Heroine Legends – New Sale and New Video Concept

Heroine Legends SaleHeroine Legends has been an hiatus for a while, but the company is offering a new sale and is asking for your input into a new video concept, which involves a video game-inspired scenario involving a very popular game franchise you may be familiar with.

Heroine Legends – New Sale

We are running a week-long SALE of our “Season 1″ Feature Pack for $199.99 and “Agent Files” Cases 1-3 ($5 OFF each).

Visit HeroineLegends.com for more information.

New Video Concept – Mortal Kombat-Style

Heroine Legends” is putting together a new video concept now and is looking for your input! We will be filming a series of ‘Mortal Kombat’ style films where there is a player select screen, power bars, and a full-on two-section fight… The concept includes the input from our fanbase… we will frequent the forums to get ideas from our fans and also set up a contribution system.

This system follows the basis of “custom videos” but allows the buyer to purchase “moves” for the fights as a single item purchase or as a bundle–thus getting a custom-type video for much less than a normal custom would cost!! For example, one move would be $50, two moves for $75, three moves for $100, four for $110, etc.

The moves could be anything of your choosing (subject to actress approval). You would, of course, as a contributor, receive the video without any extra charge, so you get the video that includes the moves you want to see rather than wondering if what you are looking for will be in the film!

There will be chosen moves, special powers, and finishing moves as well! Let us know what you think as we prepare to launch this concept in early 2013!!! Thanks!!

  1. Jerkstore

    How is The Demon Within edit coming? We’re all going to be eligible for Social Security by the time it comes out.

  2. This sounds a lot like Alex Bettinger’s Battlebabes. That’s not a bad thing because it’s a great idea, and I think both producers, at this point, give us different things. Plus if you had the life bars (AND FATALITIES!) and it was more fighting oriented and less sexual, they’d be different enough to make everyone happy.

    I think the prices are a little high but the concept is solid.

    And yes, there should be fatalaties. Or at least alt endings where if the girl you wants to win doesn’t, you can see her still do so, even if it costs a little extra.

  3. In regards the Mortal Kombat fight style videos, I personally love the idea, especially with all the elements such as power bars and fatalities! The fact that these are being offered as a custom is even better!!!

    However, whilst not wanting to be as cutting in regards the matter as the initial comment, with the problems you guys have already which seem to have HL appearing ‘dead in the water’ so to speak, is there not a danger of out-reaching your grasp with yet more stuff?

  4. @Jerkstore: “TDW” is slated for release by the end of next week. :)

    @DKM: The prices aren’t set in stone yet, but remember, you get the video with it, so if you pay $50 for a low blow (for example), you get your custom move plus the video without the need to purchase it separately… Fatalities are definitely a big part of it!!

    @Mark: We’re definitely not “dead in the water”– we have filmed and are filming up through this coming Monday “Path to Darkness”, Season 2 episodes 1 through 7, and Agent Files 4. We scouted, found, and hired 4 editors to replace the one editor we were using in the past so we are back on track now… “The Demon Within” is finishing up in post-production, and Episode 2.1 “Impending Death” is in post-production now! We have also slated Episodes 8-10 and 2 more Agent Files to be filmed by year’s end. We haven’t had a release in a while because of our hiccup with our primary editor, however, filming hasn’t stopped. You’ll start seeing weekly releases from us again starting next week!


  5. The idea sounds fun, but you want to charge us money to see moves that should already be standard placement?

  6. Gr8 idea. Would love to see an evil villainess who collects the souls of her defeated heroines(like Shang Tsung)

  7. @Sid: Custom video requests come in daily to our inbox. The cost for a custom can range in the hundreds to thousands depending on what the viewer wants. Many times, the custom orderer wants a specific move – and that’s all they are requesting. Sometimes, it’s a series of moves. Instead of charging, let’s say $800 for this, they can choose a package that has those moves for $100 – saving $700. For those participating, they will receive the video with their contribution just like they would a custom. For everyone else, the video will still be sold at the normal price and the fans can still choose to purchase the video if they see the move featured that they are interested in. So if you aren’t interested in paying to see a specific move, then you would just purchase the release as a normal film for sale.

    @ken: AWESOME IDEA!!! We will put that up on the list!!!


