Heroine Legends’ “The Demon Within” & New Heroine

Heroine Legends - The Demon WithinUPDATED! [Note: Below is a guest review by Jobber Lover] Let me start this review by saying this is a very enjoyable film. There’s a lot to like here. I will my review on what I think people will really enjoy and then also try to mention a few ways that Heroine Legends may try to improve.

The Demon Within – Review by Jobber Lover

I’ve downloaded other Heroine Legends, and as with the other episodes I’ve seen, this episode is very high quality. It plays like a Sy-Fy Channel movie. It opens with a preview of the episode. Personally, I would have preferred to skip the preview as when I watch any movie, I try to avoid previews, but okay, there’s a preview at the beginning. About 2:30, the movie starts with a cute couple (Mark and Suzanne) chatting in the park. Their conversation is cute, but goes on a bit long, especially since we know what’s about to happen after having just seen the preview. Suzanne is very cute and pretty entertaining as well, especially when they stumble upon Vega.

Heroine Legends - The Demon WithinHeroine Legends - The Demon WithinHeroine Legends - The Demon Within

The couple helps Vega disguise herself, and then Vega heads off. Six minutes in, and Allura, Fusion, and Decibel show up. This leads to the first of two fight scenes in the movie. The fight is well choreographed, but man, is Decibel’s super power annoying. Fusion comments on this, and I have to agree with him. Although the fight is well choreographed and very professionally shot, Decibel cries when she’s winning and when she’s losing. She makes the same noises when she’s striking Fusion as when he’s striking her. I found this annoying as well. I would have preferred Decibel to make no sound, or an aggressive Kiai when striking and then a moan or a shock of pain when being struck. Luckily, Allura steps in and totally rescues this scene. This is as good a time as any to point out that Allura absolutely carries this episode. She’s phenomenal, and seeing her save this scene is your first indication of that talent.

Heroine Legends - The Demon WithinHeroine Legends - The Demon WithinHeroine Legends - The Demon Within

Next comes a kind of cute but totally ridiculous dance scene for Charlene. How come Charlene doesn’t recognize her friend who’s just wearing a hat? Not only that, but she initially thinks Vega is a man? Huh? Who at any point would think Vega is a man? Hat and glasses or no hat and glasses. This just confused me, but Charlene dancing and prancing in her underwear makes everything better. We are also introduced to Charlie, who is Charlene’s geeky brother who has a terrible crush on Vega… Can you blame him?We are next introduced to Dr Quasar and Dragos. First there’s some foot worshiping by Dragos that seems a little forced. Foot worship and debooting do nothing for me, but if you like it, this part will please you for sure. Then Dr Quasar and Allura have a really solid scene together. Did I mention Allura carries this episode? She steels every scene she’s in, and this one is no exception.

Heroine Legends - The Demon WithinHeroine Legends - The Demon WithinHeroine Legends - The Demon Within

After a little more plot exposed through a conversation in the bathroom by Vega and Charlene, we are treated to a short but fun kidnapping scene where Fusion easily nabs a totally confused Charlene. The scene ends in a quick over-the-shoulder carry where Fusion carts off Charlene. One thing, I’m confused by is whether Charlene is supposed to be a bad-ass or an airhead? On the one hand, she pulls guns out of kitchen drawers and fires them at the drop of a hat. (Or in this case at the sight of a hat.) She talks about being a crack shot. But then her lines all seem to be designed to make her look like an airhead. Her character also seems really slow to figure out what’s going on in any given scene. But again, she dances and prances around in her underwear a lot, and gets carried over Fusion’s shoulder, so I forgive her.

Heroine Legends - The Demon WithinHeroine Legends - The Demon WithinHeroine Legends - The Demon Within

Finally, at about 20 minutes in we get the confrontation between Vega and Dragos. YAY! This part is easily the best five minutes of the film. Dragos is a believable and formidable bad guy, and Vega sells both the offense and the bumps to perfection. If you are only going to watch five minutes of this film, watch this part. I won’t ruin how it ends for you, but it ends in dramatic fashion. I would have liked to see a shot of the loser after the fight, but that’s just my morbid curiosity at play. There’s a minor surprise at the end which we all see coming (because it’s in the preview that’s shown at the start of the film), but it sets up what looks like it will be a great second episode.

Heroine Legends - The Demon WithinHeroine Legends - The Demon WithinHeroine Legends - The Demon Within

Overall, this episode is really well made. It is very professionally done, and again it reminds me of something you might see on the Sy-Fy Channel. (Except for that boot thing, which felt a little forced in.) The produces have definitely chosen really well when it comes to the hero and the villain. It’s hard not to stare only at Vega anytime she’s on the screen. Plus, her fight scene is very good. I’m sure most of us interested in this genre will like her. She’s a hottie who can act and fight. It doesn’t hurt that she looks sensational in her costume. Allura steals every scene she’s in as well. Her costume is great, and she wears it well. I think she should already be added to the short list of really great villainesses out there.This episode will really appeal to those out there who like their movies heavy in story and light in peril. There are tons of characters introduced, but there are only two fight scenes in the entire 26-minute movie. The first one between Decibel and Fusion lasts about 1:30, and Decibel mostly annoyed me (and Fusion as well, apparently). Vega vs. Dragos is about five minutes long, and it is great—really great. So what the film lacks in quantity it does make up for in quality. Some may think Impending Death, starring Thorne, is a better value. In that you get 14 minutes, nearly all of which is fighting and beatdown. However, in this there is almost no peril, at least not to the main character. Her fight scene is great, but thanks to the preview, you know how that’s going to come out.In conclusion, the episode might be a little expensive, but when you consider the quality of the production, the size of the case, and the hotness of the lead heroine, in those regards it is as good as or better than anything out there in the genre. I will be picking up Episode 2 as soon as it comes out.

