Heroine Legends Episode 2.2: “Nightmare”

Heroine Legends Episode 2.2: NightmareHeroine Legends has just released Nightmare, the second episode of Season 2, and the bottom line is that I just can’t get enough of Vega. This is actually my first review for any film starring Vega (her first appearance was reviewed here), and I’m quite impressed.

For me, the actress that plays Vega, Talia Prairie, just has a superheroine look about her, and it’s more than having a beautiful face and perfect body, although those certainly don’t hurt. After just two appearances, she’s become one of my favorite performers in the genre, and the good news is there seems to be a lot more of her coming soon. I think she handles herself as well as any other Heroine Legends actress in a fight scene, and that attribute is on full display in this video.

Heroine Legends Episode 2.2: NightmareHeroine Legends Episode 2.2: NightmareHeroine Legends Episode 2.2: Nightmare

When the film begins, Angel, the civilian persona of Vega has an awkward conversation with her smitten roommate Charlie when Dragos shows up out of nowhere. This is probably the part where you say, “Hey, didn’t Vega incinerate Dragos just a couple weeks ago?” Why, yes. Yes she did. This is the first clue that this is not only a heroine-in-peril film but also a heroine-in-mental-distress film.

Vega throws a punch that Dragos blocks, and he does what any villain would do in his situation. He gets a cheap feel. They then have a nicely choreographed fight where Dragos takes control by absorbing some of Vega’s heat vision and channels it back at her. Charlie quickly comes in for the save with a gun and Dragos retreats.

Heroine Legends Episode 2.2: NightmareHeroine Legends Episode 2.2: NightmareHeroine Legends Episode 2.2: Nightmare

Vega then grabs her head in pain, as if she is having a hallucination and suddenly finds herself looking up at the formidable presence of Diabla. Another good fight takes place and Diabla mostly holds the advantage. She drops Vega in a really well done backbreaker and grinds her boot into her back before disappearing.

Vega then looks up to find herself face-to-face with her third dance partner for the day, Malek. I don’t know much about Malek, but I like the actor who portrays him. He’s got his Batman voice going in this episode, and I thought he did a good job. I don’t know if he has any powers but he carries around a big pipe and he engages Vega with it. Vega controls the majority of the action here, disarms Malek, and bends his pipe. (I swear I’m not trying to make this sound overtly sexual.) They then have a conversation that is heavy in exposition and I think it probably charts the course for future season two episodes.

Heroine Legends Episode 2.2: NightmareHeroine Legends Episode 2.2: NightmareHeroine Legends Episode 2.2: Nightmare

This was a really nice video with three great fight scenes. It’s not as fetish-heavy as Episode 2.1, but Vega is on the receiving end of choke holds, face and stomach punches, and the aforementioned backbreaker. There’s also a couple of up-skirt shots for you up-skirt guys out there.

Now with the review out of the way, a couple questions for Logan some of which he may or may not be interested in answering at this time.

1. What is a Hunter?
2. Are Hunters imbued with Auras?
3. Is Vega a former hunter?
4. Do Vega’s powers come from being imbued with an Aura or is she just naturally powerful?
5. What is The Resistance?

And that’s it. I love Vega. I look forward to the premier of Dark Vega. And I wouldn’t mind seeing my favorite characters Vega and Thorne in the same episode. Call it a request.

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  1. If anyone is on the boards right now, I am setting up for today’s shoot and have 4 fights scenes to shoot! If you have ideas for fight scene peril you want to see– let me know ASAP so I can consider them! I can’t answer any questions but I can check the boards while I’m filming– thanks everyone!!


  2. Spandex Fiend

    Would a crotch kick so hard that it knocks Vega out be possible. Maybe the kick, she doubles over, her vision swims, she stumbles around and then her eyes roll up into her head and pitches forward?

    Also, did I read right in that one of the villains cops a feel in the last episode or is that wishful thinking?

