Heroine Legends 2.8: “The Chase is Over”

Heroine Legends 2.8: "The Chase is Over"(Review by Sidekick) As a guy who usually likes storylines in his heroine videos, sometimes it’s a nice change of pace to see a producer go a little light on story and focus more on people beating the hell out of one another for 35 minutes. Check out my review below.

Since this episode is fight intensive, with six fights in total, we’re going to make it simple and go one by one.

Celestia vs. Cerberus: Cerberus chokes Celestia with his magical powers and pushes her backward. They have a lengthy buy relatively even fight where Celestia is crushed in a bearhug and hit with several stomach punches. But with the power of the Atylcore at her disposal, Celestia prevails.

Heroine Legends 2.8: "The Chase is Over"Heroine Legends 2.8: "The Chase is Over"Heroine Legends 2.8: "The Chase is Over"

Mirage vs. Adam and Onyx: Adam and Onyx are hunters. Basically, I think they’re kind of the HL take on both Nick Fury and Black Widow. Both Adam and Onyx take on Mirage one at a time. The fight with Adam is pretty standard martial arts fare, but he does use some pressure point techniques on Mirage which I believe is a first for HL. After using her power to duplicate herself you get two fights going on at once. Its basically more martial arts but Adam executes two atomic drops on Mirage which I believe is another HL first. Adam chokes one of the Mirage clones which has an effect on the real Mirage who passes out. Onyx then proceeds to kick Mirage while she is down and Adam carries her off.

Celestia vs Malek: This is again martial arts heavy and it briefly appears that Malek defeats Celestia with a kick to the face. She was playing possum however and takes control of the fight, eventually knocking Malek senseless with his own weapon. Celestia pulls out the Atylcore, which triggers a reaction in Malek and the next thing you know, Diabla appears in his place.

Heroine Legends 2.8: "The Chase is Over"Heroine Legends 2.8: "The Chase is Over"Heroine Legends 2.8: "The Chase is Over"

Celestia vs. Diabla: There are plenty of stomach punches landed by both ladies in this fight. A fight that bounces back and forth between the two. Diabla does land a pretty vicious low blow but things pretty much end in a standstill and Diabla offers Celestia the proverbial devils bargain if she brings Vega to her.

Vega vs. Dragos: Hey, isn’t Dragos dead? Nope, not anymore. This is another martial arts battle that flows back and forth. Dragos does lock in a bearhug and eventually emerges the winner when he knocks Vega out with a powerful uppercut.

Amobea vs. Karma: The fight pretty much goes along the same lines as all of Amoeba’s fights. At the onset, he dominates with his superior size and strength. He puts Karma in a backbreaker and easily wins a test of strength. He then delivers several knees and punches to her stomach. However, Karma battles back with a low blow and drops Amoeba with several shots from a conveniently located garbage can.

Heroine Legends 2.8: "The Chase is Over"Heroine Legends 2.8: "The Chase is Over"Heroine Legends 2.8: "The Chase is Over"

The episode concludes with Vega tied up arms over head and being beat on by Evil Allura. She delivers blow after blow to her face and stomach and delivers a nasty low blow with her pointed boot. She then plants a big kiss on Vega. Hey, and incest storyline. OK, not really. Evil Allura suddenly transforms into Valentine. He pulls out a torture device that we’ve seen in other episodes and shocks Vega several times, eventfully knocking her out.

And there you have it. For fans of non-stop fighting, this is a good episode for you to consider. I do have one ridiculous fanboy nitpick and it has nothing to do with this episode. Its actually something I’ve mentioned before in brief and maybe I can expand on it now. I like there to be levels in comic book universes. What I mean by that is I like there to be characters of varying degrees of power and it always feels like the majority of the characters in HL are at or near the exact same power level.

Heroine Legends 2.8: "The Chase is Over"Heroine Legends 2.8: "The Chase is Over"Heroine Legends 2.8: "The Chase is Over"

Now I know we’ve been told that certain characters are more powerful than others like Allura. But recently Allura lost a fight to some dude named Moxley. This happened at the same time where Allura pretty much dominated Dark Vega. Does that make Moxley more powerful than Dark Vega, who we’ve been told is one of the most powerful characters in the series? This little flaw hasn’t ruined anything for me. But I’ve always thought it makes for great drama when you know a less powerful character is taking on someone out of their league. Food for thought. Would love to hear some comments on this.

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  1. Mike A

    Decent eppy, although that might just be me anxiously anticipating Transition To Darkness.

  2. scots1ad@hotmail.com

    I’ll watch anything with Vega in it!

  3. Beast

    Hey heroine legends. Every episode has a higher price…good bye!

  4. Dillhole

    I love the character of Vega, I just hate how she has become a doormat for every other character in the series. She feels less and less like a heroine every time she gets run over by someone.

  5. Frugal Shopper

    I second Beast. I’ve spent a lot of $$$ on videos linked from this website so far, but everytime I see a Herone Legends I 1) scoff, expecting high price, 2) check price and scoff again

  6. RalphM

    I agree. Character superheroes are becoming complete doormatts during the fight sequences and that price for videos keeps going crazy high with each new episode. I’ll go with the other 95% of the producers where the price is NOT astronomically high and the production values is slowly sliding down in a spiral. I am pass.

  7. Mark

    If you guys think that standard releases don’t offer real value for money, you should try a custom with them! What you pay isn’t a problem, but then failing to deliver on what the required elements are, plus not including what was promised, kind of makes it one!

    I do really like HL, I really do, but they do make it very difficult to continue to do so with how they sell things!

  8. Jimbo

    I like Vega too..but i wish she would get beat up/run over like a truck so many times. Would like to see her dominate a battle against her foe, once in a while.

  9. Mason

    God damn these prices are high. These releases look ace, but this is pushing it. Prices are just way too outrageous. Sorry, passing.

  10. sugarcoater

    I really like Vega and would like to buy more of the videos with her in it, but at well over $30 per video–and with both characters I like and others to whom I am ambivalent–the cost prevents me from going ahead and buying more videos.
    And then there are the upcoming WW-style videos coming out, which makes HL purchases even less likely. Please consider a less expensive price in the future, something in the $25 range perhaps?

  11. I’ll address a few concerns here:

    @Mark: I don’t really even know what to say in reply to your comment. Every single time you comment regarding your custom video, it opposes the last on you said. You like it, you don’t like it, you like it again, and apparently now you don’t like it once more– this after requesting a 2nd custom order from us which I will obviously have to pass on. I would love for you to, after months of dodging the question, finally tell us what you did not like about it. Here’s a run-down of your custom from buyer to producer:

    1) You asked and paid for a 15-minute custom order. We delivered a 31-minute video to you.

    2) You asked for an electrocution scene with slo-mo and provided an example which was extremely lengthy. We provided an electrocution scene with slo-mo and requested drooling to the best of the actress’ capability in the time amount paid for.

    3) You requested and provided an example for the water being spit up when she is hit. We also provided that. We even spent an extra day and ate the cost for the actresses and location to make sure we got that in there for you.

    4) We provided a digital copy prior to release and a physical copy as well at the EXACT date I promised upon quoting the custom.

    5) You requested a SITA, Allura in her Excel costume, and the Black Queen– then complained that the Black Queen got too much screen time.

    At this juncture, I honestly have NO idea what you wanted that was different from what you asked for or what we delivered. A little clarification would be helpful seeing as how your custom, which was released as ‘Trophy for the Queen’, is one of our best-selling films. Oh, and it included the ending that YOU chose which involved the Black Queen sucking Allura’s soul out through her mouth.


    @ all the VEGA comments: Guys. Vega is NOT Supergirl. She resembles her, yes, but the intention was to create a very initially weak character who was extremely tragically flawed and build her up so she would become something greater. You can see in this video that she shows moments of strength which come from focus, a cleared mind, etc– however– we will NOT be able to reach this part of our storyline because we no longer work with the actress who plays Vega. We will be converting that Supergirl character and strength to another character and be retiring the character of Vega– who will be leaving Earth in search for answers (in the story). The character of ALLURA is gaining that strength and LADY WONDER already has that strength.

    @ the ALLURA STRENGTH comments: It wasn’t indicated here, but Moxley was injected with a serum that made him strong. It didn’t make it to the final cut in this film so the translation and understanding was lost. This episode was also filmed long ago and you will see a big plot line change and development moving forward.

    @ all the COST comments: This film sits at $1.15/minute. It is on par with every other film we sell. If you are part of the HL ELITE Program (which is 100% free to join), then it was $1.10/minute when it released for the 1st 2 days. Here is what we are going to do– Since it’s obvious that the overall price is the factor of whether to buy, we will be shortening our films drastically. The $1/minute rule that everyone complained about us not being close to was adhered, and still, because our films are much longer, our prices remain higher.

    I will begin with this film. I will cut it into 2 films and offer 2 new trailers. Each film will be about 15 minutes in length and just over $20. This will help keep our prices down and more consistent with other producers. I always found it funny that people complain about how much our films cost, yet no one compares the run times. The only time people do, is to HUGE studio houses like Zen who have an embedded international market and are not producing PG-13 material. I’m not going to play the Hollywood cost & expense card anymore– by now you get it– or should.

    That’s my solution for you guys. I have always tried to do my best to please the audience, and it’s a known fact that it’s basically impossible to do so. However, if cost is the issue, I will make sure our films stay shorter and more affordable moving forward.