Note: This release includes a free wallpaper!

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New Heroine

Message from Heroine Legends

“Heroine Legends” has always been a fan-input production. For that reason, we would like input FROM OUR FANS about the costume, character type, and other details for our next Heroine. The actress’ name is Jenna and she is excited to jump on board with filming this series!

You can visit the link below and see the potential costume idea (less is more in her very own words) and photos of the actress! We will take the next few days worth of discussion then she will accompany myself and my team to the costumer to create her Heroine costume!! Here is the link (post your feedback below!!):


  1. Does this have the Arms-over-head scene from the first preview?

  2. mblostprophets


    With watching this one I feel like Heroine Legends finally went back to the roots, admittedly it seemed a bit stale for me lately.

    This video was great, I give it two thumbs up. I’m especially more excited to see the second and third one now that I see the predicament that this one leaves off in. :)

    Great job, keep up the good work.

  3. @Olive: The AOH photo we posted months ago I believe will appear in the 3rd “TDW” film.

    @mblostprophet: I agree completely. We were trying so hard to please the fetish side of this genre that we completely fell away from the storylines. With this film, I woke up one day and realized we needed a rendition of an iconic character like Supergirl. I wasn’t going to copy, but I did my research– and one of the most intriguing parts of her storyline involved the Evil Supergirl. Then it all hit me at once– I went into the casting already knowing the story and cast my actors as such. I knew who she was going to be and the whole story– and for me, being a cartoon/comic/fantasy fan, I needed to go back to the drawing board with what I personally wanted out of filming this series. And “The Demon Within” was the outcome– this story gets better all the way to the end and sets itself up for a sequel… and created “Path to Darkness” with Allura. “Ground Zero” was a half-attempt at that as well. Very recently, we went back and discarded Heroines– some of the ones we cut actually sold very well, but they didn’t serve a purpose to our storyline or there was another complication involved. I’m excited for all the new material coming out because I’m gearing it to how I want this universe to be rather than trying to please everyone with the story suffering. Anyway, that was very long-winded– I’m glad you liked it!!!!!!

  4. Maar13

    Absolutely loved it. The set up was really nice. The “We come in peace” line was hilarious, and seriously Allura and Vega are just to die for. The ending was really nice set up for what is coming and I can’t wait for parts 2 and 3, really nice project from top to bottom.

  5. @Maar13: So glad the reception has been positive on this film– I definitely put a lot into making it different from Supergirl, but keeping obvious homages to the 1984 film where I could without doing the same film all over… I wanted a new concept and I can’t wait to show you guys more of the Vega & Dark Vega story!

    I spent some time today recutting the “Ground Zero” trailer for the Feature Pack– I also lowered the price to $59.99 ($30 off) for all 3 films in the Feature Pack– VIP members get an additional 10% off– if you weren’t sure about this hour-long film, take a look at the 2-minute trailer below and if you like it, pick up the film at the new price– it’s a pretty good film!! :)

    New Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G7Pbla2UhuU

    Available halfway down on our ‘Packages’ page!!


  6. krispin

    I’ve seen “Ground Zero” trailer. The first brunette heroine is so cute. I would like to see her fighting with a more robust stronger bad girl. Please: more fem vs fem! I love your work.

  7. @krispin: This trailer is brand new – I cut it today. Venus, unfortunately for her fans, has been removed from the “Heroine Legends” line-up. The actress and our production company did not see eye to eye in her contract so we decided it best to terminate our professional relationship. We will have new girls introduced soon which will allow us the opportunity to have more F/F fights and situations. “The Demon Within” [2] & [3] has quite a bit of F/F scenes as does “Path to Darkness”– we plan on continuing that trend as we continue on!!


  8. For everyone who already purchased “The Demon Within [1]”, thank you so much!!

    I sent out the included wallpaper to everyone now so make sure you check your inbox for the download– and let me ask since this is the 2nd episode to include these pin-up style wallpapers–

    How do you guys like these free wallpapers? Are they worth us spending the time to do them and include them with each episode? Just let us know your thoughts!! Thanks!!


