Episodes 19 and 20 from The Battle for Earth

Episodes 19 and 20 from The Battle for EarthThe Battle for Earth has just released another two episodes back-to-back—Episode 19: Transformation and Episode 20: The Test.  We’re going to take a look at both episodes in this review, starting with Episode 19, which features the return of the character Elektris.

Episode 19: You may remember that she made her first appearance a couple months back in Episode 16 – Triple Cross. There have been some shakeups in casting at The Battle for Earth, but fans will be glad to know that Elektris is being played by the same actress as before. Judging by the feedback from her previous appearance, this particular actress seems to be well liked by the fan community and with good reason.

Episodes 19 and 20 from The Battle for EarthEpisodes 19 and 20 from The Battle for EarthEpisodes 19 and 20 from The Battle for Earth

After a special effects-filled opening and an ominous voice-over by Lor’Cal, we are reacquainted with Spawn, who is quite the multi-tasker. He is preparing a new henchman named Jale to seek out Elektris and steal her powers. On top of that he has also taken up his missing father’s project of creating an invincibility serum. His goal: create a being that will be, well, invincible.  He also is still holding a grudge against Avalon, the often-mentioned but not recently seen heroine from the first two episodes of the series.

Episodes 19 and 20 from The Battle for EarthEpisodes 19 and 20 from The Battle for EarthEpisodes 19 and 20 from The Battle for Earth

Jale tracks down Elektris at her home and she assumes that his appearance is just another training exercise. Unfortunately, Elektris is mistaken and Jale completely dominates her in a long fight scene that peril fans will probably enjoy. The fight features multiple bear hugs applied from the back and front, more than one strangulation, a backbreaker, several punches to the face, and a test of strength that the heroine loses. Once Jale has knocked Elektris down and out, he attaches a device to her body that drains her superpowers. He then proceeds to strangle her in what I thought was an incredibly well acted death scene.

Episodes 19 and 20 from The Battle for EarthEpisodes 19 and 20 from The Battle for EarthEpisodes 19 and 20 from The Battle for Earth

However, things aren’t that simple. After Jale returns to Spawns lair, Elektris awakens. Apparently, due to the nature of her powers, Elektris can’t be killed by normal means and she cannot die unless her body is completely disassembled. At least that’s what it says in the episode description on The Battle for Earth website. Elektris, feeling betrayed by Spawn is overcome by anger and this triggers a flash of energy that changes her costume from red to black. Feeling that she is ready to take both Spawn and Jale on, she teleports directly to Spawns lair. Big mistake. She receives another beat down from Jale that lasts a couple of minutes until she is able to power up and knock him out with an energy blast.

Her triumph is short lived however, as Spawn simply starts to choke her telekinetically and continues to do so until she submits to him. And that’s about it. There is a short scene that flashes forward to the next episode at the end, but I think it’s best to roll that in to the Episode 20 review.

Episodes 19 and 20 from The Battle for EarthEpisodes 19 and 20 from The Battle for EarthEpisodes 19 and 20 from The Battle for Earth

The Battle for Earth has released six episodes since Rye left, and I think the results have been positive. I haven’t noticed any significant downturn in production values, and I think they have done a fine job of maintaining a good story-to-peril ratio. I think one criticism that can be leveled is that the heroines in the most recent episodes are coming off as very weak. I know there are fans of full on beat-downs, but I kind of like the heroine to put up some resistance. With the exception of a few brief moments, Elektris rarely attempts to defend herself in the fight scene against Jale. I think this is even more of a problem in Episode 20. If the heroines are having this much trouble with the henchmen, how are they going to fare against Spawn’s upcoming creation? I think it just takes viewers out of the fantasy when the heroine doesn’t even make much of an attempt to fight back. Maybe that’s just me.

I also think it would be wise for them make a better effort in the costume area for the villains. I know the heroine costume is far more important, but dressing villains in jeans and a T-shirt comes off as a bit low-rent. The producers at TBFE are smart and talented. I know they are capable of doing better in this area. I think it would greatly enhance the overall look of their already fine product.

