“How to Destroy a Superheroine II” from Punished Heroines

"How to Destroy a Superheroine II" from Punished HeroinesRye’s latest film takes an innovative concept (previously explored several years ago with the original How to Destroy a Superheroine starring Paris Kennedy), utilizes the talents of the beautiful model from previous Superiorgirl adventures, features a nice performance from the villainess (and lots of humor), and offers a really entertaining, if unusual, video for fans of superheroine domination.  Though it resembles a video from The Battle for Earth (as a result from being shot on the same set), it’s actually a Punished Heroines offering and features lots of nudity and sexual torment.  The performances are good, Superiorgirl looks beautiful as always, and if you’re into the self-referential concept, this is an enjoyable video with a comedic twist.

"How to Destroy a Superheroine II" from Punished Heroines"How to Destroy a Superheroine II" from Punished Heroines"How to Destroy a Superheroine II" from Punished HeroinesHow to Destroy a Superheroine II is essentially a combination of your basic superheroine peril adventure and an instructional video.  Our hostess, the villainess from previous Rye-directed adventures, introduces herself and serves as something like a demented Rod Serling, introducing the concept and walking us through the various steps of destroying a superheroine.  (Okay, Rod Serling never did anything remotely like that, but bear with me here.)  To explain how to destroy a superheroine properly, she summons Superiorgirl, who appears in a flash of light and displays her typical cocky superheroine attitude.

"How to Destroy a Superheroine II" from Punished Heroines"How to Destroy a Superheroine II" from Punished Heroines"How to Destroy a Superheroine II" from Punished Heroines

She then summons a henchman and proceeds to explain the various steps of superheroine destruction.  The henchman’s initial attacks are futile (of course), and Superiorgirl easily throws him around like a rag doll.  However, our hostess intervenes and introduces a green space rock which weakens the superheroine and allows the henchman to gain the advantage.

"How to Destroy a Superheroine II" from Punished Heroines"How to Destroy a Superheroine II" from Punished Heroines"How to Destroy a Superheroine II" from Punished Heroines

You can imagine where things go from here.  Superiorgirl has her hair pulled, gets slammed against a wall, gets punched in the stomach, receives lots of low blows, gets punched in the breasts, kneed in the breasts, punched in the face, then gets fondled, stripped out of her costume, and sexually molested.  All with helpful and witty commentary from our evil hostess.

"How to Destroy a Superheroine II" from Punished Heroines"How to Destroy a Superheroine II" from Punished Heroines"How to Destroy a Superheroine II" from Punished Heroines

It’s a pretty innovative concept, but does it work as a superheroine peril video?  I think so.  Even though the video is ostensibly an instructional video and doesn’t feature a typical superheroine storyline, with Superiorgirl trying to stop the bad guys or rescue an innocent hostage, it still features all of the conventions of a superheroine peril video, and the majority of the video’s focus remains on the beatdown and peril rather than the commentary.  The “instructional” storyline is really just a framework for the video’s real content—the beating and domination of Superiorgirl.  So if you’ve enjoyed previous videos featuring Superiorgirl being destroyed, you’ll probably enjoy this one as well, even though it features an unusual concept.

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  1. evilyan

    The original Instruction Video PH vid with Paris Kennedy as Superior Girl is one of my absolute FAVOURITE, so I’m so happy to see a return to this format (and I personally hope we see more of this 😀 ) Somehow the peril is enhanced by the villian trivializing it as something so easy they can make a video explaining how to do it.

    Though I may wait until they take it to SHG-Media, D: I don’t like making payments without paypal…. 😀 may make an exception in this case….

  2. Hey Thanks Evil,

    SHG-Media should be up tonight and they will have an alternate trailer as well.


  3. ranger87

    Will there be any difference in the videos from clips4sale and nicheclips? I know sometimes the clips4sale versions have stuff cut out.

  4. The movies will be the same on both sites this time around. I decided not to take the content on this video to that extreme but I will get the niche crowd a treat on the next go around which should include a new model :)

  5. Umm….. is there any forced sex in this video….. or is it just a beating and strip down?

  6. Wow, Rye, this looks really good.
    I like that its not the typical video, a little variety is the spice of life.
    I can’t wait to see an alternate trailer!

  7. Britt,

    Thanks for stoppin by and checking things out 😉
    The alternate trailer should be up tomorrow. I will post a link as soon as it is ready for download.


  8. deathcake

    Hey Rye, this looks great. I love thie actress, very beautiful and suits the outfit! I saw A trailer for episode 13, batte for earth, and it’s… clips from various previous episodes? You still working for them? Not saying you are responsible for putting out episodes, but I think it’s a bit shit that they are calling it an episode.

    Anyway, keep up the good work with your stuff. Loving it! Can you do a lara croft type video? (The teal leotard, shorts, guns, boots & gloves outfit) Sorry to hijack this post!

    Like this:


  9. Thanks Deathcake,

    Yes I am still working with TBFE 😉 I haven’t talked to TBFE since it was posted and I wasn’t aware it was being called an episode.
    I think calling the compilation an episode may have been a design flaw of the website and left them with very limited options on what to call it. I can’t say 100% this is the case because I haven’t talked to them about it, but I’m fairly sure that is what the reason is. I’ll find out more tomorrow and post again. The other reason behind the fight scene comp is due to a relocation of their editing studio. It is all boxed up now and being moved to its new home. Their was not enough time left to book and shoot another movie before the move so they took the opportunity to release the fight scenes.

    As for Lara… hehe

    I have received a lot of requests for a Lara Croft style movie since my return to the superheroine fetish world. I would love to take a stab at it and just really haven’t found the right girl yet. I think it would be a really fun movie to make and I’m sure there are tons of Lara peril fans that would be on board. 2011 is a new year so who knows… I just might get to make one 😉


  10. deathcake

    I think the actress you had for Avalon would work, or the current one your using for How to Destroy a Superheroine II would work well. Anyway, nice to hear your considering it!

  11. I would definitely get behind a Lara Croft peril video as long as the model looks the part and the teal leotard has a very sexy cut.

    You gotta keep the short shorts and the gun belt though. That is classic Lara Croft.

    Now the only question is do people prefer the British accent or no? Personally, I prefer it because it is part of the Tomb Raider mythos. The fantasy would immediately die if an American accent is used.

  12. deathcake

    Hey Jose, can’t agree more. I hate when people talk about Lara Croft and the green t-shirt, or tank top. It’s never been a tank top. The classic outfit is the leotard :) British accent would be great, but if an American is the only option, then I guess that’s ok :) I bought my girlfriend lotsa lara croft stuff and do some peril type videos with her. Come one Rye! Pleeeeeeeeeeeease 😉

  13. I would kill for a Tomb Raider tribute. All the ones that exist on the web are shitty and of low quality. I have yet to see anybody do it right. You are going to have to find a brunette with big ass titties. That’s how I remember my Tomb Raider from my old gaming days.

  14. deathcake

    I agree 100%, but not at the expense of a athletic looking body. I’ve seen a few, shall we say, chunkier looking actress’s playing Lara Croft, just because she had big boobs. Not a nice thing. I think you gotta believe she can actually be able to do the athletic stuff first, or else the fantasy falls apart :)

  15. deathcake

    Hey Rye. Did you get my email? No email response nessesary. Just making sure it got through your spam filter. Cheers!

  16. ThePieThatCanFly

    hey Rye, have you made any video’s of Powergirl or Supergirl with ripped or torn costumes? If you haven’t you should make one, that would be great to watch, just like all of your other Powergirl / Supergirl video’s!