“Frozen Bat by the Cat” from Knights of Gotham

"Frozen Bat by the Cat" from Knights of Gotham[Adults only] Evangeline von Winter’s Knights of Gotham has released a new video starring Ms. von Winter as Batgirl and Samantha Grace as Catwoman. Story details are below, as well as an image collage…

"Frozen Bat by the Cat" from Knights of Gotham
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Batgirl has entered an apartment where there is supposed to be suspicious activity. She cannot see any obvious signs of distress but as she starts to look around she is suddenly hit by an energy wave that freezes her body in palace. She can still talk and hear and feel, but she is completely frozen solid.Its at this point that cat woman emerges out from the shadows.Catwoman has laid the trap so she could take her time first beating, then sexually molesting batgirl.

By the time she’s done there won’t be much left of Batgirl….but you don’t need much to be a functioning frozen Sextoy….

Evangeline von Winter as Batgirl

Samantha Grace as Catwoman

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Evangeline von Winter

Sorry for the delay in posting about this movie.
This was our first film with Samantha Grace and we were really happy with it. Sam has an ability to pour out the sexuality. just tell her how sexy you want it and she can dispense this for you.
We had a hard time trying to keep from shooting with this costume the entire time she was here because it was a fantastic costume.
I personally enjoyed the sexiness of the scene and not being able to move really helped.
I hope you will let me know what you felt about this movie.

And as always, thanks for watching.