    There was a comment about our production values spiraling down– my question is: “how?” We spend more and more money, profit less and less, and put more and more time into creating these films for you. Tell me how our production values have gone… down?

    If there are any questions or comments, please direct them to me here so we can address them and move forward with films you don’t “scoff at the price” of and enjoy to watch. Thanks for reading!!!

    And especially, thank you to everyone who purchased this film already. I will have a re-release in a few days with the new version which will push our next release back another week as I’ll now have to shorten that one as well.


  12. UPDATE: I’m not going to change this film. It has already sold too many to be altered– it wouldn’t be fair to anyone else. I will begin releasing shorter films beginning with the next release. Expect a $26.99 price tag on the next release. Thanks again to everyone who purchased ‘2.8: The Chase is Over’ – you definitely saved me a lot of work of having to split up a film that included SO much into smaller parts!!

    I’ll have a trailer up for 2.9: ‘Navigating the Darkness’ soon!!


  13. Mike J

    Frankly I’ve always found the price per minute complaint ridiculous. Either the film is worth the money based on the actual content or not.

    You can have a 15 minute film that costs $30 be well worth the money and conversely have a 30 minute film that costs $15 dollars be total crap. Is the content worth the money be asked for, that’s all that matters.

    Having said that I’m going to pass on this one. Although I am a Celestia fan this does not look like a Celestia centric video, I’m not a fan or Mirage, and honestly I have enough videos of Vega being run over and tortured, it’s all starting to look the same. Please let this poor girl have something good happen lol.

    I’m going to be all over Transition to Darkness when it comes out though. I would recommend having extensive production photos for all vids, because on the higher prices do bring is hesitation to take a flier on a video. You really need to show as much of what is in the film as possible to help people decide whether it’s worth the price.

    Just my 2 cents

  14. Django

    I don’t buy HL films, save for a couple early ones, and in those releases, the soundtrack didn’t match the video (infact, was way off) I know this was probably taken care of… I just didn’t like either film enough to get it resolved. HL, just isn’t my thing, so, threatening.. “Oh! I’m never going to another vid from you again!”would be meaningless and hollow, because I wouldn’t have anyway (I will say, I won’t bother checking out the previews on this site). I’m just going to say.. maybe you should consider another business… or hiring a mouthpiece.

  15. @Mike J: that was extremely constructive criticism and much appreciated! Thank you very much! If you do decide to pick up this film, please email me at info@HeroineLegends.com and I’ll supply you with a $10 off coupon code for this film which you can use in conjunction with your HL Elite discount – I appreciate the feedback from everyone but find the straight approach and suggestive comments to be the most valuable as we push forward to making better films. Thanks again!

    @Django: no worries. We understand we don’t appeal to everyone and understand that the majority of negative comments come from those who don’t typically buy from us anyway. Thanks :)


  16. Mike A

    Wow guys. The hate here is totally unwarranted. I will agree that the pieces for these films have been high, and in some cases the price isn’t worth it for the film, but I generally love Heroine Legends. I’m especially jacked up for the upcoming Transition To Darkness.

    And to ever accuse Logan of being anything other than a fantastic producer is ridiculous. The guy is always on here to answer questions, he always addresses fan requests, and in my opinion is the easiest producer to talk to in this genre. He strikes me as a legitimately cool guy; someone I’d love to hang with. Questioning his character is totally off base.

  17. @Mike A: the same offer goes to you. I know you picked this one up already, but if there is another you’d like to get and haven’t yet, let me know and I’ll offer a discount on it. Thanks!


  18. kingles

    There is nothing whatsoever wrong with the “value” of HL’s videos, as far as I’m concerned they provide excellent value. Having bought a ton of videos from dozens of producers over the last 5 years or so, the greatest value that any producer can provide is certainty. That is…KNOWING their next video is going to be awesome BEFORE you pay for it. I will take paying $40 for a sure thing over a $20 gamble any day. Maybe that viewpoint is just the result of having lost too many $20 gambles, but it makes perfect sense to me.

  19. Django

    The hate is kind of warranted.. I wouldn’t buy from someone who talks to their customers like that.. there are other producers who do great stuff and don’t talk like they’re above client and competition alike.. I’m done.. just my extra 2 cents

  20. Aldous

    I picked this up, with the VIP discount (missed the early bird one! Doh!) and, as I’ve said before, the money is all on the screen in great fight choreography, multiple heroines and great production values. It’s a shame to hear this is the last of Vega but I suspect Lady Wonder will ease the loss. I’m a huge HL fan, one of my favourite producers but I’d also be lieing if I didn’t say that $26 price tag is a welcome sign. I believe HL delivers value but the prices mean I always pick titles carefully and never take a ‘punt’ like I do with other studios.

  21. WWFan719

    So, I must say I normally go on these boards to get a real sense of the story and elements of the actual video I am looking to buy. I don’t usually post anything, but I feel some people need to maybe better understand what a review is supposed to entail as a customer of HL as well as NGC and Ring Divas.
    This is not a board for people to go on just to complain about a personal opinion they have about a pricing structure. If its too expensive, cool, just pass by the review and move onto a review of a movie you are actually looking to buy. The fans of HL clearly don’t care what you think and how annoying you can make yourself be. We are here to find out the storyline and a good review from an unbiased individual. Logan never spoke down to anyone, and like Mike A stated, is one of the most easy guys to talk to. Those of you who haven’t bought “since season 1″ or “ever” have absolutely no clout to your opinions and statements. If that’s the case, then why continue to go on HL’s reviews? To bad mouth? To what purpose?
    Logan puts in all the elements we ask for, gives us A-List model/actresses, real locations etc. and yes, he is one of the more expensive, but yet again, do you hear people who drive Mercedes complain about the price after the buy it? No. You dont go to a Porche dealorship expecting to spend under $50k You don’t want to buy it – move on. We are all tired of hearing complaints from people who never planned to buy/have even bought because you are basing your opinions on pure price and photos, not actually seeing the video.
    Save everyone the two minutes in reading your posts and go comment in a constructive manner to the producers in which YOU DO buy. I know I will get attacked for this lost likely, but I’m sorry it had to be said.
    @Logan – any chance we’ll see the actual send-off of Vega? And any other leads to which upcoming videos may involved Lady Wonder? Thanks for your Hollywood-A+ work my man!

  22. kingles

    @Mike J: It’s half Celestia centric, but it shifts between the Celestia fight scenes and the Mirage, Vega, and Karma fight scenes. It’s kind of made to appear as if they were happening at the same time(it doesn’t shift back and forth DURING the fight scenes…only the Mirage fight scene is shown in 2 parts).

  23. Maar13

    Well my two cents is that in Production values, Actors an actress capability to portrait the pars they are given HL is pretty good.

    The actresses are hot and good which is very rare and if you really look into it, the prices for that kind of production are really not that high.

    In my view they are great and even without the discount the film is worth it because more than 2 it seems like 3 episodes wrapped all together which is really cool.

  24. kingles

    @WTF: I got it for $39.99…and it was worth every penny.

  25. kingles

    @Logan: Are you just going to split the longer films, or are you going to trim them all to a certain length? Please say it’s the former and not the latter…

  26. Django

    @WWFan719.. I’m not going to attack you.. and I’d generally agree.. he just came off like such a baby.. posting every single element of a custom.. which he admitted has been one of his top earning vids and then telling his customers that he’s going to release half videos.. al because a few people complained about pricing..and also says that other companie rip you off as far as time/$.. which is complete bull.. tell me I’m wrong.. I never post on here’s.. his attitude compelled me.. and continues to compell me.

  27. Django

    Apologies for all the grammar issues on that last one

  28. I’m not here to start battles. I’m not here to be attacked either. Let’s resolve these issues:

    @Django: I am not above any of my customers. But a “customer” is someone who actually buys – most of the negativity is coming from ‘window shoppers’. Unfortunately, I can’t stay in business and produce these films from those who judge from screenshots and cost but never actually make a purchase. These films cost a lot to make and I have always been very receptive to my fans, but at some point, the constant attacks over the same thing just need to come to an end. This is me saying, I’m done with the issue of cost when it is presented in a negative way. If you want to complain about it, direct it to me in a constructive manner. If it’s too expensive, tell me why. Perhaps an element of your liking wasn’t present. Maybe you don’t like the Heroine. But if it’s just a numbers game, then that can easily be worked around– I’d hate to have to play a silly ‘used car sale man’ game just because of a pricing conflict though.

    @Aldous: I’m glad you see the reviews as a reference guide for purchase– that’s what they are intended for, right? :) The next Season Episode film is a bit shorter as is the next Agent Files film– that may help with the sticker shock– I appreciate the feedback as always!! :)

    @WWFan719: THANK YOU!! By the way, I’m also a fan of NGC– and I’m also happy to hear TBFE is back (though you didn’t mention them)– As for your question, unfortunately, we will not see the ‘sending off’ of Vega– it will be talked about in the story, but we did not get a chance to film that segment prior to our cutting of ties with the actress Talia, who played Vega. We are looking into casting a new “Supergirl” & “Power Girl” type character to round out her story line and where I wanted to go with it. It may take some time though as it’s hard to find decent actresses. Decent male actors are easy to find– it’s just a struggle to find girls who are talented, attractive, AND professional– with the physical ability to handle my fight choreography. A lot of the fans don’t realize that these girls go through A LOT of pain dealing with extremely hot and extremely cold temperatures, and the pain of fighting and doing extensive fight choreography and stunts IN HIGH HEELS. The girls who you see over and over: Kristina Hess, Cayla Black, Brittany Ortiz-Nelson, Kristin Ige, Kelly Kula and our other recurring actresses go through A LOT to give you guys the performances you see. Many-an-ice-pack has been used. Many-a-bruise has been covered. A little blood here and there. It’s not a walk in the park and it’s not an easy shoot– especially with the director being a perfectionist. But I am glad to see you’re enjoying the films as well and I extend the same $10 offer to you– just email me for the details.

