“Female Combatant Bolero” from Giga

Here’s a very interesting-looking new video from Giga which apparently features an entire army of heroines (or villains). It’s called Female Combatant Bolero (probably in honor of Maurice Ravel, everyone’s third- or fourth-favorite French composer). I’ve not seen the video yet, but some of these images look very interesting.

Buy Female Combatant Bolero at Akiba Web

  1. Shazrand

    OMG! Unconscious women in fishnets and boots OVERLOAD!! Must Buy!

  2. I think they´re slaughtered and dead but that doesn´t matter. It looks so hot. I´ll buy it.

  3. Does anyone know how to watch the movies? I have Win Media Player 11 and VLC player, and real player and none of them work. They give you a chance to “test” your player, and I couldn’t get any of them to play the test movie. Anyone know what to do? Thanks!

  4. thevoice

    fan4231, are you using explorer? because I was using chrome and it wouldnt work but when I went to Internet explorer it worked fine 😛

  5. Thanks, voice. I have IE but it still doesn’t play. I was able to watch their preview, but their test movie doesn’t work properly. Their explanation of how to get their movies to play is ridiculous. It asks you to go into DRM hidden folders and all of that – anyone know an easy way? Thanks again!

  6. That does look interesting, never see a video of that nature with such a large cast made here.

    Although I welcome any producer out here in North America to prove me wrong, lol.

  7. Would anyone be up for co-funding a custom video similar to this but with an American producer?

    I can really see Heroine Legends doing a good job with a video like this.