  9. Just finished watching TDW part 1 and loved it. Vega is great, and her fight scenes are very well done, I like the angle you seem to be taking on her anger, thats a nice touch. But as good as Vega was, Allura for me stole the show, she appeared just how an arch villain should be, plotting, manipulative and two steps ahead of everyone, but they should also be able to mix it in a fight, which i’m hoping she will in parts 2 and 3 which I can’t wait for. The wallpapers by the way are a great idea, I certainly appreciated it. Thanks

  10. hornet900f

    Its great that this video is finally up but before i get it i got to ask….any low blows in it? there is none mentioned in the action elements.

  11. @Paul: I can’t wait for you to see 2 & 3!! :)

    @hornet900f: This film actually doesn’t have any low blows in it. Once I receive TDW 2 & 3 back, I will list their elements on the site as well, but off the top of my head, I honestly can’t remember if we got low blows in each episode or not– lots of other stuff– but we filmed this back in August/September so it’s been a while for me…

    •••• I am about to completely redo our website (hopefully tomorrow)… if you have any suggestions, please let me know!! I’m looking to add a “Heroine Legends” forum section for internal conversations, a site search so you can look for what you want, better photo navigation, and a more customized layout.

    •••• Also, please check out our new Heroine & actress and leave me some feedback there as well!! We are about to create her character and I’d like for you guys to be involved!!! Here is the link again: http://www.heroinelegends.com/jenna-costume-idea


  12. Dillhole

    I think you found a star in the actress that played Vega. I think she is a character to build seasonal arcs around.

    I liked the film but I had one big issue and it’s something that is a problem genre wide. I hate when producers make Supergirl (or their versions on Supergirl), not super enough. I thought you had done it right when she crash landed in a fireball without a scratch and took a bullet without flinching. But then that guy was able to hurt her with punches??? If you’re bullet proof you probably should be punch proof. So many producers have done stuff like this and I hate it.

    I think you need to make Vega and Dark Vega significantly more powerful than most of your characters. You have created a superhero universe and it makes sense for a few characters to have higher end power sets. A side effect of doing this sets up so many opportunities for peril, beatdowns, domination, humiliation and a host of other things that people love to see. Logan, I hope you and other producers out there give this some consideration.

  13. @Dillhole: ahh, this was a center of debate between myself, my team who agreed, and my team who are Superman fans lol verbatim what you just said about the way you wanted Vega to be portrayed is exactly the reason why Superman is my LEAST favorite superhero of all time. Remember, this is just my personal opinion and not a stab at anyone– One thing I really HATE about Superman is that, while you can have heroes and heroines with varying strengths, Superman (and any incarnation of him) is WAY too strong! Now, Vega is VERY strong– you will see more of that in future films, but don’t forget that Dragos is a very powerful villain too and not just some street thug. Sure, she survived a crash landing. Sure she is bullet-proof. But there need to be limitations on their powers– and the bar can’t be set SO high that when I go to write something for her, I literally have to do the same thing over and over again. Hyperyite will be a weakness– but it won’t be the only one. I don’t like characters whose strength places them above a God ranking– even Zeus could be defeated without solving an algebraic equation on finding out how to do it. For that reason, I didn’t give Vega X-Ray vision, cold breath, and a few other traits. I gave those to Dark Vega. For me, especially to write a story, if someone can fly, move as fast as light, hear things a mile away, see through objects, be invincible to nearly anything, have heat vision, cold breath, and be intelligent… then where is the weakness? Why do I care about this character? I know that almost any situation that surfaces, he will win. I needed to level the playing field so that she CAN be beaten up and you want to feel for her. Otherwise she is just a bully herself (regardless of personality attachment). This is something that can be debated for endless years– but the invincibility-aspect of Superman is something I intentionally stayed away from and I would bet that other producers did the same– because there is no peril, no danger, no movie if she is invincible– which is exactly why they created “Man of Steel”– they created a Superman movie where he is weaker than the comics and every other medium of him made him out to be. They brought him back down to a real-world level and made him vulnerable– something we NEED to see in a hero– and something we NEED for a good story… So that’s why I did that. 😉


  14. @Jobber Lover: If you are following this post, thank you for the review!! For everyone who is curious, parts 2 & 3 have A LOT more action– the 1st film with a new Heroine, especially one of this significance, has to set up the story for her, but anyway, I did want to ask you though: in the review, you wrote ” I would have liked to see a shot of the loser after the fight, but that’s just my morbid curiosity at play.” Were you referring to Dragos? Because there is a shot of him after he lost the fight… and he’s dead… if it was in regards to Vega, the last shot of the film is her– I was just hoping for some clarification on that– thanks again!!


  15. Aldous

    Hi Logan – congratulations on the reviews. Just a quick question – are parts 2 and 3 far off? Not being a dick, I’m well aware this has only just come out but if there’s one thing I hate it’s a cliffhanger when the next parts weeks away! Any idea of a release schedule so a man can get them all together?

  16. @Aldous: No worries!! Part 2 is about 3 weeks away to be honest. The editor who put this together and will be putting together the other 2 is out of town on another project for a week– when he comes back, he will get part 2 to me. He video edited all 3 at once so there’s less for him to do when he gets back, but I don’t see a Part 2 release for at least 3 weeks. We will be releasing other episodes in the meantime 😉


  17. Dillhole

    You make good points but I do disagree. You’ve created this incredible world of superheroes and villains but I’m starting to feel that having just about every character at roughly the same level of power is actually hurting the story. It almost makes it seem like you could swap out any character you created with another and it wouldn’t change the story at all. To me, that gets boring. I think having a couple of more powerful characters actually creates drama. It doesn’t inhibit it.