    @Maar13: I love having you on board in our fan base– I’m going to offer you a Buy-One-Get-One-Free on the new features selection for Kristin’s Group Custom because I know you were planning on contributing. (Same or lesser value one is free, of course)

    @kingles: $10 Offer is valid for you as well– any film we have already launched. I would just split the films into multiple parts. The biggest thing with these films is that I try to give the audience/fans more than enough fighting and torture (when applicable) so when I write a 12-page script and it ends up playing out to 25 minutes, my initial thought it ‘oh, the fans will be thrilled! I’ll just make sure we are around the $1/minute mark and it will be business as usual’– but lately, it really hasn’t been about the quality or quantity for those complaining– it’s been about the actual dollar amount– which to me is just plain silly. And to say you can go out and get a 20 minute video for $10, while completely true, is absurd when comparing to the product we put out. It’s not just about the production quality we put into it, but also the actors abilities as a few others have stated. I’ve purchased films in this genre with what I consider to be below sub-par acting– but for the viewer, it’s all about WHY you bought it. Is it for fetish purposes ONLY, or is it because you actually enjoy WATCHING the film, seeing the stories unfold, etc in ADDITION to any other reason you buy. I know for a fact that the people who complain about price are the ones who never buy anyway– how do I know this? Because Season 1 is below the $1/minute mark– and I have lowered the price in the past on films and there was no ‘sales jump’ from those who were complaining about the price initially.

    BUT, here is what I’m going to do. The price is going to be re-worked to $41.99. Everyone who bought the film can email me / forward me their email transaction confirmation for purchasing ‘The Chase is Over’ and I will send them a one-time use code for $7 any other film of their choice that we have already released– This includes those who used the HL Elite Early Purchase Discount– and yes, that means you get more money given to you than the $5 decrease– my way of saying ‘thanks for your support’. It will expire in 72 hours. For Mike A & Mike J, the codes won’t work together in my billing system, but you will get both codes regardless which can be used on 2 different films. We will see if a lower price affects the amount of sales. My guess is that it will not. the new price of $40.99 – 10% HL Elite Program discount makes the film $36.89 – right at the $1/minute mark you guys are so set on seeing.

    Again, thank you to everyone who has already purchased. Please give me up to 24 hours to reply with your codes as I have to update my billing system, set up a few new products, begin pre-production of a Personal Custom order, and begin pre-production for a comedy web series set to launch on our YouTube channel.


  29. @Django: I never said other companies rip you off. I would NEVER say that– we are all in the same market doing the same thing. And the elements post was to the buyer who consistently goes back and forth whether he likes the film or not. It was a defensive post about the fact that I’m sick of hearing about the custom bashing. He is the only one who hasn’t EXTREMELY enjoyed their custom and he accuses that he didn’t get what he asked for– I’m waiting to hear exactly what that is.


  30. WWFan719

    @Django – I think your anger is getting the best of you here. When attacked, people who keep their cool normally just address each topic of attack and explain their side – in which he did. He wasn’t a ‘baby’ about it, I believe he is probably just irritated with people who complain just to complain but have nothing to do with his productions – I would be going BANANAS if I were him and would probably be saying a lot worse.
    He mentioned the custom it looks like because they guy attacking ordered one then complained about it and then looked to order another which is totally confusing but that’s their issue. He is simply trying to tell all those who are attacking him WHY certain things are the way they are which, frankly, he shouldn’t have to. They are his/HL’s videos and if you don’t like them – okay, good for you, don’t buy. Move on. No need to attack for no reason. If you in some strange way see an attitude there that doesn’t really exist, then MOVE ON. This is a forum for REVIEWS, not random rants.
    On that note – I liked the episode and like how we see relationships between the characters a little more now. Excited to see the “Navigating the Darkness”!!!

  31. Django

    I am not angry.. and you can read this entire thread and agree or disagree.. and the result will be meaningless to me.. so..

  32. Steve S

    I think the problem people have with pricing comes from a lack of understanding by some purchasers, and suboptimal marketing from HL when faced with this lack of understanding.

    Basically, the typical fan looks at various superheroine movies on the market, sees a few for 20$ and then sees a HL vid for 40$. The average fan is probably not running value calculations to determine how much they are paying per minute, they just want to get a video that looks interesting for a cheap price. Meanwhile HL/Logan is putting much more time into determining the pricing of his videos, and prices them competitively in terms of price per minute, but his videos tend to be longer. Unfortunately, the average fan simply does not look at what they are getting in terms of value, they just see a price. Some people would be happier buying a 10 minute video for 15$ than a 40 minute video for 30$. It’s basically the same thing you see on the Home Shopping Network, many people think 5 installments of 25$ is a cheaper deal than a one-time $100 price.

    One solution for this problem seems to be offering shorter videos, more in line with other companies that have created a certain price expectation among much of the customer base. It appears that is what HL is leaning towards in the future. IMO the best solution would be to offer customers a variety of options- longer videos for one larger price, or if possible, the same movie broken up into two or three shorter videos focusing on individual characters/scenes.

    Regardless, it’s good to see HL/Logan keep a cool head about this. This situation must be frustrating, but I know many people appreciate his work and hope he keeps making movies as long as possible :)

    Interesting topic, just my meaningless 2 cents.

  33. @Steve S: Same $10 offer to you. – I’m closing the $10 offer now.– interesting point you made… maybe I should offer 5 easy payments of $8 for this latest film lol :)


  34. Well I have been interested reading through this discussion.

    First: considering how many times Logan has been poked about pricing I have been really surprised how well he has kept his cool on the issue and not just that, he as also taken the time to explain situation many times.

    Secondly: If you are going to complain at least make it constructive. Its not hard. I mean it has all been explained before…I don’t think the answer is just going to change. I don’t get why people complain about the pricing the way they do. It does not compute in my head. Like everything else in the world, if its too much for you…then don’t buy it or make arrangements so you can. The last month or two I haven’t bought anything except AF5 because I have had a few things come up and had to deal accordingly. Sure I would own every movie released by HL if the tag was $1 but it is not realistic…they would be out of business. Maybe $20 is also unrealistic for them if they want to stay in business….
    My point is…I dont think Logan is on here going…”Peace out bitches, Im going for a swim in my pool I filled with hundred $$$ notes all thanks to you guys”.

    Pretty sure I have said it before but Logan does take a lot of times keeping fans informed and answering questions on here and in email….based on what i have seen.

    Anyway what i was actually on here to say…@Logan, It hurt a little to hear that Talia has left, she was great. I’ll have to try and make sure I grab this one tonight before im away from internet for a week.
    There was mention of a Vega photo set being release? is there any news on that?

  35. @j: Yeah, it’s a sad loss because she had potential, but in this business, professionalism goes a longer way than ‘potential’… I’m working now on Episode 2.9’s trailer so I can get that up for you guys then onto the actual film (after I go grocery shopping of course), then I’ll be moving on to the Photo Sets. I have to compile the photos together which will be a mix of screenshots, behind the scenes photos, photoshoot shots that didn’t make it to wallpapers, and other random candid shots of the actresses. We are working out the pricing structure now and debating whether or not this will be an HL Elite exclusive opportunity or not. If you buy our films, I don’t see why you wouldn’t be HL Elite registered– there is not costs and it saves you money on the films… :) Vega does have one more release left which is Episode 2.10: ‘Tied to the Power’ 😉


  36. Django

    @heroinelegends You should offer whatever you can to customers to get them to come back at this point.. keep that $10 offer open all night long.. or you could just price your films for what they’re worth.. and what they’re worth is not what you spend on them.. You see.. here’s a common business practice that is lost on web entrepreneurs .. you price things to be affordable… so that many people will buy them.. and therefore you’ll make money.. insane I know.. I’ll stop now.. I feel bad getting on here and bashing a guy I don’t know.. and who might mean well.. but.. I do remember that he was working to be a serious studio and not fit for this heroine peril stuff.. but then he started making money on it.. and now he’s part of the same market as everyone else.. right?

  37. @j: (continued) Wow, I had a few typos up there… I also meant to say that I REALLY REALLY wish I had a pool full of $$$$$ to go swim in!!! The fact is, everyone who works on Heroine Legends does random side jobs and sometimes contributes time for free when the budget is blown just to get these films out to you guys! We have a comedy feature film that is halfway through post-production and a YouTube comedy web series slated to go up– and we self-fund that as well. The biggest difference is that the web series has no sales and no money coming back, so that makes HL that much more important to not be in the red on each production. Thanks for the input– email me for a $10 code on another film… but seriously, no more $10 offers– I’m gonna go broke lol


  38. @Django: thank you for contributing to a conversation, when again, you are not a buyer. Have a nice day.


  39. Django

    Yeah, well @heroinelegends you got like $50 off me.. so you’re welcome for that.. and if you were smart you’d listen to me carefully.. because you’re just not long for this.

