“First Impressions” – Superheroine Fan Film

"First Impressions" Fan FilmA reader by the name of Sid was kind enough to point out this very well-made fan film involving a young couple taking on a gang of violent thugs. The “reveal” that she’s a superheroine is actually kind of a spoiler (sorry), but the action here is worth watching either way.

And here’s Hailey Bright, the star of First Impressions, thanking her fans…


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If you are producing a Wonder Woman movie, TV series, or even a short film, there is no way you are going to please the comic book fanbase. It’s just too important for them to prove they know more, have better taste, etc., etc., blah, blah. You just choose an interpretation of the character and go with it. A less powerful Wonder Woman isn’t only easier to film, in my opinion it’s more compelling. A heroine who is as strong as, say, five men, tough and resilient, and a superbly trained fighter is just about perfect. Under normal circumstances she could mop the floor with a small group of attackers, but is still vulnerable to a sneak attack, lucky punch or a particularly powerful opponent. That makes fight scenes exciting because the outcome isn’t a forgone conclusion. It also makes storytelling much more open because peril can come from almost any scenario, while a Superman power level greatly restricts storytelling, as well as being much harder to shoot, need extensive special effects and stuntwork, etc.

I think this little short is brilliant. It gets the balance just right. WW dominates the battle with a nice mix of speed, strength and fierce fighting skill, but she has to put some effort into it (it’s four guys after all) and does get tagged once. I would have preferred a scenario that allowed a bit more back and forth action – perhaps a much bigger guy stepping in after she takes out the first group and getting the upper hand against her for a while, but for what it is they did a superb job. I’d love to see more installments.


@Old Fart and Andrew C: Thing now she is a demi-goddess daughter of Zeus, her origin has changed to give her Goddess like powers so what we read long time ago doesn’t apply at all now I think.

Andrew C.
Andrew C.

@Old Fart
I believe you’re right, but you don’t need to go back years ago to show or remember all interpretations of Wonder Woman. In fact, I believe that’s the problem with her. In my oppinion, too much bad interpretations and now we have to deal with all these confusion and pray for TV and Movie Makers to choose a good one and bring her back to the screens. Yes, I’m one of “those who thinks Wonder Woman is as much strong and important as Superman”. After all, she was created to be a female SuperHeroine equivalent to Superman. So it is NOT a wrong interpretation thinking about her as a female fighter as much powerful as Superman. Diana comes from Greek Mithology . She was born with habilities inspired in four gods: Aphrodite, Athena, Hercules and Hermes. Beautiful, Intelligent, strong and fast! The level of these habilities depends on the writer’s interpretations. Diana is a perfect SuperHeroine.

@Evangeline Von Winter,

I believe I’ve got your point. I understand the difficulties to make a movie for heroes with superpowers. Anyway, It was a good short video!

Thanks for the answers! I love to talk about Diana!



I loved this and thought you were adorable AND drop-dead gorgeous (which is hard to pull off)! I got the feeling that she’s not at full power until she suits up.

evangeline von Winter

Unfortunately what we have here is a “Fanfilm” which now-a-days doesn’t mean what it used to. With the popularity of Youtube and the explosive success of many youtube internet webisodes its become a good thing to join acting troupes to get actual acceptable credits on projects. So you get Actors, Lighting, props, equipment, editing, effects, etc for nothing or next to nothing because the credit they get for making it goes on their reel and leads to the possibility of a real job in the industry. Because of this you get people who are not really fans making movies with little to no backstory.

Sure it looks great, and I would give my left tit to have the ability to make stuff like this….but the reality is that if I made that It would cost me about 5K
for 5 minutes.
Seriously, no exaggeration!
So I sit here and I digest all 500 pages of the essential wonder woman encyclopedia over and over again and I grumble because I want so desperately to have the connection these “fanfilms” have

Old Fart
Old Fart

I’ve never posted on this forum before, but I want to comment on 2 things.

1 – this is a great little film. Nicely done. I am very impressed. The gal who plays the heroine is cute as a button.

2 – For all you youngsters who keep saying Wonder Woman is as strong as Superman, I remember a time 65 years ago when I read Wonder Woman comics and Wonder Woman was just an Amazon. Which meant she was tall “for a woman”. Over 6 foot. She had large breasts (probably to sell more comics). She was a great fighter who was surprisingly strong for a woman… something about more gravity on her Island so she’s stronger in our world… I can’t remember the details. But, anyway, that was it.

Today she’s bullet-proof and can even fly in some renditions. I think they’ve added to her over the years so that Superman could have a female equal. Personally, I prefer the old Wonder Woman, who relied on great reflexes and bullet proof bracelets. Why would she need bullet proof bracelets if she herself is bullet proof? Why would she need an invisible airplane if she can fly?