Episodes 19 and 20 from The Battle for EarthEpisodes 19 and 20 from The Battle for EarthEpisodes 19 and 20 from The Battle for Earth

Criticisms aside, it was another good effort from TBFE. Christen, the actress who plays Elektris looks great and is a very talented actress. I hope to see more of her soon.

Episode 20: HM here… I thought I would write a brief review for Episode 20, so here we go. This episode involves a plot by Spawn to test the powers of the superheroine Superianna, who has apparently been converted to his “collective.”  After setting up a fake mission for Superianna to go on, Spawn decides to send his henchman Kaid to attack her, as a way of testing her powers.  This eventually results in a long apartment fight scene that involves lots of choking, belly punches and the like.

Episodes 19 and 20 from The Battle for EarthEpisodes 19 and 20 from The Battle for EarthEpisodes 19 and 20 from The Battle for Earth

The fight continues outdoors where Superianna, who has been in the guise of her alter ego up until this point, transforms into her Superianna costume.  This fight scene goes on for several minutes and features lots of peril.  This is a pretty good fight scene, and fans of superheroines being outmatched by a superior opponent should enjoy this sequence.

Episodes 19 and 20 from The Battle for EarthEpisodes 19 and 20 from The Battle for EarthEpisodes 19 and 20 from The Battle for Earth

Finally, things reach a climax when Superianna confronts Spawn. When Spawn learns that Superianna has turned against the forces of darkness, he instructs a newly powered-up Kain to defeat Superianna, so Spawn can “teach her a lesson for her disobedience.”  This results in another fight scene in an already fairly action-packed episode.  After her inevitable defeat, the bad guys torture her with electric shocks and kryptonite as she’s restrained (via force field) on a table.

Episodes 19 and 20 from The Battle for EarthEpisodes 19 and 20 from The Battle for EarthEpisodes 19 and 20 from The Battle for Earth

In all, I liked the performance of the actress who played Superianna, even though I felt that some of the action was shot and edited in a fairly haphazard manner.  Still, fans of Supergirl-like characters getting beaten down and tortured by the bad guys will surely appreciate this episode.

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23 comments on Episodes 19 and 20 from The Battle for Earth

  • May. 27, 2011 at 2:02 am

    Hmmm! Nice review. I might have to check these videos out. The story sounds interesting and I do not want to miss it. I love how TBFE releases episodes back to back. Really nice. The models look great.

    I still wish they would improve the super heroine costumes. Maybe they should go the cosplay route and find a designer who specializes in superhero costumes. I have seen some really awesome spandex work out and I know it can be done.

    As for the villain’s costumes, I am not sure what they could do. About the only thing I can come up with is using some sort of mask and maybe edit the voice to make it sound more threatening or demonic in post-production, lol.

  • May. 27, 2011 at 2:26 am

    The episode 19 review is interesting to me, I may buy it, especially since Elektris wears those killer thigh high boots. However, the Superianna character seems to be wearing trainers with those leggings that double as boots, is that correct? If so, that is a very very poor effort in my opinion, it ruins the whole costume for me! Thanks for the review, this is quickly becoming one of my favorite websites!

  • May. 27, 2011 at 4:22 pm

    I really enjoyed episode 20. Plenty of peril for fans of the Supergirl types… smacked around/shocked/space rocks/ etc. Plenty of upskirts too. One of my faves of the Supergirl type videos done recently. Keep it up.

  • May. 27, 2011 at 4:54 pm

    Hey guys – thanks as always for the reviews and comments!

    Once again – agree with the costume issue – having a heck of time getting this one piece dialed in – Had UPS issues, size issues – lmao – you name it – quite the problem the last few episodes and found ourselves doing the last minute scramble. Oh well. Long story short – agree’d. Even the boots in ep 20 just killed me – she couldn’t fit in the regular ones and hence the boot covers. I know – give me a break right? Anyway, good ups Sidekick on the Villains costumes. Definitely noted. That piece often gets overlooked but you’re right!

    We’ll just be continuing the story line and it’s now time to bring in new villains and startup new congruent plots. 21 should be out shortly and that’s a continuation of 20. After that, new characters coming!

