“Fly or Die” from Ultraheroix

The new video from UltraHeroix is avaiable, and it features special guest editor Damien Woods. Check out more information below!

It would appear that the demise of Dynafly at the hands of C.L.A.S.H was not yet complete.The heroine was plucked out of certain death by the demon, Grimskull. He seeks the souls of heroic individuals who has fallen in battle, especially super heroines. She is pitted in a battle for her soul where the demon has to defeat her 3 times to claim it while she needs only to beat him once to survive. But how can she defeat an undead foe?

In this video the heroine goes through KO’s, bearhugs, back breakers, sleeper holds, gut punches, foot dragging, over the shoulder, cradle carries and collapses from exhaustion. This video runs for 26minutes and 20 seconds for just $19.95. We give special thanks to Damien Woods from Super Heroine Limited for the excellent job in editing.

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Da Jinx

Glad you enjoyed it! I enjoy creating stuff for Dynafly because she is unique and there are many story and potential situations for her.


I enjoyed it. I’m a fan of the DynaFly character (I think it’s the costume and colors). Also, I was glad to see that, unlike some previous films, the music didn’t overpower any of the scenes or distract in anyway. Well done.

Da Jinx

I’m glad you liked the video, Decendingskulls and TBob. Damien did an awesome job editing for me. I really liked this story in that it had a lot of action and peril. The actors did a great job and were easy to work with. I also liked the Grimskull character because he opens more possibilities for me. For example, I could kill a character in a storyline and then possibility to bring them back if they defeat Grimskull in the afterlife.


Agree on all that. Love the KOs though. 😉


In a market that’s dominated by wonder woman and supergirl characters, I love original characters like the ones created here and that’s why this one got my interest right away. In fact I just realized I bought it without even watching the trailer!

As for the movie itself, I thought it was very well done and fun to watch. Lots going on to keep it interesting, and the characters were fun to watch. It had some minor sound and acting issues from time to time, but it didn’t ruin the film, rather I felt it gave it a nice indie feel reminiscent of old classics. I can’t place the villain’s accent. I feel like it’s Russian, but for some reason I can’t be sure. Anyways his accent was an interesting touch.

It is definitely on the tamer end of the spectrum. You could quite literally watch this with your kids. So it was actually a bit too tame for my own preferences. I had hoped that the plot description meant that she could die three times, but they are just KO’s. I don’t really want to say more without giving anything away.

But basically if you like the images and the trailer, you will likely enjoy the film.

I love Dynafly and she looks amazing in her costume. I just want to see more bad things done to her is all >:-)



I personally haven’t had a chance to yet. If I can carve out some time I will.


I’m thinking about picking this one up. Anyone had a chance to review it?

Yes No