  8. Would absolutely love to see a beauty in a Princess Kitana outfit fight then be defeated. Afterwards either stretched on the rack or hung by wrists for some torture.

  9. Any estimates on when episode 2.1 Impending Death will hit?

  10. @Judah: The new Thorne costume is based somewhat off of Kitana’s costume… she will be red though. Those moves will all be options for custom-ordering– again, the prices aren’t set and final… they are simply examples for the idea/concept!

    @Bob: 2.1: ‘Impending Death’ is in post-production with an editor right now– there is a good chance it might actually release before “The Demon Within”… We are aiming at Tuesday for at least our 1st cut, but the editor has been notified that we are looking for a quick and speedy deliver so we can get some of this filmed content out to you guys!!


  11. @Logan – kind of hoping that ‘Impending Death’ does make it to release first…and soon! Seriously, I’ve not looked forward to a film as much as this since, funnily enough, NGC 2.1 with Bluebird!

  12. Jobber Lover

    IMO – If you don’t do fatalities it would be a waste of time. Remember Mortal Kombat had a television show with tons of fight scenes it in. The fights were well choragraphed, with beautiful actresses. But the show didn’t stick. Non of the MK movies have made it either.

    For me, Mortal Kombat (the game) was about 3 things: Fatalities, blood and the chance to see the villian triumph in some gory fashion. If there’s no chance Sonya Blade is going to bleed, and even less chance she’ll get her spine ripped out. Then it might as well be ballet, or a cartoon, becasue it isn’t Mortal Kombat.

    The nice thing about the format you propose is that you can have Sonya or Jade or whom-ever die again and again. Each individual episode wouldn’t have to relate in any way to any previous episode.

  13. HolyMolyDude123

    Sounds like a fun idea…you guys will certainly be getting some money from me once it starts up.

    I know the prices aren’t solid, so this will be impossible to answer, but how much do you expect the video to cost if one purchases it alone (no custom move included)?

  14. @Mark: We are working very hard to get all these episodes out to you as quick as possible!!

    @Jobber Lover: Fatalities will definitely be included! We will most likely steer clear of blood at least when we begin– mostly because of the amount of time it takes to include it… we may have some post-production blood on certain moves, but that will be it… We will see how it goes when we start it up!

    @HolyMolyDude123: I’m not 100% sure on the pricing as of yet– it’s really going to be determined by how long the fights end up being once they are finished in post-production after filming… they will be priced under a similar structure– I know that editing will cost a little more because there will be more work to do, but that should be counter-balanced by contributors, so we’ll have to see how many people want to get involved!


  15. mantower

    I love the idea especially with the fatalities – I would have asked for a fatality end in my recent custom had I known it was an option, but this opens up a lot more avenues and I think I will be very active in this project asking for moves. I hope there will be mixed gender fights as well. Now, one problem with the fatalities without blood is how will you be inventive and keep them ‘interesting’? I mean I am no trained assassin but I think there are only a handful of ways you can kill someone without blood everywhere. Will the fatalities also be up for voting? I am really looking forward to this starting up!

  16. azncaity

    If it was $35, $60, $75, $90, $100 that would be more doable.

    you should also have a $60 or so, “finisher” option as well

  17. @mantower: We are going to allow the viewers to select who fights who– just not sure exactly what system we are going to implement for this. Guys can fight guys or girls or it can be girl on girl… Now, using blood ends up being a ridiculous added cost, so we try to avoid it. I’ve had homeowners and businesses charge to re-carpet an entire room because they couldn’t get the fake blood out– so I try to avoid it until we get big enough to have that type of budget. Blood can happen as a visual effect– we just won’t be working with the actual thing. I’m sure we can come up with some cool finishers– they don’t all have to be splitting people in half– multiple bone breaks don’t use blood for example… Fatalities will be selectable along with moves… we are still working out the scale so once we know, we will relay that information to everyone!!

    @azncaity: As soon as I figure out the length of the fights, then I can figure out the pricing. Remember, if you contribute with one move, you get the video included, so we have to factor that in as well… Fights are also the most time-consuming, lengthy part of filming, so once we figure out how long it will be, that will influence the video cost which will influence the contribution system– but I do want to make it fair for everyone– and we will have to put a move list cap per-video as well…


  18. So, the parallels between HL and NGC continue, as it would appear that just as was the case with Bluebird’s new outfit in season 2 also, I’d say my favourite HL character has similarly ‘down – graded’, based upon those ‘sneak peeks’! A sad, sad day indeed!