    While I don’t think Vega or Dark Vega should be portrayed as God like, I think it would be wise to show that they are without a doubt a couple levels above everyone else. You can create so many scenarios off that. Having Vega that powerful makes her defeats all that more intriguing to the audience. Having a powerful force like Dark Vega that puts your heroines in peril automatically creates drama. Just something to think about.

  18. @Dillhole: I see your point, and we do have characters stronger than others– they just haven’t been pitted against each other yet. For instance, Thorne is stronger than Halo, Vega is stronger than Aurora. But I don’t want to be stuck being REQUIRED to pit Vega against Dark Vega all the time. I can also do more with a Heroine realizing her powers than I can with one at the top of her game. I can’t swap characters, but I am building a strong recurring character base which is something we had difficulty with in the past– it’s hard to have actresses continue on for a long period of time in Hollywood– it’s an assembly line of aspiring people who don’t typically last long out here. I also don’t want to be forced to create overly elaborate (and costly) ways of hurting a Heroine… and it’s not entertaining on a martial arts fight level if Vega can just beat everyone up…


  19. Jobber Lover


    I don’t agree. I don’t want to wait months for a heroine to be defeated. I don’t want to watch a heroine win… ever…. I’m always rooting for the badguy/badgirl. I think Heroine Legends did the right thing by letting by throwing guys like me a bone in her struggle against Dragos. After all, Dragos is from her planet (or at least that’s what I figured, it was not explicitly stated I don’t think.) so he should be powerful. Vega still defeated him, so those of you that want story and set up and blah blah blah can have it. But guys like me get at least a little taste of peril.

    I turn to this genre to see what you can’t see on the SyFy Channel or in mainstream movies… THE HEROINE LOSING! If I want to see a powerful heroine winning, I can watch old episodes of Dark Angel, or Alias, or She-Spies, or Birds of Prey, or Kick-Ass-Kandy. This way Heroine Legends at least makes an effort to give me what I’m looking for, and the people who like a story get what they want as well.

  20. I agree with jobber. Unfortunately, heroine sites with hot ass models never have much peril, and almost never any sexual peril. The fetish crowd is what powers the sales, not sy-fy quality like videos we could find with fan made films on youtube. I think anarchy films and the heroine of swords series nails the genre. Maybe one day…

  21. @Ford: You have to know what the target of each production company is– and where they draw the line with what their actresses are willing to do on camera. “Heroine Legends” and several other producers are strictly PG-13. I cannot speak for them, but I can tell you we will incorporate what you see in comics in regards to sexuality and sexual situations and are willing to cross into gray areas in certain situations, but we do not employ fetish models/actresses nor do we film what I would classify as “fetish films”. We produce “superheroine” films, which sometimes cross into fetish territory, but that is not our aim. We take the tastes of our viewers and incorporate them into our films up to the line that we have drawn. Peril can be increased– sexual peril that includes blatant groping, fondling, and soft-core sex (including events that lead up to it) are something that our fans understand is not a part of our productions. I do know of several producers who are willing to go that route, some bask in it, and others, including us, walk the line without ever crossing over it. Hope that makes sense.


  22. Redmountain

    Is this the episode where Vega winds up soaken wet after being beaten by the villainess? Saw some preview pics of that on the site but doesn’t that happens in this one. Vega and the other models look really good, but at this price point I’m going to have to wait until this whole series comes out before I decide which parts of it I want to purchase.

  23. @heroinelegends.

    I understand what you are trying to aim, but I also understand that you guys are also a business. I would think that a more step in the “gray area” will drastically improve your sales, and would even allow you to lower video prices since they would be offset by extra sales. Just IMO

  24. Heroinelegends…..

    Just want to say I love what you guys do.

    I just have one request…. Just keep doing what you do and keep making strides to improve. I love the newest Supergirl-Vega, can’t wait to see Allura in the upcoming episodes, and I am excited about the heroine you are creating. I LOVE the fact you are PG-13 as well. It gives us variety with all the other hard core stuff out there.

    So just keep doing your thing. Love the touch you guys have !!

  25. @Redmountain: No, those were promo photos for the entire “TDW” trilogy. The torture scene with the water happens in the 2nd film I believe… but we filmed it 4 months ago so don’t hold me to that– you’ll know from the trailer. :)

    @Ford: We are already in the gray area– the situations I mentioned are ones we won’t do– and we aren’t looking to lower prices. We price them based on our cost, the production value, and other factors. “The Demon Within” cost quite a bit to film, so as with any production, we attempt to recoup the costs but remain in line with our normal pricing structure.

