“Episode 7″ from Next Global Crisis

"Episode 7" from Next Global Crisis (Preview)UPDATED: Review now posted!

Episode 7 of Next Global Crisis is the company’s biggest episode yet, featuring a storyline that spans several episodes and several familiar characters making reappearances. While there’s a lot of dialogue and exposition, it pays off with an extremely well-staged fight scene and an interesting twist to the continuing NGC narrative.

"Episode 7" from Next Global Crisis"Episode 7" from Next Global Crisis"Episode 7" from Next Global Crisis

The video begins with a clever propaganda-style montage, similar to a political campaign commercial, which describes a little of the backstory and gives us a glimpse into Elite Force’s public relations strategy. This sequence leads to a pretty ambitious, extended shot (apparently one long take, as far as I can tell) involving several of the NGC superheroines. While we don’t necessarily see them all in action in this episode, it’s fun to see them making appearances in Episode 7.

"Episode 7" from Next Global Crisis"Episode 7" from Next Global Crisis"Episode 7" from Next Global Crisis

The story is actually kind of complicated and interesting, so I don’t want to give it away here. In a nutshell, the members of Elite Force apparently believe that one of their own—Powerstar—has defected and has joined forces with their arch enemy, Mr. X. Their attempts to deal with this problem cause various complications and result in a series of unexpected twists, especially when some characters’ motivations are not what they first appear to be.

"Episode 7" from Next Global Crisis"Episode 7" from Next Global Crisis"Episode 7" from Next Global Crisis

Powerstar, rendered powerless and [possible spoiler] perhaps not as guilty as Elite Force has been led to believe [end spoiler], is forced to face off against a familiar opponent, Sebastian Luner, from several previous Training Room episodes. Looking as though he’s had a much-needed bath, Luner clearly relished this opportunity to get revenge against Powerstar for all of the misery she caused him by beating him up repeatedly in all those practice sessions. He definitely gets his revenge, as he delivers an extended beat-down that is probably the most one-sided battle I’ve seen in a NGC episode, even bordering on the kind of “peril”-intensive territory that many viewers will be delighted to see. This sequence is the centerpiece of the movie, and it delivers. Another aspect that makes this fight sequence as success is that, unlike the Training Room episodes, there’s a lot at stake. This isn’t merely a training exercise, but a fight scene with real-world implications (in the context of the story), so it’s a more intense sequence, in my opinion, and it works really well.

"Episode 7" from Next Global Crisis"Episode 7" from Next Global Crisis"Episode 7" from Next Global Crisis

I won’t give away the ending, but one or more Elite Force characters arrive on the scene to save Powerstar, only to be met with another twist of the plot. It’s all really fun and interesting, and I really liked this episode. At this point, pretty much everyone knows that NGC has among the best production values compared to most other production companies, and Episode 7 is no exception to that. As someone who sees a sh*tload of superheroine videos, I feel qualified to say that NGC is several levels above most of their competitors in all technical departments. Check out Episode 7 and leave comments below!

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  1. darklord

    this was surprisingly really good… i almost gave up on NGC after all the training vids but figured i’d give them one more shot now that they’re back to regular episodes and i am glad i did.

    not a ton of peril here, and wish jade taunted miss freedom a lil more (although the little bit of taunting provided was very good) but the story was great. this is probably the first heroine movie i have seen with a “real” story and was very well done. i’m excited to see where NGC goes from here. there are a lot of possibilities and i hope they make the most of this story’s potential

  2. Mike

    Def a very cool episode and well worth the money. Pushed the story forward. I just wish there was a little more ko action. Im looking forward to the promised chloroform training room match that is coming soon. Other than that though, it was very satisfying. And I must point out: Miss Freedom needs to work on her pit stains a little bit lol Shes still hot though.

  3. TwistedJedi

    I don’t know, I thought there was a decent amount of power star getting pummeled and the ‘action’ in NGC is on a whole ‘nother level when compared to most other companies.

  4. Lincoln

    Looks good, can’t wait for the review. I take it that Powerstar doesn’t exactly “die” in this?

  5. MassEffectMan

    I purchased this video and I have to say this is a one of the best video NGC have made. It really have a very good storyline and actresses did an excellent job. Can wait to see the part 2. Keep up the good work NGC.

  6. DangerousDave

    I’m not sure how they did it but they have outdone themselves. This is perhaps NGC best yet and contains so many elements across style, story, peril/fights etc that I cannot list them all. Definitely one to buy and watch several times to soak in. Screw NBC, let these guys make Wonder Woman!

  7. Jerkstore

    I agree with DangerousDave. This is high end work. I was one of the people that was tiring of the run of training room videos, but Episode 7 was worth the wait. Great job, NGC.

  8. I’d love to have a go at Wonder Woman. That would be a lot of fun! Thanks to HM for the review. I’m very pleased that people have enjoyed what we did with Episode 7 and that it was worth the wait. I hope very much that the next Episode arrives quicker than this one did. As for Training Room videos, there are still a few more to go but I expect many of you will still enjoy the content within. We aren’t going anywhere and as I said before we aren’t going to make one type of film forever, so even if we make one or two films that don’t interest you I doubt that will be the case indefinitely.

  9. Richard

    Great stuff! The intro was unlike anything else I’ve seen in this niche, quite funny and painted the ‘world’ quite effectively. Powerstar isn’t my fave heroine, but I thought she was good as the helpless victim and sold the fight pretty well. Loved the bearhug and crawling/dragging parts, wonder what will happen to her now? Miss Freedom was the BEST thing about the vid, her reactions were just perfect. I must talk about Jade also, her little fight was fun and her accent was sexy. I’m trying not to spoil too much!

  10. sugarcoater

    A Wonder Woman character by NGC just has to be done. With the impressively well made costumes, the calibre of the models and the quality of the videos, this project would (in my humble opinion) be a top seller. With all the disappointment surrounding NBC cancellation of the WW show, a quality NGC issue or two starring Wonder Woman in major peril would fill that void admirably. Considering all the mock Wonder Woman outfits being used in videos, I couldn’t imagine any major issue with a “Wondrous Woman” type of name and costume combo. I liked the Wonderous Girl video, but would love to see the full Wonder Woman outfit used.
    So in short, this is my plea for NGC and/or Rye to make a Wonder Woman video. And if Rye happens to find that model he used to play Trinity, that would be truly an impressive piece of work.


  11. ranger87

    I’ve talked to Rye more than once about the girl who played Trinity. I think she looks amazing as well. But she’s in mainstream porn now, and her prices are through the roof, I guess…Believe me, I wish he could use her. I forget her name, but I looked at her site back when I remembered it. She’s doing a lot.

  12. ranger87

    UPDATE: Sugarcoater, regarding the Trinity actress. Her name is Lilith Eve and from what I’ve read, booking her runs along the lines of $1500 or more…not counting other expenses, that makes for an extremely expensive vid. I really wish we’d see her in a punished heroines vid with Rye, but I’m not counting on it…

  13. Mike

    Two hotties and a chloroform cloth? I think we can safely say this will be my favorite Training Room episode yet.

  14. sugarcoater

    Ranger, thanks for the update and for looking into the Trinity model situation. Steep price, but I suppose that makes sense considering her looks. Guess it will come down to how many sales and how much publicity her appearance can generate. Here’s hoping…


  15. Richard

    Great teaser, love the shot of Bluebird with rag in mouth. But so short! I suppose that’s why they call it a teaser. When’s it out?