  3. thedeathcake

    I like spandex fiend’s suggestion. I don’t want her to get knocked out though :) Anyway, this looks awesome. Never been so excited about a character as Vega! Buying as we speak 😀

  4. I like how much upskirt there appears to be in the trailer. Hopefully there’s more to come and more costumes featuring skirts!
    I too would like to see a few more crotch kicks/knees/grabs in your videos. I dont think low blows should knock the heroine out, but i would like to see it turn the tide of a fight.
    e.g. -Heroine dominates villainess
    -Villainess grabs/punches heroines crotch, heroine holds herself in pain/shock
    -Heroine punches villainess to release her grip, then nurses her crotch
    -Heroine slowly regains her dominance
    -Villainess kicks heroine in the crotch, gaining the advantage
    -Villainess beats heroine down featuring a few more crotch attacks
    -Heroine resorts to low blows to avoid being beaten

    just an idea 😛

  5. How about a hard kick to the stomach while the heroine is on all fours? Let me re-phrase that. How about recreating the scene in Mortal Kombat where Kano viciously kicks Sonya in the stomach while she’s on all fours trying to recover? That was a well executed scene. Sonya’s reaction to it was so good it almost looked real. Lets just have this heroine not recover as quickly as Sonya from it. Maybe follow up with a stomp to the gut.

  6. I suggest using an Atomic Drop in your movies Heroinelegends.

  7. Decendingskulls

    I second what Kevlar said. The upskirt shots in this trailer look amazing.

  8. Spandex Fiend

    I actually hate it when there’s not a good reaction to a low blow. The reason it’s so pleasurable to have sex is the same reason it’d hurt so much. There are loads of nerves down there for both men and women. I don’t like multiple low blows where the heroine says “ow” but gets right back into the fighting. I actually requested what I did because I’ve never seen it before.

    I feel like I have to clarify after the posts after it. And it’s totally cool if it can’t be worked in. I realize I’m one voice among many, but one really good blow with one really fantastic reaction would sell me on one of these. Little hog-tie or chair bondage wouldn’t hurt either. But the one fight-ending low blow would do it for me.

  9. This episode was amazing, really loved the action scenes. The only problem I had with it was that Dragos shooting fire at Vega sort of broke my suspension of disbelief considering the fire didn’t do anything to clothes, furniture, etc. Really enjoyed the fight with Diabla, felt it was very well choreographed and would love to see more of the same. The little costume reveals were great :)

  10. For the fight scene peril, backbreakers are great. I love fights where one girl is dominating the other and knocks her out and revives her repeatedly with sleepers. A variation would be to get the girl just to the point of passing out from a sleeper and then slap or tickle her so she wakes up, repeating the process until the final KO.

  11. I would love to see the heroine getting handled by a lot of villains, 3 or 4, at least 2, back breakers, double bear hugs, and when she is about to get broken she powers up and gives them the beating of a life time…and then when she is exhausted from it, she is gassed unconscious by a villain and captured…just an Idea.

    But if she is not about to get captured, then just finish the fight in dominant fashion.

  12. Or you can use a few fancy powers like in street fighter. Two villains try hit the heroine with powers and drawn her essence, or cheaper, use two villains with ropes and make each one put his or her rope over the heroine’s head and start choking her going on opposites directions, you could use something like twin villains, a girl and a guy, thet would be nice too.

  13. deathcake

    Ok, watched it! And loved it. Vega is one of the best characters out there. Loved the slow-mo moments and the upskirts. I felt like they were done not so obviously, which i found made them more impact-ful(i know, i made that word up!). I like the way the heroine constantly fought back too. She totally looks the part

    Great job guys. Loved it. Vega = super fit!

  14. Joe Nutta

    I would like to see the heroine broken in a frontal bearhug. With the villain holding her limp for a bit. That would suffice for me.

  15. Hi guys,

    I just got back from the 2nd of 2 very long filming days and we head back in about 8 hours to do it again!!

    @Sidekick: Here are your answers, sir:

    1) Q: What is a Hunter? A: This will be explained as the season continues, but a Hunter is a human who is part of an ancient secret organization whose purpose was to make sure the Hero/Heroine population never gets out of control. Too many Heroes or Heroines could result in extinction for the human race– they are there to make sure that doesn’t happen. Their powers come from technology embedded in their gloves or serums. None of them have actual powers.

    2) Q: Are Hunters imbued with Auras? A: Nope. They are normal humans. They have extensive training and some use serums, but the Auras have not yet selected any of them.

    3) Q: Is Vega a former hunter? A: Vega is NOT a Hunter. She came from Hyperion and has worked with them before, but she has never officially been a Hunter.

    4) Q: Do Vega’s powers come from being imbued with an Aura or is she just naturally powerful? A: Vega’s powers come from a source I won’t give away just yet. It is not an Aura. Her powers came from those of a ritual passed down through bloodline on her planet.

    5) Q: What is The Resistance? A: The resistance is a group of Rogue Hunters who have taken it upon themselves to rid the world of Superheroes and level the playing field. They operate under Hunter code but will take any attempt to kill a Hero/Heroine if they see the opportunity to do so.

