Heroine Legends 2.9 – “Navigating the Darkness”

Heroine Legends 2.9 - Navigating the DarknessHeroine Legends has released its latest episode, Navigating the Darkness. “Synopsis: Dark Vega has been reborn– she finds herself in a familiar place, but knows not why– yet she can sense an evil presence there. Is Dark Vega the trophy prize for any villain to have? Or are they unworthy?”

Heroine Legends 2.9 - Navigating the DarknessHeroine Legends 2.9 - Navigating the DarknessHeroine Legends 2.9 - Navigating the Darkness

Heroine Legends 2.9 - Navigating the DarknessHeroine Legends 2.9 - Navigating the DarknessHeroine Legends 2.9 - Navigating the Darkness

Heroine Legends 2.9 - Navigating the DarknessHeroine Legends 2.9 - Navigating the DarknessHeroine Legends 2.9 - Navigating the Darkness

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  1. Mike A

    I couldn’t justify buying this one due to lack of elements I enjoy, but I’m anxious to hear what others think and to see the official review on here.

  2. @Mike A: what are some of the elements you like? I knew a Chloro scene is one. This film has a Chloro attempt which Dark Vega reverses in Valentine. What other elements are your favorites?


  3. Mike A

    You know me too well lol I saw there’s a chloro attempt but since it doesn’t go all the way I kinda tapped out.

    What I enjoy most, and what I judge my purchases on, are several things. One being some solid ko scenes. The other being some peril elements, preferably a heroine in pantyhose (although this is flexible depending on the hotness of the actress), and more of a focus on a heroine losing/getting captured before eventually winning be it in this episode or in the eventual storyline.

    Plus I was never really a fan of Dark Vega.

  4. @Mike A: I think that last statement kinda trumps the whole thing for you lol noted though. You may enjoy Agent Files 7 which is what I want to release next. Only one KO, but it’s 4 girls and gassing. One wide view take.


  5. Mike A

    Yeah, coulda worded it better but you know what I mean lol I feel like my points are still valid though.

  6. Mike J

    Unfortunately I’m going to have to pass on this one.

    There’s really only one element I really need in my vids and that’s the heroine getting KO’d. How we get there, face punches, stomach punches, back breakers, bear hugs, chloro, etc, don’t care lol.

    So if the only KO in this is to the villain, not really going to do it for me. Ragdolling and weak heroines are my speed as well. Once again how we get there I don’t really care.

    I’m going to pick up 2.10, it has my favorite Celestia, and it looks as if she meets the Sandman twice, so I’ll pick that up when I get the email.

    Looking forward to transition to darkness as well, looks like several KOs in that one.

    I’m pretty simple as far as elements I need. But there are plenty that I do not like, and won’t buy a video for. Luckily you don’t do them much in your vids.

    Good luck with this one though.

  7. @Mike J: totally understandable. This film was more about story and showing the power of this specific villainess… KOs are great but sometimes it drags down the film and contradicts the story… like in this one :)


  8. I rather liked this one. Largely due to Dark Vega really growing on me. She’s a good actress and great looking, but I like that, in addition to being a villainess, she can be also be something of an anti-heroine depending on the story.
    Where the other villains have their grand schemes and seem largely in it together, she’s kind of the odd-one-out, just trying to do her own thing.

    That’s actually something rarely seen in heroine movies, and I’d be interested in seeing future stories where Dark Vega is pitted against worse villains than her that can actually match her.

  9. Maar13

    I am a little like Mike A and Mike J on the Kos kind of deal but I am a fan ofnDark Vega and Kristinna…meaning Thorne or Dark queen sonaingotntonsee this one and I like it looking into the future to see what would take Dark Vega down…I know Allura can beat her with out help but Allura has weaknesses that Dark Vega doesn’t so another fight between the to would be really interesting. Also a Thorne vs Dark Vega orna Mystic Vs Dark Vega angle would be really interesting.

  10. Maar13

    Sorry…meant Black Queen for Kristinna.

  11. @Maar13: we’ll see what the future brings!

    On a side note, has anyone on this board watched ‘Power Hungry’? We soy it a while ago and we used a different assortment of characters. Just curious as to if anyone enjoyed it. Let me know your thoughts…


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    Let me know your thoughts!! Enjoy!!


  13. SleeperFan

    @Logan, I admire your trailers and I suspect that I would like Heroine Legends vids a great deal. The title you have on sale isn’t one I am interested in, but I have been highly tempted by some of your recent releases, such as Case 5: Falcone’s TriaI. I keep being put off by the price, even though it would only be a percentage of what I spend monthly. Compare the pricing of a similar producer such as Cult Retro. I’ve bought every vid from them, and price was a big consideration. The same goes for being a frequent purchaser of Sleeperkid over other sites, even those that produce an arguably better product. Likewise for Prostyle Fantasies over DT Wrestling, although in this case PSF is vastly superior to DT.

    Anyway, take this for what it is worth–one person’s opinion–so not much. But if there are others likeminded, perhaps not so little LOL.

  14. @SleeperFan: It’s funny that you say that. We actually just came off of a big pricing break. Most films were reduced by $5-$10– others but even more. Most films, especially after HL Elite discounting, ended up below the coveted $1/minute rate. However, the entire week that I had the prices like that, we saw a drastic drop in sales. This is the 2nd time (spaced a year apart) that I have done a lower-pricing trial and had the same result both times. Sales dropped by more than half in that entire duration. I’ve honestly seen nothing like it. I put prices close to where they used to be and had a surge of sales– actually it just felt like a surge… the sales are just back to normal. I can’t take another hit like I just did. The video we just released is priced much lower than our others– but fairly according to our other films… but it cost about the same amount to film as the others so that, coupled with the sales drop from the lowered prices, in addition to the cost/video during that time being dropped– well, you get the point. Not fun on my end since I still have editors to pay for films I’ve already shot. Anywho, this was very long-winded, but the theory of cheaper films makes perfect sense to me, but it doesn’t apply in a real-world setting. This film, for instance, while doing very well, is cheaper than the norm and there are fans who have expressed that they have no intention of buying it– price is not a factor. We do offer our HL Elite program for free which gives you 10% off every video and feature pack we offer– and those discounts add up quickly. I encourage you to sign up if you haven’t and if you decide to make any purchases, they won’t be at full price listed! :) Thanks for the feedback!!!!!


