“Helix of Hyperion” from Heroine Legends

"Helix of Hyperion" from Heroine LegendsHeroine Legends has just released Helix of Hyperion, the latest entry in its “Altered Universe” custom series. Remember, these stories take place outside of the normal Heroine Legends story continuity. Lets take a look… Check out my review below, along with screen shots and a trailer.

[Spoilers] The story of Helix of Hyperion revolves around a ring with a piece of Hyperyite attached, which the good version of Allura is keen on getting for herself as it once belonged to her family. She gets in a fight with the mob goon who has it and takes some punches to the stomach and face, but she still is able to nab the ring. She then interrogates the goon until he reveals that he was going to give the ring to Dark Vega.

"Helix of Hyperion" from Heroine Legends"Helix of Hyperion" from Heroine Legends"Helix of Hyperion" from Heroine Legends

Now, normally the Hyperyite would take away her powers, but when she puts the ring on her finger, her powers increase exponentially. But this doesn’t take effect right away as she comments that she doesn’t feel any different when she puts it on.

"Helix of Hyperion" from Heroine Legends"Helix of Hyperion" from Heroine Legends"Helix of Hyperion" from Heroine Legends

Enter Amobea, who battles Allura and does his invulnerable thing. He then lands several hard punches to Allura’s face and delivers several knees to her stomach. He then lifts her in an over the shoulder backbreaker and squeezes her in a reverse bearhug. Things look grim but then her eyes begin to glow blue and the power of the ring takes hold. Allura has become stronger than ever before and wipes out Amobea with kicks, punches, knee lifts, and finally a throat lift.

"Helix of Hyperion" from Heroine Legends"Helix of Hyperion" from Heroine Legends"Helix of Hyperion" from Heroine Legends

Arriving at the mobsters’ lair, Allura comes face to face with four goons. One pulls off her mask and they try to defeat her with punches, a crowbar, and a gun, but she is now completely invulnerable. She downs all four when out of nowhere Dark Vega freezes her in place and removes the ring.

"Helix of Hyperion" from Heroine Legends"Helix of Hyperion" from Heroine Legends"Helix of Hyperion" from Heroine Legends

The freeze effect wears off and Allura tries to fight Dark Vega but without the ring, she’s really not a match for DV. Allura gets hit with stomach punches and gets knocked out when DV rams her head into a countertop.

"Helix of Hyperion" from Heroine Legends"Helix of Hyperion" from Heroine Legends"Helix of Hyperion" from Heroine Legends

Allura awakens chained to a wall as DV jabs her again and again with some kind of torture device. DV turns away for a second, and when she turns back, Allura is suddenly wearing red after shifting into her excel form. Allura breaks her chains and the girls have a fight that DV more or less controls. They exchange several stomach punches and Allura eventually manages to get the ring back. And once its powers activate, DV is helpless to stop Allura. Allura takes her best punches with a smile and eventually drops DV unconscious with several punches and cradle carries her off.

"Helix of Hyperion" from Heroine Legends"Helix of Hyperion" from Heroine Legends"Helix of Hyperion" from Heroine Legends

That’s it for the rundown so a couple of thoughts before we finish. I think Cayla Black is just fantastic. I like her as a heroine but I like her even more as a villainess. Now Evil Allura doesn’t show up in this episode but you can definitely feel Allura’s dark side underneath the surface. When she has that ring on it seems to unleash the beast and in a way foreshadows what Allura will one day become. I don’t know what the future plans are, but I for one would love to see that ring enter the normal episodes. It makes her far stronger than even Dark Vega, one of the strongest characters in the series. Evil Allura would be an unstoppable force with that ring and that could make for some great stories as heroines would have to find a way to take her down.

"Helix of Hyperion" from Heroine Legends"Helix of Hyperion" from Heroine Legends"Helix of Hyperion" from Heroine Legends

I also still hold the character of Dark Vega and the actress who plays her Hailey Stillwell in high regard and after this episode ever more so. She plays a terrific villainess but I thought her talents really shined when Allura got the ring back. You can see that supreme confidence she usually has crumble when she realizes she’s about to get her ass handed to her. I just thought that was an excellent acting job. Bravo to both the ladies in this episode.