    @James: Wow, thank you! It’s nice to see a little feedback that leaves me feeling like we are filming a series that our fans WANT to see… usually it’s about the defensive, which is how most critiquing and feedback goes, but the positive is always appreciated!! Thanks!! :)


  26. I may put out a 720p, lower bitrate version of “The Demon Within” for $34.99 if enough people want it. Lowering the nitrate allows for a smaller file size and more compression– It’s not as crisp as the full HD version, but it still looks good and it seems like other producers are selling their films highly compressed and not at HD resolution. What are your thoughts? The price difference here would be a $5 savings– it’s still HD, but compressed higher. If there aren’t enough takers, I won’t bother with the hassle of upgrading servers to support the additional file space. Let me know, thanks!!


  27. Hey guys, “TDW” is $34.99 now– I uploaded a newer file which is 720p instead of 1080p and has a lower bitrate so it can buffer more quickly. To reflect the file change, I adjusted the price, so now it’s a 27-minute video for $34.99. Thanks!!


  28. Justnorm

    This is the first HeroineLengends movie I have bought from the site and was really impressed with the video. I do like the Supergirl type character that is why I bought this…. Please keep up the great work and As long as Vega is around I will continue to buy videos from your site…The fighting and the acting was awesome… And the picture and Sound was Great….Now cant wait for the second Part… BTW, Thanks for the costume under the clothes. Most sites forget about that… Thanks, Norm

  29. @Logan: Truth be told, I am happy I got the 1080p version because I put that one on a 47 inch TV and it totally kicked ass!

  30. @Justnorm: We have filmed 5 other films already with Vega so expect her to continue on!!

    @Maar13: We have tried to keep everything at HD quality– it has been a reason why we hold ourselves to a higher standard, but we have been contacted about requests to have file size and deliverables match those of NGC. When I visited their site, I found out that their resolution is 1024×576 which is really 720p by DV PAL standards. So I decided to convert down to 720p to save file size… I may create 2 versions, but at that point it will be a matter of paying for extra server space to have 2 versions of the same product. I prefer 1080p as well since everything we film is meant for a big-screen TV– by the way, I’m glad you got to watch it that way– the way it was intended!! :)


  31. Hey guys,

    We are at $975 out of $2,500 with our Community Custom which means we are 36% funded!!

    Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this project! It will be fun putting all of your ideas into one film!!

    For everyone who has mentioned about being a part of this, let me know if you need any clarification on any parts, have any reservations or questions, etc! We are very close to being able to begin filming this project and we’re ALL EXCITED!!


  32. @Maar13: I think this Community Custom idea is worth its weight in gold– anyone can contribute a small amount and have an idea put in a custom video… Its a win-win all around! So, anyway, Cayla put out an update in regards to the funding today and I got it up on our YouTube channel. It’s not available on our website just yet; we are working on completely overhauling it and making it better from the ground up– we expect/hope to launch it tomorrow, but it may happen Saturday– we’re excited to show everyone!! Here is Cayla’s update:



  33. Logan can you give an idea on some of the requests and direction the community custom is heading?

  34. @j: it’s hard to say exactly what it’s going to be once I weigh all of the ideas… some ideas are costume-based, some are just one move, some are a sequence of moves like punches and bear hugs… the largest contributor’s influence has to do with almost a Black Queen-esque scenario… we only have one type of torture so far and not much say on the costume other than a possible color and leotard-based option. Now that I’m beginning to understand a better process for this, I may do the next one (after this is funded) with some more specifics as in “$x.00 = this part of her costume being your choice” or “$x.00 gives you a 5-minute section of your favorite peril type” or “$x.00 gives you x amount of minutes of your choice of fight sequence”… it seems that most of you don’t really know what you want lol so if I lay it out there and give you options to purchase, then you can do that then tweak it a bit for your tastes… I guess we’ll see unless we get feedback that you guys don’t want that… it’s all trial and error and testing out this new concept. I’ve read about people pitching in on other forums for a group custom idea so I’m just looking to make it something you guys can contribute to and basically split the expense of a custom so you can get more of what you like! :)


  35. Hey Guys!!

    I’m REALLY excited for everyone to see our new website!! It tools us over 3 days of almost non-stop work to get this site up and running with all the new changes including the platform and navigation– take a look around and let me know what you think!!

    p.s. if you pay attention, you will see quite a few new upcoming surprises we have in store for you!!



  36. @Logan, Thanks for the response. I love the idea of this, I guess my concern is just trying to figure out what other people are putting in and whether its a similar taste. Not suggesting you do this but it would just be cool to see donations graphed against category at a high level eg, costume, martial arts, wrestling, torture etc.. just to see where the money / film is going. Either way im sure i’ll get involved…i just have a bad habit of leaving things till the last minute.
    I like that the community customs will be listed under Altered Universe on the new site, I think it sounds cool…and i like the idea anything can happen with these.

    I like the character/episode pages on the new site, im assuming its still being worked on based on the content of 2.2 and 2.3 (which i cant wait for (incase I havent mentioned that this week )). I like the idea of the forum. I think my new favorite Heroine on the site is “New Heroine”, love the pic haha.
    I miss the HL banner.

    How good does Lady Wonder look, that’s going to be a win.

