. To some extent I think we the customers are to blame for it. Fans say they want more action, leaving less time for telling a convincing, engaging story. Fans request more peril, leaving less time for well choreographed fight scenes and dramatic tension. Fans request more of their particular fetish interests, leaving scenes simply a mash up of one fetish move after another and little or no real continuity. And here’s the big one – fans request more sexual peril, leaving producers no choice but to hire women who are willing to do that sort of thing, which severely restricts the pool of potential performers. The end result is movies in which an obvious porn actress with wildly exaggerated assets stumbles though quickly and poorly written dialog and offers a monotonous outpouring of unrealistic noises while failing to sell a completely one-sided beatdown and sexual assault.

    I’d sure like to more vids with decent acting, exciting fighting action and at least some attention to story telling. Some of my faves are Avalon, Paris Kennedy’s The Sacrifice, and the latest Alex David Liberty Girl. Talented performers, some story and great action.

  • Jul. 15, 2011 at 6:26 am

    The previews look great and I’m looking forward to checking this episode out. I hope to see a lot more of the Superianna character in the future, as she is obviously my favorite BFE character (actually, SG based characters seem to be the only ones that ever interest me). Hopefully, BFE continues on this path– with Superianna as a leader and continuing to a play a prominent role and getting the majority of videos, but other characters getting featured now and again.

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