  19. Hi logan

    I liked thorn of new clothing and also the story of the new season seems to be very interesting, ansious to see that chapter


  20. @Mark: I’m curious as to why you think she’s been downgraded… her costume coverage is practically the same… by the way, all changes were inspired by request of the actress.

    @valugi: it’s on it’s way!! I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!!


  21. @Logan – I just really loved the look of the original outfit on Miss Hess, love a good metallic material, loved how the accessories and make – up worked with it, plus I guess blue is my favourite colour so…

    Regardless, I’m sure the breathtakingly beautiful Kristina will still look simply stunning in it! However, like with the Bluebird change, I don’t see it being a favourite for me!

  22. @Mark: I agree with the metallic look– she didn’t want it to be metallic because she thought it looked cheap, so I lost that argument lol — when we film our mainstream film, we will be putting her in a semi-gloss leather-looking version of the new costume, regardless of what she says 😉 We changed her color for symbolism and because we had no red character and have introduced (or about to introduce) 2 blue ones – Vega & Sapphire. She still has the same type of head-band, same hair style… I’m sure some will love it and some will favor the old– that’s what happens whenever you make a change to anything really… Perhaps it will grow on you– she looks GREAT in red! 😉


  23. Any chance for one of the heroines to wear pantyhose finally? And I mean straight pantyhose, not fishnets or mesh or anything like that. Tan nylons preferably. Been waiting for this from you for awhile now.

  24. @Logan – I can say with certainty that Kristina will look amazing in it, as that’s a given (let’s be honest, what wouldn’t she look amazing in!). However, I can also say with certainty that it won’t grow on me either! Just as the case with Bluebird’s new gear; the guys at NGC said the same thing, and whilst the gorgeous Miss Yellowlees carries it off beautifully, its only the fact that she’s my favourite actress that keeps me coming back for more all the time whilst suffering the outfit!

  25. @Mike A: Still waiting for the opportunity to add that to a character’s costume (new character preferably) and for it to look good– not just include it just for the sake of including it. We will let you know!!

    @Mark: The general consensus has been that the costume is a HUGE improvement, but I understand if it’s just not your taste! I guess in this genre, we win some and we lose some!! She’ll continue to be kick-ass though 😉


  26. @Logan – you’re absolutely right; it’s all down to personal taste. And the worse part personally is that unfortunately my Thorne custom dream has died with her old outfit!

  27. @Mark: well, we are replacing Thundra with a new actress, introducing 2 other Heroines, and one villainess– plus the Hunters are just starting up, so there is a good chance you’ll have a new favorite!! The old costume custom for sure is probably gone– we destroyed the costume in Episode 2.1 😉


  28. @Logan – you never know (I do like the look of Mystik) but I very much doubt it; it really was Kristina Hess or nothing. Maybe wait and see what the ‘Mortal Kombat’ series offers. That still fascinates me as I just don’t see how the fatalities will work without limbs and blood flying about lol!

  29. @Mark: I’m not 100% sure we will go that hardcore into the Mortal Kombat universe. It will still be Heroine Legends characters with their sets of moves and powers– just set up like a video game. We are still ironing out the details, but when it comes down to it, working with blood is very expensive and this genre of film doesn’t exactly cover those costs… we are still gathering ideas– we aren’t going to jump into that until mid-January though. We have a mainstream Kickstarter project we will be launching and promoting prior to that– all the film elements you guys love, but in a PG-13 mainstream version so we can grow within this genre. We will begin pushing that early 2013 as well… The option to potentially take Heroine Legends the path Power Rangers went, but with a Charlie’s Angels touch…


  30. mantower

    The new costume looks promising to me and Mark, drama queen much? I mean you are making it sound like they have put her into a plastic bag with clown shoes and a jester’s bag. Five posts to make the same point – we get the point (we got it after the first post), you are not crazy about the new costume. Can we move on now?

  31. @mantower – sorry, didn’t realise I was actually addressing you with my post that began @Logan. So, by all means comment on the outfit yourself, but don’t tell me what I like or what I don’t, or what to post, and we’ll get on just fine, thank you very much!

