Heroine Legends “Ground Zero 3″ and New Film Announcement

Heroine Legends "Ground Zero 3" and New Film AnnouncementHeroine Legends has released the third and final installment in its Cast of Shadows: Ground Zero series (review below) and has announced a new feature called Cast of Shadows: The Demon Within, which features a Supergirl-type of character (and two new actresses).

Cast of Shadows: The Demon Within (Preview)

Heroine Legends "Ground Zero 3" and New Film AnnouncementHeroine Legends "Ground Zero 3" and New Film AnnouncementHeroine Legends "Ground Zero 3" and New Film Announcement

Heroine Legends "Ground Zero 3" and New Film AnnouncementHeroine Legends "Ground Zero 3" and New Film AnnouncementHeroine Legends "Ground Zero 3" and New Film Announcement

Cast of Shadows: The Demon Within – Story Description

Vega, who has escaped Allura’s grasp and returned to Earth, is drawn by Allura’s plan to kidnap her friend Charlene. After being captured and tortured, an evil version is created through a radioactive transmission of Hyperyite– fragmented from her home planet. Vega’s new goal is to stop the completely evil polar-opposite version of herself before Dark Vega can unleash chaos on Earth.

Coming soon!

Cast of Shadows: Ground Zero 3 (Review by Sidekick)

Heroine Legends is back with the third episode of their Ground Zero series. There’s more fighting, more babes, and another visit to that park where I don’t think anyone should ever go under any circumstances. Just a dangerous place to be.

Instead of a normal review, I’m going to break down the multitude of fights in this episode. There is a lot of story mixed in with the fighting but I don’t want to spoil what I thought were some neat twists so we’ll just stick to covering what we cover best. Violence.

Heroine Legends "Ground Zero 3" and New Film AnnouncementHeroine Legends "Ground Zero 3" and New Film AnnouncementHeroine Legends "Ground Zero 3" and New Film Announcement

Fight #1 – M/F – Jade, an absolute stunning woman takes on a mercenary/soldier type. They exchange some punches and kicks until the mercenary locks Jade in a bearhug. The mercenary follows up with some kicks to the stomach but Jade is able to retaliate with a low blow. Please note, this is a low blow delivered by the female to a male and not the other way around. After a short break in the action the mercenary strangles Jade for a bit, but using her sex appeal, she is able to turn the tables and punches him unconscious.

Heroine Legends "Ground Zero 3" and New Film AnnouncementHeroine Legends "Ground Zero 3" and New Film AnnouncementHeroine Legends "Ground Zero 3" and New Film Announcement

Fight #2 – F/F Jade takes on Iris, who’s mother obviously didn’t teach her to daughter how to dress appropriately. Thank you Iris’s mom. There’s a lot of punching, kicking, and girl tennis match type grunting in this fight. The girls do have an exchange of low blows, an exchange that Iris gets the better of. Iris stays mostly in control of things until the arrival of Petunia.

Heroine Legends "Ground Zero 3" and New Film AnnouncementHeroine Legends "Ground Zero 3" and New Film AnnouncementHeroine Legends "Ground Zero 3" and New Film Announcement

Using her formidable telekinetic powers, Petunia traps Jade against a big rock and delivers multiple low blows to the heroine. It’s only with the fortunate arrival of Nightshadow that Jade is able to break free and that leads us to…

Fight#3 – F/F vs. F Kicks, punches, dodges, and blocks galore. Plus a little strangulation scene. Petunia dominates a good deal of this fight and in a fun little moment uses her powers to ram the heroines heads together.

Heroine Legends "Ground Zero 3" and New Film AnnouncementHeroine Legends "Ground Zero 3" and New Film AnnouncementHeroine Legends "Ground Zero 3" and New Film Announcement

I think this is an entertaining entry in the Ground Zero mythology. All of the girls are beautiful, talented actresses, and each can hold her own in a fight scene. I think this will be a seminal film for low blow enthusiasts who enjoy Heroine Legends films, because there are plenty to see. I have no real negatives to bring up with one exception. The Heroine Legends universe is huge. There is a mind-numbingly large roster of characters, and even someone like me who has gotten a look at every episode is having a hard time remembering ever character’s motivation. Just something I thought I would point out as a fan.

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  1. Wow! I really can’t wait for the demon within now :) is there a release date planned at this stage?

  2. mblostprophet

    Wow totally excited for everything that is in the works. Keep it up!

  3. Wow. Jade is hot. Does she lose in any of the episodes of this series? I want to see her get her ass kicked.

  4. Wow, the supergirl actress looks really good. Hope there’s good fights and good peril. Pretty excited for this I must say.

  5. Hey guys!!

    Just got in from filming day 3 of 7 for “The Demon Within”– we are really excited to get this out there and we’re still in the middle of filming!! Everything has been amazing so far!!! Talia (Vega) and Hailey (Dark Vega) just had their 1st fight scene today and we filmed the transition/creation of Dark Vega– it’s going to look epic!!

    @Mo: There isn’t yet a release date. We have “Return of the Black Queen” still to release and “Agent Files 4″ with Fuchsia to film and release so I’d expect about 3-5 weeks, possibly a little longer. It will be worth the wait! 😉

    @mblostprophet: Thanks for the encouragement– we’re huge on fan approval (so to speak) so we’re happy you’re enjoying our films!!

    @DKM: Jade is a great actress. She actually appeared in The Torture Chamber & the original Heroine Academy as Candace… she was on the losing end in both of those films. Stay tuned for an “Agent Files” episode featuring Jade with a new costume!!

    @Chris: Fights? Oh yes. Peril? Better believe it! Can’t wait for you to see it!!

    We will be filming 2 very long fight scenes for this film– one of Vega vs Dragos (Vortex’ brother from “Return of the Black Queen”) and Vega vs Evil Vega. There are plenty of other action sequences throughout!

