Four New Superheroine Videos from Primal

New Superheroine Videos from Primal[Adults only] Here’s a look at a few new videos from Primal, including such titles as Watery Doom of Patriot Girl (featuring underwater peril), American Gold is Brutally Defeated and Disgraced, and Wonder Kenna – Mind Controlled Slave to the Chameleon.

Watery Doom of Patriot Girl





Patriot Girl has tracked down the crime lord known only as Mr Big to one of his many safe houses. A group of his operatives has stolen a secret formula intended for use in creating super soldiers. The confident heroine confronts Mr Big and finds out that he has already used the formula. She isn’t impressed by supposed “super soldier” and with contempt she hurls a pool ball right at his head with the force of a world class pitcher but the super soldier easily catches the ball in one hand and crushes it to powder. Patriot Girl looks a bit nervous but is still supremely confident and deals out punches and kicks but soon finds herself taking a horrific beating

Now that she is defeated Patriot Girl finds herself tied down on the pool table and being subjected to forced orgasms by a powerful vibrating wand. The Super Solider also spanks her ass to teach her a lesson. She cums so much that it that in the end it pours out of her giving away just how effective the Super Solider was at readying her for Mr Big. The crime lord has his way with her, fucking her deeply and making her cry out “YOU ARE SPLITTING ME APART”!

Mr. Big cover her ass in cum and then leaves her for the Super Soldier to dispose of. He uses a rag to make her easy to manage but she is awake and kicking when he brings her out to the pool. The bound heroine is thrown into the water and left to her doom as she struggles against the ropes and tries to get her boots off as they keep dragging her down

It looks bad for her, her struggles seem to slow. Can she free herself or is the end of her?

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American Gold is Brutally Defeated and Disgraced





Ariana is so tired of having to hide her abilities. She is getting yelled at in the locker room by her merciless cheerleader coach, and then, her teammate and supposed friend Skye turns on her and calls her a loserGold’s danger sense goes off and she senses her coach is in danger, (Coach Kenna is taking a rag nap) she goes to the schools medical center and finds some freak in a ski mask bragging about taking super steroids. She isn’t impressed, until he begins to toss her around like a rag doll. The beating goes on and on until at last he puts a rag on her mouth and she is totally down. Her limp body is stripped and gropedShe finds herself strapped down and the perverted freak is licking her exposed young pussy. She is totally disgusted and it shows on her face, but he licks and licks and soon she is breathing heavily and cumming despite her disgust.

Not happy with what he has done so far the freak uses some device he found in the medical supplies and forces her to cum over and over until her pussy is completely soaked and he can’t resist it any more. Gold’s pussy is so small, young and tight she feels like she is being broken in two as the freak shoves his cock into her. She is in agony but the thrusting starts to work on her orgasmic pussy, and she gasps between pleasure and pain, her face shifting from ecstasy to disgust and back again.

Finally the freak has had his fill and he pulls back her mask to cover her beautiful young face with his heavy load. He leaves her there, covered in disgrace.

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Wonder Kenna – Mind Controlled Slave to the Chameleon





Wonder Kenna has custody of the villain Volt and is preparing him for transportWONDER KENNA: “Now sit here and stay quiet”

She takes out her phone to call the transport and steps away from Volt to get better reception. As soon as she is talking to the transport and her attention isn’t on him, Volt’s body shapeshifts and morphs into a sexy female villainess. The handcuffs fall off her slimmer wrists and clatter to the floor. Wonder Kenna whirls around to be confronted by The Chamelon, a sexy curved villainess dressed in a skin tight costume and wearing sunglasses.

WONDER KENNA: (Confused) “Where is Volt? What have you done with him?”.

CHAMELEON: (Laughing) “That idiot? Don’t worry, you’ll see him again soon enough”

WONDER KENNA: “So you’re a superheroine then? You’re on our side?”

CHAMELEON: (Smiling) “No honey, but soon, you’ll be on my side.”

WONDER KENNA: (As she steps forward) “What are you talking….”

Before she can finish, the Chameleon tips down her glasses and beams from her eyes strike and sink into the heroine’s own beautiful blue orbs. Wonder Kenna stops moving and stands still with a dull look on her face.

CHAMELEON: (In a sweet chant) “That’s it my pretty. Just stand still and listen to my voice. You will obey me no matter what. Your will is weaker than mine. Your body is weaker than mine. You will obey”

For an instant, Wonder Kenna tries to shake her head, but the Chameleon swiftly reaches a hand between her legs to distract her while gazing into her confused eyes.

CHAMELEON: “Obey, obey, obey….”

(Continued at C4S store…)

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Katwoman Broken by Harlee Quinn





Harlee Quinn has captured Batgurl and left her chained up to go get her belt to give her bat-butt a beating, but her playmate is not where she left her. Harlee thinks Batgurl must be playing hide-go-seek so she starts looking for her. Katwoman comes sauntering in behind her, dragging her whip and uses it to pull HQ off of her feetKW explains that only SHE gets to bet that bat ass to make sure it is done purrrrrfectly. She gropes and taunts HQ he gets pouty and annoyed and tells KW she is going to pay. KW taunts HQ threatening a butt beating and HQ seems to getting more psychotic than normal and KW is startled for a moment but she isn’t afraid of Jokesters sub girlfriend and goes to take her down with her whip again but HQ surprises her and knocks her flat. What follows is a montage of crazy HQ beating KW down (mild comic relief inserted images of fight)

KW is now chained down, legs forced apart, ankles pulled up near her ass. HQ seems to be in a playful mood and is going to have some fun making KW cum until it hurts. KW tries to be defiant, cursing and threatening but she breaks down as she is forced to cum and gives out with a final intense squirting orgasm. Now that she has KW’s pussy weak, wet and vulnerable she gets a toy she was given by “Mr J” and fucks the KW from behind. KW begins to threaten and hisses but before she can try to struggle free of her remaining shackles HQ switches from playfully crazy to terrifyingly psychotic again and KW is scared of what will happen if HQ flips out again. She submits to the deep fucking and even obeys as she is told to push back onto the big black dildo. She takes it as HQ fucks her senseless.

HQ isn’t done with KW. HQ had promised KW she was going to get what the bat was going to get and now it is time to finish the game. She spanks KW’s ass with her hand making her mew and hiss and even screech in pain and outrage. She gets batgurl’s belt and gives KW’s ass a whipping that has her caterwauling and then she strips KW’s ass bare and continues a hard ass whipping. KW’s round firm ass ripples under the blows and welts begin to form, she screeches with each blow, her defiance is gone and she is begging for mercy before HQ is done with her.

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@Angleman ouch brother. I have to stick up for our Fight Choreography as being reflective of the models ability in that regard. I think some of our fight scenes are really good. I think we don’t have the mulit-switch camera angle techniques as locked down as some of the other producers but you can see some serious improvement there too over the last several months. Right now we are getting good feed back about


The girl in The Watery Doom of Patriot Girl is INSANELY cute. Bought it simply on the strength of her – even though I knew that the production quality and fight choreography would be…how shall I put it…lacking! But I was prepared to overlook such trifles in order to see her getting nailed! Lol! Would love to see her working for Rye and Chris Styles. 🙂


I just purchased the executioness unchained… Holy hell this video is amazing!

I typically don’t spend $30+ on a video. And typically hate a movie that is longer than 20 min, but wow… This bucks the trend.

The scene where the executioness pummels and toys with wonder star is HOT! The villainess really taunts and plays with her prey which really ups the ante. Awesome work guys. The girl who plays star is really cute too. She has that sexy nerdy look with those glasses on. Super hot


Wonder Kenna. Now there is one fine Amazon.