  32. mantower

    Mark, nowhere did I say that you are not allowed to like or dislike things, these guys feed off our feedback and need to be told our likes and dislikes. But come on, five posts to say the same thing and you really are making it out to be way more dramatic than it actually is. All I am saying is dude, chill.

  33. @mantower – you be sure and let me know when they make you moderator on here and I’ll be sure to actually give a crap then about what you say!

  34. krispin

    Please, could you tell me in which of your clips we have fem vs fem fighting?
    I’m into good girls beaten by stronger bad girls. I bought “Return of the black queen 4″ and it was great with the more robust bad girl dominating the slender weaker blonde. Could I find something else like that? Thanks-

  35. @Beast: As of this moment, we have chosen not to continue with the actress who plays Venus. We may or may not decide to continue her character in the future, however, we have a great line-up of new characters coming out in the next few videos!!

    @krispin: There is another fight with the same 2 girls in “Return of the Black Queen [3]”– we don’t have a large selection of fem vs fem only because the villainesses are harder to come by. Episode 1.11: ‘Awakening’ has Raven vs Tempest in it and Agent Files 3 features Celestia vs Destiny. Our upcoming Agent Files 4: ‘Passing the Test’ features Allura vs Nightshadow, so keep an eye out for that one!! We’ll work on getting you more F/F fighting!!


  36. krispin

    Ok thanks. I will pay soon for Return of the Black Queen 3. Girls are perfect for my tastes. The good girl (the blond) is cute and slim and I love seeing her dominated by the stronger fuller body of her rival. Well, may be I’m a bit particular, but slim good girls fighting and wrestling vs sturdier bad ones are particularly arousing for me.

  37. Hey guys,

    We had a great shoot yesterday with “Agent Files 4: Passing the Test”– a lot of you were asking when the AF series was going to pick back up! I will post a few screenshots by tonight on this page:


    Also, beginning with the release of “AF4″, we will be including a high-quality wallpaper for FREE with each episode purchase. We won’t show you what it is– it will be a surprise for those who decide to purchase! We have the one ready for AF4 and I’m excited for you all to see the film AND the wallpaper– on a side note, these HQ wallpapers are not screenshots– they are photographs taken specifically for this purpose in a pin-up style photo 😉

    Can’t wait to get all of these releases out to you guys!! We’ve filmed Season 2– Episode 2.1 up to and including Episode 2.7 (2.4 & 2.5 have reshoots scheduled), a 3-part Saga called “Path to Darkness”, AF4, have “The Demon Within” coming together nicely (it will be worth the wait), AF5 is being prepared with FUCHSIA (with a new costume), and we are having a fight choreography class scheduled every week for our actresses so they can get better with their fights, reactions, etc starting this Friday & Saturday!! There’s a lot more coming with “Heroine Legends” so stay tuned!!!


  38. @Logan – all the things you keep mentioning do sound very wonderful, but do you yet know when are there actually going to be any new releases?

  39. @Mark: we have “The Demon Within” & Episode 2.1 currently with an editor now. On e I get them back, they will be released and the editors will take another project to edit. I currently have 4 editors on my team so they will begin getting us back on track since we relied on one editor recently who gave us a major setback. I’m going to avoid committing to any specific date at this time, but we are aiming for a release either by the end of this week or early next week. From there, we will be back into regularly-scheduled releases. The filming is ahead of schedule, so it’s really about getting what we’ve filmed through post and ready for delivery. So, no exact date, but the wait is narrowing – it will be worth it!!


  40. I’m starting to get the feeling that @Jerkstore has things spot on lol!

  41. @Mark: that seems like a very negative view on things. I guess I’ll leave it at this: we’re back on track and these releases will come out when they come out. I do my best to keep you guys updated on their progress and it goes without saying that we want to get the product out to you. We have screenshots up on each episode’s page we have filmed so you know we are filming these. We will notify very one upon release via VIP email and forum posts– I’m going to remain positive on the outlook of everything but not commit to a solid release date with the history already of “The Demon Within”. We gave a soft launch projection and that’s all I have to offer you right now. We film these for you guys and I refuse to rush a delivery with a subpar product. Thank you for everyone who has patiently waited!!


