Episode 27 from The Battle for Earth

Episode 27 from The Battle for EarthThe Battle for Earth has just released Episode 27, featuring a new superheroine named Tempest, who is a nice addition to the Battle for Earth superheroine lineup and is played by an attractive and likeable actress. 


Tempest arrives in a new town to escape her mysterious past in which (we are led to believe via voice-over) her former life as a superheroine may have caused some unwanted problems in her life. She meets a very nice yet darkly mysterious man and sets up a date of sorts.  Just as she’s about to meet him for a nice, normal outing which will surely not involve any evil overlords or henchman, the nice man she just met is brutally attacked by an evil thug who quickly sets his sights on our superheroine.

Episode 27 from The Battle for EarthEpisode 27 from The Battle for EarthEpisode 27 from The Battle for Earth

This is a pretty even-handed fight scene with Tempest being the more dominant one.  A plot twist offers up a new foe for Tempest just as she’s about to defeat the mysterious henchman, setting off a new (quick) fight scene in which Tempest doesn’t fare quite as well.

Episode 27 from The Battle for EarthEpisode 27 from The Battle for EarthEpisode 27 from The Battle for Earth

The bad guys take our superherione back to their evil lair, where she awakens to find herself bound AOH, in her underwear.  The bad guys inform her that she’s been stripped of her clothes not because they’re interested in her sexually, but because they “need her full focus… her raw attention.”  It turns out the the nice man Tempest met in the opening scene intends to be her “teacher.”  We also learn in this scene the nature of event that led Tempest to want to escape her mysterious past.

Episode 27 from The Battle for EarthEpisode 27 from The Battle for EarthEpisode 27 from The Battle for Earth

Next, we learn that Tempest’s training is actually being arranged by Spawn as a part of his evil plan.  In the meantime, the teacher unties Tempest and punches her in the stomach repeatedly.  The two characters have a brief, even-handed fight scene before Tempest’s teacher leads her to Spawn and his chemically-enhanced thug.  Spawn asks the question on everyone’s mind: “Would you rather dance around in your underwear, or put on a powerful uniform?”  Thus leading to the introduction of Tempest’s costume, which is pretty nicely designed, in my opinion.

Episode 27 from The Battle for EarthEpisode 27 from The Battle for EarthEpisode 27 from The Battle for Earth

Spawn instructs Tempest to use her powers of focus, and then tells her her final test will be a battle against the evil henchman.  The remainder of the video (about eight minutes or so) involves this fight scene, which is a fairly even fight involving lots of bearhugs and various moves.  We even get to see Tempest using her powers to freeze her opponent.  The video ends leaving things open for a sequel to this episode, and hints at a possible return for one or more superheroines featured in previous episodes.

Episode 27 from The Battle for EarthEpisode 27 from The Battle for EarthEpisode 27 from The Battle for Earth

In addition, The Battle for Earth is having a sale starting August 14 – all videos (except Episode 27) are $6.00 off!  Head over to The Battle for Earth and check it out!

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  1. This episode is looking awesome. I’m feeling compelled to get it as much as I was the first Avalon episode.

    Smoking hot model and a decent costume – now all it needs to do is live up to the storyline and fighting action in Avalon, and we may very well have ourselves a winner!

    I’d love to do some writing for you guys!

  2. John Hugger

    What about the “$ 6,00 off” ? The price for this video is $29,00. What ihave to do to get this video for $6,00 ?

  3. @ john hugger – Since it’s a brand new release, it will be the only one not included in the sale:) Sorry for not specifying that. All other movies will be discounted at 6.00 off.


  4. MassEffectMan

    I checked out the website but still all the videos are still the same price they have not been discounted yet. When will be the videos be discounted because I really want to buy some videos please?

  5. Hey Allen I had a question about the alternate ending with superianna and selina. Is there any fighting or punches/kicks thrown?

  6. @fabio – There’s a few but not very many – it’s mostly forced kissing and fondling, removal of skirt and cape, shocking, whipping etc… just Superianna powerless and in peril pretty much the whole time.


  7. this looks good, the Tempest actrress is definetely the best looking since Avalon! trailer doesnt really show too much, so im still deciding whether or not to purchase it. What kind of action is in this and will there be a sequel like other episodes?

  8. @Steven – I think I understand what you mean by sequel as in we filmed quite a few movies and launched 2 episodes contiguously a few times. In this case, she’ll definitely be back, but integrated in to the story line. Not exactly a sequel but still the same character none the less. The next release won’t pick up at the exact second this episode ends. We’ve got multiple sub plots going so we’ll continue to alternate. The only difference when she returns is we’re ordering a custom costume based on the one you see here..

