“Good Kick Ass Hunting” from KickAssKandy

"Good Kick Ass Hunting" from KickAssKandySince the recent site review got a lot discussion going on both Heroinemovies.com and KickAssKandy.com, we thought it would be a good idea to review a KickAssKandy episode. In fact, I’m going to review the most recent release entitled, Good Kick Ass Hunting.

"Good Kick Ass Hunting" from KickAssKandy"Good Kick Ass Hunting" from KickAssKandy"Good Kick Ass Hunting" from KickAssKandy

Here is how the site describes the episode: New Agents Bombshell and Cat are working undercover at Mad Bastard HQ and its their mission to beat 3 passwords from 3 notoriously dangerous criminals to reveal the location of shed loads of stolen money. Its not a question of “if” they’ll take out these madmen, its “how” – karate chopping, power boxing, high kicking beatdowns are only the start.

"Good Kick Ass Hunting" from KickAssKandy"Good Kick Ass Hunting" from KickAssKandy"Good Kick Ass Hunting" from KickAssKandy

And that’s about what you’re going to get. As you can see from the description this episode actually hits on many of the points from the site review.

• Usually, the girls show up with some random objective and beat on the bad guys. Check.
• Occasionally, an evil organization is mentioned by name, but the villains are normally pretty anonymous. Check and Check
• The girls dominate every single fight. Check.
• The scripts are generally well written and are filled with funny moments. Check.

"Good Kick Ass Hunting" from KickAssKandy"Good Kick Ass Hunting" from KickAssKandy"Good Kick Ass Hunting" from KickAssKandy

This is probably a good time to talk about the two actresses, both of whom make their debut in this film. You’ll be happy to know that KickAssKandy’s streak of hiring stunningly beautiful women is still intact. Bombshell, who is probably just shy of six feet tall, not only looks great, but somehow does all of her fighting in high heeled boots. Cat, well… Cat is just an unbelievable knockout.

"Good Kick Ass Hunting" from KickAssKandy"Good Kick Ass Hunting" from KickAssKandy"Good Kick Ass Hunting" from KickAssKandy

And that’s pretty much it. Girl power, no peril, and high production values. Pretty much vintage KickAssKandy.  I do have one small criticism and just know this is coming from a long time KAK fan.  They changed the intro and closing music for this episode. I don’t know if this is a permanent change, but I personally liked the old music better. Otherwise, Good Kick Ass Hunting was a lot of fun.

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There is a certain allure to powerful hot girls, I will admit.

Perhaps you could have them captured with friends who don’t know they belong to the KAK organisation, then they have to wait to beat down the bad guys – adding some peril.

Either that or use some bad girls 😉

I’m in the UK myself, although I’ve not produced here – I have had some experience script writing for guys who skirt fairly close to the line though still safely legal. I could give you help on scripts if you want.


Crap! Sexy girls, men getting beat, crap on a stick! No peril, no interest from me which means no money for you.


Thank you again for your well crafted review Sidekick and I appreciate that it may not be to some of your tastes, which is fair enough. I guess the one sidedness is part of the appeal for KAK fans, they love the total dominance of a sexy woman over a man and they love the fact that they have no weaknesses and they defeat their men with confidence, style and a hint of arrogance. The Bad Ass Kandy girls do take a hit though, I wouldn’t say they get beaten up or find themselves in too much peril but they certainly know how to take a punch.

We had a good old lively discussion about Peril on KAK and I thank you guys for your contribution – although we may not turn either site into a Peril site we may start introducing the BAK take on Peril where they do find themselves in real trouble before they can fight back.

best wishes



Have you found the following website?
Check it out. Some of the bondage scenes are really inventive. This may be low budget, but the women give it everything. Their fight scenes are not properly choreographed, but their very rawness, not to mentionthe bruising falls, makes them all the more powerful.
Anyway, that’s my view. I’d be interested to know yours.


Different strokes, and all that. While I have no problem with KAK doing what they do, and clearly there are many fans of that genre, I have a little trouble understanding the appeal of videos that are completely one-sided. (This works both ways too, I’m not a fan of stuff that is all peril all the time.) I just can’t see the problem with having some tension in the storyline. It’s entirely possible to make videos where the women win in the end and even show some dominance of their opponents, yet take a few shots or get into trouble at some point to add some drama to the scenario. Isn’t it always going to be more exiting if the outcome is a little bit in doubt?


The girls look great, but its a shame with the lack of peril. Also prefer f/f XD


Yeah I got the impression at KAK that they had no intentions of going peril in either of their sites. With no struggle whatsoever in these videos, I will just look elsewhere for peril. Like in Rye’s site!


as I’ve said before.. it doesn’t matter how hot the girls are, if there are no perils, it’s a waste of time/money for me. PASS 😛


Imagine an episode of Kick Ass Kandy, where the woman never gets touched all the way through, apart from the end, where she goes in really confident after beating up 30 guys without a scratch, and suffers a real beating. Now, that would be something special. And I think the reason for that, is your not expecting it. With most peril based heroines, you know they will suffer in it, and it does tend to get you skipping to the bit that happens, as the heroine being powerful is usually just filler material. Not so much with Kick Ass Kandy.

Hope someones listening! 😀


Sym, thanks for your input. On a personal level, I tend to agree with you, but I don’t doubt that there are many readers out there who are fans of this kind of content, even though it differs from the usual “heroine peril” typically featured here at Heroine Movies.

I would be interested to hear from fans of Kick Ass Kandy who prefer a strong, dominant heroine. I noticed several comments on the KAK forum that were very much opposed the idea of introducing peril into KAK’s videos.

I don’t plan to stop covering heroine peril videos or anything, so don’t worry about that. 🙂


Hot chicks but no peril = no money from me.


Must admit to being surprised to see KAK’s stuff appearing here again. It doesn’t help that I’m eagerly awaiting Girls Can’t Fight’s next flick, and so this is pretty much the antithesis of that.

Whilst it’s true that the recent site review did generate some discussion, it’s fair to say that most of it was basically along the lines of “This isn’t my cup of tea”. Likewise, the continuing discussion over at KAK’s forum essentially amounted to “We’ll talk about peril in the absolute loosest sense of the term, but when all’s said and done it’s never gonna happen” Which is fair enough, if it ain’t what the site’s about. Although it did render the discussion about the subject kinda moot.

I don’t doubt this film is on par with all of KAK’s other films. And if their one-sided, punch/kick/punch/kick/next bloke/punch/kick/punch/kick style of ‘action’ is something you enjoy, then this is bound to tick those boxes. If you’ve seen one KAK movie, you’ve seen them all.

Although if you are a fan, I guess that’s no bad thing.

Yes No