  15. kingles

    @Logan: I agree with WP regarding the use of Dark Vega as an anti-heroine, which is in effect what was done here. It’s cool that DV got a chance to have a full episode to show her stuff. Was this just in time for Hailey to leave the series though…or is she just out of action temporarily?

    I did take advantage of the sale to buy “Power Hungry”. I thought it was really good, although not technically up to the standards of the newer releases. The main reason I didn’t buy this earlier is because it didn’t seem like the heroines in it had any role in the story line going forward. Although since this was significant in advancing the whole ‘Source’ storyline…it probably would’ve been useful to have gotten it earlier.

  16. @kingles: I usually have an answer for you, but I honestly am not 100% sure about the direction we will be going with Dark Vega. This series is very heavy on fight choreography which can be overwhelming to some and when you get injured (which happened outside of filming), recovery time isn’t always certain. We will have to play it by ear. As for ‘Power Hungry’– you are absolutely correct about quality. That’s why I feel comfortable dropping the price for a quick sale on it by such a drastic amount. We filmed this about a year ago– on our old camera, with our old audio issues, with an old editor, etc. What’s nice to notice though is how far we have come in one year with production values. AF7 & 8 along with ‘Transition to Darkness’ are on a whole new level in comparison– I’m glad you got a chance to pick it up and enjoy it though… there were some nice moments in there and for what it is, I enjoyed it. It was also, in conjunction with the 1st ‘The Academy’ film, the 1st time we used slow motion in the fight scenes. :)


  17. Maar13

    That one looks pretty cool, do we see Allura waking up too during the episode? Seems like the following from 2.7.

  18. Hey guys,

    The trailer for ‘Agent Files 8′ is up:


    @Maar13: It’s meant to be confusing as to when it takes place– but then again, our fans don’t really like the confusion aspect that I do– so I’ll just tell you. The ‘Hunters’ didn’t form until after AF4, so it’s actually a continuation from after 2.7, however, not directly afterwards. It’s a separate storyline in the Agent Files series, so it doesn’t correlate and mesh 100% with the Series Episodes. There is no wake-up for Allura; only Sapphire.


  19. Maar13

    It’s OK, sometimes is good to be surprised.

    AF have always looked like a series on its own so that is OK. Still really looking forward to it.

  20. Beast

    I bought this episode and it was great. Love Dark Vega she is beutiful. Her moves are so sexy, she looks cool in every pose. The fight coreography in this episode ( and in general) is amazing.
    I love how Dark vega is make up now. I didnt like her make up in the firsts episodes.
    About the prices ( again) i support this format. Although i think you have to find a way of didnt use so many characters per episode. Then you have to make the maths..Big episode, more actors, more coreography, more scenarios, more fx more everything but a high price ( as it has a little for everybody if its possible to have good sales but is only one episode). If one of these episodes fail it will be more difficult to swallow.
    Small episodes, not so many actors, one or two stages, less coreography. But its more specific so maybe you are going to have less sales. But the risk isnt so high.
    Also there a great numbers of users which bought an episode because of what they see in the trailer. Maybe a character didnt have a big fan base and her episode has bad sales or maybe it has but they dont see the moves or the action that they desire in the trailer . There are so many factors. I think here is more dificult to have a solid fan base.
    For me is better the small format althoughi will buy a big episode if the main heroine is one of my favourite like allura, vega ( and now dark vega!)
    You have the numbers so any decision that help you to make more videos will be ther correct. Good luck!

  21. Mike J

    @ Logan

    I think you put the wrong title on this new video. It says Agent Files 8 “The Power of the Source”

    Aside from that I liked the video. I’m becoming a big Sapphire fan, hopefully she gets her own video soon. A video with nothing but F/F fights can never be bad lol. Only had the one knock out scene, which was alright. I think it would have been a better scene if you had panned over the aftermath and the bodies strewn about like you did for the scenes in Case Files 5 & 6.

    That’s really my only nitpick, other than that I thought the video was very enjoyable once it got going.

  22. @Mike J: yeah, it was brought to my attention about the title screen and I’m exporting a fix already. I got called to set today so I won’t be able to implement the fixed file until tomorrow though. And I actually did have the footage of them at the end on the ground but it was handheld and very shaky so I decided not to use it since it would have been the only shaky footage in the entire film. Didn’t want to end on that. :)


  23. Hey guys,

    I got the film opening title fixed for AF7. If you purchased this title and you want the version with the corrected title, forward your confirmation email to info@HeroineLegends.com and I’ll get you the corrected links within 24 hours. Thanks, everyone!!

    By the way, this title has been a top seller already just from the HL Elite purchases, so hopefully a post will go up today or tomorrow here– if you wouldn’t mind putting up your feedback for it, that would be awesome!! Thanks!!


  24. Just want to get a preliminary feel for this:

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  25. Paul

    The concept of Charlie’s Angels meets X-Men would certainly interest me, I would be less interested if it was just a spy concept, but spies with super powers could lead to some interesting stories, and for me a good story and a sexy powerful heroine are the most important things.