  40. WWFan719

    @Django – lol just stfu – if you even know what the means. You have NO CLUE how much money HL is making and if you want to bash on someone – you should probably have a bit of information on them first. I think at this point it’s safe to just leave it at stfu. Go buy something from someone who actually produces what you clearly are saying you want “cheap, low-end peril” and leave HL to fans who actually enjoy quality movies. Thanks

  41. @Django: Your posts are nothing but negative. Please stop commenting unless you have something positive or constructive to say. I’m in agreement with WWFan719– this board is for feedback and reviews; not a place to come and trash talk or complain. Any further negative comments will be ignored.

    In other news, we are going to open up the board to ideas for our new series which will all happen in one undisclosed and concealed location with a feeling of ’emptiness’ behind the characters– similar to nightmares or tests for the characters. They can win or lose– what are your ideas for a concept like this? (Don’t be too extravagant– we will be keeping costs down on this one to make the films more affordable) 😉


  42. Django

    @Heroinelegends.. I said.. I know what that means.. now.. you.. keep my name out ya mouth.. deal?

  43. John

    I haven’t purchased any HL movies because every time I look at the previews they come across as sexy combat fetish, and not superheroine fetish. It feels like who ever is making these films just doesn’t understand the superheroine fetish. The camera work and choreography look great but that just isn’t enough if the fetish is missed.

    I purchase a lot of superheroine movies from a lot of different producers. I am curious who you consider “cheap low end peril”. I’m not going to argue because everyone has their fav producers and its very subjective but who is low end and who is high end to you?

  44. WWFan719

    @john – I don’t have anyone in mind when I say that. My comment was more geared towards trying to use it in my argument on pricing. I think every producer has their fans and market and the type of look they are going for and it seems that they are all successful which is great! I personally think generally speaking that a production is on the cheap end when they film episodes with store-bought costumes, in an obvious garage with sheets hanging. It kills the realness of it and takes me away from the film. However, I know this doesn’t bother many so my opinion is just that.
    I know HL films tend to be on the more Hollywood side as opposed to fetish- but I think their girls, costumes and fights give enough peril to still make it intriguing. I see what you’re saying, but I feel they do actually stay on the Superheroine side as well as the sexy combat. Great mix for me! If you’re going to give HL a try and want more peril I would suggest (of the episodes I’ve purchased) to maybe try Trophy for the Queen, Ground Zero, Demon Within (I think 2), or maybe Impending Death. Just IMHO. Hope you give them a try – they’re one of my favorite producers!

  45. WWFan719

    @John and Path to Darkness! Can’t believe I forgot that one – it’s my favorite so far in line with Helix of Hyperion. Allura is fantastic!

  46. Fanboy

    I know what John is talking about, it all seems like kungfoo, spandex and the torture of cute girls. Really doesn’t hit my superheroine buttons either. Rye is generally where I turn to for my fix but I wish he released movies more often. @WWfan719 I almost picked up the HL supergirl vid but just couldn’t do it. It was hard to imagine supergirl doing karate if that makes any sense.

  47. @Fanboy: Some of that is my martial arts background leaking over into the fight choreography, but then again, Vega’s fighting style is very street brawler. Out of curiosity, how would you have Vega (who isn’t Supergirl but just a resemblance of that type of character) fight? Without crash pads, special effects, etc… Keep in mind also that she is not meant to be super strong…


  48. u0039773

    Logan, just wanted to say keep up the good work. Just watched the Navigating the Darkness trailer, and it looks very good. I am a Dark Vega fan, so I have been waiting for this one for some time. As far as all of the other comments posted, well people can either buy or not buy the videos for whatever reasons. But complaining about quality and or price is just whining. The quality is evident in every film you produce, and nothing good comes cheap. I don’t buy every single film, doesn’t mean I think they are poor films. I buy the ones I like, and most of them have been around $35 after the VIP (HL Elite) discount. I think it is reasonable for the high quality product you continue to put out. You cater to a lot of different people who have a lot of different tastes, so I agree with your philosophy of doing the best you can, realizing you can’t please them all. Anyway, I appreciate all the work you and the actresses/actors put into each product and just want to encourage you to keep it up.


    Okay, so I’m going to test this out for the next 2, maybe 3 days. If there really is a change in number of sales, I’ll consider keeping the prices here.

    I have re-priced about 90% of our films in the last hour. All prices went down– some by $2-3, some by up to $20. If you include the HL Elite discounts in your math, you will see a huge savings on almost every single film we well.

    We are still working on individual pages now, so only use our HL Catalog for price reference– the billing system has been updated:


    This is a lot of work for a trial and error situation, but I am giving it a shot to see where it goes for the sake of saving any future arguments. Check out the page above and let me know your thoughts!!

    If it actually leads to more purchases, I’ll see if the additional sales balance out the price difference in regards to recouping the costs of filming these– thanks!!


  50. sugarcoater

    Regardless of how it all turns out, kudos to you for listening to fans and critics alike and being flexible with this issue. Hopefully it results in an increase in sales and more profit while benefitting fans by encouraging us to buy those videos we were debating purchasing. Thank you for being accommodating.

  51. Entire Site has been updated. I’ll run the test throughout the weekend and see how it goes. Thanks!!

    @sugarcoater: Thanks, I appreciate that. Not looking for more profit as much as just making it comfortable to buy our films and stay “afloat” so to speak… I guess we’ll see how it goes!!

    @u0039773: Thank you very much for the words of encouragement. It’s been a struggle to figure out the pricing structure to allow customers the ability to keep up with the story line, but also make sure that we are able to make the next film. I’ve said it 100 times, and it probably won’t sink in with most people, but because I’m in Hollywood and I’m under SAG Union contract, my expenses work out a bit differently than if I was located ANYWHERE else and hiring people at my own discretion without any rules and pay schedules to follow. Anyway, I tried out a new structure– after HL Elite discount, there can’t possibly be any more discontent with the costs.

    By the way, if you’re not on the HL Elite list, you’re missing out. It’s free and easy to sign up… and it’s free money for you!!!


  52. RalphM

    “I know HL films tend to be on the more Hollywood side as opposed to fetish”

    That statement could not be more wrong. When I see those trailers, nothing says ‘Hollywood’ to me about them. Nothing at all. They’re comparable to everyone else, but definitely not better. The edits are sloppy and the workmanship behind them is lacking. Rye is arguably the best at doing fetish in this genre, and that is where my money goes. The original ‘Skyfire’ is far and away a better production effort, hands down.

    HL definitely has the PROFIT-side of this nailed down tho. Django called it a few posts back. At $45 for videos it’s getting pretty crazy. The videos are good, but they are not that good. For $45+ you had better try harder. Just saying.

  53. WWFan719

    @RalphM – everyone has their own opinions and no one ever said Rye wasn’t a great producer – he is. If your money goes there, then why bother commenting here? Clearly there are many who enjoy these films and believe them to be very good – why the need to come on here and badmouth and try to belittle it? I feel they are Hollywood-like and that is my opinion that you cannot argue with since it is mine. And I know many other HL fans agree.
    If Rye is your go-to, no one is bashing him or telling you not to – go ahead, be our guest. But the comment on profit again is funny – you have NO CLUE what HL pay for their videos, so please keep your ‘opinions’ that you are trying to put out as ‘fact’ to yourself until you have their expense reports in front of you to verify. I have no idea what they make, and I don’t care. All I care about is the quality of the videos I buy – end of story.

  54. Beast

    My problem with heroine legends is not always the price. I bought some episodes which i love for a high price ( the last with allura of Hyperion was great).
    My problem is this… for example look this episode. It has 6 fight in 35 minutes. Maybe there is some good moments in it but i know that every fight will be short. I know that i will never understand the plot ( i am not understand english that well as you can see). That the pace will be a mess. Everything will change fasta like 35 min trailer almost.
    What i like ( and is my opinion because i know that these films has good sales) is one heroine centric episodes. I prefer a good one heroine centric episode of 20 min that one of 40 min with 9 girls fighting as Mortal kombat anhilitation. I know that there will be a lot to like if i like the heroine. I will pay for it.
    Now i have this episode and i would like to see Vega parts ( because i love vega) but i will not pay 45 dollar for a 6 min fight.
    Making centric episode is cheaper also because here the producer spent a lot making 6 fights when they can do 6 different episodes instead of one and almost with the same resources.
    Also idont like how they shot and editsome fights ( i like close ups to the hit area) and how the girls jump when they receive a belly punch ( but thats is my personal taste ha!)

  55. @RalphM: You are another one who consistently and negatively comments on our posts, yet you don’t purchase. The statement that we are “on the Hollywood side more than fetish” actually has a lot of truth behind it. Our actresses are not fetish models. They are working Hollywood actresses attempting to make a career in one of the hardest industries to break through. We are a new production company who has a project called Heroine Legends which allows us to try out many things to find out what works and what does not. In addition, you are doing the same thing as everyone else who comments on this board. You look at the number in the price rather than the value. The longer the film is, the longer it takes to produce it. We will make shorter films. They will be around $20. But guess what? Nothing will change in terms of cost to length value. They will be cheaper, sure, but they will still be around $1/minute. Nothing changes. I wish your statement about profit were true… I REALLY do. If I was looking for profit, I’d be filming porn or fetish material ASAP under an alias… trust me, I’ve thought about it. But I chose not to because it’s not what we do. We create Superheroine films to appeal to a mass audience. We have more followers now than we ever did when we created as close to fetish as we have ever wanted to go with Season 1, The Torture Chamber, the original Heroine Academy, etc. Now our films are leaning toward Hollywood-style films. Why? Because that’s what we do. Rye has the fetish market down– which is great. He makes some really entertaining films… but we are not targeting the same market, so for you or anyone else to compare us to a fetish producer is simply a moot thing to do. That’s not what Heroine Legends is about. And it’s okay to like someone else’s production more than ours– I would hope there are other efforts out there entertaining you. But to do so without actually buying (or only buying 1 or 2 — we have over 80 films) means that there is no backing to your point.