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  1. valugi

    Logan had said that this would be a great movie, and he was right, we see Allura suffer in various scenes, Particularly I found one of the best releases of Legends heroine.

  2. Maar13

    I think that this one was pretty good, I like movies better when they end the way this one did.

    Allura and Dark Vega are just great, the way they portrait their roles is really good.

    Plus as a KO fan it was cool to see one per girl and the nice carry off at the end, would love to see one similar with Allura some day.

  3. Hey guys, it seems that this one was a hit!! It was also a custom, so we had a great deal of fun expanding on the concept and bringing it to life!!

    A little announcement– we will be removing all of the wallpapers that are attached to the films. They will no longer come with the films, but rather, be available to the VIP Members on our site in the VIP Area. Just another chance to join our VIP Program for FREE!!

    I have a wallpaper prepped for ‘Transition to Darkness'; now it’s just a matter of when to launch it!

    I will have screen captures from today’s shoot up on the site within the hour– our next filming day is Saturday for this project! Day 2 of 8 for ‘TTD’ (Cayla’s Group Custom) was LONG, but it was fun and we got a chance to see Allura vs Larken, Allura vs Diabla, some intense story, and a little Evil Allura in a dominatrix ‘Black Queen’ style!!

    Oh, and it’s confirmed that next week’s release will finally be 2.7: ‘Dark Future’ 😉


  4. Mike A

    good news. i crave some shots from Lady Wonders scenes next week 😉

  5. I was the one that paid for this custom, and am really pleased with the way it turned out. I asked Logan to come up with an artefact that not only made her more powerful, but also increased her more aggressive evil side, so I’m really pleased that came across in the finished film. I don’t know what plans Logan has about the ring crossing over to the main universe (but I would love this to happen hint hint).

    Finally I would just like to say what a thoroughly professional outfit Heroine Legends are to work with, and if anyone is thinking of doing a custom with them, I would have no hesitation in recommending them :)

  6. @Paul: Thank you for the kind words! And thank you for allowing me the creative freedom to take your ideas and make something new out of them!! I don’t know how I’ll implement the ring yet, but I’m working on quite a few awesome things with the series, so I’m sure we can make something happen!!

    Also, for those of you who are following along, I added screenshots from today’s shoot to the Gallery (for Cayla’s Group Custom), Enjoy!!:



  7. I didn’t think I would ever like a costume more than Allura’s heroic one, but I think her new evil one in the group custom is it’s equal. That costume is HOT !!!! Any chance she will be wearing it in other films other than the group custom ? I’ve got to say I much prefer it to her current evil costume.

  8. @Paul: Well, it’s an in-between costume. Once you see the film, it will all make sense… actually, once you see the film, about 50 questions you had about “Heroine Legends” will be answered and so much will make sense!! And then, of course, there will be more questions lol But, in answer to your question, yes, there is a possibility of her wearing the costume in future episodes– anything is possible in Superhero world lol :)

    “Transition to Darkness” hasn’t even been fully filmed yet and it’s easily my favorite script, bar none… you’ll love it too! You’ll see!! 😉


  9. I also got a custom from Logan and echo Paul’s comments. Mine will be released as a regular film and I was completely thrilled with it. The actresses who play Thorne, Celestia and Vega were awesome, and Logan wrote a great script and executed well. I can’t wait to see what he does with Kristin’s group custom!!

    I also loved that sexy black leather costume for Allura.

    Where else can you get leather clad hotties who can actually act and brilliant execution like this?

  10. Mike J

    @ Logan

    Will 2.7 be out early for VIP members like some of the other films have been.

  11. Jimbo

    @ Logan..
    When will all the wallpapers that were attached to the films..be moved/posted to the VIP section?

