“Batgirl vs. Pantyho” from Knights of Gotham

Batgirl vs. Pantyho from Knights of GothamHere’s a look at a new video from Evangeline Winter’s Knights of Gotham. The funnily titled Batgirl vs. Pantyho also features Hannah Perez, which is always a plus, in my opinion. Check out images below, and check out the trailer and more info at Knight of Gotham.

Batgirl vs. Pantyho from Knights of Gotham

Batgirl has snuck into the lair of Pantyho and her henchman “PantyBoy”. She isn’t there long before pantyho sets a trap for her and makes sure she’s bound. Will Batgirl be able to escape pantyhose trap?

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evangeline von Winter

I want to take a moment to thank everyone who has posted here and has also sent emails to us regarding “Pantyho”. Your comments have been very much appreciated by us. Also We are still taking story ideas for future work so feel free to post or send.
Hannah will be coming back next month for a full day of shooting so send those story ideas.


Fully agree on Hanna Perez comments above, she needs anothe Wonder Woman flick ASAP… she’s awesome!

Evangeline von Winter

@Jobber Lover:
LOL we have decided to go into the “camp” genre, yes and it was meant to have that tongue in cheek feeling. when we first shot it it was close but just off a bit. Instead of reshooting it to try and get it timed better we decided to flip it so it was completely off…therefore adding to the camp.
Hannah is amazing and we might be shooting more batgirl stuff if we can get the costume fixed in time (zipper incident)

I have no idea as that is not my movie and you should probably ask HM directly

The zipper is released exposing the crotch and it is used so that the crotchropes have something to dig into. Hope this answers your question.

If anyone has anymore questions please feel free to post them here and I will do my best to answer them. Again thank you to everyone who has bought this first installment. the second one comes out in two weeks and we will be releasing new camp content every 2 weeks. So far we have three more with Hannah Perez and 4 with Diana Knight. One movie has 5 models in it and is super long. that one should be released sometime in the new year.


For anyone who has seen this, I notice BG’s crotch unzipped. Does she get fingered or forced to orgasm or is her suit just unzipped to make the crotch rope more effective?


I echo the Hanna Perez appreciation. Please bring her back as Wonder Woman soon! Can’t wait for HM’s third installment (any ETA yet?).

Jobber Lover
Jobber Lover

I just went and checked out the trailer.
2 things struck me.
WOW! Hannah Perez’s body keeps getting better everytime I see her. Is she doing P90X or something? Man-o-man-a-shevitz she looks great.
The other thing that struck me is that Batgirl apparently hasn’t driven a motorcycle before. She leans the wrong way through each curve. … Unless that was supposed to be tongue and cheek. Anyway, it made me giggle.