  56. @Beast: That is completely understandable. This film was supposed to be 3 different films. At the last minute, we decided to just put them all together to make one long episode. We thought fans would like that– apparently we were wrong. We will be focusing more on films that feature less characters– though I tend to get bored when there isn’t much going on… the plot is very simple for this film actually though. The whole plot line of Season 2 is very simple: Valentine has hired a bunch of people to capture Heroines for him. They are his “Trophies”. The Season Finale will make better sense of all of this. In ‘Transition to Darkness’ which is a big film we shot, there are 3 main Heroines: Allura, Lady Wonder, & Tempest. I think that 3 Heroines in one film makes for a good story. Especially since finding new actresses can be a real pain in this industry for recurring roles. Anyway, pricing has been updated and hopefully it will make purchases easier for our fans– thank you for the input with explanation– it was very helpful!! :)


  57. Beast

    Well we all come here to see an heroine being defeat. Thats is why i think everybody buy these kind of films. And that i think is a fetish, You can diguise it but you are doing a movie to us not to a general audience. Girls in chains,chloroform, beating, etc… NGC understand this and they make the lose ending so we can be sure that we are going to receive our peril dosis.
    If its that how you convince these beutiful and talented girls to work with you go ahead and keep doing it but dont lie to yourself.

  58. @Beast: Like I said, we started a certain way because that’s all we knew. Since 2013 started, we have definitely ventured into mainstream filming. The films that are being released now were filmed in 2012. You will see it when ‘Agent Files 8′ & ‘Transition to Darkness’ come out. Girls in chains, chloroform, being tortured a bit, etc is all part of the genre– fetish or not. Remember that when you reference a film to us, it’s always a mainstream film. Wonder Woman, Supergirl 1984, etc. Those were all mainstream productions. We are simply looking to take our knowledge of what’s fascinating to watch on a personal level and incorporate it into our larger productions. For those of you who don’t know, since there isn’t yet an NDA, and since it’s all copyrighted, we are in talks with Capcom of Japan about a Mega Man film based on a script I wrote for the video game to be turned into a movie. What I learn from Heroine Legends will definitely carry over into that productions and others that I do. There is no lie about that.


  59. WTF

    I fyou have no special interests that’s fine.
    But i’m interested just in this one fight, because of the black shiny spy/villain outfit.
    That’s the only thing that is important for me.
    All the other girls/fights do not interest me. I wouldn’t watch even if i would get them for free.
    They would directly go into my trashcan :-)
    So that’s the problem. I will not spend 40$ for a single short fight.
    I have done too often to spend money for such movies with many fights/fighters included.
    It isn’t worth it for me.
    But that’s ok, it’s HeroineLegend’s stuff and they wants to earn money with it.
    It’s just my opinion – and i think i’m not alone with it.
    The only Question is:
    Is there more money to earn with fewer customers but higher prices for one movie or
    would be more money to earn with more shorter movies and lower prices.
    I do not Know – so it isn’t my business.
    But it’s sad – for me :-)

  60. Beast

    Ok i will speak for my self now. I select a movie for the girl and for the amount of fetish ( belly punches mostly) that it seems to have ( for the trailer). The plot, performance and choreography is an extra for me and i love it but is not the main reason of my purchase. Maybe we reference some mainstream movie but we ask for he things that we couldnt get for these movies or go deeper to the things that we love. For me is nothing to be ashamed for. The mainstream movies play with the notion because they know that a lot of people love it. But these movies are also for kids so they cant go to explicit with these themes. They build potential audience for this site ha.
    If you are going to another direction now maybe i will buy least videos but you are going to get a new audience for them. So good luck!
    Sorry again for my english

  61. SCSF

    I ordered a custom from HL and the final product was exceptional. Great production value, the actresses were gorgeous and talented, and Logan offered great suggestions about ways to improve the script. I hope that the final product is a crowd pleaser. If not, that’s probably on me. 😉 I think it is great that Logan engages with all of us here.

  62. Maar13

    @Beast: Sorry man but not all of us come for the same thing, I mean no disrespect to you but we don’t.

    Look, I love Kos, yes chloroform, gas, darts, carries but only when I see the heroine win in the long run because, that is what this girls are supposed to be IN MY VIEW, heroines and they are supposed to be strong and skilled, other wise they are just victims in a fancy outfit.

    In the end for me the good girl must win, even if I like Evil Allura so much, at some point either she will be defeated or turn good.

    But like I said, this is my view, and only that, a lot won’t share that point of view and I understand that.

    @Logan: I am going to take your word on that offer about the element as soon as I can :)

  63. Hey guys,

    PHOTO SETS are going to be available to HL ELITE members ONLY. Remember, anyone can join with an email address and get discounts and access to this part of our site.

    They will be released in these categories:

    • Allura/Evil Allura (228)
    • Celestia/Nova (119)
    • Cybot Unis / Mystic / Mirage (81)
    • Dark Vega (82)
    • Nightshadow (103)
    • Thorne / Black Queen (159)
    • Vega (133)

    They are between 250MB-750MB for each download of a zip file containing each set of photos.

    I’m working on pricing (leaning towards $10-$15 pre-discount as per fan feedback) and getting them up on our site!! Should be ready soon!!

    On a separate note, I noticed that NGC does a Blog-type deal on their site. Do you guys read the blog? Is it something you follow and keep up with? Just curious because I had bounced the idea around with our crew here 9-10 months ago but never executed on it. Let me know what you think! :)


  64. Beast

    I love a strong heroine. She has to have character and confidence.I hate one sided beatdowns. A good video has to build up to the moment when the heroine starts to loose. If its win or not is not its not that important. But when we get to the part when the heroine strenght is being tested it hast to be great.
    The heroines that i really care here are the one of NGC ( i like the plot also), HL are cool and sexy but all the crotch punches and the way they repeat beatdows i cant take it very seriously. Vega and allura are being beatdown in each episode. NGC instead they dont overuse their cast and they are more creative in the way that they turn the fight from one side to another with the twists that they added.

  65. Maar13


    Actually I follow the NGC’s blog, nice to see those kind of reports and sometimes you find out more about the upcoming films with cpas and that kind of stuff, that is one of the aspects I love about NGC.

  66. Paul

    It seems I’ve missed an interesting discussion going on here.

    For what it’s worth my view is that if anything the production values have gone up, not gone down. More and better SFX have been included in the recent films, and the costumes are amongst the best in the business.

    Like many people have said, you pay for a film if you think it’s worth it, and again from a personal point of view I think HL films are and have no complaints. The 2 films I’ve not picked up since the turn of the year are because of the situations in the film, so I’m very pleased Logan shows extensive photo galleries on his website together with the trailers, this allows everyone to make an informed decision whether to buy or not.

    I’ve been interested in the superheroine genre for over 20 years, but only at the beginning of the year did I take (for me) the big decision to order a custom, and I did so with Heroine Legends because of the production quality and the openness of Logan, and I got delivered a top quality product, with every element I asked for delivered in the film together with extras, and the film exceeded my expectations, so much so I’ve got another custom video on order.

    Keep up the good work Logan, btw the next release Navigating to Darkness looks great.

  67. James

    WoW again, I’m really late to that discussion.

    Logan, i suggested using atomic drop and you implemented it, of course i bought this video with HL Elite Discount on first day and i loved it! Like every video you did. This maybe sounds like being a fanboy but you clearly deliver the best content in this genre in my opinion. I started years ago and of course i know all other products out there too. I spent thousands of Euros (In your case Dollars ;)) over the time and there are enough i do regret but none of Heroinelegends.com!
    For me you offer the best quality, the best looking girls, the best costumes, the best choreographed fights and therefore can charge more then other producers.

    To all the Haters: Just leave and buy videos you can afford and don’t cry. You’re acting like fools, all the time the same discussion. Whenever you walk into the city and you see watches from rolex etc. do you go into the shop and complain about their price???

    Topic related:
    Im very sad to hear that Vega is not working with you anymore, She was one of the best but im really looking forward to WW – loved her costume and the looks and im a huge huge huge WW fan, She does look tough and fighty :) Hope to see her soon in action!

    Keep up the fantastic work Logan and don’t bother with the haters!

  68. kingles

    @WTF: I just get aggravated when people quote the full price on HL movies. That’s why I mentioned that I payed $39.99 rather than $45. Obviously if you’re only interested in one scene it wouldn’t be worth it either way.

    Oh I have “special interests”, they’re just not exclusive. There’s only a few things I love, but there’re a ton of things I really like. If somebody gives me a bunch of elements I really like, combined with a high level of quality, I’m very happy with that.

    I guess I really don’t understand the whole exclusivity thing…and I don’t need to. You like what you like and there’s nothing wrong with that. Good luck to you.