  12. Steve S

    Yeah, I’ll buy any vid of Allura in that costume :0

  13. @SCSF: Your custom also ended up being an awesome episode! Lots of cool action and plot twisting :) And to answer your rhetorical question: Right here, only on Heroine Legends! (of course!)

    @Mike J: Our plan (as much as we can stick to it with our schedules) is to have a Wednesday Early Release for each film – the Early discounts will last until Thursday night at midnight (Pacific Standard Time, USA) and on Friday morning, the film will go on general public release.

    @Jimbo: It’s going to take a little bit of work; I’m hoping to have this done by Sunday. It’s been a pain ‘ensuring’ that every release has a wallpaper attached, so we are making this change so that I can release Wallpapers I create on my own accord.

    @Steve S: It IS a hot costume :)


  14. Maar13

    @Paul & Logan: Congratulations on an amazing project. It was great.

    I hope one I can get a personal custom and I am really glad I have been able to cooperate with the group customs, love the pics of the progress (Seriously, when you think Cayla can’t get any hotter she just do…amazing) and can’t wait to see them finished.

  15. Hey Logan, i was just browsing your site and i’ve noticed you’ve removed the list of featured fetishes/fight moves that used to be to the left on each video page. Was this deliberate, and if so why!? I found it very useful in determining which videos to buy, and as much as i love your site, your prices make it too much of a gamble to buy a video and hope it includes the fighting moves i enjoy.
    Also there was a poll on your homepage asking what your audience would like to more of. This has also gone and i was wondering if there was a reason for that aswell and i would also be interested as to the results of that poll?
    Thanks, <3 your work!

  16. Maar13

    @K2: They just changed the location of the list.

    You have to click on Fans Corner—> VIP program and then you will see a pic of Thorne (In a very hot Orange outfit I might add) in there, click on that one and you will see the list.

  17. Maar13

    Man this really seems to be a HUGE movie more than a custom, great to see that.

    At some point you think you could name the action elements on your list or to the ones that contributed? more than anything I would love to see which KO methods are used with Allura but in general all things.

    The fight with Allura and Lady Wonder is going to be a slobber knocker for sure!

  18. @Maar13: This IS a huge movie lol – there is definitely A LOT going on and for anyone who watches the series and follows the storyline, this is going to tie in a lot of characters, motivations, back stories, and make a lot of things make sense :)

    We would LOVE to do the same type of thing with Kristin’s Group Custom (by the way, we found our pool house location)– we are thinking about choosing one or two additional characters and putting up funding campaigns for them as well– it helped us make this movie AMAZING so far!! We have a character named HAZE who is a Batgirl-type of character who we may include with the Celestia/Nova Group Custom… we’ll see what the interest is in that! 😉


  19. Maar13

    Well, I am interest on that too so I am all for it. Can’t wait for this one and Kristin’s.

  20. Mike A

    So is Transition to Darkness an Altered Universe film or is it in the main storyline? Only reason I ask is cuz on your site its listed as Altered Universe. Seems like it would be part of the main story though as Allura and Lady Wonders origins are covered.

  21. @Mike A: It’s not under Altered Universe on our site… it’s under The Evil Path… and it is a HUGE part of the main story line…


  22. Mike A

    Just checked your front page and it is indeed listed as an Altered Universe film. But good to hear it is not. I know its probably a bit of a ways off, but when can we expect this to release? Late June – ish?

  23. @Mike A: Eh, silly secretary. It’s correct under the actual film page. Under Films, The Evil Path, Transition to Darkness. I’ll get that little info blurb fixed up. On a different note, 2.7: ‘Dark Future’ is rendering out now so I’ll have it ready for a Wednesday VIP Release – it came out to be 28 minutes, 46 seconds long – it’s a nice lengthy little flick :)


  24. Mike A

    Good to hear. I meant when Transition to Darkness was slated to be released though lol

  25. @Mike A: Probably all throughout June… I need to release everything we have already shot– which already takes us up to May 31st. ‘Transition to Darkness’ is a feature film, so it will be released in 3 or 4 parts much like ‘The Demon Within’ & ‘Return of the Black Queen’. We have a personal custom film to shoot right after we finish this one, then we need to figure out exactly what we are going to do for Kristin’s Group Custom character-wise.