    Allura (from “Ground Zero” [part 3] & “The Demon Within”) will also be elaborated on! She will have a Heroine story and a Villainess story.

    Also, to touch on the concern in the review: our character universe is shrinking now. Heroines are being either killed off or discontinued as we hone in on specific characters. You will be seeing more story of certain Heroines and Season 2’s structure allows for a complete solid storyline to follow now that we have a place in the SuperHeroine world. Season 2 will also introduce ‘The Hunters’ who choose at their own discretion which Heroines are allowed to survive and which aren’t– population control.

    Thanks everyone for following us and stay tuned as we ramp up our production quality for even better films!!!


  6. friend3525

    @sidekick: Thanks for the fight details. I think that was most helpful. Never understood why “low blows” was not explicitly detailed. It only helps us buy the right videos.

  7. The review says Fight #3 is F/F but doesn’t mention who: is Iris involved?

  8. @Bob: Iris is only in fight #2. Fight #3 involves Petunia, Nightshadow, and Jade– Allura is present during the fight. :)


  9. Aldous

    If the Heroine Legends universe is shrinking, I beg you…don’t lose Hawke!!

  10. @Aldous: that’s the funny thing! We’ve heard that we have too many heroines, but it seems that everyone has a different favorite heroine! Lol well, we have a very close working relationship with Tristin (Hawke) so we should see a reprise soon with a costume upgrade with her. We are searching for another actress to take over the Aurora role, but we’ve (at least tentatively) decided to hold off on a few other Heroines– here come the boos and cries: Destiny, Virga, Rain, Tempest, Nella, Lilac, Astra. They won’t be appearing at least in the near future. The ones we will focus on and upgrade attire are: Thorne, Allura, Celestia, Jade, Nightshadow, Venus, Hawke, Vega, Aurora. We will be introducing Lady Wonder, Sapphire, and Mystic shortly. 😉


  11. Aldous

    Forgive me if this is a dumd question Logan, but do ‘The Agent Files’ take place in the same conceptual universe as the ‘Heroine Legends’? I assume as that’s still relatively new those heroines won’t be part of the cull! P.s Hawke’s staying….phew!

  12. @Aldous: Not a dumb question since we have several different series within our universe, but the answer is yes– all of our series happen within the same universe. “Agent Files” is our spy series, “Cast of Shadows” involves heroines who turn evil or villains who fight each other as a main plot point, “Season 1″ was about heroine origins, “Season 2″ is about the Hunters, “The Academy” is about, well, the training Academy… but they all exist within the same universe. We will be exploring alternate ending options and parallel universes too… but not too much– we don’t want to make things confusing for our viewers. 😉 As far as “Agent Files” characters being pulled– Fuchsia is staying, Destiny is gone. We will develop other heroines to fill the void though! :)

    We welcome ideas and suggestions always!!


  13. Maar13

    Glad to read Venus will be there into the near future, that girl is good.

  14. @Chris: Yes, yes, we know. She is the 2nd most popular Heroine after Thorne, but schedules are conflicting and she lives too far away to continue regularly. Possibly in the future she will come back, but for now, we have to set the expectation for our viewers.

    @Maar13: Yes, Venus is a great character and Amber is a great actress who we plan to continue with :)

    @Everyone: We put up a set photo or 2 of the torture scene we shot today for “The Demon Within”– we had a blast filming today! One more day of filming and then it goes into post-production!! For those who follow us, please let me know your favorite Heroines, Villains, and Villainesses– just for my own knowledge coming straight from our fan base!!


  15. I’m a ‘girl power’ fan rather than a big peril fan, but I like to see the heroine have to work for her victories. I have bought a couple of your films (the ones with Tempest) and was impressed. In the Demon within films will Vega display any super strength, or any super powers? Also Allura looks stunning, a Powergirl inspired costume perhaps? Will she be involved in any fights?

  16. @Paul: As you probably can see, trying to find that balance of ‘girl power’ and ‘peril’ can be rather difficult! But, we do our best when filming to make sure the girls receive their share of beatdowns in various fashions and also maintain their super strength which makes them a heroine. In “The Demon Within”, Vega uses her eye lasers a few times, Dark Vega uses super breath, there are a few throat lifts, and she has fight sequences she wins and loses. She is weak during a lot of this film, so there were limitations to what she would physically be able to do.

    You may be happy to hear that the actress who plays Vega and the actress playing Dark Vega have already agreed to future films where we will explore their powers further including utilizing props that will show these super strengths! Also, Allura has signed on to continue as a Villainess as well as a Heroine (her back story)– spoiler:: Allura is Vega’s grandmother.

    In terms of a Power Girl-type costume, that is in the works– that SuperHeroine’s name is Mystic and we are casting for her in the coming weeks. We will also be adding a new character named Sapphire and replacing our Aurora actress with a newly-cast one so we can bring her dual-personality character back into the series as we begin Season 2 with ‘The Hunters’ :)


  17. Olivia

    Wow those screenshots look amazing! Never bought anything from Heroine Legends before, but definitely going to get this.

  18. Thanks for the Demon Within screenshots – I can’t wait for this movie!

  19. Redmountain

    Wow, those pics of Vega out on her back soaken wet are amazing…looks like she’s really been put through the ringer! Very excited for this film!

  20. @Redmountain: We are very excited to get this film back from our editor– I had a very specific story I wanted to tell with this new character and for those of you who are interested in hearing, the actress who plays Vega and the actress who plays Dark Vega are signed on to future films! Also, the actress who plays Allura has signed onto the next film (separate from Season 2) called “Path to Darkness” which shows how Allura turned from Heroine to Villainess. Very exciting films coming up in the next few months!!