“Fanny Eder 2” from Damien Wagner

Fanny Eder 2: A Long Day is now available. This second episode starts around one hour after Fanny Eder Episode 1 ends.


Emilie takes Fanny, tied up captive, to her boss, Etienne. With the help of Dark, a violent young woman, they’ll try to make her talk… Will they succeed?

This movie includes belly punches, face punches, belly torture, water torture, heat torture, neck breaking, KOs, strangulations, death, gun shots and more…

Chloé is really awesome performing this character, and the rest of the cast is incredibly good in this movie. The end sequence is very intense. I will not say more about it.

I’m very proud of it. I hope you’ll enjoy it!

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I'm a french director and producer. I produce "girl in peril" type of movies, like the adventures of Claire Stone, the explorer; and Jade Hunt, the parisian journalist. Please find out more here: wagner.over-blog.com!

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21 Comments on "“Fanny Eder 2” from Damien Wagner"

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Is there a chloro scene in ep. 2, like there was in ep. 1?


I remember that there was a strangulation, nicely executed, but I am not sure about a chloro.
I liked the film and it had a very cool ending with twists and turns. At first it was difficult to know who actually survived.


Is this the end or will there be a third episode?


Is it out yet ? 😀


When is the release date??


Does emile die in the end or not??


I don’t think so. I can’t be sure. However with a cliffhanger type movie and with only two episodes shown so far, probably not. I also don’t know the fate of some of the villains.
BTW, the film features some other sequences not mentioned by Damien.


The video is basically a feature film with each part ending with a cliffhanger. The film focuses on the interrogation of Fanny Eder in order to extract information regarding a traitor in the rogue organization. There is also a sub plot involving the fate of Fanny’s parents years earlier. There are number of twists and turns near the end with the status of each actor being unclear. The acting along with dialogue and script is exceptional. Fanny Eder 3 can’t come soon enough.


Is there blood? 🙂

And if yes, how much & how exactly is blood spilled?

Yes No