    As far as the content is concerned, the review above covered it pretty well, as does the description in the synopsis. It really is a balance of quite a few different elements. We really like this actress, so we really tried to give this movie an overall appeal and target as many customers as possible. So, if you’re looking for anything in particular, fire away and I’ll let you know if it’s there, rather than listing off everything and probably missing what you’re looking for:)


  9. has the sale started already? The videos are different prices, I cant remember the original price of each particular one

  10. Hey all!

    Just for clarification purposes guys – I received a few emails in my box wondering why episodes 1-14 were available elsewhere, and why there was a clips4sale store selling some of the beginning episodes. Since Rye and I paired up on the project in the beginning, he has the rights to those episodes as well. We recently talked after receiving the emails and price matched on SHG Media, his clips4sale store, and TBFE. Obviously to make sure everything is consistent across the board. There were some inconsistencies and now they are fixed. With the sale currently going, you will find episodes 1-14 6.00 off as promised through TBFE, and when the sale ends, they will be the exact same price as you’ll find on SHG or clips4sale.

    As a point of clarification, all movies are the same – same format – same kbps. The only thing that will change, is that while episodes 1-14 will continue to be available on SHG Media and TBFE alike (for the same price), Rye’s clips4sale store is currently using these movies as placeholders for what will eventually be replaced by “directors” cuts or reedits of the footage. Same original footage but Rye is going to put his spin on it a bit more than the original! Looking forward to seeing the “directors” cut:). That will not be available through TBFE, but only through his clips4sale store. He will advertise this when it’s ready at some point in the future!

    Again, that’s only Episodes 1-14! Thanks for the heads up everyone who caught the price discrepancies, and it should be all good now!

    Hope that clears up any confusion!

  11. Andrew Clayson

    First of all,
    i really liked the episode. Most of all because of the actress. I believe Miss Holly is not just beautifull, but a good actress too. You guys from TBFE really found someone special. From my perspective, you can make the next two or three projects with her! She is amazing, she is beautiful, she is lovelly, she is awesome, she is wonderfull… She could be the actress in my own heroine movie! One think that i loved was the end. The heroine WINS! At last! However, i’d like to say something about the external scenes of the movie. With all respect, allow me to say that you guys have to choose a better point of light for some external scenes. There were points of too brightness and points of shadows in the scene of the first bearhug, for example. The skin of the actress disappeared because of the strong brightness. The background of the scene was under shadows and the body of the actress was in a strong light situation. If you are filming situations like that with a camera in automatic, this problem with exposure could happen. You can film in manual or choose a place with a light more ballanced. Please, I am saying that with all respect,ok? You guys are making a good job. And most of all, you respect all the actresses that have worked with you. You don’t make “those scenes”, if you follow me. That’s why I always paying attention in your job! I STRONGLY RECOMEND this episode from TBFE!!!!


  12. @Andrew

    Thanks for recommending the ep! We really like Hollie and she’ll be returning for sure! Funny you mentioned the outside fight scene. Had a hell of time in post with that. We certainly don’t film fully auto as obviously that would be shooting ourselves in the foot. We chose to go with our hand held rig, seeing as we were filming on location, and it just doesn’t quite handle lighting conditions as well as we’d like. Short comings of a smaller rig. On more than a few shots, I elected to go with the shot I thought translated better, even though it wasn’t necessarily lit right if you know what I mean. The old cutting room floor struggle:) Good call though, and hey, if you’re catching details such as that, guess it means we better watch ourselves:)lol!

    Thanks Andrew and take care:)


  13. Hey just a quick post of thanks to not only the admins, but all the customers and fans in this genre. I’ve been involved with a handful of projects all the way across the board in the last few years, and I got to say, the superheroine genre has the most supportive and constructive people out there. It’s not just this forum either. It’s honestly the entire industry. It’s nice to be associated with good people!

    Thanks to all of the producers, fans, customers, and everyone who makes this thing continue to tick!


  14. Andrew Clayson

    Ok, Allen. Thanks for answer my post. And i’m glad that you’re ok with my opinion. I just wanna remind you some photographics concepts. I really respect your work. Maybe, one day, I will hire your team to make my own movie in USA! Would you like that? Of course, Miss Holly could be the actress(laughs)! Thank you and good luck!

  15. Hey guys, I heard it through the grapevine that Avalon will be returning! If that’s the case is there anyway you could possibly incorporate a little more sexual humiliation? Because after watching the two episodes of Avalon (although great films obviously) I was hoping that she would be groped or fondled just a little, because honestly that’s the true sign of defeat, when she has no more control over the matter at hand. I find cocky and sexy heroines like Avalon (but not only her, all of your great lineup of heroines, including the one above) extremely hot when they are sexually abused by their captors. Just a thought, thanks!

  16. @Joe

    Hey Joe – well, it’s a tough fine line we’re riding on that score:) Of course you want to integrate as much of that element as possible, seeing of course as that is an integral part of most films and obviously attractive when inserted at the right time. We have to tread lightly with TBFE. This project has been defined within certain parameters and we have to make sure we stay within certain boundries for billing purposes:) We do push it sometimes, but for the most part, we try to go by the “letter of the law”. Custom orders can be different. I definitely hear ya though!