  37. @j: Yeah, I really like the idea of letting you guys come up with your own ideas and fantasies in our universe and we can separate them from our storyline… right now, there are a lot of ideas open– I will work on a way to show everyone where the ideas are and then others can chime in with theirs to add to what we have.

    We are filming almost every day beginning Monday, January 14th and ending February 9th– so juggling the Community Custom, script-writing, filming, casting, costuming, etc is going to be… tiring. lol

    The character pages will be completed– there are a lot of them and we are adding a few more key characters including Lady Wonder… We are also beginning to put together a fan film where we take one character from each popular video game and put them against each other. This won’t be only girls, but it will be fun. Then we have our other MAJOR project launching in May.

    The forum is just starting so I’ll see how that picks up– I was going to start one before and never got to finalize it– but those who really are into our universe can comment and share ideas there– but also comment on other productions as well– I’ll leave it wide open to whatever.

    I’m going to create a new HL banner soon which will replace the “Heroine Legends” verbiage at the top– but it’s just another thing I need to add hours in the day for lol

    Lastly– Lady Wonder is being fitted tomorrow morning for her new custom costume– she will be filming the following week so that will be fun! :) I’ll try and get a promo pic up once she gets her costume finished and we have the final fitting for it!!


  38. Ahh Logan your making me feel lazy since I’m sitting around having a beer and you have all this work to do. I’m sure it’s a lot of fun even though its tiring. It all sounds awesome as usual and the hard work is appreciated.

    Can I ask, Overbooked, what’s the plan for that? I’m interested to see more, I love a good comedy and you have some good lines / scenes in the HL series so I would be interested to see a comedy you have written.

  39. @j: Ahh, relax and enjoy your beer!! As for “Overbooked”, we are waiting to see which editor(s) we want to use for that film. We are looking for international distribution with that film so we want to make sure it’s done right. It’s hilarious though– all of my actors did an amazing job and what’s most interesting is that every actor in “Overbooked” is also in “Heroine Legends”! I’m hoping to have that project edited with a final copy in my hands by April 30th– just in time for us to launch our Kickstarter campaign for our big project– which is based on the actresses who play Thorne, Celestia, Allura, and Vega– it’s pretty awesome!!!


  40. JohnHugger


    How can I be part of the development of “Lady Wonder”? What I have to do? Have you determined the rules? I loved the actress!


  41. Ohh that sounds cool. Yeah I noticed the cast in overbooked, it’s interesting seeing actors playing such different rolls. well make sure it makes it over here… Or I guess witth the power of technology and online ordering ill be able to get it some how.
    Sorry to start going so off topic I can take this to email if its better but I am interested what kind of comedy, tv or movies are you into? I guess even what type of movies etc inspired you to do what your doing now?

  42. @j: Yeah, “Overbooked” was a great feature film shoot– everyone was funny! We will be releasing it internationally though so it will get to you… I’m interested in a lot of genres and film types– what interests me most are films that make me think. “Inception”, “The Matrix”, “Fight Club”– after the movie was over, I was still thinking all the ‘what ifs’… I love comedy that plays naturally with situations. I don’t like comedy that forces comedy via dialogue only. People are funnier when they are in the situation and they contrast with others in the scene, but all believe different things no matter how ridiculous. As long as the actors aren’t TRYING to be funny, it usually works out… I came out to Hollywood to be a martial arts actor– I ended up starting a film production company and hardly ever acting… however, on February 1st, 2013, Kaid will FINALLY get back into a “Heroine Legends” film!!! That’s 12 productions away though lol


  43. I’m writing out the next 12 films today and tomorrow so if you guys have ideas – short and simple ideas with situation, not costume ideas. I’ll be checking back periodically to see what input there is– so if you want any small influences, let me know now!!


  44. Hey guys!

    Just wanted to remind you about the Community Custom – see all the info at our website– we are approaching the deadline and we’ve got some good ideas going to mesh it through!!!

    Also, I wanted to get your opinion about Behind-the-Scenes videos… Do you like them? Do you want more? Etc…

    The wallpapers (pin-ups) have been getting great feedback so we will continue those. We have one set up for almost every character now…

    Let me know your thoughts!!


  45. @Logan – In regards the ‘community custom’, do you have any details in regards the style of leather outfit that Cayla will be wearing?

  46. @Mark: This is a question I am getting repeatedly and I’m answering it via email a lot. The new costume is decided by the people who contribute to the custom. Those who contribute more monetarily have greater say in the end result. Contrary to what people have hinted at, we don’t have a style or pattern or color in mind other than keeping the color scheme similar to Allura’s current monochromatic scheme. All Cayla requested is that the new costume be leather. Some have asked for a unitard, some for a leotard, one person for a two-piece– but nothing is final until we are funded and we go to our contributors and get all the details together. This goes for ALL the aspects of these Community Customs– I may retitle this concept to “Group Customs” or something that makes more sense to our fans… It’s a group of people coming together for a similar concept and purchasing a custom while splitting the cost, essentially.