    As always, best to all and have a great weekend!


  • May. 28, 2011 at 8:05 pm

    I can’t wait to see the new costumes. I am really getting tired of seeing those red leotard based costumes. I love leotards, especially if they are french cut, but the same color over and over does get stale after awhile.

    I count a total of at least four characters with that same getup. Avalon and Elektris look practically identical.

  • May. 29, 2011 at 8:05 am

    Hey, so I bought and downloaded ep 19, but I cannot play it, whether i play it in Quicktime or BS Player I get it all jumpy, it plays for a few seconds, then freezes, then wakes up after a few seconds and so it goes. I have tried other mpeg4 files which I have on my computer and they play fine. Any advice? And by the way, well done for getting Avril Lavigne to play in your movies. I did not know she did superheroine peril videos 😀

  • May. 29, 2011 at 5:22 pm

    I really liked tbfe ep 20 – really think that the leotard could be updated to have a higher cut, similar to giga’s super lady – thanks

  • May. 29, 2011 at 5:37 pm

    Mantower – lmao – that’s the funniest thing I’ve heard in a while:) The codec is an h.264 obviously .mp4. On most pc’s windows media should pick it up and have no problem, but I’ve discovered personally that I really enjoy viewiing them in VLC player. It’s free, painless to install, and plays just about anything, even on older systems. Hope that helps! Not to say I’d avoid Quicktime, but I’ve actaully experienced the same issue. The “hd” versions of the movies are only 1500 kbps, which really should be straight forward for most systems. If anyone else has any suggestions of players they’ve used that work seamlessly, let me know. Also, if anyone has issues, please do feel free to email me!


  • May. 29, 2011 at 5:52 pm


    I love the way your mind works. I too wish for the leotards to be high cut. I remember watching GIGA’s Super Lady and my heart skipping a beat when I saw her roll and her skirt flying up to reveal sexy high cut bottoms.

    Whew! I just chills thinking about it. I just hate the look of the low cut and how it causes the model’s legs to look stubby. Sadly I think we are in the minority because all I see is low cuts everywhere and plus current fashion trends look down on high cut anything. Sucks!!!

  • May. 29, 2011 at 9:44 pm

    @jose and @sasha…

    :) You know, funny enough, I don’t know that you guys are in the minority at all. I’m right with you – Seems none of the fashion designers necessarily agree – lmao. The french super high cuts are tough to get a hold of. Even ordering them online, you often come up with something that just isn’t quite right. Custom making the costume is really the best option. We’re heading that direction as we’re organizing everything down here in LA.

  • May. 30, 2011 at 1:57 am

    Allen, thanks for the feedback. I actually just converted the file into a WMV and now it works fine, although the program I use plasters a banner on it which is mildly annoying but tolerable. Overall the episode was excellent, really enjoyed it and I loved the boots she is wearing. She did a great job fighting back and jobbing. One question, when he lifts her up across his shoulders, why didn’t you have her turned face up? In my opinion the torture rack is much more believable as a painful position if she is bent backwards then belly down. And it just looks much better I think. But great episode!!

  • May. 30, 2011 at 4:49 am

    I brought this video and was very disappointed, bad guy in jeans, a tee shirt and tats on his arm, he looks like someone who lives next door that shoots porn on his home video camera in secret (LOL). Good looking super heroine, nice body but finds it hard to run in her boots, rubbish fights! The actress, doesn’t want to hurt herself which shows in the fights, i.e. how very careful she was when hitting walls and floors and who can blame her with such a hard floor, mind you she did have that bed to fall onto… and that sofa LOL! And the villain’s place with all that plastic like he’s going to do some painting or something. Yes it’s low budget but come on they could have done better than that! All in all rubbish!

  • May. 30, 2011 at 10:49 am

    – John Cutter

    While I agree with everything that you said, how about giving some constructive criticism and suggestions to help out the producer? It’s very easy to just sit back on your computer and nitpick.

    I sure do hate looking at a villain with just a T-Shirt and jeans and a baseball cap, but at the same time I understand why the producers have to go this route. I mean come on. Would you rather spend your money on the look of the super heroine who is your main selling point, or just some random villain? I know if I was producing, I would concentrate all my budget on the heroine and use whatever is leftover on whoever was playing the villain.