  26. By the way, I changed my mind on the VIP Wallpaper thing. The films will still come with wallpapers– VIP will receive other wallpapers not shown anywhere else though. Too much hassle to change everything around. :)

    Also, while we are on the topic of Kristin’s Group Custom, I’m curious as to how many people are interested in the Batgirl-esque character. We also are going to introduce Vega’s (much stronger) sister… –cough cough– Power Girl-type –cough cough–.


  27. You sir have just made my day, Power Girl wehooooo !!!!! Please let her kick some butt as well as getting her butt kicked. :)

  28. kingles

    @Logan: Let me know if you got my E-mail(s) regarding Celestia’s group custom.

  29. Maar13

    So kind of Power Girl, ha? that is great. Astra VS Allura is going to rock if it happens.

    I am interested in this new like Batgirl character but would love to hear from everyone else.

    In this case, I would suggest that people like Allura (if she is to remain a Villainess in the end), Diabla and Dark Vega get way more stronger so you might need multiple heroines to take them down.

    And please, just as a small request, if at some point you film a chloro or a gas ko with Allura for this film do you mind put pics of it on the page?

    The one with her with out boots while KOed in the floor was great, she has beautiful legs, that is for sure.

    Nice to see the new Tempest on board, she looks great too.

  30. Mike A

    Will there be preview shots coming of tonights Lady Wonder shoot?

  31. kingles

    @Logan: Thanks for getting back to me regarding my email…I just never feel like I can trust them until I get confirmation that they were received(some of my oldfashioned techno-fright coming out I guess, lol). Anyway, maybe Haze could be a good character for the idea I mentioned(new heroine with a secret identity). We’ll see what happens.

    Now to ‘Helix of Hyperion’. Ever since you put up the preview picture where Allura is smiling while being demasked(picture#2 above), I’d been intrigued by it because it seems so…incongruous. Why wasn’t she distressed, as a heroine being demasked would normally be?

    Well, turns out I was right to be intrigued, because that scene was amazing! Cayla is hot anyway, but being completely ruthless and invincible, in her Allura costume, without the mask, was a whole new level of hotness. I generally wouldn’t consider myself a ‘girl power’ fan, but this scene really worked. Really the whole video is excellent, and there’s still plenty of peril for Allura to deal with. Great job on this one!

  32. Mike A

    Ah Lady Wonder took a snooze yesterday it seems. Was that the chloro scene pictured there or another ko? And you threw in the carry anyways! Youre the man.

  33. Maar13

    Those pics look great and both Allura and Lady Wonder look great om them. Thank you and can’t wait for more.

  34. Maar13

    @Mike A: From the pictures I really don’t think so, seems more like a sleeperhold so maybe they are saving the chloro for later.

  35. @kingles: no worries about the email– I feel the same way! This film was a custom, so it allowed us to go in a different direction than normal and I can say that I, as well as my actresses, are extremely happy we got the chance to do this film– it allowed us to expand on characters and VFX as well as give the “SUPER” to Allura while still keeping the dire situation and peril elements :)

    @Mike A: What Maar13 said :) The chloro scene is filmed on Friday.

    @Maar13: and more will come!! We film Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday on this film plus one more day for a nice Nightshadow vs Allura fight since we missed that opportunity in ‘Agent Files 4′ :)

    I’m also working on prepping 2.7: ‘Dark Future’ for VIP Release now! :)

    If you’re not already VIP (soon to be HL Elite), sign up here:



  36. Mike A

    Wow. The way things are looking this looks like it could be your masterpiece. Cant wait for June. But your other releases should tide me over nicely in the meantime :)

  37. @Mike A: I spent some time doing ‘Ground Zero’ which is still one of my favorites. Then we got a custom order for ‘Return of the Black Queen’ which we took our time on and got a great product from too. Then we got new equipment and I decided to create ‘The Demon Within’ and ‘Path to Darkness’ and spend time on those– and got, what I feel, are great films from them. Now, with the Group Customs, I wanted to take an equal amount of time to create something that was filmed with some care and effort put in (not that our other films aren’t), and I’m really digging the way this film has turned out so far! I’m probably just as excited, if not more, to see this film all put together for its release! :)


  38. Maar13

    @Logan: And what about Allura’s Kos? Please tell me that at least you habe achlor with her and/or gas scene. I mean besides that beautiful picture of her from day 2.