    But you really don’t like ANY of the other heroines/villainesses/hunters?…Sorry, I’m still trying to ‘get’ it, I’ll give up now…

  69. michael

    I have been looking to make my first purchase of your films for a while now. I can only afford in the $20 to $25 range. Im looking at episodes 2.2 , 2.4 , Demon within 3 , and agent files 1& 3. Of these which would you say have the most belly punching ?

  70. @michael: ironically, I just sifted through those episodes to come up with an answer and those don’t feature many belly punches. Episode 2.1: ‘Impending Death’ is in your price range and does feature many of those– though it is mainly a one-sided beatdown film. 2.2: ‘Nightmare’ or ‘The Demon With [3]’ (although the storyline wouldn’t make much sense) would be my next options.


  71. michael

    Thanks for looking into that. Off the top of your head which episode doesn’t matter what price do you think has the most belly punches?

  72. @michael: Well, considering that episodes 2.1 & 2.5 are both beatdown videos, they, by far, have the most belly punches. Agent Files 6 has quite a few since the girls are restrained and tied up as well. I’m pretty sure Agent Files 5 also has a decent amount. Trophy for the Queen and Path to Darkness would be my other suggestions– I’ll open this up to the fans who have made these purchases too to comment :)


  73. Judge Judy

    I could be wrong but I suspect that Heroine Legends is posing as a customer and even carrying on conversations with themselves. There is one particular fan in here that has nearly identical nuances and style to their responses. This poster has said some pretty nasty things to other patrons of this board and derogatory comments towards the general superheroine community.

    I do not have any rock solid proof so I will just ask the question. What say you Heroine Legends / Logan, are you pretending to be your own customers?

  74. @Judge Judy: What would I gain from doing that? Whatever is on my mind, I speak. No need for double-dipping to make a point. May I ask who you think is me? There are a lot of derogatory comments on this thread unfortunately.


  75. kingles

    @Logan: Last night I bought an additional action sequence and added a heroine to Celestia’s group custom, but it still hasn’t shown up on the group customs webpage. So nobody knows what’s been purchased…

  76. @kingles: Sorry, we’ve been crazy busy here today with a read-through, an audition, actor training, my own training for our Mortal Kombat project, now I’m prepping photo sets and editing Navigation to Darkness– I will try and get the site updated ASAP… for now I’ll list what was purchased here now:

    • Sapphire KO by choke-out via Celestia
    • Mystic Chloro & Wake-Up

    Thanks guys and I’m working as quickly as I can to get you everything!!


  77. kingles

    @Judge Judy: It’s so obvious… Logan is clearly an eccentric millionaire who makes a lot of movies that nobody buys…all so he can go onto various heroine forums and have conversations with himself. If the customers aren’t real, are you sure the people he’s said “nasty things” about ARE real? Are YOU real? Anyway, thanks for coming up with this unusual idea. Everything makes sense now…

  78. kingles

    @Logan: No problem. I just thought it updated automatically and it wasn’t working.

  79. @kingles: I wish it did. It would make my life just a little bit easier lol I got your note attached to the contribution as well. When we get to filming, I’ll be referencing these while putting together the script. I’m extremely excited to see ‘Transition to Darkness’ put together and can only imagine how this next one will be if the same type of funding goes through. We sealed the pool house for filming. Our only hiccup right now is that the actress who plays Dark Vega seriously injured herself and can barely walk, let alone be in high heels or do fight scenes. We’ll have to see if she gets better in a month or so, otherwise, we may need to come up with another villainess option. :-/


  80. michael

    Thanks for the info. Still deciding. Are the new prices up on the site yet? not sure if they are still the old ones

  81. Mike J

    @ michael, As far a volume of stomach punches I’ll have to say 2.1 Impending Death has the most.

    Agent Files 5 & 6 have some good ones as well. Agent 5 has a scene when the villain holds Thorne’s arms over her head with one hand and delivers about 8 or 9 straight from different angles, some better than others seeing that I’m an ass man lol.

    Those are what I would recommend. I’m not a belly punch expert so I don’t know what you consider good or bad.

    Just my 2 cents.

  82. Mike J

    I went ahead and purchased 2.8 and am glad I did. No secret I’m a Celestia fan and she was in here far more than I thought. She’s just sexy to me, and I love how she doesn’t seem to take anything really seriously. I’m really interested to see where the storyline is going with her. I have some clue from the 2.10 trailer.

    Still not a fan of Mirage, but her scene with the doubles was well done all the way up to her defeat, which I thought was nice.

    Vega, I already said my peace on that, though I did enjoy the Sho-Ryn-Ken move to finish her off lol.

    Did Celestia really fall for a look, what is that? I just don’t see that happening lol. Though I loved the bear hug sequence.

    One thing I like about your videos not really having any particular favorite elements is that you mix it most times. Not all backbreakers, or bearhugs, or chokes, just a mixture of everything. Aside from lowblows, I’ll never understand the infatuation. When you have the poll on the site I was shocked and the percentage it got.

  83. michael

    Thanks. I went with Agent files 6. If the prices stay the same I will make another purchase soon

  84. @Mike J: thanks for the suggestions to the fellow viewer! :) it’s funny – Mirage is a hit or miss with fans (apparently a miss in your book lol) I’m glad the Mortal Kombat / Street Fighter move didn’t go unnoticed! I agree with you on the low blow front– we have recently extremely limited the amount of low blows in our films. Zero to one max and if there is one– it’s well placed and out of desperation. I just don’t see the obsession with them– but then again, I don’t understand reverse bear hugs either, but at least they make sense in a fight… to me…

    @michael– awesome, let us know how you like it!! I’m going to try out the pricing structure a little while longer to get a true feel for the impact of the changes… :)


  85. TeeHX

    I think Judge Judy might be on to something, WWFan719 seems pretty suspicious to me.

  86. WWFan719

    Haha I must admit it’s quite funny how people come to such random conclusions. I don’t think HL spend their life on our forums battling two identities.
    Kingles seems to hit it right on the nose there. I am not HL / Logan nor do I know him personally. I have had a few email exchanges with him in the past in regards to elements I like to see and he has always been gracious in answering my questions in a timely fashion.
    Funny that I even have to waste my time explaining that one. And I never attacked anyone for the record. I stated my opinion and that’s that, which still holds that this is a board for reviews not preschool arguments. End of story.

  87. @TeeHX: Well, we could always ask HM to verify the IP Addresses as different ones. Or you could just talk to that member and have them verify. Of course, if you think it’s me, then that wouldn’t work, would it? I, of course, come to the forums to talk to myself, double post to people, and ask myself rhetorical questions. You guys got me lol.

    In other news, our next release ended up being about 17 minutes, 25 seconds long which puts it at $24.99 on the new pricing structure. HL Elite will get the Early Discount price of $20.99 when it releases for the 1st 2 days ONLY. I know some of you will be thrilled to hear about the lower price! :)

    Agent Files 7 will also be on par with that pricing range. I don’t have full details on length yet, but from communication with my editor, it’s around the same length I believe!!


  88. @WWFan719: lol I almost said the same thing you did in our first line… we must be the same person!!! :)


  89. WWFan719 and HeroineLegends have the same IP address.

  90. kingles

    @”HM”: I’m pretty sure that impersonating the moderator is not a good idea. Some people just don’t have any respect.

  91. kingles

    @HM: Wow sorry…your post wasn’t shaded gray when I replied to it.

  92. Mike A

    Yeah this has gotten totally out of hand. Leave Logan alone. If you don’t like his work then why bother even commenting? Impersonating the guy who runs this website isn’t going to help your case in any conceivable way anyways. Just going to make you look like a further idiot.

  93. Bert

    Hmmm. I think the fans of superheroine vids need to consider the potential results of their actions before posting attacks on producers. Constructive criticism is one thing, but repeated badgering has the potential to make producers look to other markets and quit making heroine vids altogether. That hurts all of us.

    Producers walk a fine line between being responsive to fans and being dragged into pointless bickering. If that line is crossed and producers go too far in defending their positions, a bad feeling can set in that erodes support.

    It seems like most of this dispute is over cost. I think that fans speaking with their wallets will be heard loud and clear. The bickering doesn’t really serve anyone’s best interests.

  94. I’m contacting HM now to figure out what’s going on. I’ll let you guys know when we have a resolution. Hang on.


  95. Mike A

    Or am I misinterpreting what’s going on here? I thought authors names have to be in blue in order to be the official author.

  96. kingles

    @Mike A: HM’s posts are shaded gray.

  97. It’s really me (HM) and not an imposter. I’m not trying to stir anything up here—I was asked to look into a possible IP address match, so I looked into it as requested and posted the results.

  98. Well HM confirmed and proved that the IP addresses do match. I’m not exactly sure what’s going on yet but I’ll figure it out. I’m 100% not WWFan. My only guess it’s that it’s someone here in my office which could be a number of people. I messaged everyone who was here today and once I figure things out, I’ll clear it up on here. If it is someone in my camp, then I’m sure I’ll owe some apologies on behalf of our production.