  42. @Logan – only a joke, but whatever! Is it just me, or does there seem to be a distinct lack of humour on here in general lol! Anyway, you don’t need to explain yourself to me, and I’m sure things will happen in their own good time.

  43. @Mark: that wasn’t meant to be nasty at all– it’s hard to tell who is joking with the text I guess– especially when we get SO many emails from viewers about their “disappointment” with us because of a costume or heroine or camera angle or release date. It’s hard to know when people are serious and negative or if it’s light hearted– either way, just know we are having a blast filming and are working our very hardest to get these releases out to you guys!! I actually got a 75% first cut today on episode 2.1… It’s pretty brutal 😉

    We also have a Kickstarter project for a Heroine Legends feature film we are making specifically for the superheroine community in the works– I’m excited to get that up and running for you guys too!!


  44. @Heroinelegends.

    Hi Logan, I know you guys include a lot of KOs on your movies and I couldn’t be happier about it, could you kind of list the methods you have used or will use in future videos? I mean I have got to the descriptions and don’t see kos listed, but you can tell form the pictures there might be one or two per movie.

    Thanks and really looking forward to the movies.

  45. @Maar13: We actually have a small break from filming now and have a little bit of time in the office today, so I will get that information up by Friday for you– we’ll get started on it today as we continue to update our website– thanks for the suggestions!!


  46. @Logan: Thank you for taking time for this, really appreciate it.

  47. @Logan when you say “its pretty brutal” do you mean the action in the film or the condition of the film?

  48. @Bill: I mean that Thorne throws one punch the entire episode– the rest of the time she is on the receiving end of a beatdown. 😉


  49. I’m hoping they mean the nature of beatdown of Thorne and not the condition of the film too @Bill, only I know Logan has said that Season Two releases will be a massive improvement over the Season One film quality (which was definitely needed, especially in the sound department)!

  50. Do You have an update on a release date or possible release date for episode 2.1?

  51. @phil: I’m actually supposed to receive the final copy back later today from my editor. After that, I have to run it through my own post-production process and make my own tweaks then export, convert, upload. It will either launch Thursday or Friday, most likely the latter.


  52. @Phil – I had heard that it was possibly up for release today, but with no trailer or anything else up on the site, I just don’t see it myself. I’m kind of wondering if they’re still being cursed with either edit or quality issues!

  53. @Mark: Quality issues were taken care of a long time ago– Beginning with “Ground Zero”, we no longer have any audio issues. Films that had our newer/upgraded audio equipment include “Ground Zero”, “Return of the Black Queen”, Season 2, “The Demon Within”, and “Path to Darkness”– and anything we film in the future. Beginning with “TDW”, we also upgraded our camera so you will notice a change there.

    As for “The Demon Within”, we got a first cut back from an editor and unfortunately, it was not up to par with what I require so we had to let that editor go and hand the project to yet another editor, however– the editor who has the project now is the editor who put together all 3 existing “Agent Files” episodes as well as a few others, so we have 100% confidence that he will deliver a great end product for us! Before you ask why we didn’t just give it to him first– he was unavailable– working on another project.

    So by Saturday, I will have a 1st cut of the 1st installment of “TDW”. A week later, I should have the release for you, but I may release Episode 2.2 first… even though the stories were written and filmed in the opposite order….

    I’ll have these releases to you shortly!!


  54. What to say? This is the best video i’ve ever bought from your website, i have nearly all videos of thorne and 2 with aurora.

    I love these beatdowns and also the helpless tries to please the guy 😉

    Keep up the work!

  55. Question: at the beginning of the trailer it shows Thorne waking up. Do we get to see how she was knocked unconscious?

  56. Sidekick

    @Mike A

    No, she just kind of wakes up in a room. I’ve written up a full review that will be posted and has in-depth information for everyone.

  57. @James: thank you for the kind words!! We are thrilled to have launched this episode and are exited to get back into our regular schedule of releases!!

    @Mike A: as Sidekick mentioned, it does start with her waking up in a room. For those of our fans who followed Season 1, we ended with Furis carrying her off– Season 2 basically picks up where Season 1 ended so Furis has left her there and waiting for her when she wakes is Fusion, a member of the Hunters who is 2n in command under Kaid. A lot of this will be explained as the season moves forward and we begin focusing on certain characters more— which will lead us to another project we have in store for everyone that was spawned by HeroineLegends 😉