    Also, we are FINALLY introducing our Cy-bots very soon! This Sunday we film with our first Cy-bot. A Mach 1 prototype costume with the actress without makeup on will be posted in a few minutes on our website. :)


  47. UPDATE: We updated the home page with a screen capture of every film we have filmed up to this point– the individual pages will be updated shortly– we are definitely back on track/schedule with releases as you can see!! They are all heading to post-production now and we are continuing on with the next series of films!! As always, we consider all input and each film has its share of peril, torture, and as always, sexiness!!! Looking forward to the feedback on these films!!!!


  48. 2nd UPDATE: Episode 2.2: ‘Nightmare’ featuring Vega & Diabla will be available this weekend!! The trailer is posted up on the site at the film page!!


  49. @Logan – Without wanting to sound to critical in regards the entire premise of this concept, I just don’t see how that would work then! So, you pitch in your cash, like others, for your little ‘spot’ in the film, and then are disapposed by the fact that the character looks nothing like what you preferred during that section. That is unless you are going to buy five different outfits (and judging by the comments made by someone like Andrew C, that figure may be conservative lol)…and I’m assuming continuity could then become an issue lol! Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m confused with how this would work as a ‘custom’ concept in regards ‘looks / outfit’.

  50. @Mark: There’re a few things to consider here. One is that if you contribute more, you have more say in everything. The $75 contribution level is really a $5 contribution with a 2-film pre-pay. After IndieGoGo fees, really, we lose money. For $100, it’s actually a $30 contribution with a 2-film prepay. So on and so forth (assuming we price the films at $34.99 because each contributor gets the film when it comes out). So those who have already contributed $500 to this custom will have a much greater pull in what happens than those who contributed $75– even though everyone’s say is considered. In regards to costumes, you seem to be a costume person which is rare. I’ve filmed dozens of customs and done plenty more in quotes and the costume is usually mentioned but normally only a piece of it (e.g. mask/no mask, pantyhose/bare leg/ two-piece/leotard). So far, we have only had two people who have contributed even mention the costume. The people who have questioned about the costume haven’t yet contributed so those suggestions aren’t being considered until they do. Once we are funded, we will go back and settle on the costume shape, color, etc. But again, this is a group effort, so you are working together and paying less than a normal custom so compromises are made. And again, most input has been situational which is usually what a custom film is all about– what happens in the film rather than how she looks– which right now is still up in the air.


  51. @Logan – I understand, and even for me the costume is only part of the bigger picture, but whilst I’d love to contribute to this, there’s just too much of a random element about it for me to do so. The difficulty is there’s too many ‘unknowns’. One person could contribute what they think to be a large sum of money for them and think they’ll get the nod only (I’d like the heroine to be dressed in a leotard) for someone else to, in simple turns, be ‘outbid’ by another (who wants the heroine to be dressed in a clown suit), which to me seems a tad unfair; that’s how I read into your response!

  52. @Mark: I understand what you’re saying. I think from now on, we will have each part of the customization completely separate. So one person “buys” the mask idea, one person “buys” the costume idea, another “buys” an aspect of peril/torture, another “buys” moves in the fights etc. it’s a new concept so ironing out how it works is the tricky part.


  53. Hey i just bought this episode! What a great great fight coreography.
    That figh in only one shot was amazing!!!!
    The actress is gorgeous and also can fight as a warrior.
    I was wishing for more peril, and more close up hits and reaction. Dont get me wrong the fight is great but it wasnt exactly what i looking for.
    totally worth it though for vega alone and for what i can see the next episodes will be more peril heavy.
    Great production
    NOTE ASIDE: Please try to correct the sound, the dialogs are low and when they fight they scream as hell. Can you do something for the nex chap? Because in this way i am constantly turning up and down the volume.
    Sorry for my english

  54. @Logan: Usually Heroines and Kos are my main driver to buy videos, and even though you told me there is no Kos in this one, after that trailer and wit that fighting scenes I have to get it, will check it when you put it up there.

    The pictures for the other episodes look terrific, if you have any info could please let me know the KO methods on those if any?

    Also, love the Lady Wonder concept, please let the necklace off the costume, it really doesn’t look well.

    And if you are still looking for outfits, maybe one nice suggestion would be the one Erica Durance used in Smallville a few years ago, it was snot Wonder Woman according t her but the resemblance was uncanny.

  55. @Beast: I went back and watched the film. I see the fluctuation in volume and let that editor know. Although it doesn’t bother me– I expect action films to get louder during fight scenes– I will still have him try to normalize it a bit more.

    @Maar13: We’ve been including a lot of KO methods in recent filming as well as a ton of different torture/peril methods along with our fight scenes. Some of our actresses are down for whatever– so to speak– so it makes it easier to bring that side of the comic book world to life– Cayla is one of those actresses, so we are extremely excited to do her custom– thanks again for your contributions! The neck choker idea has been one that everyone seems to differ on– I know my actresses LOVE wearing the choker part of the costume… we actually may forego the tiara as well– only because it’s a pain in the ass to keep on during filming and we don’t want to copy this character to a T. I personally like the silver version of this character and have decided to go that route with it– the rest of the costume I’m not 100% sure on yet as we haven’t yet re-cast the actress. We have an extremely busy filming schedule– today I have 6 scripts to write and training for some of my girls. We filmed 4 this week and jump back into filming tomorrow. I will try and get the info for the episodes up as I can! We are going to schedule Cayla’s custom film date shortly as well (we are looking at early February). I’ll take a look at that other costume option as well. Episode 2.2: ‘Nightmare’ should be released (I hope) by tonight– there are no KO’s but it’s a cool episode none-the-less :)



    Hey guys,

    I’ll hopefully have a post up soon and email sent out later today/tonight – Episode 2.2: ‘Nightmare’ is available now featuring Vega!!