  39. Maar13

    Sorry… I meant you have a chloro or a gas scene. I hope :)

  40. Maar13

    OK….but come on, a carry off for a Allura maybe?

  41. Maar13

    OK, Well still really excited to see how this turns out. I like younare using soo many characters in this one.

  42. @Maar13: Trust me, this is going to be our best installment so far… you get to see Lady Wonder introduced, Allura “become” evil, Tempest returning, and people who are a part of the Vega/Diabla/Allura story arc, plus get insight into who Furis and Falcone were before Season 1 even started! 😉


  43. VIP is now HL ELITE!!

    2.7: ‘Dark Future’ EARLY ELITE RELEASE sent out a few moments ago– this episode was pretty intense– enjoy!!


  44. Maar13

    Just by pics I am in love with Lady Wonder already, that suit is freaking great and Kelly was the perfect choice for that role.

  45. @Maar13: Oh, yes, the one we are working on is intense, but I actually meant that ‘Dark Future’ is pretty intense too :)


  46. Maar13

    I know….I was just complementing Kelly and TTD in the second comment, the first one was totally related to 2.7, which is being downloaded right now!

  47. Maar13

    Again…Allura is my favorite from you guys and Damn! That Valentine is the most dangerous individual out there!

  48. @Maar13: Yeah, Valentine is EXTREMELY dangerous. You saw the screen cap of him carrying off Lady Wonder in ‘Transition to Darkness’… he’s the strongest villain… next to Kaid– who will return to HL soon!! On a side note, this episode was filmed sooooooo long ago for us… I can’t wait to show you guys all the new stuff… with new lighting, stabilization, technique, etc… you can tell the quality improvement in the screen caps alone… :) Hope you guys enjoy the Sapphire introduction & wallpaper!


  49. Maar13

    Great! and yes, as usual…Loved the Wallpaper, It makes Sapphire look insanely hot!

  50. I’m gonna take a break from working on this– especially since we are filming early in the morning…

    …but take a look at this concept page and let me know if you think it’s something that you would like to see finished. Right now, most of the buttons don’t work and I’m only up to the beginning of Season 2, but you get the concept:


    Let me know your thoughts on the HL Film Catalog page!!


  51. Mike J

    Nice to wake up and have the 2.7 email waiting. I’ll save my review until that episode has it’s own review here.

  52. So I asked this on our own forums, but I’ll also ask here:

    What are your 3-5 favorite Heroine Legends films (and why)??


  53. Mike A

    Is that Allura wearing pantyhose? WOW. This vid is getting even better by the minute. Is the Lady Wonder chloro scene still on for Friday?

  54. Mike A

    Whats the reasoning behind the tights? Def not complaining, just curious. In love with this movie already.

  55. @Mike A: Just playing around with different options. Allura has had or will be in like 6-7 different costumes, 4 ones in this film alone, and she never wore tights. Since we bought a bunch of tights (a few hundred dollars worth) for Sapphire, Lady Wonder, Tempest, Black Queen, etc, we decided that while Allura is in her Academy outfit, and no one has ever been in tights in that outfit, that we would try her out in them. Looks pretty good in my opinion– and I’m not really a tights guy… but I am a fan of diversity and trying out new things. :)


  56. Mike A

    Are we slowly converting Logan over to the pantyhose side of things? lol

  57. @Mike A: lol no– I’m still very much a “bare legs” man… but I do like variety in my films and giving everyone a little piece of everything! Plus Cayla was down for trying out something new :)


  58. Maar13

    Cayla looks great on that outfit…Is she getting knocked out there or is she been awaken after a knock out? Also…would we be seing her training to become Allura at some point with that outfit?