    @Spandex Fiend: Dragos most certainly does cop a feel on Vega as a fight begins. As for the low blow that renders the Heroine unconscious, we included that in Episode 2.5: ‘Dark Future’– from Dark Vega to Allura. Also, we have tons of low blows– the reactions are great!! We continue to train our actresses to improve their acting and fighting skills– we even show them examples so they completely ‘get it’…

    @Decendingskulls: It IS awesome! 😉 lol

    @thedeathcake: we have a slew of low blows coming in our upcoming releases– most of them incapacitate the Heroine temporarily rather than knocking them out…

    @Kevlar: More upskirt shots are coming!! We included a few elbows and knees to the groin as well!

    @Fabio: The film we shot today: 2.10: ‘Navigating the Darkness’ features this– Dark Vega is on the ground and receives a series of kicks to her side from the Black Queen.

    @James: I’m not hugely versed on wrestling terms, but I’ll look into the Atomic Drop… there is a Power Bomb in Episode 2.3: ‘Smackdown’ from Amoeba to Nightshadow though! :)

    @Olive: This was a budget limitation. The actress was also wearing her own clothes… We will do an episode against a fire-emitting opponent soon and char the clothing for more realism :)

    @HM Fan: We have a ton of backbreakers– different types too! We will do one with back to back sleepers soon too!

    @Maar13: Tomorrow’s episode features a new Heroine vs 4 villains– I’ll work on incorporating some stretching, etc!! Funny, because the script was already written– they are gassed at the end.

    @deathcake: it’s always better to see upskirts without being obvious or crude about it– I think there’s a way to be sexy about it while staying PG-13 and I feel our actresses do a great job with intriguing the audience :)

    @Joe Nutta: We did the ‘holding limp’ thing twice in Episode 2.8: ‘Broken Thorne’ which is essentially a repeat of what episode 2.1 was with some variations… We will do another soon!!

    Thanks for all the feedback guys! We hope you really enjoy this film as well as the ones coming out in future releases!! We’re having a blast filming them even if we only sleep 3-4 hours per night while doing it!! lol

    I should have a screen capture from today’s shoot as well on our homepage in about 10 minutes 😉


  16. Joe Nutta

    Sweet! I cant wait to see! I know Im only gonna end up torturing myself asking, but hell, its torture anyway just wondering. So how long do you figure till “Broken Thorne” is released?

  17. krispin

    I do enjoy that. The fem fight is great and it’s clear the heroine is the weaker of the two. I’ve only a request more and more robust villainesses dominating slim heroines. Also wrestling, bearhugging, squashing.

  18. @Joe Nutta: Yes sir, we are blue-balling you all, bwahahahaha!!! ‘Broken Thorne’ is Episode 2.8 which is about 8-10 weeks away in the release schedule! Trust me though, every episode up to, including, and beyond that one is AMAZING!! We’ve really upped our game here and taken a lot of feedback– the actresses are also working on their own improvements and pushing each other to give you guys the best videos possible!!

    @krispin: 2.3: ‘Smackdown’ is 60% wrestling– we’ve done too many bear hugs to count in our recent filmings and we are working on adding to our catalogue of villainesses as well!! Diabla is our most recent addition– she actually filmed Episode 2.10: ‘Navigating the Darkness’ today– and she did an incredible job!! :)


  19. Hey @logan, any word on a release date for The Demon Within part 2?

  20. GigaFiend

    Talia sure does look hotter these days than her other endeavors! I like their spin on a Supergirl heroine and this costume is awesome.

  21. @Aldous: TDW[2] is about 3 weeks away– we will have weekly releases up until then as well!

    @GigaFiend: Talia is great :) and I’m glad you like the costume– I didn’t want to copy Supergirl 100% so I came up with this design. I like it too!

    Now off to filming again!! Today, we film ‘Agent Files 6’!!


  22. I like what Maar13 was saying about twin villains. I can understand it might be hard to find identical twins but same dress, size, look etc could work. I’m thinking of the cousins in breaking bad, never say a word and are just evil.

  23. @Logan:

    So what is Agent files 6 about? Can’t wait to read about it, also you said you have filmed episode 2.10 (the picture looks great) so what happened to episode 2.9? Or haven’t you decided what it is going to be about?

  24. bought it, even the peril scenes listed on the site were not my favorite but the movie is insane! Its really good, from actor to fight scenes etc. I also checked the preview pics of the upcoming episodes and i don’t know – i just need more money 😉
    It looks just great! Keep it coming!

