“Dark Kill Panther” from Giga Freeks / Akiba Web

[Warning: extreme content] Giga’s Rape Hunter Development Project Vol. 1 – Dark Kill Panther is your basic Japanese Supergirl sexual peril film which focuses 85% of its attention on the sexual humiliation of the main character.  It also features really good special effects and a cameo appearance by another popular superheroine. And a Power Ranger.

The video begins with a really long sequence in which white credits appear over a black screen as we hear a helicopter and radio communications between two Japanese guys.  As usual, non-Japanese speakers are out of luck when it comes to interpreting this conversation.  What are they talking about?  Super Lady’s whereabouts?  The end of the NBA lockout?  Meatloaf recipes?  Who knows?

Anyway, the film really begins after this sequence, with Super Lady assisting a Pink Power Ranger in a fight against two armed henchmen.  I like the camerawork here, and the effects are really good, as usual; however, I found the editing to be a little “off,” which is very uncharacteristic for Giga, a company that usually gets just about everything right in terms of filmmaking.  The editing just isn’t quite as crisp as it usually is in a Giga production, and this brief fight scene seems a little sluggish as a result.  However, the scene is still 100 times better than most superheroine content out there, so it’s no big deal.

In the next scene, we’re back at the bad guys’ evil base, where the main villain and his huge henchman gaze at the unconscious, battered body of [spoiler!] Wonder Woman.  She really looks like she’s been through the ringer—her costume torn, bruises and blood stains covering her face… she’s definitely been treated to a typical evening with the gentlemen at Giga.  Anyway, the henchman (who appears to be something like a mix between Batman and a cyborg—this must be the “Dark Kill Panther” of the title) grabs Wonder Woman by the throat and delivers a barrage of slow, devastating punches at her stomach.  Eventually, Wonder Woman begins spitting up blood from the mouth, adding the final touch of class we’ve all come to expect from Akiba-Web.

With Wonder Woman’s ribcage and abdomen thoroughly demolished, the main villain pushes a button on a remote control, which has the effect of sending electric shocks through the body of his henchman, who drops Wonder Woman to the ground.  After the henchman recovers from the shocks, he immediately rushes over to the unconscious Wonder Woman and bites her neck!  It’s all very bloody.  Maybe Giga is trying to appeal to fans of Twilight and the vampire craze that’s sweeping the globe.

Meanwhile, our superheroine, in street clothes, plays a game on her favorite hand-held device.  She learns that the previous version of Supergirl, played by Briana Blair in Giga’s Super Lady is missing, making this video a sequel, of sorts, to that film.  She initiates a really long costume transformation sequence that ends with a shot of the new Super Lady flying through the air.  Super Lady arrives at the bad guy’s base, where she’ll spend the rest of the video.  She immediately spots the bound, beaten, stabbed (!) body of her friend the Pink Power Ranger.  She should immediately call for backup or just leave, but this is a Giga video, which means the real action is about to begin.

Super Lady spots Dark Kill Panther standing behind her and starts to fight him (as the main villain watches with delight.)  DKP smacks Super Lady, sending her flying through the air and landing in a conveniently placed pool of ankle-high water, where the duration of this fight sequence takes place.  All things considered, this is a pretty poorly done fight sequence from Giga.  It’s really slow, and it consists of the repeated action of Super Lady rushing towards Dark Kill Panther to be met with a slowly thrown punch, which we see from Super Lady’s point of view, sending Super Lady back to the ground.  Since we never actually see the punches connect, and since this same action is repeated several times, it makes for a pretty lame fight scene.

Eventually, Super Lady is defeated with a really powerful stomach punch, which ends this fight sequence and initiates the action of the remainder of the video—the sexual humiliation and degradation of Super Lady.  There’s about an hour of video left at this point, and almost all of it involves Super Lady getting sexually attacked and assaulted, in just about every imaginable way.  As in Super Lady, it has the feel of a straightforward porn video at times, but unlike Super Lady, this video features Tubaki Kato in the lead role, and her reactions are much better and much less porn-like than Briana Blair’s.  For viewers into superheroine sexual peril, this should hit the spot, but for those seeking more action and story, I don’t think there’s enough here to make the video worth the purchase.

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please send my specifik file or tag for this movie. thank…s


I thought this one was kind of disappointing. From the trailer, I thought this was going to be an excellent movie, but thats not the case. The fight scene in the water was probably the worst fight sequence I have ever seen from a Giga film. I think that’s what ruined it for me.