    Just curious.

  59. Jerry

    That is great to know. Being a bare legs man, you are on the right side !!
    I guess it is OK to throw the pantyhose crew a bone every once in a while,
    but stay true to your roots!! Us bare legs men appreciate it and will continue
    to reward you with our business!!

  60. Maar13

    @Logan: Changing the subject a bit, The catalog page looks good.

  61. @Logan : Going back to your question about favourite films I’ll list my top 4 (as the first might not count :))

    1 Helix of Hyperion
    2 Path To Darkness
    3 Demon Within
    4 Episode 2.7 Dark Future

    The important points for me are the story, and the females (whether heroines or villains) to be shown as strong and powerful combatants. I prefer female v female fights, because they are the ones that seem to be evenly matched, at the start of the fight your not sure who’s going to come out on top. Although I would love to see a really powerful female emerge on a par with Valentine and Falcone, and dominate a fight against another opponent, for me that’s the one missing piece of the jigsaw.

  62. Mike J

    @ Logan.

    As far as favorite films. Aside from ground zero I’ve only been buying films since this season, so I only have like 10 or 11. But as for favorites.

    Agent Case Files 5 is my favorite by far

    Then Agent Case Files 6, 2.1 Impending Death, 2.3 Smackdown, 2.7 Dark Future, Demon Within, Trophy for the Queen, Exchange are all pretty much even.

    I really don’t have a lot of fetishes. I really just want to see a sexy heroine get knocked out. How we get to that point I really don’t care, just mix up the details. If she’s fighting a male, they can all really be like Impending Death, she doesn’t even have to get a shot in.

    Case File 5 is my favorite because that had some of everything, multiple knockouts, and it most scenes F/F combat so no matter which way the peril was going or who was winning the fight and sexy heroine was getting weakened or knocked out.

    I like your videos because you give me that along with good choreography and a solid story. But I usually only buy the ones where I can see by pictures of by trailers there’s going to be KOs. If it looks like the heroine is dominating from the preview materials I’ll usually pass. Unless it’s against other heroines or a female villain of course.

  63. Jimbo

    Since I’m a fan of Vega which is your version of Supergirl, My favorite films are The Demon Within [1] [2] [3], 2.2 NIGHTMARE, 2.4 Exchange & 2.6 New Power. First of the all, the actress who plays Vega is very good and storyline that follows Vega is excellent. Now my favorite fetish is kinda different from everybody else. Mind is Underwater fetish…I think when it comes to peril, a heroine aka Vega almost drowning in the pool from its weakness, like a Hyperyite necklace would be great to see in the future. As for the action, I like Woman Vs. Woman, you never know who has the edge heading into the action and most of the time, the battles are nail-biters. Looking forward to watching the rest of Season 2 and can’t wait to watch this custom film that will be released in the future. I’ll get around to watching/purchasing all the films. Keep up the good work.

  64. Maar13

    Well, my favorite movies so far:

    1. Helix of Hyperion
    2. Path to Darkness
    3. Tied – Broken Thorne & The Demon Within.

    I love Kos and can actually like a heroine being defeated every once in a while but what I truly like is a Strong defiant heroine who at some point run into some peril but at the end of the day wins and saves the day.

    Said heroine can be koed a few times but in the end should win. Unless like in Path ato Darkness the focus is on a Villainness in which the bad girl can win at least temporarily.

    Movies in which the heroine is killed or abused in a bad way or severily bruised are an absolute turn off for me, might be in the minority there but that is how it goes.

    That was why I liked this one a lot, Great heroine, good fights, some peril and Kos and in the end The Heroine on top.

    In an opposite case I liked Trophy for the queen because of the multiple Kos and Allura of course but truth be told, I passed the ending because it was a custom but I really didn’t like it because of what I mentioned above…Still a great movie.