  25. @j: I like the idea too– but like you said, it’s a matter of finding the right people… and with twins, that’s 2 of the same… not so easy, but we will scour for it!!

    @Maar13: We will try and get some of these pages updates ASAp– we’ve just been filming non-stop… “Agent Files 6: Fooling the Mirage” introduces a new Heroine named Mirage into the HL universe… Nightshadow has been captured and is being beaten for fun– Celestia finds her and is about to free her when Tony (who is also in Agent Files 4) attempts to chloro her. The attempt fails, but he ends up KO-ing her another way. They both end up being tied up and beaten when Mirage shows up to save them– the attempt seems to work, until… well I won’t give away the ending 😉

    @James: lol we’re excited that you’re excited!!! We have a lot of films coming out– like I said before, we are finally back on release schedule– and the fights, peril, and torture are getting more unique and better!!!


  26. Hey guys,

    Was thinking about putting out a FREE pin-up style wallpaper for you guys– what do you think? 😉


  27. Dillhole


    What is a Cybot? Saw the photo and was intrigued.

  28. @ranger87: yeah, I figured as much but wanted to see how many people would be interested… :)

    @Dillhole: The Cy-bots have been mentioned through Season 1 and in Power Hungry– they are cyborgs created by Falcone to damage Heroines through torture and enhanced fighting skills. They will develop personalities and be a large influence on the storyline… I’m excited to show the first Cy-bot in Agent Files!!!


  29. Hey everyone, visit our homepage (click on my handle) to see our newest concept and to download your FREE wallpaper!! Enjoy!!


  30. Absolutely Stunning! Good God Allura just look so….HOT! Awesome Wallpaper and thank you, seriously!

  31. i do not want to repeat myself all the time but the wallpaper is gorgeous! Allura, Vega and Thorne are clearly the best of the best at present. Good to see that you also still use high heeled boots (love that). Hope to see this outfit of allura in action soon

  32. Hey guys,

    I’m about to get into filming for the day– 2 pick-up scenes (extended fight scenes)– but I wanted to jump on here real quick before I get into that…

    Glad you guys are loving the wallpaper– Cayla looks awesome in her new outfit and we are excited to begin working on the Excel costumes!! Vega’s is coming first (technically second since we already did Evil Allura’s)– Vega will lose the cape and the costume will get a bit sexier 😉

    @Aldous: The next release (which I’m planning for by Saturday) is going to be Episode 2.3: ‘Smackdown’ featuring Nightshadow! It’s mainly a wrestling-style video, but there is a martial arts-type fight between her and Malek as well– I’ll do my best to get that out to you guys ASAP!!!

    If you want to see another promo photo of Evil Allura Excel, it’s here:

    I’m working on a 3rd, more artsy promo-style photo as well– almost done with it, but I need to tweak a few final details…

    –and also check out Cayla’s most recent update about her Group Custom on our homepage! We have only 12 days left for this Group Custom to be fully funded and we still have room for more torture/peril scenes so if you want to see something, go contribute!!

    Thanks, all!!


  33. thedeathcake

    Please don’t change Vega’s outfit! I love it the way it is BECAUSE it’s more understated :(

  34. @thedeathcake: She will still have her existing costume, but when she goes into Excel, she will be in the new costume– we love her existing costume and I won’t be getting rid of that! :)


  35. deathcake

    Great :) Because I honest think she’s one of the best super heroines I ever seen. Totally looks the part, can do high kicks, punching, taking blows, and she’s got a beautiful face and figure.

  36. So we finally have a Heroine in tights/pantyhose for those of you who have been waiting for that– I’ll have a photo from today’s shoot posted on our website within about 2 hours so you can check her out!! The actress’ name is Sienna and she did an amazing job today– which was her first ever day of “Heroine Legends” filming!!!


  37. Photos are up– many random photos! Just check out the homepage!! And for those of you who have been waiting, I am prepping Episode 2.3: ‘Smackdown’ for release!!