    Here is the page link:

    We are also changing the term “Community Customs” to “Group Customs” so it makes more sense. After this one is funded, which it’s not far off, we will begin the campaign for Celestia – we put a few photos up on our homepage we took of her today in a few different outfits…

    The 2nd ‘Group Custom’ campaign will also address many of your concerns. Each selectable option to “purchase” will be a price amount for one individual thing. For instance, the $300 price might be for the costume. One person will select her costume. There may be a $150 price option for an extended torture scene of your choice. Some other options will be for other requests at varied pricing. Give me some feedback and input for this new structure and we can talk about it and have it ready by the time we start funding it!!


  57. Hey guys,

    I just sent out a VIP email about 2.2’s release to our VIP Members– some of the emails bounced back, so if you want VIP emails from us and you haven’t been getting them even though you thought you were signed up, just sign up again with your email address (that’s all we ask for) here: http://www.heroinelegends.com/vip-program.html



  58. The upcoming episodes look really cool, i especially look forward to Passing the Test in the near future. Allura is just WOW as Vega is too. I just didn’t bought a Vega episode up to now because i wait for more peril oriented episodes with her.

    Regarding the Lady Wonder costume, its just perfect, the choker looks great too. She should be wearing heeled boots. Hope you find a good actress.

    Keep up the great work, in my opinion its actually the best out there together with alex superheroineworld.

  59. I just missed this release of 2.2, had to run off to a sporting event (which was half rained out with no result….pretty sad) and am now attempting to download it with the dodgy internet I have here,
    Firstly, nice wall paper got that much so far and its awesome!
    Secondly, the ep looks great n cant wait to see it.
    Third, @Logan I wanted to reply to your reply to my last comment….a bit of a dramatic pause on my end…..started back at work (:s) and got distracted. I love films that make you think, Im a fan of sitting in a cinema or dark room at the end of a film and watching the credits in silence just thinking….WOW. for me some movies that did that were ‘The Matrix’, ‘Donnie Darko’ and ‘American Beauty’. I know the last two aren’t fighting films but the story, the acting and the music just all worked for me. I haven’t seen millions of martial arts films and don’t pretend to be an expert but one I loved was ‘IP Man’, loved the fighting, how it was shot and thought the music was awesome. One thing I was thinking after watching ‘Demon Within’ was how cool awesome certain scenes would have looked with a bit of slow mo…eg the last fight where Vega bends back and dodges the punches…From the trailer of 2.2 it looks like there is more of that and it looks really cool.
    As far as comedy goes I think there has to be so much more than just some funny lines. As far as my fave funny movie/tv lines go a large part of it is how the actor delivers the lines, the situation, how unexpected they are etc….
    Ok im a slow typer or I got a good connection….2.2 is done so its saved you from listening to more of my dribble cause Im gonna bail n watch it woooo!
    Hope all is good on your end. Thanks

  60. Im gonna jump the gun here and miss out on the new thread but stuff it.
    Ok, I dont know where to start…and yeah there might be some ***SPOILERS***.
    Probably said something similar before but screw is I’ll say it again, Talia is a freaking revelation, she is cute as hell, both as Angel and Vega and can both act and fight.
    ahh Charlie, haha love that he shoots someone then straight away decides to go to the store.
    The fight with Vega and Diabla……………………………………If not my favorite fight from HL, its bloody close. The combination of moves, the intensity and skill shown by the actresses and the editing…just made it look f-ing awesome (ahh not sure if i can swear or not). Loved the back breaker….but it wasn’t even just the back breaker it was how Diabla got Vega into that position…I thought it was so cool. The whole fight just seemed to flow really really well.
    To me…this was a new level for HL…and if your planing on topping this…then holy crap Im looking forward to seeing that.
    Never let Talia go…NEVER!
    Im concerned that if you ever do a group custom with Talia I’ll end up resorting to busking….then realise I have no real talent people would pay to see so I decide to rob a liquor store in an attempt to get extra money to buy up all the options.
    Ok Im done…a couple of possibly weird comments but still probably not the worst thing I have written.

  61. I got the episode and liked the plot, Vega was great and I think it is a nice set up for her next episode, whenever that is.

    I also tend to buy more peril oriented videos but you work is so cool and the heroine is so great that is one of those videos you just have got to have.

  62. I love outfits 1 and 3 for Celestia. She is smoking hot, and the outfits are amazing!!! BTW, 2 isn’t bad either. Just really love her in bootie shorts!