  99. WWFan719

    I will clear all of this mess up. No this is not Logan or any representation on HL. I am an actor that has worked with HL and keep an eye out on the boards – being a comic/superhero fan myself. (I will not disclose my identity as the point of this board is anonymity) I have seen day in and out episodes that many talented actors, in which some I get to call friends, put their time effort, blood, sweat and tears into only to have people that have never seen any of the work bash on it. I felt that Logan was being very PC and did not really defend himself from the constant attacks and nasty comments on here trying to keep the peace, so I figured I would.
    I still hold true to my main point – that this is a review board – not a preschool playground. So I feel it is only fair to ask that everyone say their peace if and when they see/have actual interest in seeing the episode that is being reviewed and have a little respect for those out here working as hard as we do to try our best at delivering a good episode. Constructive criticism is fantastic and appreciated even if it isn’t good – but just straight bashing for no reason other than just to try to belittle anyone is just negative and unnecessary.
    And to close – I actually have purchased and watched videos from the other producers I mentioned, so my opinions are still valid.
    Thank you to all HL fans and I’m sorry for the alias – I just couldn’t listen to it any longer without anything being said. Have a good night everyone!

  100. Hmmm. We’ll isn’t that great. I don’t know what to say. Regardless of WWFan’s disclosure about not being a representation for us, indirectly, it still is so I apologize to everyone who was involved who felt they were being attacked by these comments. I underrated their intentions but will have a talk with this person regarding the use of forums. (Once I find out exactly who it is)

    Thank you for your understanding.


  101. Damien Woods

    I’m an insect who dreamt he was a man and loved it. But now the dream is over… and the insect is awake.

  102. @Damien Woods: thank you again Damien for being a catalyst on my posts to negativity. And the squabble continues apparently.


  103. kingles

    @WWFan719: That was seriously not cool…at all.

  104. TeeHX

    @Logan / WWfan719

    Sorry I don’t buy it. I backed up Judge Judy because it was painfully obvious what was going on. You got caught, just own up to it! It’s not the end of the world and people will respect that way more than making up stories, myself included.

  105. @TeeHX: sorry, it really want me as much as you would like it to be. I now know who it is. I will deal with it on my end. Some actresses see reviews and negative feedback as a direct attack on themselves or their colleague’s work and that’s what happened here. No stories, just an actress trying to stick up for her craft. That is all there is to it.


  106. WWFan719

    Guys – I owned up to it the second I saw you thought it was Logan. It’s really not a big deal. I said my opinion – not sure why that’s so bad. Everyone else can but I can’t? I actually didn’t do anything as horrible as you’re making it all sound. I’m an actor with HL, not Logan. How are we posting at the same exact time if that’s the case?
    I’m backing him up. You all do that with each others comments too.

  107. Mike A

    I know this might be dumb, but I believe Logan in this situation. Crazier things have happened guys. Why would he suggest HM check the IP addresses if he were actually guilty?

  108. Paul

    I certainly believe Logan, and I think it shows what a tight knit group HL are, that one of the actressess feels strongly enough to defend Logan. I also thing it’s great that the people we see play the heroines on screen are fans of the superheroine genre. They aren’t there just to pickup a pay check, that they care about the film that’s put out, which again I think does show in the finished product.

  109. Whitman

    I think Logan would do well for himself to not feed the trolls next time. Or to quote Twain: “Never argue with an idiot. They’ll bring you down to their level and then beat you with experience.”

    Although watching this whole circle-jerk unfold over the last few days has been more than a little amusing…and one hundred comments later, heroinelegends is still making my absolute favorite peril videos on the planet.

    To bring this thread back on-topic: the low blows in your vids keep getting better and better! Loved the Diabla/Celestia one, and the kick against Vega…wow! Glad to see you guys adding low kicks and atomic drops to your dirty-fighting arsenal. Keep up the great work.

  110. Well, this is interesting. I’ve been holding out for 2.9 as preview images were the first thing I saw of HeroineLegends but now I’m not certain if I will purchase it. As someone who has seen the lack of quality and availability in less expensive producers, the sudden price cut in the newer films and by extension the length and whatever else has been affected concerns me as a prospective customer.

    Uh-well, perhaps I will take the gamble on 2.9 or just purchase several of the previous films that have intrigued me and avoid the newer ones if the quality has suffered.

  111. @Mike A: that’s what totally got me. You should have seen my face when HM came back and said they matched. I thought for sure that was going to end it. The actress won’t be posting anymore- if she does, it won’t be under an alias. And it won’t be negatiave…

    @Paul: this actress has been with me for quite a while now in HL and seed cereal other films. We definitely have a tight-knit crew. If you’ve ever watched our behind-the-scenes scenes films, you can tell. :)

    @Whitman: you hit the nail right in the head there. I usually stay away from replying to those whose intent is to argue on here. Not sure why the past few days have been any different. The pricing issue has definitely been one I’m just sick of having. Anyway, I’m back! Thanks for the reminder!

    @B: quality hasn’t changed at all other than constantly improving. The prices have changed as a temporary trial to see how it affects sales. I’ve attempted to appease some people who may legitimately want to watch our films but they are just out of their price range. If I don’t take a severe hit, I’ll continue with a similar pricing grid. We shall see how it goes. 2.9 is relatively inexpensive compared to our other films. It’s also a shorter installment as most complained about the length.


  112. kingles

    Just look at replies 91 and 92 in this thread and when they were posted. Logan would have to have been the greatest typist in history to have typed both of those messages. Two people in the same network could be posting from two different offices and would still indicate the same IP address.

  113. @kingles: I think I just proved I am NOT the greatest typist lol eh, sad sad stuff.

    I’m putting out a free Celestia wallpaper today or tomorrow for HL Elite members, on a side note :)


  114. @HeroineLegends: I see exactly where you are coming from. It is good to see that quality will not be taking a hit; my reaction about 2.9 was simply because the furthest I got through this rather uncivilized forum was where you mentioned that you won’t be shortening this release as it had already sold to many but would begin with the next release which I logically assume to be 2.9 since this is 2.8.

    I’ll probably still purchase 2.9 as soon as the VIP/Elite release date is here as well now that I think about it.

    In any case, after reading further through this thread I’ll end this by saying that it’s good your making an effort to increase your audience but remember that some people will never be happy and it is clear that some of those people are here and trying to bait you.

  115. @B: 2.9 is actually really entertaining to watch so I’m sure you will be pleased with it :) I didn’t want to go through senseless work of re-editing 2.8– it would have been a good 2 days of work for really no reason. As for those who complain about price, it is the ones who never buy who make ridiculous statements about releasing 40-minute films for $15. Even with the prices being lowered, there hasn’t been any more sales than normal so far. Then again, many of our viewers don’t use the HL Elite coupon code either which I don’t understand. It’s free. My main concern is the fans that DO buy our content. I want them to be happy with the price. We are on the higher end on all levels and I want to ensure that we’re not out-of-range to the point where it’s hard to keep following our films financially. I also have to consider my own costs for continuing with production as well… this is definitely my most expensive production… but action films always cost more than comedies. :)


  116. Sooooo I just got back the final cut for Agent Files 7 and it’s SIIIIIIIIIICKKKKKK!!!!! I CAN’T WAIT TO RELEASE IT!!! But that’s 3 weeks away lol

    I’ll have a trailer up by tonight or tomorrow I hope :)


  117. Maar13

    3 weeks? Come on man! OK, will wait… Anything with Allura is worth the wait.

  118. @Maar13: Yeah yeah yeah, lol I know… but if I release these sooner than scheduled, I’ll be out of content and we are on a quick hiatus of HL filming due to actress schedules so we are moving over to a comedy web series for a few weeks, then back at it! But ‘Transition to Darkness’ will only take us through part of June– which, of course, is when we leave town for 2 weeks. It’s tough to stay filming at this pace– that’s for sure! :)


  119. Maar13

    @Logan: lol I know, don’t worry about it, I guess I am just acting as a spoiled brat this time 😛

    Hope your comedy series is a blast for you guys (Is it the Overbooked project?).

  120. @Maar13: Thanks! And actually, no. “Overbooked” is a feature film going through post-production now. The web series is going to be on our YouTube channel and called “Easy Way Out” – it’s a story about an online break-up company :) Should be very entertaining!! We are finalizing the cast list now! :)


  121. Maar13

    Great…Can’t wait to watch it over there when it goes out.

  122. Jimbo

    @ Logan
    I was just wondering…You said that you will be converting that Supergirl character aka Vega and strength to another character and be retiring Vega. I was wondering, when will this new so-called Supergirl character appear? Will the new character appear in future short films, feature films or in Season 3 or all of the above?

  123. @Maar13: :)

    @Jimbo: Well, I hope she recurs, but in this industry, it’s all up the actresses… We won’t be filming her character until June/July regardless though. We won’t have time to cast for, create a costume for, and train a new girl until around that time…


  124. MAV

    @Logan-really enjoyed episode 2.8. I like the new edits that accelerate the blows. Always good to see Vega and cant get enough of Celestia in those leather shorts;>

    Speaking of Celestia, will we get a preview of her in that leather-ish bikini for her group custom soon?

  125. @MAV: lol I know you’re dying to see her in it 😉 We did push back the filming for the Group Custom for Kristin– and the bikini needs to be tailor-made for her… which, of course, our costumer took on a huge order for a movie for custom costumes, so he isn’t accepting any other projects until June… We are taking this opportunity to jump onto another project a little sooner than we expected, but it’s very important to us as well… then, back to HL. I’ll still be releasing regularly and staying on the boards though :)


  126. SCSF

    @MAV, as the fan who commissioned those shorts and also the bikini, that makes two of us! Seems like we both enjoy the lovely Celestia in leather. I am going to go out on a limb and predict you will like Tied to the Power. 😉

    LMK if you ever want to go in together on a custom. It seems like we might share some interests.

  127. kingles

    @SCSF: You’re responsible for putting Celestia in those shorts? You sir are a hero.