  17. Andrew

    I’m glad the producers of TBFE did not take the way of the porn movies! There are too many of this kind of movies on market wich shows too much violence against women! Every one has the right to dreams or fetishes, but i honestly believe that this kind of movies must not exist. With all respect for wich one of you who thinks diferent then me , I REALLY LIKE WOMEN. I don’t need to create a violent porn dream to express my own fetiches about them. Please, Allen, don’t get this direction!


  18. Andrew–just about ALL the videos reviewed on this site feature violence against women in some fashion or another. They are outlandish fantasies that have virtually no connection with reality. The violence in them is fun, silly, safe.

    If you’re here looking at reviews for superheroine in peril videos, then I think you might be in a serious state of denial about the violence in your own fantasies.

  19. deathcake

    Yep, nearly every Battle for Earth video i’ve seen has violence towards woman in it. It’s nice to see your fantasies played out in live action, safe in the knowledge, it’s not real. For me, I get to see very hot (hopefully powerful) woman, in sexy situations, like the bearhug etc, with revealing camera shots. The violence for me, makes what is happening more realistic, than a woman just doing a sexy dance on camera. That holds no interest for me.

    I’m not having a go at you here when I say this, but it really pisses me off when I see comments labelled people as sick and fucked in the head for liking this kind of stuff.

  20. Andrew Clayson

    Not at all!

    Mr. Bettinger, I don’t have any kind of problem with my own Thoughts.. As a said before, i understand some fantasies, and i have mine too. But, in enyone of them, I abuse my female characters. I understand about to have a lovely , powerful and wonderful women in your arms, or holding her for a wile, when she is weak, vulnerable, needing for your help. I really don’t understand why to imagine a rape situation( i’m sorry about the word) with them. But that’s me. Allow me to talk about my favorite female character: WONDER WOMAN. I love to have fantasies where she is saving me, or I am saving her and, in the end, we stay together as a couple. You have to agree with me, there is a big difference between to imagine that you are making love with Wonder Woman to fantasize that you are raping her. Ok, you can call me naive. I’m sorry if i offended your feellings or anyone here. That wasn’t my intentions. But, Mr. Bettinger, in my dreams, Wonder Woman is my girlfriend and she loves me! That’s my greatest fetich!!!!

  21. @ Andrew
    Oh don’t be so close minded! I am a big fan of the superheroine peril fetish and I have nothing but love and respect for women in real life.

  22. I’m not saying to go too extreme at all. I agree certain websites take it too far most of the time but I honestly think there isn’t anything wrong with it some sexual peril. Having such sexy women, and revealing costumes to go with that, but no sexual peril? It’s almost unfair teasing, TORTURE! haha well I hope you will consider something like groping and fondling. That’s not porn if you ask me.

  23. Andrew

    Guys, Please, don’t get me wrong, ok? I’m not judging anyone! I just expressing my opinion. I believe that’s important to the producers who thinks like me. I prefer movies without sex violence. Ok, our Super Heroines have to fight against evil, we can expect fight situations like punches, holds, kick, we can expect to see them in peril situation, after all, nobody is always invencible. Anyway, i just don’t see any necessity for sex violence for create a good story. Not from my perspective.That’s all!


  24. Interesting – well hey – Everybody has their right to their own fantasy, but yeah – TBFE does show violence towards women – Alex said it best – it’s fantasy – silly – fun – certainly not reality – but maybe Andrew may think TBFE shows a bit more balance so to speak. We do make an effort at TBFE to make sure that the heroine is in peril equivalient to her being on the winning side. It’s just our niche. Andrew, if that’s what makes you happy – by all means. At the same time, this genre in general is one that consistantly shows superheroines in peril, and regardless of anyone’s “real life” opinion, it’s perfectly acceptable to express that need at not be judged. Too many times in the past, superheroine peril fans have been condemned for their fantasies, and that’s just not ok. Andrew, I don’t think you’re were attempting to do so, so let’s lay the topic at rest and just reassure everyone that everybody has their own specific take on every film reviewed on this site – no matter how hardcore or soft it may be. That’s the beauty of it all. No one needs to feel judged by this and if someone enjoy’s Alex’s product – excellent – its’ amazing stuff – so is Paris’. If someone enjoys TBFE’s product – just as well. There’s a piece of of art for everyone in this genre, and we all can come together and enjoy, review, and critique it on this site.

    Thanks heroinemovies, fans alike, and take care everybody!


  25. John hugger

    Dear friends,

    I just watched the episode. I have to say: great Hera!!! This is the best bearhug scene of all!!!!! Strong and long enough!!! The first scene was the best! I recomend!!! The episode is not violent. Everyone is gonna like it!!! The girl is beautiful! Cheers!