Female Bandits Lady Cats Vol.1 from Zen Pictures

pac l 280x187 Female Bandits Lady Cats Vol.1 from Zen PicturesIt’s been a slow couple of weeks for the heroine peril genre, so I thought I would reach back into the vault for a Zen Pictures release that might have been previously overlooked. I really like Female Bandits Lady Cats Vol. 1 even though I have basically no idea what actually happens in this film. The lead heroines are really sexy, the skin tight camouflage outfits are hot, and action is very well done.

004 l 175x116 Female Bandits Lady Cats Vol.1 from Zen Pictures005 l 175x116 Female Bandits Lady Cats Vol.1 from Zen Pictures006 l 175x116 Female Bandits Lady Cats Vol.1 from Zen Pictures

Our story begins with one of our two heroines, played by Ichie Tanaka, being unloaded out of a van with a few other seedy looking characters.  So I assume this story has something to do with the classic “hero(ine) forced to work undercover with a gang of detestable thugs in order to bring down a criminal mastermind” plot.  Kind of like Point Break, only instead of Keanu Reeves, Patrick Swayze and Gary Busey, it’s beautiful Asian models wearing skin tight outfits.  Anyway, the group stands around waiting for something to happen as the lead villainess watches the events on a video monitor.  She seems particularly interested in Ichie Tanaka, and I can’t blame her one bit.

007 l 175x116 Female Bandits Lady Cats Vol.1 from Zen Pictures008 l 175x116 Female Bandits Lady Cats Vol.1 from Zen Pictures009 l 175x116 Female Bandits Lady Cats Vol.1 from Zen Pictures

The crew stands around talking for a very long time when suddenly a man who looks like a member of a Japanese boy band appears.  A fight breaks out with this guy pretty much defeating everyone.  He seems to like Tanaka, so I’m thinking that he’s in on her plot to infiltrate the group.

Meanwhile, a scene takes place in which the other lead heroine, played by the lovely Yurika Aoi, takes care of a young boy.  He possesses a medallion that seems to be of some significance (if the lingering camera is any indication).  I don’t know what this has to do with the Point Break storyline, but I’m sure it will all become clear soon enough.

Back at the office (?), Aoi appears to be hacking into a computer while Tanaka sneaks around in her sexy outfit.  The two heroines communicate with each other through earpieces, so apparently this is a plan to steal some secret documents or find some other key piece of information about the bad guys.  At this time, a third heroine character appears (or maybe just a female character since I’m not sure which side she’s on.  I’m not sure of anything at this point, really).

010 l 175x116 Female Bandits Lady Cats Vol.1 from Zen Pictures012 l 175x116 Female Bandits Lady Cats Vol.1 from Zen Pictures013 l 175x116 Female Bandits Lady Cats Vol.1 from Zen Pictures

She pulls out a gun and apparently attempts to rob the place.  As her henchmen rob the vault, she walks over to Aoi and forces her to strip down to her underwear.  This is exactly what I would have done in this situation.  Sure, there’s no practical reason to do this, and it takes away incredibly valuable time allowing the police to get closer and providing witnesses several more minutes to gather key information about the robbers, but who cares?  (Aoi has a killer body, by the way.)  Just as Aoi is about to remove her bikini top, a male coworker steps in the way, and the lady shoots him!  Again, I really like the way she thinks.  However, Aoi has used this distraction to make her brief escape before returning in her own matching skin-tight camo outfit.  A fight ensues with Aoi dodging the bad guys’ bullets and taking them out in hand-to-hand combat.  Tanaka joins her in battle, and the two are apparently captured.

Back at the bad guys’ hideout, the female robber is stripped down to a skimpy two-piece outfit, tied AOH, and whipped.  I guess she failed her mission, so this is her punishment.  I really wish one of the two lead heroines had been placed in this situation since they’re much more attractive and I like the scenario of the heroines being in peril rather than a villain, but it’s still not a bad scene.

014 l 175x116 Female Bandits Lady Cats Vol.1 from Zen Pictures016 l 175x116 Female Bandits Lady Cats Vol.1 from Zen Pictures017 l 175x116 Female Bandits Lady Cats Vol.1 from Zen Pictures

The two heroines are interrogated (verbally) before escaping from their jail cells.  Meanwhile, the little boy from the beginning is attacked by some henchmen, but the attack is broken up by Tanaka.  The cop lady is still tied up and is now tortured with belly punches by two thugs.

Our two heroines are now wearing bikinis and are splashing each other playfully in a swimming pool.  At this point, I have absolutely no idea what has happened to the plot from earlier, but the producers don’t seem to care anymore, either, so I guess it doesn’t really matter.  Some cops arrive and attempt to apprehend them but are defeated in a swimming pool fight.  The heroines have a nice chat with one of the cops they’ve just defeated, and the movie ends.  I have no idea what just happened, but maybe this will all be cleared up in the sequel.

018 l 175x116 Female Bandits Lady Cats Vol.1 from Zen Pictures019 l 175x116 Female Bandits Lady Cats Vol.1 from Zen Pictures020 l 175x116 Female Bandits Lady Cats Vol.1 from Zen Pictures

So there you have it.  Not exactly the most logically plotted release from Zen Pictures, but the heroines look great in their costumes, the action is well done.  As usual, I enjoyed it even though I have no idea what actually took place.

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  1. Sugarcoater

    Zen Pictures has some impressive videos, but my one issue with them is that after I bought and received the first Supergirl video, I bought but never received the download information for the second Supergirl video. Despite attempts to contact the company, I never received the video. Not sure if this was a random, one-time occasion, but a heads up to anyone paying for a Zen Production video–just be careful.

  2. I really liked the AOH whipping scene in this movie. Part 2 has the hotter of the 2 heroines tied AOH in a bikini, but unfortunately for dart torture which i didn’t like.

    Sugarcoater-that sucks about your Zen loss. Try contacting both the zen and maxcredit addresses. I’ve never had an issue with that but did hear back from somebody once about a download issue.

  3. Oh, and part 2 also has more AOH torture action for the villain in that 2 piece leather outfit. Hope HM posts a review of that too!

  4. this one (and sequel) is confusing, even after reading the brief story introduction at their web site, I am still lost as hell…

    so HM any news on the next Z-Girls (or something else you were talking about)?

  5. Sugarcoater – I have heard of a couple of people having similar problems, but I’ve never heard of it going completely unresolved. I recommend following MAV’s advice, if you haven’t already. I hope it works out :). There are places where you can buy DVDs rather than downloads, but it’s much more expensive.

    MAV – As a matter of fact, I do have the sequel, and it will most likely be the next Zen Pictures review I post!

    ximi – This movie totally confused me, as you can see in the review. Even if I understood Japanese, I don’t think there’s anything the characters could say to each other that would clarify the story at all. It’s just totally random and makes no sense. Oh well.

    About Z-Girl… Forget what I said in another post :). “Z-Girl 2″ starts shooting in a couple of weeks!

  6. Anarch

    I cant seem to get my player to play these videos. I tried using their Q&A on the site but it seems a little dated. Even tried with VMC player to no avail. Any suggestions?