  38. Do it Logan, DO IT! Haha thanks, really looking forward to it.

  39. @j: Thanks! And yes, it’s been crazy busy over here… I have off from filming today through Sunday, but I have a bunch of custom scripts to write, plus a few more of our normal release films, plus legal stuff and paperwork for the business to catch up on– plus prepping the next release and…

    @Aldous: it’s funny you say that because I have to interview for more editors now– we’ve filmed too much for our team of editors to handle lol

    By the way, since I’m in complete custom order mode right now, I was thinking about past forum posts and realized that many of you have similar ideas on a custom you’d like to see– there’s nothing wrong with talking amongst yourselves and coming up with an idea then splitting the cost for a custom… it’s what our Group Customs are all about anyway, but this would be very specific to what a few of you are looking for… just a thought…. anyway, I’ll be on and off here– got a lot of work to do!! :)


  40. That is actually a good idea, how much is it for a custom again? And what can be requested?

  41. Joe Nutta

    I like the screens mayne. That bearhug looks awesome. Cant wait to not be broke so I can buy some of these releases when they come out.

  42. @Maar13 – it hasn’t been shot yet, so I obviously can’t comment on things quality wise, but all I can say is that if the actual video turns out to be 50% as good as the level of input, assistance, ideas, support, flexibility etc. that Logan offers to making things perfect, then I can’t recommend doing a custom with the guys and girls at HL enough!

  43. @Maar13: Custom prices range depending on locations, number of actors, costumes etc, but we start out at around $850 for a 10-minute custom with existing actresses and existing costumes… we are pretty flexible and easy to work with because our actresses like doing custom orders– come up with the ideas and come to me and let me know and we’ll talk!!

    @Joe Nutta: lol yeah, we’ve been working hard to make these films even more epic and appealing and the girls are putting in their own ideas during shooting– it’s been really fun!!

    @Mark: Well, I will do my best!! FYI, Episode 2.1: ‘Impending Death’ & Episode 2.3: ‘Smackdown’ were both custom orders 😉


  44. How goes the war/script writing?
    Even though your busy all the time I look at the screen caps etc and don’t feel to bad for you, haha it does look like fun, I’m a little jealous….which is probably easy when you don’t see all the work behind the scenes.

  45. @j: haha yeah, it’s A LOT of work to put all of this together… even when I feel like it should be a day off, that’s not possible! I’m excited to start showing you guys “Psygents” which is our Hollywood mainstream Brand… fan-influenced, of course– but it will answer the call for the fans!! Anyway, I’m not yet to the point where I can say much about it– as for script-writing, I just wrote “Agent Files- Case 7: Fail to Hunt” which features Allura, Sapphire, Ziah, & Crimson– pretty cool episode!! Can’t wait to shoot it on Monday!! I still have 2 of our episodes left to write plus a slew of custom orders that came in recently which I’m STOKED to jump on!!!


  46. I also wanted to mention, for those who are awake and waiting for this– Episode 2.3: ‘Smackdown’ is uploading now… the file transfer says I have 45 minutes left then I can update the site! I’m excited for you guys to see this one because it’s another custom like Episode 2.1: ‘Impending Death’– it’s a different type of beatdown, so that’s always fun!! Countdown 45 minutes starting…. NOW! :)


  47. Is the second Agent files with Fuchsia still going ahead? Sorry you might have answered that already. The new AF films look really cool based on whats on the site.
    It’s 6:00pm here so will be up and waiting for 2.3, might even get it in before the cricket. Looking forward to hearing more about Psygents. Sun is shinning, musics pumping and beer is flowing…woop. Thanks Logan!

  48. @j: Unfortunately, the 2nd AF with Fuchsia won’t be happening. To make the long story short, she requested way more money than we were willing to invest in her so we parted ways professionally. We’ve gained a few new girls and retained many of the favorites though :) The new Agent Files films are pretty epic…


  49. In season 1 there was a few I was a couple I was sad to see go but the people you have been getting In are AWESOME. It’s nice to see a company start off really good and keep getting better.

  50. @j: I agree. A few of our actresses surprised me with their demands and unprofessionalism and it was hard to part with a few, but at the end of the day, we have to do what’s best for our company to grow… we are working on finding some good crew to join but that will be even harder– thanks for the kind words and I hope you guys will be on board as we try and show Hollywood what SuperHeroine films are supposed to be!!


  51. For sure, am really hoping the best for you guys. 2.3 is downloading now….looking forward to it.

  52. And just to agree with some, Vega as someone based on Supergirl is awesome and you did a great work with the suit Logan, she absolutely looks and acts the part perfectly, she Thorne and Allura along with Dark Vega are like The fantastic 4 for me, just awesome in their suits.