  128. SCSF

    @Kingles, you are too kind. Glad you enjoy them as much as I do. 😉 Kristin looks smoking hot in anything, but I think the shorts take things to a new level.

  129. So it’s Tuesday and it’s been a few days since we changed the prices. I’m going to be honest, we took a really big hit. Sales slowed tremendously as they did the last time I dropped the pricing structure, and the per movie cost was much lower than normal. I have no intention of “jacking prices” back up, but I will have to work with my team to find a middle ground somehow.

    Thank you for all the input and working with me whilst I try and find the balance here!


  130. Mike J

    @ Logan

    Honestly if I were you, I wouldn’t have changed anything. The vast majority of people who complained about the prices either:

    1) Never had any intention of buying one.
    2) Are still not going to buy unless you cut the price like in half.

    People only care about the price per minute thing when the videos are like 20 mins long. It’s a price range and has nothing to do with price per minute.

    Rye’s first Skyfire was fifty minutes long, if he had charged $50 for it you wouldn’t have heard anyone saying the price was fair because it was a dollar a minute, you would have seen WTF $50 I guarantee it.

    So unless you’re willing to sell all you videos regardless of length for $20, $25, $30 ($29.99 so they see that 2 in front lol) at most, I wouldn’t bother.

  131. @Mike J: I agree. My business partners told me not to change anything, but I wanted to try and appease everyone. You’re right though. The HL Elite discount plus the lower prices didn’t encourage anyone who doesn’t already buy TO buy, so it really was a wasted effort– other than proving to myself that I was right on the pricing structure– even though I already knew that when I had dropped every video to $17.99 last year for a week and saw the rapid decline in sales. I just want to recoup my costs and be able to make more of these for you guys so I’ll fix it all up today and I want to thank the fans (like you) who have stuck by us and supported our series :)

    By the way, I’m uploading 2.9: ‘Navigating the Darkness’ now and finishing up the wallpaper for it for a release! 😉


  132. Darklord

    Interesting comments about pricing and price per minute (ppm). I think the ppm argument doesn’t hold up bc every video is different and thus has diff value.

    However, for me personally, and I’ve posted about this before (most recently on the two part PH wonderous girl vid) that at some point there is a law of diminishing returns effect on these videos. Buying a 60min video at $60 might have a fair ppm but no heroine video should be that long for any price.

    I think 15-25min depending on cotent is all that is necessary. Too often these videos have too many repetitive scenes just to milk more time and thus more $.

    Not accusing HL of that. Just saying in general I see that happen a lot in this genre. The only HL vid I bought was agent files 5 and it was good and didnt really have any filler content. And I believe was 25min long which is right in my wheelhouse

  133. HL ELITE EMAIL SENT for 2.9: ‘Navigating the Darkness’

    @Darklord: I agree. I think this is why making shorter films makes more sense. I try not to have “filler” material. I feel it cheapens the production and is a scummy way to make a few extra dollars or try to turn a 10-minute movie into a 20-minute one. I am guilty of repeated blows in a few films, but usually as a result of a custom. Gotta give the buyer what they want 😉


  134. Paul

    Great work Logan, for me Episode 2.9 is the best episode of series 2 so far, it answered many questions, great fight scenes, and we get to see how powerful Dark Vega can be. Loved every minute of this, and as a fan of Female v Female combat those two fights Dark Vega v Diabla and Dark Vega v Black Queen were brilliant. I know you’ve stated the actress who portrays Dark Vega has an injury at present, but I really hope we get to see her again in the future, even if it’s just in an evil mastermind role, which perhaps doesn’t involve as much fighting.

  135. @Maar13: Glad you liked the wallpaper :) and I’m glad we finally got to show a decent Dark Vega series of fights!!

    @Paul: I shot this so long ago when I was filming in bulk and knew the questions were going to be answered lol just had to wait to release it to actually answer them to you guys 😉


  136. Hey guys,

    I’m putting up the Behind-the-Scenes films for sale on our website over the next few days. I never seem to get them ready by the time the film is ready so they will be added this week. They usually run about 35 minutes all the way up to over an hour. I’m thinking about putting them up for $9.99-$12.99– what are your thoughts?


  137. Mike A

    I like this idea. Would love to see BTS footage from Transition To Darkness, especially from the multiple Lady Wonder ko scenes.

  138. Henchman

    On prices.
    a) You charge what the market will bear.
    b) Profit is not a dirty word and there’s no need to make excuses for trying to make money.

    I’m not a regular customer but that’s because your films are mostly about fighting and nothing to do with the price. I purchased Agent Case Files 5 with three (count ’em) heroines in mind control collars in dentist chairs with the lab technicians working on them. Fantastic (except for the fact that the set up was just used as an excuse for more fighting between the heroines but hey, it was worth it just to see the scene in the chairs).

    I will also be picking up Trophy for the Queen shortly.

    If you put some peril in occasionally, even just 5 minutes after a 20 minute fight, I would buy more of your productions at your normal price because of your production values.

    Note, by peril I don’t just mean beating up the heroines once they’ve been defeated/captured. I mean strapping them down to (purely for example and not because you’ve got the props/set already but haven’t used it to its full potential) dentist chairs and subjecting them to some diabolical process or something.

  139. Hey guys,

    For all my HL Elite Members, I just updated the Members Only section with 3 new wallpapers for FREE!! I’m in a promo mood right now, so there’s a Dark Vega promo to go with my latest release, a 2.10 ‘Tied to the Power’ promo, and a ‘Transition to Darkness’ promo– let me know what you think!!

    @Mike A: Can’t promise what will be in the Behind-the-Scenes videos– it’s a matter of what was caught on tape when someone was available to grab the extra camera 😉

    @Henchman: You’re right– we do focus on fighting. We do A LOT of custom work and the requests seem to always rest on specific moves that happen during a fight: low blows, bear hugs, power struggles, chokes, Heroine losing, etc. We are reaching out for different peril situations– ‘Trophy for the Queen’ is a good example of one to pick up for that. So is ‘Return of the Black Queen’– the Feature Pack (whole story) is 2 hours long and one big perilous adventure! ‘The Demon Within’ Feature Pack & ‘Helix of Hyperion’ are both good choices too. ‘Transition to Darkness’ will be another I think you’d enjoy– we definitely expanded upon the actual story rather than just focusing on the fights with that one. :)


  140. Maar13

    One word… AMAZING!

    Absolutely loved the wallpapers, really beautiful heroines in all 3, can’t wait for the next release already.

  141. MAV

    @Logan-I am an HL elite member but didnt get the wallpaper notification and my old pw doesn’t work. Can you please let me know how to reset that?

  142. Paul

    Great wallpapers, and the BTS footage is a nice idea too, I enjoyed watching the ones you’ve already released with certain films. Also looking forward to the photo sets becoming available, any idea when these will be available ?

  143. @Maar13: :)

    @MAV: The HL Elite Members Area password is the same as the new discount code. If you have any further troubles with it, send me over an email– info@HeroineLegends.com

    @Paul: I’ve put the photo sets into folders– that took forever lol I’m uploading them to the server and then I have to test them out to make sure they work properly. I’m hoping to have all this done in a few days along with the BtS videos…


  144. Also, we changed around the website a little more:

    • ‘HL Elite’ now has it’s own section with the Member’s Area portal.
    • ‘HL Forums’ have been relocated to the ‘HL Elite’ Member’s Area.
    • The ‘Action Elements’ page is now inside the ‘HL Elite’ Member’s Area.
    • Personal & Group Customs are now visible on the home page navigation bar.
    • We have begun a ‘Blog’. We’ll see how well I can keep up with it. I’ll do my best to make announcements here and just mindless ramblings on occasion.
    • For those who don’t know, we have every film we offer listed on one page:


    Photo Sets are finally done as I said in the above post– only available to HL Elite Members– Behind-the-Scenes videos will be available soon. I just finished uploading the ‘Navigating the Darkness’ BtS Video to my server.

    I will be on set for a feature film over the next few days so I’ll be working as best as I can between setups– it’s not my production so I have a little leeway. I’ll also try and get the BtS Videos up in conjunction with next week’s release– which may be ‘Agent Files 7′ rather than ‘2.10: Tied to the Power’… but we’ll see. :)


  145. Logan: I’m very interested in the photo sets but I strongly suggest you give us something, like maybe thumbnails, so we have at least a general idea of what we’re buying.

  146. @Bob: it would take me forever to pull together screenshots to put up thumbnails for the photo sets. It’s exactly what I described- some wallpaper photo shoot photos that weren’t used, behind-the-scenes photos on set with cast and crew, and some screen grabs from episodes the character was in. No surprises there. I think I’ll let some viewers who end up buying them put in their 2 cents on the boards as to what they feel they got and their opinion on it. Many of the photos are already up on the site with the episode/films as well. It’s a trial and error thing… right now, I’ll be lucky to get next week’s film out on time :-/


  147. Paul

    @ Bob : I’ve just bought the Allura set so far, which contained over 220 photos of which I would say over 100 are brand new photos I’ve not seen before, and they are in high resolution (the download is 669 MB for all the photos in the set). Of the 100 or so new photos, I would say it’s a 50/50 split between wallpaper photo shoot and behind the scenes photos. Hope this helps.

    @ Logan : Thank you for these sets, as a Cayla Black fan I was always going to buy the Allura set, but I think I’ll be buying the other sets too after checking out the quality and quantity in them.