I think this little movie does a great job combining some of what I remember for Wonder Woman back in the 50’s with what Wonder Woman has unfortunately evolved into. I give Kudos to the film maker here.

For all you “Wonder Woman is a Super Heroine as strong as Superman” people out there, I remember a comic where she was captured by a handful of Nazis with nothing more than Lugars.

Just the opinion of an old comic fan from back in the day.


Yeah, I didn’t read it that she was somehow in costume and that this was supposed to represent the dreadful Odessey costume – my take she was just in her civvies on a date but still had her bracelets on underneath and that in her bag she has her tiara and her actual costume.
Either way, great film, and once again another squirmingly awkward moment for the suits at Warner Bros as yet another fan film blows their stuttering, misguided attempts to bring WW to either the small or large screen out of the water.
They’re clearly clueless how to bring the lovely Amazon to cinema and TV and with their recent announcement at Comiccon, I don’t know why DC Entertainment don’t just go the whole hog and rename the Company “The Batman Entertainment Company”…

Spandex Fiend
Spandex Fiend

That was all kinds of awesome. Not sure where you were going with that costume comment, there was just plain-clothes in this, and her bracelets were implied to have been under the jacket as if she weren’t truly transformed. Which also goes towards the power comment, if she’s not fully transformed perhaps this interpretation is that she’s more “normal” before she transforms into her costume and then becomes extremely powerful.

Honestly besides that little tiara moment at the end, this COULD have been a totally original heroine and I would have been fine with that. Still, really and completely and totally awesome. I felt like I was watching an excerpt from a full blown Hollywood movie, rather than a short fan film. I think the thing the with breaking bottle is what sold it in that way for me.

To me, if the fight is kick ass enough, I don’t even need the peril. That was hot.


Ok, let me weigh in. LOVE LOVE LOVE the Kill Bill reference at the very beginning with the girl taking on 88 guys.

As for people who think WW should show off more powers. Remember Christopher Reeves Superman being mugged with Lois Lane, the guy shoots and all he does was catch the bullets and meekly smiles that he must of missed. Sure he could of ripped open his shirt, melted the guys gun with his eyes and punched him into the wall 5 blocks down the street but he tempered his power to fit the situation and kept his secret identity, well secret.

This awesome little fan film has WW on her first date. Do you really think the normal guy would want another date if she just powered up, suited up and beat the hell out of everyone in under 2 seconds? Most people would run the other way when their date turned out to be something superhuman. She’s kept her secret identity, she kept her date from realizing she’s a supe and has reasonable deniability that there’s nothing special about her. And she still kicks the bad guys asses.

All in all, very well done, awesome concept and I want to see MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Andrew C.
Andrew C.

@Evangeline Von Winter:

Why not fighting against 12 superpowered thugs or lilains? We are talking about a SuperPowered Woman! At least I’d like to see something in the plot to justify this action from the heroine. One more thing: Wonder Woman never ever would take so long to react to a scene where a friend is taking a hard beating like that. I think that’s the only weak poit ofthis very good video. I’m just saying because i believe in this production! I’m a great fan of Wonder Woman and I would love to see more and more good films about her. Congrats and thanks for answer!

Evangeline von Winter

The weakening comes from the need for action fight scenes. Lets be honest if she were as powerful as Superman as she is in the CB the action scenes would not be very action packed would they? And it all started with Xena! Once Xena started doing these elaborate action packed fight scenes it became a regular thing to have the heroic female lead to enter into these massive multi villain fight scene. Buffy, Alias, dollhouse, and a bunch of others built on it and now we have to see these massive fight scenes.
I agree that Wonder Woman should be given more power….but that would make films rather boring….unless you have her fighting 12 super powered thugs.


This is awesome! That was some big time butt kicking there!


Now that was some impressive action, a great addition to the superheroine short films popping up across the net now.

Andrew C.
Andrew C.

Allow to me say some thoughts. Wonder Woman is a superheroine as strong as Superman. She is great warrior, she knows martial arts, but certainly, she wouldn’t have all that work to kick a bunch of regular thugs. Unfortunatly, these kind of wonder woman interpretation is common. Ireally like these short video and I’m sure would like to see Miss Hailey Bright playing a Wonder Woman role. I’m just saying that wonder Woman desearves a more powerful vision. She has been seeing just as a beautiful woman who knows to fight. She is more than that. Tooooooooooooooooooooo much more than that. Excellent video! Congrats.


Im mainly a low blow fan, but that was pretty damn awesome!

Alex Bettinger

I usually have very little patience for fan films like this, but even I was wowed by that fight scene. I learned a whole lot just from watching this. Very well done.


Impressive action and choreography for a fan film! I just wish the superheroine outfit had more of a superheroine look to it (and I’m biased against the current new Wonder Woman outfit–loved the George Perez classic). Perhaps if they make a follow-up, they can add more color and include a logo or two. But very well done fan film!

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