    If it was me, I would probably invest in clothes that have color combinations that are eye stimulating or just weird.

    Check out these pictures of villains from the comics who do not have fancy outfits and you can see that it still works. Also masks and gloves can go a long way to make a villain look credible.





  • May. 30, 2011 at 3:05 pm


    I have to agree with John Cutter on this one. Yes ep 19, which I think John was talking about was bad for all the reasons mentioned. In other words he is giving out constructive criticism, he has explained why he didn’t like it but I guess RyanD, you just didn’t like his tone or how he put it. Maybe I’m getting your tone wrong who knows, the point is we should give an honest opinion. I still enjoyed it but it is John’s view and I respect that. Now the producers can either think he’s an idiot and feel insulted by his view or think he’s wrong, or maybe they will agree and take note of what he said. When you make films you have to take the good views with the bad. Peace out.

  • May. 31, 2011 at 12:06 am

    No worries to any of you guys. No insult or anything taken. For the most part, I really can’t argue with anything any of you said. I mean, yeah… it isn’t a huge budget project obviously, but we are beginning to alter that. @Ryand – yup – you’re pretty spot on – the focus is definitely first on the heroine and everything that shapes and defines her. Secondarily as budget presents itself comes the rest of it. While you want to keep the quality of the film, the fight scenes, and everything in post up to par, you’re always focused on the bottom line, the time it takes from front to back, and sometimes, sacrifices that you’d rather not make end up happening. It sucks.

    @john cutter – I’m not offended if you think it’s rubbish – think that may have been what Ryand was jumping on. John and Tony – you guys are constructive and I’m cool with everything that was said – I always do welcome the good with the bad. I mean, as a producer, would I honestly ever sit here and argue with a customer who brings up things that I would immediately agree could be better as well:)? Of course not.

    I think the most important thing to remember through all of this is that if we all had deeper pockets and six figure angel investors, we wouldn’t have these issues:) The positive spin on this is that the more well oiled a machine gets, the more efficient it can produce films, and those films will improve over the course of time in all areas. TBFE has been in flux and changes have been made the last few months. I’m pretty proud of our group for pushing through, and my vision of making lower budget films that end up with a high quality look, mean fight scenes, sexy heroines, and hit every aspect from front to back, can be a reality.

    I know it can be frustrating to watch something and just wish there could have been a few things different and those things could have made the film for you. I react the same way to other producer’s product. I guess the only thing I could offer up as food for thought, is simply that I’m actually sitting here rewatching, making notes, and communicating with my team even as we speak to make things better. As a consumer, I’m disappointed in certain aspects of my own product. Irony at it’s finest.

    Just keep offering up the constructive critisism and know that when bottom dollar and profit margins are tight – we’re listening and constantly making changes, because the last thing in the world we would want is to loose customers! Thanks to all and hope everyone had a decent long weekend.

    Take care,

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  • Jun. 1, 2011 at 9:23 pm

    Hello friends from TBFE!

    I liked very much the 19th episode. The actress is just awesome!!!!! When i saw her I just ran to buy the video. However, allow me to say that she is overreacting when she is under control by a bearhug! She swings too much. Anyway, congratulations!

  • Aug. 23, 2011 at 4:55 am

    bonjour je voudrais savoir est ce que je peux telecharger le film complete de tbfe episode 19 ?

  • Aug. 23, 2011 at 6:12 am

    hello I would like to know is that I can download the complete film of TbFe episode 19?

  • Feb. 28, 2012 at 3:07 am

    Just discovered this superheroine in peril genre recently, and I love it! Do the Battle FOR Earth series include sexual assualt similar to Hawk heroines and Super Heroine World?

  • Feb. 28, 2012 at 4:28 pm

    @David C

    No. The Battle for Earth is heavy on peril but it is more of the PG-13 variety.

  • Mar. 9, 2012 at 10:47 pm

    Does anyone know the name of the actress who plays Superianna in Ep 24 Good vs Evil?

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