  53. @Maar13: Thanks!! :) We’re over here trying to make them as awesome as possible for you guys!! I just updated the site with another promo photo FREE wallpaper and a few extra random screen captures… we have so much coming out soon that I’m extremely excited for ALL OF THEM!!! We are working on lengthening the films without adjusting the prices any– we filmed some supplemental scenes over the past few days to make sure we stay at least above 20 minutes for each film!! The “Excels” are gonna be amazing because each actress is putting her own input into her sexier costume– for those of you who were upset about Thorne’s costume going to red for her acceptance to The Source, have no fear– “Thorne Excel” is blue! 😉


  54. Truth be told, Thorne looks absolutely stunning on both.

  55. @Maar13: I wrote that backwards, Thorne’s red costume is her Excel costume… The blue is her regular… I’m glad you like it– I agree, she looks hot in both! 😉


  56. I am particularly intrigued by the picture of Nightshadow, Thorne and Mystic being subjected to a lab test, especially how they got there into the first place, but will wait to see why and how they are in such a predicament :)

  57. Well, thanks for the hint :)… and sincerely…no I won’t but I don’t want to bother you with every picture you publish because seriously, all of them have been great.

  58. MrHoppy

    Holy moly. 2.2 and 2.3 rock. Looking at all the new screens, seems my bank manager isn’t going to be very happy. Keep up the good work.

  59. Hey Heroine Legends/Logan, I just have a quick question on the numbering of this series.

    Ep 1 was the Thorne video

    And then there was two vega videos. But how come this is called the second episode of season 2 then? I am sure I am missing something.

    Anyway, I just saw the trailer for 2.3: Smackdown. That looks really really good. I am tempted to buy without a review.

  60. @Maar13: No worries! We have a lot coming– I’m excited for you guys to watch them!!

    @MrHoppy: Thanks!! :) and lol

    @Chris: 2.1 was Thorne, then we released “The Demon Within [1]” which is part of “The Evil Path” series– basically where evil takes over- it’s separate from the season storylines. Then we released 2.2 which also had Vega as a character. All 3 films from “The Demon Within” were supposed to be launched months ago, but we had a serious issue with an editor and it delayed us 3 months on that release– you guys should have already been fully introduced to Vega and Dark Vega by now so I’m playing catch-up on that. “TDW [2]” is being edited right now and should launch next week or early the following week… and 2.3 is going to have a review up today at the 2nd position on the board for ya 😉


  61. Oh, I see so there is a Demon Within that is separate from the main season but has the same character “Vega”. I thought Demon Within 1 was actually ep 2.2 and Nightmare was ep 2.3 since they seemed like they were in the same continuity and also because of the timing. Thanks for the clarification!

    As for 2.3 Smackdown, I’ll say it again, that was a really good trailer. Nightshadow looked incredible and the fight/peril looked good. I’ll wait for the full review.

  62. @Chris: Correct, “Agent Files”, “Season Episodes”, “The Academy”, “Altered Universe”, & “The Evil Path” all operate independently… sometimes we let the storylines cross over – for instance, “The Demon Within” explains who Vega is and how Dark Vega came to be… but it isn’t a part of the actual Season storyline– still in the same universe though… 2.3: ‘Smackdown’ is an extremely entertaining film to watch– even if for the “Power Bomb” alone… I’d assume a review may be up in a few hours though 😉


  63. I cannot wait for Agent Files 4. It looks sexy as hell. Allura skyrocketed to the top of my favorite heroines list when I first saw her in that shiny outfit exposing her stomach. Wow! has the entire episode been filmed yet? Man I hope she takes some good shots to the gut while tied up in that chair. Does she take any damage while tied down @HeroineLegends?

  64. @Fabio: “AF4″ is being edited right now, so yes, it has been completely filmed!– I can’t wait for it also!! While she is tied up to the chair, she only gets choked out with a whip… we were running very late that day with shooting and couldn’t justify the cost for an additional day of filming for just a very short sequence, so she doesn’t get tortured much while in the chair. In “Path to Darkness [1]”, she is tied up AOH and whipped– also punched in the stomach numerous times :)


  65. Question?!!

    Is there any films with the hot supergirl looking chic taking a low blow?! The girl in 2.1 did such an awesome job with her low blows, I was wonder if this blonde girl is up to par with te girl from 2.1. If anyone could help I’d appreciate it.

    Also, can anyone guide me to any episode on any other site or this one, that has great crotch shots or low blows where the heroines does a great job acting it out. Thank a million!

  66. Please tell me Vega gets whipped in TDW 2. Because that would make my life complete.

  67. TDW2 feels like a custom I ordered using ‘The Secret’! Thank you Logan!